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Rika sees the Light and Guilmon Disappears

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Chapter 6: Rika sees the Light & Guilmon’s Disappearance

Last time on Naruto’s Digital Destiny

“We’ll give her a week, if she hasn’t straightened herself out by then, we terminate the bond,” Strabimon said finally.

Now the Story Continues …

A few days later Naruto and Strabimon rushed to the scene of a bio-emergence in the Shinjuku outskirts to see a Yasyamon and a Wendigomon bickering with each other, by the words Naruto and Strabimon could decipher from the racket, they were blaming each other getting them both lost, they just hadn’t reached a decision as to who’s fault it was that they currently had no idea where the hell they were, though it didn’t take them long to sense that their private argument was no longer private, they turned to see Naruto and Strabimon, and they thought that these two would be easy prey.

Yasyamon rushed towards Naruto and Wendigomon thundered towards Strabimon…

(Naruto and Yasyamon)

Naruto drew his katana at just the right moment to block Yasyamon’s boken (wooden swords Yasyamon uses) strike, Yasyamon was shocked, he thought humans were easily spooked creatures, afraid of anything stronger then they were, but this kid was not only fast, strong and skilled enough to block one of his strikes, but the look in his eyes was the look of someone who was confident in their abilities without being cocky, a rare thing even among digimon.

As the human and digimon began to dance, parrying, striking, blocking etc. Yasyamon was growing even more shocked, a human was not suppose to be skilled enough to stop him … it was impossible!

Naruto started to smirk, this digimon may be skilled as far as weapon using digimon go, but he wouldn’t be able to take a Musyamon, and he definitely can’t defeat him, Naruto channelled wind chakra along his sword then struck, slicing both of Yasyamon’s boken in half in one strike then cutting him in half from head to groin with the next, Yasyamon didn’t even scream before he burst into data.

(Strabimon and Wendigomon)

As Wendigomon thundered towards Strabimon, Strabimon started to glow.


“Strabimon digivolve to … Kendogarurumon”

As soon as he stopped digivolving Kendogarurumon planted his wheels and started to move at high speed aiming just to the right of Wendigomon, his blade extended to cut him right through the middle, at least that was what was supposed to happen, Wendigomon jumped out of the way just in time before spinning in mid-air and crying out “Howling Destroyer” six cannons emerging from his stomach and blasting their volley-ball sized energy bullets straight at the turning Kendogarurumon. Kendogarurumon saw the incoming fire and knew he couldn’t take block that right now, But …

“Slide Evolution … Lobomon”

Lobomon used his Light Kendo to block and reflect the energy blasts (think of a light saber reflecting lasers) sending a good portion of them sailing right back at Wendigomon, who was too shocked at his opponent’s ability to get out of the way in time, he was hit by at least twelve of the blasts before he slammed into the road.

Lobomon aimed his blaster at Wendigomon before letting loose with a volley of Howling Lasers, striking Wendigomon at least 3 times in the forehead before he even had a chance to recover from the last attack, those blasts blasting straight through his head, and scattering his data to the four winds.

“Well, that was easy,” Naruto said as he walked up to Lobomon, who De-digivolved upon hearing his partner’s approach.

“Yeah, no kidding, I actually thought I would have a challenge when he jumped out of the way of my howling star, pity he was so easily overwhelmed by a skilful opponent,” Strabimon commented in disappointment, this was the fifth bio-emergence that he and his partner had taken by themselves since they got to this world, all of the others were either done with witnesses or in co-ordination with Takato, Henry and their digimon, so they had to hide Naruto’s skill-level, meaning Strabimon did all the work.

“Ah, well, never mind that, you know as well as I do that some of Zhuqiaomon’s underlings will show up soon enough, whether or not the Devas actually make it here is another thing entirely,” Naruto said, trying to make Strabimon look forward to something, that was a problem he had, if he didn’t think there would be any worthwhile opponents he had a tendency to slack off in his training, “at the very least any champions he sends through will be a fair bit stronger then the usual fare.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Strabimon answered, he knew what his partner was doing, and he couldn’t fault him for doing so, he knew all about potentially dangerous his habit was so he allowed himself to see that what Naruto said was a very real possibility, it was true that even if the Devas couldn’t get through that the flaming turkey had a bunch of other underlings to throw at them, the Devas were kind of like Zhuqiaomon’s banner carriers, they announced that he had a hand in whatever they did, whereas his other underlings were a fair bit stronger then the average of their species but they were able to blend in to the crowds.

Just then they both felt another bio-emergence, it was an armor level by the feel of him but by the other digital signal headed towards him he wasn’t going to go anywhere, still, it might be interesting to watch…

It wasn’t all that far, when they got there they saw that Renamon was up against an Allomon, and that said Allomon had just knocked Renamon into a light pole with a whack of his saurian tail.

Allomon got closer to the downed Renamon, thinking to finish her off when he was struck in the side by Strabimon’s Light Star attack, knocking him onto his side.

Renamon was shocked, she thought that Strabimon was contemptuous of her; he had shown before that he thought she was nothing but “a silly little girl playing Ninjamon” and yet, he saved her.

Rika was incensed, how dare that cheating bastard interrupt her fight, Renamon had taken worse hits then that before.

Renamon got to her feet and walked towards Allomon, as she passed Strabimon she whispered, “please don’t interfere, this is my fight, if I don’t do this myself I’ll never hear the end of it,” Strabimon nodded and stepped aside, it seems Renamon had resigned herself to the fact that Rika probably wasn’t going to change, but her honour demanded that she follow Rika’s orders.

After Rika slashed a Hyper Chip card Allomon let loose with a Dino Burst attack, it would have hit if Renamon hadn’t blocked it at the last second with the Frozen wind attack that came from an earlier card, it looked for a second that Renamon might be overwhelmed when the Frozen wind attack suddenly overcame Allomon’s Dino Burst, blasting Allomon with a freezing cold energy that turned him into a popsicle, Renamon then leaped into the air and hit the frozen Allomon with a full power Diamond Storm, blasting him into data, which Renamon then absorbed.

As Renamon landed Rika spun around to glare at Naruto, she just opened her mouth to shout at him when he cut her off.

“If you were a better tamer you would accept the fact that you almost lost and you would learn from your mistakes instead of merely repeating them in the future, this is the second time, that I know of, that you’ve underestimated an enemy digimon, not all digimon of the same species are the same power and skill wise, some are new to their current forms, others have held their current form and level for years, still others are at a point where the smallest amount of experience and they’ll digivolve,” Naruto said, stunning Rika, she had just never thought that there was such a difference, she thought that Renamon was stronger then the average for her species because she was her digimon, the same holding true for the other tamers’ digimon, they drew strength from their tamers and thus they were stronger, as Rika started to think Naruto continued with his lecture, “even still, I’ve noticed that you have a habit of underestimating rookies and armours because you’ve handled many digimon of those levels before, well, we both know that Renamon and Guilmon are about even in a fight, and that, skill level wise, Strabimon is superior to both,” Rika was starting to see that he might have a point there, “believe me, or not, its your choice, but if you don’t start to see sense, I will terminate the bond between you and Renamon, you are not the first tamer to believe that digimon are merely data, I’ve seen it before, and do you want to know what I saw?”

Rika shook her head; she was still too stunned to speak.

“I saw a digimon that was suffering under the commands of its tamer, just as Renamon suffers under yours,” Naruto and Rika turn their heads to look at Renamon, now that Rika really looked she noticed that Renamon was more haggard then she was when she first came to the human world, her fur was nowhere near as luxurious as it once was, “that digimon eventually came to loathe its tamer so much that it underwent a dark digivolution, giving birth to one of the most insane and bloodthirsty SkullGreymons either world has ever known.”

Rika and Renamon were stunned; Renamon had told stories of a monstrous SkullGreymon that ravaged numerous levels of the Digital world, that SkullGreymon attacked anyone, from freshes to megas, very few surviving in its wake until a concentrated effort of 4 different, and extremely powerful megas had finally destroyed it.

Rika walked away, she needed to think, Renamon fazed out after her.

Naruto and Strabimon looked at each other, Strabimon started, “If that doesn’t snap her out of it…”

“… Nothing will,” Naruto finished.


Rika spent hours that night thinking about what Naruto had told her, lying in her futon, staring at the ceiling, Renamon had disappeared earlier, she was probably thinking too, Rika wasn’t too sure if Naruto was telling the truth about that SkullGreymon, could that really be the end result of a neglected digimon? After all, he might be lying, using a well known disaster in the digital world to try and force his way of thinking onto her, Rika had just convinced herself, barely, that Whiskers was lying to her when her D-ark lit up, bringing forth the digital profile of a rookie digimon, an Impmon of all things while signalling that another, more powerful digimon had just bio-emerged, Rika got her stuff together before rushing towards the area from which the signal originated, trusting Renamon to be there already.

(With Renamon, shortly before the bio-emergence)

‘I hope that Naruto’s words get through to Rika, I really don’t think I’ll be able to handle her contempt for much longer,’ Renamon thought to herself as she sat atop a power line, ‘I wonder, is what he said true, about that SkullGreymon? If it is, am I destined to go through something similar?’

“Aww, look at that, a digibabe pining in the moonlight,” an unfamiliar voice penetrated her thoughts, Renamon got into a battle stance, only to see an Impmon, Renamon knew full well that Impmon was Devimon’s Rookie form, and as such he required a dark digivolution to get there, so unless he was overcome by loathing, which this one wasn’t, it wasn’t likely to happen, thus it wasn’t likely that he was a threat.

“What’s got you so out of sorts toots?” Impmon asked in an obnoxious voice, “your tamer kick you outta the house for doing something bad? I saw that little thing with the Allomon earlier today, if you ask me you should just dump the little brat and be just like me. After all who wouldn’t be like me? Handsome and free like a bird in the tree Baboom!”

Renamon ignored him, from the sound of him he was a braggart and thus it’s not likely that he was dangerous, wild digimon acted much like dogs sometimes, the weaker ran around making a bunch of noise whereas the larger and more powerful rarely made a peep.

“Hey, are you listening, this is class A material honey,” Impmon interrupted her thought process again, “listen girlie, there’s a whole world out there, actually a couple of them, but you ain’t actually gonna see it if you keep babysitting that snot nosed kid.”

“If that’s your best material, then you need a new writer,” Renamon said to him before she jumped to the ground and started to walk away.

“Hey that was rude you know,” Impmon yelled after her before muttering to himself, “Wise-guy eh, well here’s a little lesson in tough love,” Impmon raised a finger in front of his face, igniting a little fireball on the end of it before throwing the fireball at Renamon with a cry of “Bada-Boom.”

The fireball exploded like a firecracker beside Renamon’s face, making her flinch before she growled at where Impmon … used to be.

“Take it from me toots, you gotta quit being stupid to really be free,” Impmon yelled as he ran from the scene, “Get away from that human immediately Haha Baboom!”

Just then a spire of digital matter erupted in a nearby forest, signalling a bio-emergence.

“Rika,” Renamon muttered to herself, knowing that her tamer would head to the Data field as soon as she knew about it, she might not like how Rika acted, but she still cared for her, she started running as fast as she could, hoping desperately that Rika didn’t get there before her, and get herself killed.


“What’s with the webs?” Rika asked herself as she ran into the Data field citing the numerous spider webs hanging from the trees.

“Rika, Run!” Renamon cried out once she saw her, this was an opponent she didn’t have a chance against, and Dokugumon were notorious for eating their prey, this was very bad.

“Watch Out!” Renamon cried as she talked Rika out of the way of Dokugumon’s Poison Thread attack, somersaulting to land on her feet with Rika in her lap, “Are you all right?” Renamon asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Rika answered, they both looked up to see a big, ugly, arachnid digimon crawling about her webs.

“Perfect, I was just thinking about what to do for dinner,” Dokugumon said as she faced her newest prey.

“Eat Dirt,” Renamon suggested.

“Ooh, Feisty too,” Dokugumon commented, looking forward to this new meal already.

Rika looked up Dokugumon’s data on her D-ark, “Whoa, Dokugumon, Champion Level, with her poison thread attack this spider’s as deadly as she is ugly.”

“Then I’d better step on her,” Renamon commented before leaping into action.


Naruto and Strabimon arrived on the scene just in time to see Renamon take a Venom Blast attack which would have hit Rika if she hadn’t jumped in the way, Strabimon was about to attack when Naruto grabbed his shoulder.

“Take a closer look,” Naruto said pointing towards the downed Renamon and Rika, Strabimon did so and saw the tears in Rika’s eyes, and Calumon who was standing nearby with a sad look on his face, the Red Triangle on his forehead glowing, Strabimon calmed down, knowing what was likely to happen, they wouldn’t need to interfere, sure enough Renamon Digivolved and with her new fox-tail inferno and Dragon Wheel attacks, proceeded to completely destroy Dokugumon with ease before she landed in front of Rika.


“You Digivolved, but how?” Rika asked with shock and awe in her voice upon seeing her digimon’s new form as she landed in front of her.

“It was you Rika,” Kyubimon started, she had figured it all out as soon as it happened, all of Strabimon’s hints made so much sense now, “You weren’t afraid to show how much you truly cared for me, like a true friend.”

“Oh,” Rika said with awe in her voice as she contemplated it, “so, Whiskers was right after all, you look so much healthier then earlier today, god I’m such an idiot.”

“No Rika, merely stubborn,” Kyubimon corrected, she was glad to finally have the Rika she knew existed out in the open, “You’ve always been stubborn, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

“Though I’ll bet you would have preferred it if I came around sooner huh?” Rika said, still kicking herself, Kendogarurumon was right with what he said a few days ago, data or flesh and blood, a sentient life form is anything that has a consciousness, and there is very little difference between the two races once you ignore that stuff, she just got so fixated on the differences that she never stopped to look at the similarities, Rika started to tear up, now realising the kind of pain that she had put Rena- no Kyubimon through, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Rika said as she wrapped her arms around Kyubimon's neck and sobbed into her mane.

Kyubimon wrapped her tails around Rika’s sobbing form, glad to finally have a partner who truly cared.


“Well, what do ya know, looks like Rika actually has a heart,” Strabimon whispered to his partner, more then happy with the outcome, he had come to care for Renamon lately, and he was happy to see what had happened, he remembered that SkullGreymon too, and he didn’t want her to become something like that, or to go through that kind of pain.

“I had a feeling there was one in there somewhere, she was just misguided, and too stubborn to admit that she was wrong, even to herself,” Naruto said before they both left, “Heh, the effects of a near death experience eh?” he commented as they left the two to have their moment, this wasn’t the kind of thing to intrude upon.

Up in the branches of a nearby tree Impmon looked down on the two in disgust, “Ugh, yuck, I’m gonna get outta here before I lose my lunch,” he said to himself before dashing through the trees.


The next day Takato ran up to Naruto and Henry in a bit of a panic during lunch break at school. It turns out that something had almost happened to Guilmon, something that Takato didn’t recognise, and when Naruto got the details out of him he didn’t recognise it either.

“It looked like half of him was there and the other half was being rubbed out by an eraser or something,” Takato started when Naruto grilled him for details.

“When and where did this happen?” Naruto asked, it might be important.

“Uh, on the south side of Shinjuku park, near a big gate with some kind of entrance into the hill behind it, I don’t know what the place is but, judging from the look on your faces, you guys do,” Takato answered.

“Yeah, it’s the old flood tunnel that goes from Shinjuku park all the way to Odaiba,” Henry answering Takato's unspoken question, “But hey, this might have nothing to do with the park, Guilmon is a digital life form, maybe our world will try to get rid of him like a body ejects a virus or something.”

Takato started to tear up before Naruto shot Henry’s theory down in flames, “No if it was like that I’d be more worried about this happening to Calumon or Terriermon before it happened to Guilmon,” Naruto started causing Takato to smile in relief and Henry to frown, “Guilmon has the most raw power of any rookie I’ve ever seen, the edge Strabimon and Renamon have over him is experience and skill. No this has something to do with that tunnel, maybe some kind of computer virus that managed to manifest in the human world or something.”

“If that’s the case then it might not be isolated to the tunnel,” Henry started, causing the other two to concentrate on him, “whatever it is might be able to move, it might not have been in the tunnel to begin with, merely picking off digimon at random and this is the first we’ve heard of it because it hadn’t hit any of our digimon yet.”

“Possible, either way, make sure that your digimon avoid that area, better safe then sorry eh?” Naruto suggested, to which they both nodded in agreement.


After school Naruto and Strabimon met up and agreed to check in on Renamon, and warn the two of them about whatever it was, Naruto knew that Rika’s school let out a half hour after his so he headed to hers and waited until the bell rang, he nearly chocked on his tongue when he saw her, Rika filled out that uniform very well for a 13 year old, Naruto had never really let himself notice her body before seeing as she was about as safe to be around as a PMSing Ladydevimon, but now that he knew the girl had a heart after all he let his eyes wander. Rika had well developed breasts for her age, at least a b-cup, her body was the kind of things a supermodel would envy and her ass was absolutely superb, Naruto admitted only to himself and Strabimon that he was definitely an ass-man, Lillymon’s ass being the first thing that attracted him to her, not that it helped much then but anyway.

As they followed Rika to her home Strabimon noticed what his partner was looking at and admitted to himself that the girl does have a nice ass, for a human anyway, he snickered to himself, looks like Naruto was finally getting over Lillymon, ‘bout time too, if it took too much longer he would’ve started to take drastic measures.

It was about when Rika reached her home neighbourhood that Renamon finally sensed Naruto and Strabimon and alerted Rika using the telepathic link they’d set up soon after Renamon arrived in the human world (AN it is shown early on in the cartoon so I’m having it here too) Rika walked down a dead end alley, causing Naruto and Strabimon to follow her before Renamon phased in, blocking off the entrance.

Rika turned around to face the people who were following her, Renamon hadn’t known who it was only that there was 2 of them, only to see Whiskers and Strabimon, quite possibly the last people she wanted to see right now, she had acknowledged that Naruto and the others were right about digimon being alive but the sting to her pride about being wrong for so long was still there.

“What do you want,” Rika asked, she might have acknowledged that digimon were living beings and that she did care about Renamon, but that didn’t mean she was gonna suddenly start acting nice.

“Just to check in on you two,” Naruto answered, “something strange happened to Guilmon this morning, I wanted to see if it had affected Renamon.”

“Something strange huh,” Rika parroted dubiously, “and what would that be exactly?”

“This isn’t the best place to be having this conversation you know,” Strabimon said, calling attention to himself, “2 digimon out in broad daylight is bad enough, but what we need to talk about really isn’t meant for any old ear.”

“(sigh) Fine,” Rika sighed, admitting his point, “come to my place, we can talk there…”

When they arrived at Rika’s home she went to her room to get changed, threatening Naruto with castration if he even thought about peaking. When Rika emerged wearing her usual clothes Naruto allowed his eyes to wander for a moment, wondering how in the seven hells he managed to miss such a hottie, of course Strabimon and Renamon both noticed what Naruto was doing and hid smug grins, Strabimon thinking that it wouldn’t be long until Naruto’s crush on Lillymon was completely gone, and Renamon thinking that it was about time someone worthwhile got interested in Rika.

“So, what’s this about Whiskers?” Rika asked, completely oblivious to the thoughts of the other 3 in the yard.

“Earlier this morning Takato and Guilmon were outside the entrance to the old flood tunnels that run under Shinjuku park,” Naruto paused for a moment to make sure that Rika knew what he was talking about, by lack of quizzical expression he reckoned she did, “Guilmon passed just in front of the gate when it appeared as if, and this is Takato's account, half of him was there, while the other half was being rubbed out by an eraser. I know it sounds silly, but that’s what he said.”

“Huh, are you sure Gogglehead didn’t just have his Goggles on too tight?” Rika asked, a little dubious of the information source.

“I checked, they were actually a little loose,” Naruto replied, he had actually checked, “Henry and I came up with a theory that seems to fit what might be happening, we’re thinking that some kind of computer virus has managed to manifest in the human world somehow, the effects of the virus, if that’s what it is, seem to be isolated to that area, so it might be a good idea if you and Renamon avoid that area for now.”

“Better safe then sorry huh,” Rika didn’t want to be seen taking directions from the bewhiskered bastard, but he had a point, she didn’t want to lose Renamon now, especially seeing as she only admitted to herself that she cared about her last night, “I guess I can live with that.”

“Great, so Renamon, congrats on finally getting Red here to see sense,” Naruto said lightly to Renamon, seeing Rika giving him the evil eye from the corner of his vision.

“How did you know?” Renamon was a little shocked; he didn’t see what happened last night, did he?

“Your fur is back to the lustrous shine it should be at, you don’t look haggard anymore, it’s pretty obvious that you two came to some kind of understanding last night,” Strabimon answered for him, he wasn’t lying either, he just omitted the fact that they saw everything last night, “probably while fighting the digimon that bio-emerged last night, let me guess, you got your butt kicked and then Rika realised how much you meant to her at the last moment, am I right?” Strabimon loved screwing with people’s heads sometimes.

“Eerily accurate,” Renamon said with eyes narrowed, there’s no way he’d know that much about what happened unless he was there himself.

“You’re missing out the part where Renamon took a champion level’s attack to save me,” Rika said to herself, she still wasn’t completely sure how to think about that, but she was betting that pride would be a good place to start.

“Well that’d explain it,” Naruto said with a smug grin, “typical that it takes a near death experience to get something through that thick skull of yours.”

Rika glared at him for a moment before she started to think about it, “Yeah, typical,” she said with her head bowed, she was still mad at herself for what she put Renamon through, so she was a little depressed right now.

“Rika is the way she is, I wouldn’t trade her for anything,” Renamon firmly said in Rika’s defence, making Rika’s lips twitch, she knew that it wouldn’t take much to send Rika into a full blown depression right now, and these two weren’t helping.

Naruto caught onto what Renamon was doing, and Rika’s expression, and nearly kicked himself, of course Rika isn’t her usual self right now, she just realised last night that she had caused her best friend to suffer emotional agony for at least six months, it’s expected that she be down in the dumps about it. “Ah, don’t worry about it,” he started, hoping to fix his goof, “what’s done is done, can’t do anything about it but learn from your mistakes to bring about a better future.”

Rika’s eyes snapped open upon hearing that, he was right, again, Renamon had already forgiven her for what she’d done, there was nothing she could do to change the past, but she could learn from her mistakes, make sure she never treated any digimon as ‘just data’ ever again, especially Renamon, she was Rika’s closest friend, the one person she could count on for anything she wasn’t going to cheapen that friendship by ruining it now, a small smile started to spread across her lips before she nodded letting Naruto and Renamon know that the message was received, loud and clear.

Renamon closed her eyes and sighed in relief, she had been trying all day to get something along those lines through to Rika, sometimes her stubbornness was annoying, but finally she got the Rika she wanted back, she had shown herself last night, but this morning she was gone again, robbed by depression, now finally she’ll stay.

Naruto sighed in relief, he’d almost screwed the girl up completely, but now she was better then ever.

“Rika, are you home?” a voice called from inside the living area of the house, both Renamon and Strabimon phased out before the sliding door opened, revealing a woman in her 50s Rika’s grandma obviously, “Oh hello there, I’m not used to Rika bringing boys home,” Seiko said, a slight teasing tone in her voice which Rika picked up on right away, she started to blush, knowing that her Grandma was going to tease her mercilessly about this later, “What’s your name?”

“Naruto Uzumaki ma’am,” Naruto answered, knowing from Strabimon’s scouting missions when they first got to this world that this was the boss of the house.

“Uzumaki, that’s not a name I’m familiar with,” Seiko said, she was fishing for information about the boy, who from his occasional glances at Rika was at the very least interested.

“Not surprising, its my mother’s maiden name, she lived out in the rural parts of Japan, died in childbirth, so I never knew her, my father was an American soldier that she had fallen in love with, he died in battle a few months before I was born, so I was more or less raised by my maternal grandfather, he lived out in rural Japan all his life so its not unlikely that you haven’t heard the name before,” Naruto said, giving Seiko the information he knew she was fishing for, at least the version of it that would be accepted here.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” she truly was, the boy was smart, he knew what kind of info she wanted and he wasn’t ashamed of it either, he gave it to her without her needing to poke or pry.

Rika was stunned, both of her parents were still alive, merely divorced, she didn’t see her father as much as she’d like, but at least he was still alive, and granted her mother was annoying but she was there when Rika needed her, but Naruto didn’t have either of them, he never had, it was then Rika realised something that she had never even contemplated, she had it good.

“Listen, would you like some cookies, I was just about to pop them in the oven,” Seiko said, forcing herself out of feeling sorry for the boy, she might have only known him a few minutes but she already knew that pity would only offend him.

“He’s not going to stay long,” Rika answered for him, she knew that he wouldn’t like pity any more then she did, “You’re not,” she said in an undertone to Naruto.

“Well, I hope you can come around again some time,” Seiko offered with her lip twitching, she could not wait until she got a chance to tease Rika about this.

“He won’t,” Rika answered, trying to get her grandma out of there, “you won’t,” she whispered to him.

“Well ok,” Seiko said before she shut the door and went back to the kitchen, she had to think about how to tease her without Rumiko figuring it out, she loved her daughter but honestly sometimes the girl had really loose lips, Seiko didn’t want to think about what would happen if the paparazzi got it into their heads that Rumiko’s daughter had a boyfriend, one of the more annoying things about having a daughter who’d been a model practically her whole life.

“Well, I’d better get going,” Naruto said before he walked toward the gate, Strabimon and Renamon phasing back in and Strabimon following his tamer out the gate, Rika and Renamon standing at the entrance.

“Yeah, see ya,” Rika said, she really needed to think, all of the revelations from this afternoon were starting to get to her, “Thanks for the tip about the flood tunnels, and the advice.”

“You’re welcome,” Naruto said, completely sincere before he started to walk away, though he turned back around just to say something that would make her yell at him, “Oh, and by the way, earlier when Strabimon and I were following you, I was only staring at your ass for the first 15 minutes.”

Rika turned bright red and struggled to speak for a moment before she screeched, “NARUTO UZUMAKI!!!!” as Naruto ran away, laughing his head off.

Rika slammed the gate shut and leaned against it, still red as a tomato when she noticed Renamon’s shoulders shaking from the corner of her eyes, “what are you giggling about?” she asked, honestly curious about her answer.

“That would have actually been quite the complement back in the digital world,” Renamon said honestly, she really hadn’t expected Naruto to be that blunt when it came to his first complement of Rika, but she wasn’t complaining, the results had been hilarious.

“I didn’t know digimon could fall in love,” Rika was taken by a sudden curiosity, she never had thought along those lines.

“Oh, we can, its just rare, most digimon pairings are more out of lust then love, hell I’ve had a few beaus myself,” Renamon could tell that Rika was getting more curious the more she danced around the subject, she pushed Rika into her room before shutting the door behind them, “three actually, a Flamedramon, he was my first, not too bad as far as digital boyfriends go, a short fling with a Wizardmon, didn’t last, more interested in his spells then me, and an absolutely blissful 5 months with an Angemon, god he was good in the sack,” Renamon finished the summary, remembering those nights with that Angemon, he really was far better then the other two by a wide margin.

“Digimon can have sex?” Rika asked incredulously, sure love was possible, but sex?

“Digimon may reproduce asexually but humanity’s effect on us allows us to have sex, even if it is solely for recreation,” Renamon answered, giving the answer she had been taught back in the primary village she grew up in during her sex-ed classes.

“Huh,” Rika said as she went over everything she had learned that day, Naruto’s comment about her ass managing to keep her blush going, though admittedly, not as severe as it used to be.


Later that night Takato called Naruto, apparently when he had taken Guilmon to his shed that night he had fully disappeared, but there was still a signal on the D-ark pointing towards the entrance of the flood tunnel so Guilmon was still alive, Naruto thought about it and realised that depending on where the virus, or whatever, was, Guilmon’s shed could well be within its radius of influence, Naruto informed Takato of this and told him to meet them at the entrance to the tunnel. Once Naruto hung up he sent Strabimon to get Rika and Renamon, their help might be needed, meanwhile he rang Henry to tell him the change of plans then got going, heading towards the tunnel.

When he got there he saw that Strabimon, Renamon and Rika had managed to beat him there, and that Takato wasn’t far off, Henry was on his bike with Terriermon hanging onto his hair for dear life, they weren’t too far either, though Terriermon just had to ask.

“Hey, what’s the witch doing here?” Terriermon asked rudely, it was obvious that he didn’t yet know of Rika’s change of heart.

“Keep complaining Terriermon and I’ll run you through the Gauntlet again,” Naruto said, making Terriermon blanche, the Gauntlet was a series of traps Naruto had put together to teach Guilmon and Terriermon evasion techniques, neither of them had managed to get to the end of it yet, and both were thoroughly banged up by the time the Gauntlet was through with them, “Rika is here to help get Guilmon back, either accept that things have changed or I’ll make you accept that things have changed.”

“Ok,” Terriermon squeaked, he really didn’t like that monstrosity that Naruto had put together, the worst part is that the gauntlet tar’n’feathered everyone who fell of the course, so every time he and Guilmon tried they only really got a quarter of the way through before they were knocked of the path, tar’n’feathered and then dumped right back at the beginning of the course, the worst part though is that both Naruto an Strabimon were able to do the whole damn course within 10 minutes when it took him and Guilmon 15 to get to where they had last fallen off, just past the quarter way mark.

“Rika,” Renamon called out in surprise once she got a little too close to the entrance, her paws had started to disappear on her.

“Ok all digimon, back away, looks like it’s humans only from here on out,” Naruto said, not willing to lose another digimon so soon, they were on a rescue mission for Guilmon, they didn’t want to have to fetch another digimon at the same time.

“Rika?” Renamon asked, she wanted Rika’s say-so before she left, Rika nodded, letting her go.

“So I guess that you want us to just hang around until you guys get back huh?” Strabimon asked, already knowing the answer.

“That’s the plan, here, keep yourselves entertained,” Naruto said before throwing a pack of ordinary playing cards at him (poker cards).

Naruto then started to walk towards the tunnel, Takato, Henry and Rika following him, the last thing they heard from the digimon before they went through the door was Strabimon asking, “So who’s up for a game of Texas hold’em?”


They had been walking for about 5 minutes before Rika caught up to Naruto and whispered, “I am soo gonna get you back for that comment.”

“I was only speaking the truth,” Naruto replied, “It really is one of the finest of its kind that I have seen, and I’ve seen a fair few of them.”

Rika blushed a little, she was sure that he’d been lying, or at least exaggerating when he made that comment, apparently not, “heh, I guess that’s what I get for having a model for a mom,” she said wryly.

“Rumiko Nonaka right, I’ve seen her posters around,” Naruto said, making sure that Takato and Henry didn’t hear anything that would give them an idea as to what they were talking about, “truth is that while you certainly get part of it from her, yours is most definitely superior.”

Rika blushed again, she had been compared to her mom occasionally, though mostly to say that she’d grow up to be like her or that she looked like her, or that she was more sensible than her, but never that she was superior compared to her physically, “well how much would you actually know about them, you lived out in the mountains for most of your life.”

“Oh I did a bit of travelling for about 6 months before I came here,” Naruto said, making up a half-truth on the spot to continue with the teasing, “I’ve actually seen a lot of Japan’s specimens and a fair few foreign ones too, and yours is definitely in the top 5.”

Takato and Henry weren’t sure what they were talking about, though judging from the way they were saying it, maybe they didn’t want to know.

Rika was almost bright red by now, Whiskers was very good at teasing/complimenting her, “Well, just so you know, I haven’t been able to get a very clear look, but from what I’ve seen yours isn’t half bad either,” Now Rika was trying to embarrass him to make up for him embarrassing her, the fact that she was telling the truth notwithstanding.

“Well,” Naruto was now about to make his final shot, absolutely sure this would screw her up completely, he was flattered though, “I could give you a clearer view, all you’d have to do is ask,” Bam, Rika was completely red and tongue tied.

“Uh, guys, I don’t know what your talking about, and I’m not sure I want to know, but we’re here,” Henry said, pointing to a large dome made out of a strange kind of digital energy that completely blocked the path forward.

Takato got out his D-ark and brought up the compass showing Guilmon’s location, yep he was in that thing, whatever it was, he showed the others and they all agreed that they had to figure out some kind of way to get him out of there, they had just made the agreement when their D-arks started to shine, then a beam of light shot straight out from the screens.

“The digivices link us to our digimon, maybe we can use them,” Henry said as he pointed the beam of light at the dome, the others following his example, the 4 beams working together to make an entrance.

“Well, that was easy,” Takato remarked.

“Too easy, be aware guys, this feels like a trap,” Naruto said warily before putting his sunglasses on, the others mimicking him, Naruto’s sunglasses were the same silvery blue as his eyes, “let’s go,” he said before he ran into the entrance, the others following him.

When they were through they were aware that there was no up or down, it felt as if they were floating in space, only everywhere they looked it was an almost blinding white.

“Hey, look over there, its Guilmon,” Takato cried out, seeing his digimon wrapped in silvery rope like things, unconscious, “Guilmon, wake up!” Takato yelled hoping that he wasn’t too late, he wasn’t.

Guilmon’s eyes blinked open, “Right now? Five more minutes,” Guilmon said groggily as if he’d just woken.

“Rika, grab his other arm,” Naruto shouted while he grabbed Takato's right, she nodded, grabbed his left and then they both threw him toward Guilmon.

“Are you ok buddy,” Takato asked while Guilmon broke out of the ropes.

“Skating on sausages,” Guilmon answered, apparently Calumon’s insanity was infectious.

“Look at that!” Henry yelled upon seeing something that seemed to be destroying the dome, it looked kind of like a bola to be honest, only huge.

“We gotta get outta here!” Takato yelled upon seeing what was happening, as he did so Guilmon glowed red then a road made out of red light appeared from his feet, leading outta there.

“Move your asses guys!” Naruto yelled as he landed on the road with Rika and started running for the exit, the other three following close behind, they made it out just before the dome completely collapsed.

“Well I don’t know what the hell happened, but I think we should all just be glad that we won’t have to deal with that thing anymore,” Rika said, to unanimous nodding around her.

When they all got out of the tunnel they saw a rather amusing sight, apparently Renamon had stuck around, and she had soundly beaten the others, they had used pebbles to bet and as of now Renamon had all of them, she had her arms crossed with a very smug expression on her face whereas Terriermon had his ears tied in numerous knots and Strabimon was grasping at his skull with both hands, they’d been soundly beaten.

“Next time, we’re playing Blackjack,” Strabimon grumbled as he glared at the pebbles which were all in front of Renamon.


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