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From Frying Pan to Fire

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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Too Exposed - A Slytherin Among Us Chapter Seventeen

From Frying Pan to Fire

Saturday, December 18, 2002 9:00 AM

"Where is Amanda?" Jamie asked as she seated herself next to Caitlin.

"She just had a little juice and then left immediately after the mail delivery," Caitlin answered. "She looked really nervous for some reason."

I'm sure she is, Jamie thought to herself as Alex sat down and squeezed her leg lovingly.

"The procedure is scheduled for one o'clock," Alex whispered to Jamie. "Tony is going to walk Amanda into Hogsmeade. They're going to leave at noon."

Jamie gazed at Alex, a look of desperation covering her face. "Alex, what are we going to do?" Jamie said dejectedly. "Amanda said she would hate me for the rest of her life if I tried to stop her, but I won't be able to live with myself if anything happens to her."

"I'd rather have a living, breathing Amanda hating me, than have to live with the fact that I could have stopped this and didn't," Alex said receptively. "We have to tell someone."

Jamie squeezed Alex's hand. "Will you go with me to talk to Harry and Hermione?"

Alex nodded his head, "We'll go up to their quarters immediately after breakfast," he answered.

Just as Alex began filling his plate, Tony approached the table. "Have you guys seen Amanda?" he asked no one in particular. "She was suppose to meet me right after breakfast, but I can't find her."

"I think she might have returned to the dormitory," Caitlin said helpfully. "She didn't look too well; maybe she decided to have a lie down. I'm headed back there now if you want to follow me. I'll go in and get her for you."

"Thanks," Tony said with appreciation as he followed Caitlin out of the Great Hall.

"Poor Amanda," Alex said concernedly. "She must be petrified."

"I'm positive she is," Jamie replied. "Lets hurry and finish breakfast so we can go talk to Harry and Hermione."

"Where are you guys off to in such a hurry?" Emily asked, as Caitlin and Tony scurried past her and Kim with only a pithy hello.

"We're on our way to the Gryffindor common room," Caitlin answered hurriedly. "Tony wants to speak with Amanda."

"Then you're headed in the wrong direction," Emily said knowingly. "Kim and I saw her sign out with Filch more than a half-hour ago."

"She couldn't have," Tony cried, his face turning ashen. Without a word he dashed off in the direction of the main door and the crotchety caretaker.

"I wonder what's troubling him?" Emily said to an equally stunned Caitlin.

"I'm not certain," Caitlin answered, a confused expression on her face, "but something weird is going on. I think we should tell Jamie what just happened."

The girls rushed into the Great Hall and hurried over to Jamie and Alex. The couple listened intently to what the girls had to say until they reached the part about Amanda having already checked out with Filch.

"We're too late," Jamie said, horror-struck. "I'll never forgive myself if she's hurt in anyway."

Without explanation Jamie grabbed Alex's wrist and literally pulled him out of his seat. Caitlin, Emily and Kim just stared, thunderstruck, as the two ran from the Great Hall.

"What's going on?" Kim asked innocently.

"I haven't the slightest idea," Emily responded, "but if we want to find out, we better follow them."

Jamie and Alex burst into the Potter's quarters without a knock only to find Hermione standing there waiting for them with an expression of grave irritation on her face.

"I can't believe you two," she sobbed disappointedly. "You both knew about this and neither of you had the intelligence to say anything. I thought you were both smart, but you've certainly displayed a lack of common sense. How could you both sit by and let them plan this? They're your friends. Do you want to see them in Azkaban or, in Amanda's case, maybe dead?"

"I was afraid I'd lose her friendship," Jamie said tearfully. "We've been best friends since first year. I couldn't handle not having her talk to me."

"Did either of you ever stop to think how little communication you'd have with her from Azkaban or the grave?" Hermione asked brusquely. "I just pray they find her in time."

"Find who?" Emily asked shyly as she, Caitlin and Kim entered the room.

"Please tell me you three didn't know about this," Hermione begged.

"What's going on?" Caitlin asked meekly as Emily and Kim tried to blend into the nearby wall.

Hermione shook her head in frustration. "Sit down," she ordered, not too pleasantly. "All of you!" she emphasized, looking directly at Jamie and Alex. Hermione walked slowly over and looked out the window worryingly for a few moments and then turned back to the group.

"Sometimes friendship requires the making of extremely difficult and hurtful decisions. In acute circumstances, you have to decide which is more important to you, the friendship or the friend."

"We tried to talk them out of it," Alex said, trying to hold back tears. "When we failed, we knew we had to come to you, but it's too late. Evidently they changed the meeting time and Amanda has already left."

"You were successful with one of them," Hermione acknowledged. "Tony didn't want to go through with it, but he missed Amanda this morning too. He came to Harry and me as soon as he heard she had left the castle. They've flown off to try and find her. I only hope they're in time."

Kim, Emily and Caitlin, completely at a loss as to what was transpiring, glanced back and forth at each other, but were all too afraid to ask any questions.

"Who the hell do you think you are, banging on my door like that?" the grungy barman yelled as he peered through the slightly open door. "We don't open 'til eleven; come back then."

"You won't be in any condition to open if you don't give me some answers and fast," Harry shouted as he kicked the door wide open and grabbed the man by the collar. Tony watched from the doorway, speechless.

"Where is this so called medical practitioner you deal with located?" Harry demanded.

"Get your ruddy hands off me," the barman demanded. "I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about. Does this look like a bloody medical facility to you?"

"I don't have time to play games with you," Harry said, shoving the man aggressively against the closest wall and reaching for his wand.

"I want information, and I want it now" Harry shouted, angrily, pointing his wand at the cowering barman, "unless you'd prefer to spend the balance of your life consuming your meals from garbage dumpsters"

"You wouldn't dare," he said in a defiant voice. "Without me you have no chance of finding the girl."

"Hogsmeade isn't that large," Harry said, irritably. "If need be, we'll search every building in town. Mark my word; she'll be found. I give her better odds of surviving the day than I give you of out running the cat population of Hogsmeade."

Harry turned toward Tony, "We've wasted too much time already on this bloke." He pointed his wand at the barman.


Tony watched in terrified silence. Professor Potter's wand was now pointing at a large black rat that was shivering on the filthy floor where the barman had lain.

"No you don't," Harry roared, as the rat gave a terrified squeak and took off for the backroom. He pointed his wand again and the rat flew into the air, hitting the ceiling, and then falling with a smack to the crusty floor.

Harry pointed his wand once more, and with a loud snapping noise, the barman reappeared, lying in a heap.

"That was just a brief demonstration of what your new life will be like," Harry warned. "Now, are you ready to talk?"

"I'm just the middle man," the barman begged. "He only pays me a pittance to make the arrangements."

"I'm not concerned with your financial arrangements," Harry bellowed. "Where is the girl?"

"Three shops past the post office, the dark artifacts store," the barman confessed. "Please, I beg you, don't transfigure me again."

"You're not worth the effort," Harry said with distaste as he turned to leave.

"What are you plans for the holidays?

"I don't really have any," Severus answered disconsolately. "This, unquestionably, is not my most favorite time of the year."

"I know what you mean," she said with sensitivity. "Christmas is for children and people who have children. If you don't have family, it can be a very depressing period."

"What are you planning to do over the holidays?" he asked, conversationally.

"The same as you: be bored stiff and alone," she answered miserably. "Unless.... Severus, do you feel two people have to be in love to share time together and be intimate."

He was taken aback. Could she possibly be suggesting that they spend the holidays together?

"I know you still love her," she said unhappily. "I'm not trying to take her place in your heart, only in your bed. I'm not expecting any type of obligation on your part."

He just stared at her in amazement. They had formed a friendship, but he had no idea she was willing to take it further.

"You probably think me a tart for even suggesting this," she said pessimistically. "I just don't see why we should both be alone and depressed during holiday when, if nothing else, we can give each other physical comfort."

He was flabbergasted. How could he possibly reject such an invitation? Part of him felt it was morally wrong, as if he were cheating. But how can you cheat on someone who has discarded you to be with another?

"Why do you think she wants to see us?" Madam Hooch questioned Damien, as they waited with Crabbe and Goyle for the arrival of the Great One.

"Maybe she wants to give us all a Christmas bonus," Crabbe interjected.

Damien looked at Crabbe with incredulity. "You really should rent out that empty space between your ears," Damien said, before turning back to Hooch. "I'm just glad we have some good news for her; it might muffle her anger slightly."

At that moment the door slammed opened, and the Great One entered the room, mumbling irritably to herself. She appraised her minions and then motioned for them to be seated as she paced the room furiously for a few minutes before addressing them.

"I abhor wasting time," she said adamantly, "but unfortunately it seems that is exactly what we have done the past few months. Obviously, I was displeased when my plans to resurrect Salazar Slytherin were put on hold due to the innocent heir of Gryffindor not yet being born, but I had to accept that as something out of my control.

"Therefore, I decided we should concentrate our efforts on discovering the identities of the other innocents and, at the same time, cause panic throughout the world with increased terrorism.

"The year is about to close, and you have brought me no fresh information relating to the innocents. Worse, others have received all the recognition for the acts of horror that we have conducted in the Muggle world. This must change.

"From now on, our terror efforts will be concentrated in our own world. Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, wizard schools and even the offices of the Ministry will be our new targets. We shall instill fear in the hearts of wizardkind like it has never been seen before." A look of delight shone upon her face.

She turned and looked scornfully at her underlings. "Do you bring me any news on the innocents?" she asked threateningly.

Crabbe and Goyle stared blankly into space as Hooch and Damien each encouraged the other to speak. "We believe we know who the healer is," Madam Hooch, finally offered.

Emma Wrong gave what almost could have passed as a smile. "Yes! Tell me more," she said excitedly.

"The stars indicate that the healer was born to parents none, raised by the ages and left to die only to be reborn in the hands of true loves," Hooch said hesitantly.

"I don't want to hear riddles!" the Great One shrieked. "I want a name."

"Caitlin Garrison," Hooch said timidly. "The young girl Hermione Granger adopted. It seems her low life Muggle father took off when he found out her mother was with child. The mother died giving birth, hence, born to parents none. Her elderly grandparents raised her until they died, that's why the phrase raised by the ages."

"Yes! Yes! That makes sense. Go on," The Great One exclaimed enthusiastically.

"I left her to die," Hooch said admittedly. "And one could say that her life started fresh when taken in by Granger and Potter."

"It makes sense; it all fits," Emma sputtered breathlessly, "but has she shown any abilities at healing?"

"She's a hyperempath," Damien added. "It was being kept rather hush, but word got out when she restored the hair of a girl that had been rendered bald. It seems that she is extremely accomplished for her age."

"Wonderful, wonderful!" the Great One proclaimed. "Finally! We have some progress. Two down, two to go.."

"Conceivably only one to go," Damien said with some hesitation. "All signs point to Malfoy's child as being the heir of Slytherin."

"But you told me that papers had been altered?" the Great one questioned. "You said that Draco Malfoy was definitely not descended from Lord Slytherin."

"He isn't," Damien explained, "but Lord Voldemort's mother had a sister who left home at an early age and moved to the United States."

"The mother!" Emma Wrong shouted. "How dense of me. That's why her ancestral records were sealed. The U.S. wizard government was protecting the family. Samantha Bowman's grandmother was undoubtedly the sister of Lord Voldemort's mother. She is the link to Salazar Slytherin. Her son is the heir of Slytherin.

"Perhaps all is not as bleak as I originally surmised," the Great One said, buoyantly. "Is there any progress on the fourth?" she asked optimistically.

"Sadly no," Madam Hooch replied. "We researched the ancestry of all current Hogwarts students for a history of seers. Two sisters, currently in the school, come from a family that has produced seers for hundreds of years, but unfortunately the trait only manifests itself in males. Their father, who is now deceased, was the last."

"We have three," the Great One declared assertively. "You have done well. We have five months before the Potter child is born in which to locate the seer. I have confidence in you. I think a celebration is in order."

"See!" Crabbe whispered to Goyle. "I was right! We are getting a bonus."

"Do you think that barman was lying?" Tony said as he and Harry studied the derelict building that housed the dark arts shop.

"We'll know shortly," Harry said, as he tapped the locked door with his wand and whispered,/ "Alohomora,"/

They leaned their brooms against the wall as the lock clicked and the door swung open, revealing the grimy interior of the shop. Tony was about to comment, but Harry placed a finger to his lips, indicating for the boy to remain silent.

Silently as they passed the counter piled high with dusty bones, Tony nervously tapped Harry on the back and indicated the only mound which wasn't covered in dust, a mound of female clothing. Harry merely nodded his head in acknowledgement, as he came within reach of a door to what was obviously the backroom.

Harry held his wand steady in his right hand as he reached for the doorknob with his left. It was unlocked. He slowly opened the door and then momentarily stood appalled as his eyes absorbed the disgusting sight before them.

A man had just slid his pants and boxers to his ankles revealing a rather large white hairy backside. He was about to climb on the table, where an unconscious naked young girl lay spread eagle.

Harry raised his wand.

"Petrificus Totalus!" he cried, pointing it at the man.

The bare arsed man's arms snapped to his sides. His legs sprang together. His whole body rigid, he swayed briefly where he stood and then fell flat on his back, stiff as a board.

"I would have preferred the bastard fell on his face," Harry said, as he picked a hat off a near by counter and successfully scored a ringer.

The man lay totally rigid. He couldn't move; he couldn't speak. Only his eyes were moving, looking at Harry in fear.

Harry raised his wand once more./ "Accio Amanda's Clothes!"/

Tony watched in amazement as the clothing soared into the room and then magically dressed the naked girl.

For the first time since they had left the castle, Harry gave Tony a hint of a grin. "The Summoning Charm is rather easy if you have a good teacher," Harry said. "Dressing someone magically is quite another story. Sometimes the garments go on in the wrong order, leaving things rather in disarray."

Once Amanda was fully clothed, Harry approached her, muttered a few words, and then cast his wand over her body from head to foot. The wand glowed a bright green, as Harry finally smiled.

"Amanda's fine," Harry said, relief evident in his voice. "Their both fine. The sleeping draft will last a few hours." Harry glanced at the rigid body on the floor. "Fortunately we got here before this git had his way with her."

"What about him?" Tony asked. "He should be punished. If we had arrived minutes later, he would have ..." Tony couldn't bring himself to say what would have occurred.

"Unfortunately, we can't turn him or the barman over to the authorities without also risking you and Amanda being sent to Azkaban. Even Jamie and Alex could face punishment," Harry said.

"We can't see him punished properly, but perhaps we can teach him a lesson he won't quickly forget," Harry said with a slight smirk. "Tony, would you please remove the balance of his clothes? You'll probably have to cut or rip them since he is rather inflexible at the moment."

Tony for a moment just stared at his professor.

"I know its not a pleasant job, but please mollify your Professor," Harry said as he picked up the hat with which he had made a ringer and laid it on the counter. Harry pointed his wand at the hat and muttered,/"Portus."/ The hat glowed blue, trembled for a few seconds, and then became still once more.

Harry waited patiently for Tony to finish undressing the 'doctor' before saying/ 'Finite Incantatum'./

The words had barely left Harry's mouth when the room was filled with obscenities; the now naked man, was ranting and raving. Harry uttered not a word to the scumbag that stood before him, but simply tossed the hat back to him and then counted, "One...two...three..."

He was gone.

"Did you make that hat into a Portkey?" Tony asked, amazed at his professor's abilities. "Where did you send him?"

Harry smiled. "I thought a nice leisurely walk in downtown Muggle London would give him the opportunity to think about his life and possibly consider mending his ways."

Tony just stared at his professor in awe.

"I think that bag of Galleons belongs to you," Harry said before pointing his wand at Amanda and causing her flaccid body to float inches off the table. "I'll float her back to the castle between our brooms. It will be much better if she wakes up among friends rather than here."

"Please, don't hate us," Jamie begged as Amanda slowly opened her eyes.

"Where am I?" she said groggily as she fought to get her bearings.

"My room in Harry and Hermione's quarters," Jamie whispered.

"What happened? How did I get here?" Amanda asked woozily.

Tony squeezed her hand. "It's a long story, but I couldn't let you go through with it," he said lovingly. "Professor Potter helped me find you. He is amazing."

Amanda took her free hand and placed it on her stomach. "Then I'm still pregnant?" she asked apprehensively.

"Yes, and our parents know. I just finished talking with yours," Tony confided. "No one is exactly happy about the situation, but they're not yelling either. They're all going to meet us at the train; the six of us will discuss the future over lunch."

"Discuss your future maybe," Amanda said dejectedly. "I'm afraid I already know mine; sitting at home bored, getting fatter and fatter until the baby decides to pop out. There is no way the Board of Governors will allow a pregnant girl to remain in school."

"Is that what you want to do?" Hermione asked. "Do you want to remain in school?"

Amanda hadn't even realized that her professor was in the room and was caught by surprise by her question.

"If I keep the baby, I'll probably miss my seventh year," Amanda conceded. "But yes, I'd like to at least finish my sixth."

"You talk to your parents and make a decision," Hermione said supportably. "If you decide you want to remain in school, I'll fight those old fogies tooth and nail for you."

Amanda turned to Jamie; tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry," she said, "I should have listened to you."

"Does that mean we're still friends?" Jamie asked, hopefully.

Amanda didn't answer. She didn't have to. The hug she gave Jamie expressed what words couldn't possibly say.

December 23, 2004

"Kim, there will be other Balls and other boys," Emily said compassionately as the girls headed to the Great Hall for breakfast. "It's Randy's loss that he's too blind to see how fantastic you are."

"I'm far from wonderful," Kim said dejectedly, "but I did believe he liked me. I guess I'm rather a poor judge of other people's feelings."

"Why don't you come to the Ball anyway," Emily suggested. "You can spend the time with Tyler and me. I'm sure he won't mind, and truthfully I'm a tiny bit nervous at the thought of being alone with him all evening."

"Thanks, but no," Kim uttered sadly. "I'd feel awkward, besides I don't have formal robes." Kim tried to look at the situation optimistically. "It will give me a few extra days with my Mum. She misses me a lot."

The girls entered the great Hall just as the owls completed delivering the morning mail. The Great Hall was filled with its usual twelve Christmas trees, glittering with golden stars. The entire castle, in fact, was magnificently adorned with beautiful Christmas decorations despite the fact that hardly any of the students would be remaining to enjoy them. Most of the students would be departing this morning to spend the Christmas holiday at home.

"The castle looks so festive," Kim remarked. "In a way, I wish I were remaining here for the holiday."

"I wish you were, too," Emily said genuinely.

The girls had no more than seated themselves when Randy and Matt scurried up to them. Randy especially seemed flustered and out of breath. "Can I talk to you?" he asked Kim nervously as the other Slytherins stared ominously at him and Matt.

"I guess," Kim said, although unmistakably not pleased with Randy. She got up and the two of them moved out of hearing range of the table.

"What do you want?" Kim asked in an annoyed whisper.

"I just got an owl from my parents," Randy said anxiously. "They're rather upset with me, but they've agreed."

"Agreed to what?" Kim asked, uncaringly.

"The family has vacation plans to visit my grandparents between Christmas and the beginning of the next term," Randy announced. "We've written back and forth numerous times and finally they've agreed."

"Agreed to what?" Kim asked again, indifferently.

"They've agreed to me spending my vacation here," he answered blissfully.

"Why would you want to stay here rather than go with your parents?" Kim asked, bewildered. "Won't you be bored and lonely here?"

"It won't be that bad," he answered. "Matt is spending the holidays here and, of course, Emily and Caitlin live here. The real reason I want to stay is so I can attend the Yule Ball."

Kim just stared at Randy, not sure where this was leading, but suddenly she felt very hopeful.

"That is, I want to go if you'll go with me. I'm sorry I waited so long to ask, but until now I didn't think I'd be able to attend." Randy looked at Kim, his eyes almost begging. "Will you please go to the Yule Ball with me?"

Kim reached for Randy's hand and held it tightly. "I want to go," she said enthusiastically. "But I can only give you a tentative yes. I'll try to convince my Mum to let me return early, but I'll have to owl you."

"Knowing you want to go is what's important," Randy said excitedly. "I'll let you get back to your breakfast. Would it be okay if I came down to the entrance hall and saw you off this morning?"

"It would be more than okay," Kim said, happily. "I'd really like it if you did." She squeezed Randy's hand once more and for the first time in many days she smiled before returning to the Slytherin table.

Hermione watched from the third floor balcony as the students hurried out the huge, oak front door to the waiting carriages. Christmas was always so beautiful at Hogwarts, but this year, despite all the festive decorations, Hermione couldn't get in the sprit of the season.

She watched as a young boy shepherded a very pretty young girl with thigh length hair to the door. They stood talking for a few moments and then the girl clumsily gave the boy a brief kiss on the cheek before departing. The boy stood watching the girl disappear through the door and then slowly turned and walked away, touching his fingers to his face where she had kissed him.

Hermione was startled as a hand cupped hers. "You've done everything within your power," he said optimistically.

"But what if it isn't enough?" she asked despondently.

"Then sadly it was meant to be. We're not gods, Hermione; we're teachers. Unfortunately, all we can do is prepare our students for the evils that the world will cast in their path. We can't be there to fight all their battles.

"We've warned the mother, contacted the Muggle authorities and even arranged through Tonks to have her watched. Once the doors to their home close, we can only pray."

"Are prayers enough?" Hermione asked, holding his hand tightly.

Harry shook his head. "Sometimes no, but often they're all we have left."

Saturday, December 25, 2004

"Hi!" Caitlin said happily as she opened the door for Ron, Sam and Timmy. "We were wondering when you guys would arrive; it will be dark soon."

"Look what Double D got me for Christmas!" Timmy said excitedly as he showed Caitlin his broom.

"Caitlin, are you going to ask our guests in or make them stand in the doorway all night?" Harry asked good-naturedly.

"Does that really fly?" Emily asked as she gave Sam and Ron each a hug.

"Yeah! It does." Ron said uneasily. He still found the nudity of the young girls disquieting. "It only goes about two miles an hour and doesn't go more than two feet off the ground, but Timmy loves it."

"I love it too because it has numerous safety charms," Sam said with a smile. "He can't fall off and can actually fly it indoors without ever hitting anything."

"They never had toys like that when I was his age," Jamie said, as she entered the room.

Ron found himself staring fixedly at Jamie. She, unlike her sisters, was definitely not a little girl.

"Darn, girl," Sam said, genially. "Give the other girls your age a break, will you? You get more gorgeous every time I see you."

Jamie blushed as she gave Sam a hug. "Merry Christmas!" She then turned and gave an extremely red faced Ron a hug.

"Mommy, can Timmy get nudie, too," he asked.

"Sure, Honey," Sam said, without hesitation.

"I was starting to worry about you," Hermione said as she entered the room dressed in her winter robes and carrying blankets and pillows. "We better get down to the dungeon. Severus will be waiting."

Harry smiled and shook his head. "I see you are roughing it again tonight."

Hermione blushed. "Can I help it if I like a pillow and blankets? Just because I'm an Animagus doesn't mean I have to act like an animal."

"Thank you for suggesting Timmy and I stay here the next three nights," Sam said gratefully. "It's always lonely this time of month, but especially at this time of year."

"The girls have been looking forward to you and Timmy being here," Hermione said with a giggle. "I think they're expecting you to practice for the cruise."

Sam blushed, but didn't respond.

"Hermione tells me that you are progressing quite well with your training," Harry said, changing the subject. "I understand that by this time next year you should be able to join us."

"Maybe even by this summer," Sam said, hopefully.

"What animal are you going to be," Emily questioned.

"For now, I'm keeping that as a surprise," Sam grinned. "You'll see soon enough."

"How did you ever talk him into it?" Jamie asked as she sat talking to Samantha. Timmy, Caitlin and Emily were busy taking turns riding Timmy's broom.

"You mean the cruise?" she asked. "It wasn't easy."

"I'm afraid he's going to have an extremely difficult time," Jamie said with apprehension. "He seems petrified just being around me and my sisters."

"He is," Sam admitted. "I feel guilty because I know he doesn't really want to do this. He's just doing it for Timmy and me."

"How about you?" Jamie asked.

"I think I'll be okay," Sam replied uncertainly. "It has been seven years since I've been in a nudist environment, but I don't imagine I'll have a problem."

"You should practice," Jamie suggested. "It's important that you feel totally comfortable if you are going to give him the support I think he'll need."

"Exactly what are you suggesting?" Samantha asked with trepidation.

"Take your clothes off and keep them off," Jamie said with no explanation.

"What?" Sam said shocked.

"You should at least be acclimated to being nude around the people you will be spending the most time with," Jamie said. "You're staying here at the castle with us until after the third night of the moon, that's Tuesday morning right? Except for when we leave the quarters, you should be nude like my sisters and me."

Sam looked at Jamie with bewilderment. "You want me to simply take my clothes off now in front of you and keep them off even when they return in the morning? Stay nude in front of Hermione and Harry? I don't think I can do that," Sam said candidly.

"I don't want you to do it for me, but if you can't do it now," Jamie said straightforwardly, "I don't see how you propose to do it this summer, or furthermore, how you expect to be much help to Professor Weasley."

"I'm an adult; it seems wrong for me to be naked in front of you girls," Sam argued.

"If you were doing it for some perverted reason, most certainly. We all know that's not the case," Jamie said emphatically.

Sam just sat thinking for a few minutes. Everything that Jamie said made sense. How could she expect to do something in the future if she couldn't do it now? And if she was nervous and ill at ease, how could she possible be any help to Ron?

"Is it necessary for me to do it here or can I undress in the bedroom?" Sam asked tensely, after a few minutes.

"Will it make it any easier?" Jamie inquired.

"Not really," Sam admitted, as she kicked off her shoes. She took a deep breath. It wasn't like she had a lot to remove. As Sam had revealed to Caitlin last year, she never wore knickers and seldom wore a bra. Tonight was one of the times she was braless, meaning she only had a skirt and top to remove. Don't think about it. Do it.

In seconds, the top was over her head and the skirt had dropped to the floor.

"What smells so good," Hermione questioned as she, Harry and Ron made their way through the entrance door. "I'm famished."

"Me too," agreed Ron as he looked around for Sam and Timmy.

Emily, as if reading Ron's mind, said, "Timmy is still sleeping. We were all up rather late last evening. Sam and Jamie are in the kitchen; they're responsible for the enticing aroma in the air."

Ron immediately headed for the kitchen, but Caitlin held Hermione and Harry back. "Best wait and see what his reaction is," Caitlin suggested. "Sam is giving it what I believe Muggles refer to as the 'old college try'."

"Do you mean she's unclothed?" Hermione asked, stunned.

"More that that," Emily added gleefully. "Jamie even talked her into grooming her twat. I can't wait to hear Professor Weasley's reaction."

From the looks on their faces, Harry and Hermione appeared anxious to hear Ron's reaction too. None of them had to wait long or strain their ears.

"My god Sam, you're starkers!" Ron roared. "Absolutely starkers!" He added, when he noticed the total absence of pubic hair. "Are you crazy? Harry and Hermione are in the next room. Quick, put something on! We're not at home."

"Ronnie," Sam said holding her ground and indicating Jamie. "Perhaps you haven't noticed, but being in the buff is rather the norm in this household. Jamie suggested that it might be a good idea for me to get accustom to being naked in front of them. She thought it might help prepare me for the cruise, and I agree."

"But what about Harry and Hermione," Ron gasped. "What will they think?"

"I think it's a brilliant idea," Hermione said, entering the room. Ron initially turned toward her voice, but quickly turned away. Hermione was now as equally naked as his wife.

Hermione squeezed Samantha's hand in support. "Are you okay with Harry seeing you like this?"

Sam bit her lip, and nodded. "Is he nude?" she asked nervously.

"No," Hermione answered. "He's not." She glanced at Ron who seemed to be inspecting the ceiling. "I think Ron has about all he can handle at the moment."

Sam smiled in agreement. "Harry, Emily, Caitlin," she called. "Breakfast is ready."

The three entered the room; Harry immediately walking over to Sam and giving her a hug. "You've got pluck girl," he whispered encouragingly. "You also have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You look lovely."

Sam blushed slightly at Harry's critique of her body, but returned the hug. "Thanks!"

"Okay," Ron said edgily. "That was a good start. Harry and I have each seen the other's wife in their birthday suit. Now, why don't you two get dressed so that we can all enjoy breakfast?"

"Ron," Hermione said compassionately. "I realize this is difficult for you, but this is the way the girls and I are all the time in the privacy of our quarters."

"Honey, I'm not getting dressed either," Sam said tentatively. "Except for when we leave the quarters for meals, Jamie thinks I should remain nude. It will make it easier when we go on the cruise."

"Right," said Ron, rubbing his forehead and still avoiding any look at Hermione. "Then the five of you intend to be naked the next two days except for when we leave the quarters?"

Ron's question received a loud firm yes from all the females.

"I'll go wake Timmy for breakfast," Caitlin offered helpfully and then bounced off.

"Maybe we could all take a walk to Hogsmeade today," Ron suggested hopefully. Anything, he thought, to avoid being surrounded by all this female flesh. Oddly, it wasn't the nudity of Jamie or Hermione that was causing him the most difficulty, although they were certainly both gorgeous.

Ron simply couldn't take his eyes off Sam. It was like he was seeing her for the first time, and he most certainly liked what he saw. He hoped they would all sit down to eat soon before anyone noticed the swelling in his trousers.

Ron's proposal to visit Hogsmeade went unanswered as everyone served themselves buffet style and then took a seat at the table which had been magically elongated to seat the eight of them. Harry and Hermione sat at the ends of the table, the girls on one side and Ron, Sam and Timmy on the other.

At first they ate quietly, everyone seemingly prioritizing food over conversation. Ron tried not to look up from his plate. When he did, the sight of the young bare chests across the table momentarily transfixed him. How does Harry manage to cope with this?

His napkin, slipping off his lap, broke Ron's trance. As he reached to grab for it, his hand brushed Sam's bare leg and he instantly found himself dealing with a full-fledged erection. Why had he agreed to go on a nudist cruise? How did he expect to control himself in front of hundreds of naked people when he couldn't even control his desires for his own wife at the breakfast table?

"Mum, what happens to the baby when you change into your Animagus form?" Caitlin asked, breaking the silence.

"The baby transforms, too," Hermione answered. "While I'm a wolf, the baby is a cub."

"But what if you gave birth while a wolf?" Emily asked, horrified at the thought. "Would the baby stay a wolf?"

"That can't happen," Hermione answered. "Even if the Animagus doesn't have the sense to transform back, their body does. I couldn't possibly remain a wolf during childbirth; not that I'd ever try."

"What about werewolves?" Emily inquired. "They can't control their transformation, can they Professor Weasley?"

"No," Ron answered uncomfortably. He still found it difficult to discuss his lycantropy.

"What if a female werewolf is pregnant?" Emily asked. "I know that normally the baby wouldn't be a werewolf, but what if the birth took place at night during a full moon?"

Hermione just stared at Emily, not saying a word. Then she excused herself, without any explanation, and headed for the study.

"Now you did it," Jamie said, looking angrily at Emily. "We won't see her for the balance of the day now, at least not until she has a response. You know Hermione can't stand not knowing the answer to a question."

"I have a question," Timmy said, out of the blue. "Am I ever going to have a baby brother or sister?"

Sam blushed as Ron caressed her bare leg. "Mommy and Daddy were just talking about that the other day," Sam answered, self-consciously. "Timmy, would you like to move into the castle?"

"Here," Timmy said excitedly, "with Cadin and Emily."

"Well, not exactly with them," Sam explained. "We'd have our own quarters. The lease on our apartment expires the end of October. Daddy and I were thinking that with the money we'd save not paying rent, we could afford to expand our family."

"Does 'spanding mean havin' a little brother or sister?" Timmy asked uncertainly.

"Yes, it does," Sam said assuredly.

"Let's move now!" Timmy said excitedly.

"We can't do that," Sam said giving Timmy a hug, "but autumn will be here before you know it."

Timmy looked elatedly at Caitlin and Emily. "We're going to live with you!" Timmy shouted excitedly.

Caitlin beamed. "Emily and I will give you discounted babysitting rates."

"Speak for yourself," Emily said, trying to hide a giggle. "I don't do diapers."

December 30, 2004

"Hermione, we must talk," Severus said concernedly, as he leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Please come to my office after you've finished your breakfast."

Hermione's eyes followed the Headmaster as he departed the Great Hall. The hunger in her stomach suddenly replaced by nauseating anxiety. "Harry," she said, her voice quivering, "Severus wants to talk to me. You don't think anything has happened to Kim, do you?"

"I trust not," Harry said optimistically. Although he too had all of a sudden lost his appetite. "She's in Slytherin House. Wouldn't he be talking to Draco rather than you if there were a problem?"

"I'm not sure," she said shaking her head worriedly. "He's acquainted with the fact that Emily and Kim are best friends, and I did tell him of the mirror's warnings. Plus, Draco isn't the most sensitive person when it comes to dealing with misfortune."

"Let's not jump to conclusions," Harry said, still trying to be upbeat.

"I can't help it," Hermione said in anguish as she dropped her fork on the plate. "I'll see you back in our rooms as soon as I've talked to Severus." Hermione pushed her chair aside and dashed out of the Hall.

"Hermione, you could have taken time to finish breakfast," Snape said as she rushed into his office. "But I'm glad you didn't." Severus had a concerned look on his face.

"I was just contacted by the Ministry. It seems there has been a rather serious incident involving one of our students." He clasped his hands and seemed for a moment to be intently studying his fingers. "The young lady is a Slytherin first year. Normally I'd be talking to her head of house, but due to the circumstances of what took place, I thought it best I confer with you first."

"Is it Kim Thatcher? " Hermione asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes," Severus confirmed. "It seems, unfortunately, that your mirror was correct about what would occur over the holiday vacation."

Hermione's face paled as she stared at Severus.

End of Chapter Seventeen

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