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Chapter 1: Secrets/Skipping/Shopping...GROUNDED!!

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Beep, Beep, Beep

I reached over and shut off my alarm clock, turned over and stared at the top of my canopy bed. When I completely woke up, I climbed out of my bed and walked through to the bathroom that I shared with my twin sister, Shannon. I knocked on her door, before walked in and turned on the lights.

“Shannon, get up. It’s 7:30.” I said going back to my room. I walked over to my closet and began to go through my clothing. I grabbed a pair of light blue pants and white top with ‘Word Life’ written on it in baby blue lettering. I got changed, put on my blue sneakers, and went back to Shannon’s room.

“Shannon it is almost 8. If you don’t get up and ready Seb won’t drive you. We are leaving at 8:45. Get up.” I grabbed a stuffed animal off of the floor and threw it at her.

“Fuck off Samantha.” She screamed, just then there was a knock on the door. Mom stuck her head into Shannon’s room.

“Shannon, watch your mouth, and your sister is right. Time to get up, breakfast is almost ready.” She left the room and I went into the bathroom and I began brushing my shoulder length black hair. Shannon came in wrapped up in a towel and turned on the shower. Shannon and I are identical twins with a few exceptions. We are both natural blondes, but I dyed mine is black, we both have slim bodies but Shannon is more perky where I am more athletic. Other than that, we are both 5’6 with baby blue eyes. As I left the bathroom, Shannon got into the shower. I closed my door and walked over to my dresser and put on my necklace then I put my wristband on above my name bracelet. I grabbed my jacket and searched for my hat. I couldn’t find it so I grabbed my book bag and left my room. I walked down the hall and knocked on my brother, Sebastien’s door. No one answer, I went down to the kitchen. My dad was reading the paper, mom was making breakfast and Sebastien was looking for something in the fridge, wearing my hat. I walked over and grabbed it off his head.

“Nice hat,” I said as he turned around, “I have one just like it.” He smiled and tried to grab it.

“Come on, Sam, let me borrow it.”

“No," I put it on and sat at the kitchen table. Seb walked by grabbing the hat and racing up the stairs. I got up and ran after him, banging into Shannon as she entered the room, “Sorry, Shannon.” I said continuing after my brother.

“Samantha, stop chasing your brother and Sebastien, give your sister her hat.” Dad yelled after us. As I got to Seb's door, he shut his door. I began to bang on it.

“Seb come on, give it back.” He opened the door and I almost fell into him.

“Here you can wear my black Yankee’s hat, if you let me wear yours.” He handed me his hat. I knew that he was desperate, he never lets anyone wear his Yankee's hat.

“You owe me, Seb.” I grabbed his hat and put it on. We both walked back down to the kitchen and took our seats. Mom had just placed our plates down.

“Mom, could you take me shopping tonight, they are having a huge sale at Sirens.” Shannon asked.

“Sure,” mom replied, “Sam, why don’t you come with us?”

“I’d rather be a cheerleader than be caught in Sirens.”

“To be a cheerleader you have to shop at Sirens, Samantha. You also have to have style and lots of fashionable clothing, not like those Dixies, shirt and oh, yes those wonderful hats.”

“Oh and wearing skirts that show your ass and tops that don’t even cover your tit’s, is fashionable. Trust me: I wouldn’t be caught dead shopping at Sirens or being a cheerleader.”

“That’s enough from both of you,” dad said with a strict face. Seb then stood up and took his plate to the sink.

“That was good mom, if you guys want a ride, let’s go now.” He said grabbing his jacket, bag and keys and heading out the door. Shannon and I both put our plates in the sink and followed Seb out to his car.

“Shot gun,” Shannon called as she put on her letterman’s jacket. I grabbed the handle to the front door.

“Get real, Barbie, you get the back.” I climbed into the front and Shannon got in the back. Sebastien began to drive, and Shannon was pushing on my chair.

“You know, Sam, I was just think, what would mom and dad say if they knew that your late night study sessions at the library were really a cover up for yours and David’s make out sessions?” I turned around and stared at her as Sebastien slammed on the brakes.

“You and David are doing what?”

“Seb didn’t even know? God, isn’t David like your best friend Sebastien?”

“Shut up, Shannon,” Seb and I both said as Seb began to drive again. We drove the rest of the ride to school in silence. When we got to school, Shannon took off to find her friends and Seb and I began to walk around the school to meet up with our friends.

Sebastien’s and I have always been close, closer than Shannon and I are, we have all the same friends. And I tell him everything, except for the fact his best friend, David and I have been going out for a couple of weeks now. Nobody knew, and I have no clue how Shannon found out. The only reason I didn’t tell him was because David has a reputation of being a major player, and I didn’t know how Sebastien would like it. I couldn’t stand him giving me the silent treatment. We turned the corner and I seen David sitting on the hood of his car, with our friends Jeff, Chuck and Pierre. I stopped and grabbed Seb’s arm.

“Listen, Seb, you can’t act like this ok. David and I aren’t kids, it isn’t a crime for us to be together.” I said looking him in the eye.

“I’m not mad about the fact that you two are together, it’s the fact that you didn’t tell me straight up, and that I had to hear it from Miss Perfect.” He gave me a side hug and we walked over to our friends. When David seen us, he got off the hood and watched me. “David, you’re fucking pathetic, stop checking my sister out. Just kiss her already.” David looked confused, as the other guys laughed. Just then the bell rang, we all walked towards the school. They began to walk towards the first entrance and I went towards the second.

“See you in English, Pierre.” I called as I walked away. He nodded and went with the other guys. I have to say out of the rest of our friends I am the closest with Pierre. We have a lot more in common and have known each other since I was like 5. He is always there for me, he is the coolest.

When I got into the school, I headed straight for homeroom. When I got there, Shannon and her gag squad were sitting around my desk as usual because the teacher has everyone in alphabetical order according to last names. Unfortunately, that puts me right in front of my perfect sister. The teacher entered the room and everyone in the class took their seats. Shannon tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around.

“I guess I will be getting shotgun for a while!” She said with a smug look on her face.

“Get real, Barbie,” I said turning my attention to my sketch book.

“Then, I will just have to tell mom and dad about your so called study sessions, won’t I?” I turned around and gave her an evil look. I was about to respond when I heard the teacher call my name. I stared at her for a second longer.

“Samantha Lefebvre?” I heard again.

“Present,” I said turning back to my sketchbook.

“Shannon Lefebvre?”

“Present, sir, and can I say that that tie look fabulous on you,” She said. Mr. Collins is not only our homeroom teacher but also our English teacher. Shannon is in most of my classes and tries to charm her way through assignments. She thinks that because she is the captain of the cheerleading squad that she shouldn’t have to do all the assignments that she is assigned. That would also explain why she is just barely managing a B average, which is that minimum grade average that she needs to stay on the squad.

The bell rand and I grabbed my stuff and walked to my locker. When I got there, I saw Pierre and David at Pierre’s locker, which is right beside mine. As I walked up, Pierre looked at me a nodded. David turned around as I opened my locker.

“How did Seb find out about me and you?” He asked.

“No, no the important question is why didn’t you tell me?” Pierre asked.

Just then Shannon walked by with her friends behind her, “aren’t they perfect for each other?” She said as she passed her friends just started to giggle.

“She is how he found out, don’t ask me how she found out,” I said grabbing my math book, closing my locker and turning to face Pierre, “and I didn’t tell you because you have a big mouth.” I gave David a kiss on the cheek and walked away. I walked down the hall to my class, when I seen that the teacher wasn’t there yet I decided to skip. “Hey, Carmen,” I said to my cousin that was heading into the class. “I’m not feeling well, so I am going. Can I borrow your notes in study hall?”

“Sure, Sam, hope you feel better.” She said walking into the room. I walked down the hall and out of the school. I knew that Pierre, Chuck, Jeff, David and Seb had a spare and were probably heading to the mall so I ran to the parking lot, I seen them standing by David and Jeff’s cars. I walked casually over to them.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” Pierre asked as I got to them, causing Seb, David, Chuck and Jeff to look at me.

“Yeah it got cancelled,” I lied and put my bag on the hood of David’s car.

“Bullshit,” Sebastien said, “if it was cancelled Shannon and her friends would be over there practising. And Mrs. Clay never cancels her classes.”

“So, I don’t feel like sitting through a boring math class, besides I am going to get the notes in study hall.” I hugged Sebastien, “I just wanted to spend time with my big brother.” Sebastien looked at me then at our friends.

“This is your doing,” he said looking at David, “don’t make it a habit, Sam, Let’s go, Chuck and I will go with Jeff and Pierre and Sam can go with David.” I smiled and raced Pierre to the front seat. Me being me got there first, I climbed in, Pierre got into the back and David got in and started the engine. We started to drive and Pierre climbed forward and put a CD into the car stereo and cranked up the volume.

“Dude, why do you always do that?” David said turning down the volume.

“Come on, it is our first demo, Dave, it is awesome.”

“No way, when did you guys record it?” I asked looking at Pierre.

“My dad called up my uncle, who’s new girlfriend works at a local radio station and they got us a day in the studio and we laid down a couple of tracks.” Pierre said, David pulled into a parking spot. I looked at him and gave him a kiss.

“God, get a room.” Pierre said opening the door, “Does that mean you guys are going to be all lovey dovey now?”

I just ignored him, “What was that for?” David asked.

“Just felt good to do it when we are out in the daylight where people can see us.” He started to laugh and we both got out of the car. We ran to meet the rest of the guys. David took my hand in his and we all walked around the mall for about half an hour before returning to school. When we got back to school, we went to out lockers then everyone split up. Jeff, David, Seb and Chuck had English in the language wing and Pierre and I had English in the English wing. There was about five minutes left of the class, so Pierre and I sat down on the floor outside our class.

“Did you get your essay done, Sam?” Pierre asked opening his notebook.

“Yeah, I finished like two days ago. What about you?” I said opening my sketchbook and began doodling.

“Nah, but I got a note from my dad explaining that I was sick all weekend and couldn’t finish it.”

I looked over to him and laughed. “Let me guess, David wrote it?”

“Yeah, but don’t tell anyone. Besides Mr. Collins never calls home, so I’m safe.” Just then the bell rang and we grabbed our books and stood up. Once the class emptied Pierre and I made our way to our seats, Mr. Collins had his back to us. Pierre put his books down and walked up to Mr. Collins and began talking, after the class settled down, Pierre came and sat down in front of me. “Told you it would work.” He said opening his books.

Mr. Collins put our assignments on the board and came around to collect our essays. As usual he told us that we could work on other work only if we get out assignments finished on time. I pulled out my sketchbook and began to draw again. He came around to Shannon’s desk and asked for her assignment, she came up with the excuse that she was going to do it but she had to go to her grandmothers funeral. And maybe if she remembered I was in the class and if she kept her excuses in order she would know that she used that excuse about 5 times this semester. Plus, both of our grandmothers are alive.

At the end of class, Mr. Collins asked me to stay behind. After the class emptied, Pierre told me he would wait outside, I went up to his desk.

“Samantha, there is a board wide writing contest being held here in a couple weeks and I was wondering, you’re an excellent artist, maybe you would like to do the poster for the contest?” He asked packing up his papers.

“I’m not sure, can I have a few days to think about it?”

“Of course you can, and let me tell you that this will be added as extra credit. I have to get going for a staff meeting, oh, and I am sorry about you grandmother.” He said leaving the room.

Pierre came in, “Did you know that today is a half day? Everyone is going to your house, David and them are waiting for us. What did Mr. Collins want?”

“Nothing, he is so gullible. Can you believe he thinks Shannon was telling the truth?” I said as we arrived at our lockers. We got our stuff and went out to the parking lot. Shannon was sitting the front seat of Seb’s car and everyone else was sitting on the hood’s of Seb’s, David’s or Jeff’s cars.

“Hey, what took you two so long?” Chuck called as we got closer. I put my bag and jacket in the back of Seb’s car and climbed in. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone right now. A couple of minutes later Seb got in and drove home. When we got there, Shannon dashed into the house. Jeff and David pulled up to the side of the road. I grabbed my bag and went into the house and straight to my room. When I got there I closed the door, dropped my stuff on my desk and flopped down on my bed. I heard the guys coming up the stairs and I turned on my Green Day CD and cranked the volume up. I walked over and picked up my bag grabbing my sketchbook out. I opened it and began to look at my drawings. For some reason, I was kind of upset that Mr. Collins asked me to draw for the contest. Unless it was for my art teacher, no one ever sees my drawings. And I like it that way, I mean I draw things the way I see them. People don’t see things the was I do and they think my drawings are provocative. So why me out of all the artists in the school. I started to work on the picture I started in English when there was a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I said closing my book, mom walked in and sat beside me on my bed.

“I just got off the phone with Mrs. Clay. Would you like to explain why you weren’t in math class this morning?” She said, looking at me with a concerned look on her face.

“I just didn’t feel like going.”

“Sam, this isn’t like you, what is wrong?”

“I don’t know, I just felt like I am always doing what is right and for once I wanted to do something that wasn’t me.”

“Ok, but next time, try to do what is right. Is there anything else you wanted to tell me?” She said standing up.

“Um, yeah there is,” I looked at her then away, “um, the last couple of weeks when I, um, told you that I was at the library, I was really with David, either at his house or in his car somewhere, but we didn’t do anything.”

“Samantha, why wouldn’t you just tell us the truth instead of lying?”

“Because I didn’t want Sebastien to know, and didn’t know how you and daddy would react.”

“We will talk about this later when your father gets home. But for now, I am taking Shannon to the mall, and I would like you to come with us. You don’t have to come into Sirens but you need some new school cloths and supplies. So get ready, we are leaving in about an hour.” I nodded. When mom left I lies back down on my bed, I shut off my music and got back up.

I walked out of my room and down to Sebastien’s room. I knocked and walked in, Sebastien had a loft type room, the bottom was where he slept and the upper level had instruments setup, everyone was practising. I sat on top of the step and listened. They were great, their band name was Simple Plan, it was Chuck on drums, Jeff and Sebastien on guitar, David on bass and Pierre on vocals with Seb and David on back up. I sat there till they finished practising.

“What do you think, Sam?” Pierre asked, grabbing a glass of water.

“It sucked,” I said jokingly. David sat down beside me as the rest of the guys took seats around the room. Jeff looked at us.

“So, when did you guys start dating?” He asked catching every ones attention. They all just looked at us, I don’t know about David but it made me feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, just after he asked there was a knock on the door, and mom walked in.

“Samantha, Get ready we are leaving.” She said as she walked back out of the room, I felt so relived.

“Have fun,” I said giving David a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room. I walked down the hall to my room and grabbed my purse and jacket. I closed the door and went downstairs to see my mom in the front hall getting ready to go and of course Shannon was nowhere to be found. “Mom, I though Shannon was coming.” I asked looking into the living room to see if I could see my twin sister.

“I am,” she said pushing me out of her way as she came running sown the stairs, “and I get shot gun.” She added as she walked out the front door.

“How about you shoot yourself with a shot gun,” I said following her. I felt my mothers hand on my shoulder.

“Sam, relax, this is suppose to be fun,” she said, “just us girls. This doesn’t happen very often. So both of you be civil to each other.”

“Fine,” I said climbing into the back seat. I was quiet the whole drive to the mall. When we got there Shannon got into her ‘OMG, I am going to die, sales everywhere’ mood and I wanted to smack her. Mom decided that we would go to the stores that Shannon wanted, and then get some ice cream or a snack, stop at a few places she needed to, have dinner then go to the stores I wanted to go. Most people would complain because they had to endear going to stores that they didn’t like and having to wait to go to stores that they wanted to. But honestly I love it, because as long as Shannon takes her sweet ass time, I get to make her wait while I look at clothing. I’ll admit I am not a big girly-girl, but I am not a major tomboy either. Even though I think my sister dresses and let’s face it acts like a slut. The stores that she shops at do have a few things that I like and will get, so it doesn’t bother me. However, I know that she hates going to the places that I like because she hates the clothing there. So even though she thinks that she is tormenting me, I know that I am tormenting her even more.

“Shannon, where would you like to go first?” Mom asked as we entered the mall.

“Um, how about Sirens?” she said giving me an evil smirk.

“Ok, sweetie, let’s go” she said as they began to walk towards the store.

“Hey mom, I am just going down to see what my schedule is next week then, I’ll meet you at Sirens, ok?” I asked looking at my mom.

“Sam, hurry up,” she said. I turned and started to walk towards my work. Shannon and I both had part time jobs at Wal-Mart. Shannon hated it, but I don’t really mind it because my cousin Carmen and friend Peyton both work there. I walked in the store and back to the employee lounge. As I walked in I saw Carmen sitting at one of the tables studying and Peyton was dancing, Peyton, like one of my other friends Jessica, were both cheerleaders on Shannon’s squad. And I felt sorry for them.

“Hey, I didn’t know you worked tonight?” Carmen said, looking up from her book.

“I’m not, I am here shopping with my mom and Shannon, just came into schedule.” I replied, writing down my schedule. “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have those math notes, would you?”

“Yeah,” she began digging through her binder, “Did Mrs. Clay call your house?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Shannon told her that you were skipping.”

“And you wonder why I don’t like my sister, Peyton” I said turning to Peyton. Carmen handed me the notes. “Thanks, I’ll give them to you tomorrow. See ya.” I said leaving the lounge. ‘I can’t believe, Shannon. I cover for her with every excuse she gives teachers for not getting her work done. And she rats me out for skipping.’ I thought to my self as I walked down the mall to Sirens, ‘She is so going to regret it.’ I walked into Sirens and seen my mom standing by the change rooms. I walked over.

“Sam, sweetie, they have some really cute shirts that I think you would like.” She said pointing at a table full of cloths. “Pick one or two and get them.” I really didn’t feel like arguing with my mom so I went over and looked at them. I began to look through them and picked out a white one with pink lettering that said ‘I Want Candy’ across it and two halter tops, one white and one blue. I grabbed them and walked over to my mom. “Did you find some?”

“Yeah,” I said sitting on the chair beside the change rooms. Shannon emerged about five minutes later. “Here’s you schedule for next week Shannon,” I said handing her the piece of paper. She took it and we walked up to the cash and mom paid. We walked around for about two hours before Shannon had finished. I got a few things but couldn’t wait till after dinner. Mom did all the stuff she need and we headed for the food court. As we walked in mom handed Shannon and I both twenty dollars. I walked towards Pizza Pizza. After I ordered, I went to find where my mom and Shannon were. When I found them, I placed my tray down and sat beside my mom. Shannon just looked at my tray in disgust.

“Do you know how greasy and fattening that is, Sam?” She asked taking a bite of her salad. I just looked at her and took a big bite of my pizza. I know my mom wasn’t impressed but it sure shut Shannon up. After we finished eating, we went to West 49. I looked around the store and picked out a couple different hoodies and pants, then walked over to the accessories. I found some cute hats and jewellery. I went to go to the cash, when mom asked me if I wanted any shoes. We went over and I looked at them and picked out two pairs. After we paid we began to walk through the mall again. I was starting to get tired and I had to get some homework done.

“Where to now, Sam?” Mom asked, as we turned down the hall.

“Well, I’m pretty much done. I just need t get some notebooks, pens, markers, stuff like that.” I replied.

“Ok, why don’t we go to Grand & Toy?” she said as we walked towards the store. Shannon turned and looked the other direction.

“Mom, I forgot, my school bag ripped today, can we go to Bentleys so I can get a new one?” She asked as we entered the store.

“After we are done here.” We went in and got everything needed, then went down to Bentleys. Shannon and I both got new bags, then went out to the car. Shannon sat in the front again. As we began to drive Shannon turned to look at mom.

“Mommy, I was wondering if maybe we could stop at New Moon and get my belly button pierced? Please?” she asked with a pleading look on her face.

“I suppose so,” she said, looking back at me. “Would you like to get yours done, Samantha?”

“Can I get my nose done instead?”


“What about my eyebrow?”


“My lip?”



“No, Sam!”

“Ok, I guess I’ll live with getting my belly button done.”

We pulled into New Moon, got them done. Mom stopped at Dairy Queen, then we went home. As we pulled into the driveway Shannon started to complain. “God, Seb’s friends are still here, don’t they ever go home.”

“Don’t you ever shut up?” I asked grabbing my bags and headed for the front door. I heard my mom call after me to put my stuff away then come down to the kitchen so we could talk with my dad. That was something I didn’t want to do tonight. When I got to my room, I placed all my stuff on the bed and began to go through them. After I put everything away, I decided to get ready for bed before going downstairs. I get undressed and put my hair in a ponytail, then walked over to my dresser and pulled out my black pants with blue stars on them and a black thank with a blue star on it and got dressed. After I was dressed, I left my room and headed for the kitchen, as I walked passed Seb’s room, I heard Pierre call my name. I walked to the doorway, “What do you want?”

“Come chill with us,” he said.

“I will in a few minutes, I have to go get grounded first.” I said walking away, when I got to the kitchen I saw my dad sitting at the table and the look on his face wasn’t a happy one. Shannon was standing by the fridge talking to my mom.

“Shannon, go upstairs please,” my father said as I entered the room. After Shannon left, my mom sat down beside my dad and they both just looked at me. “Sit down, Samantha.” I took a seat across from my parents. “Your mother told me that you skipped math today and that you have been lying about your whereabouts at night for a couple of weeks, is this true?” I just looked down at the table. “Samantha? Is it true?”

“Yes.” I said quietly.

“Well, then your grounded for two weeks, you can go to school and work, but other than that you are in this house unless your mother or I are with you. Is that understood?”


“Ok, go upstairs.” I got up and went upstairs. I walked towards my brother’s room as Shannon was leaving.

“Your friends are freaks, Sam,” She said walking into her room. I entered Seb’s room and everyone was scattered around. Jeff and Chuck were watching a movie and Pierre, David and Sebastien were sitting up on the loft, talking. I walked over to them and sat down beside David.

“Why did you get grounded?” Pierre asked.

“For skipping math and lying.”

“Lying about what?” I just looked over to Dave. “Ok, I know, now.” Pierre said smiling.

“Hey, Seb, your friends have to leave,” my dad said poking his head in the door.

“Ok, dad.” Everyone got up and grabbed their stuff. As we all left the room, I said by to David and gave him a kiss, then walked to my room. I went in and turned on the radio. I sat down on my bed and opened my sketchbook. I began to draw, when Shannon came barging into my room.

“Did you take my Britney Spears CD?” She shouted.

“Why would I take your Britney Spears CD?”

“Where is it, Sam?”

“I don’t have it, now get out.” I yelled at her. But she did the complete opposite of leaving she walked up to me and grabbed my sketchbook, “Give it back, Shannon.” We both started to fight as Sebastien and my parents walked into my room. My dad pulled Shannon away from me and Seb held me back.

“What is going on in here?” My father asked raising his voice.

“Shannon, took my sketchbook.” I answered.

“That’s because you took my Britney Spears CD,” she cried.

“Shannon, your CD is in the car,” my mom said, “now give your sister back her book.” Shannon just threw my book and stormed out of the room. My parents followed her, Seb went over and shut my bedroom and bathroom door.

“Fuck, your sister is such a snot.” I said sitting down on my bed. Sebastien just laughed as he came and sat down by me, picking up my sketch book. He began flipping through it.

“These are really good, Sam,” he said handing it back to me.


“Anyway, I have to get my beauty sleep,” he said standing up and walking towards the door.

“Yeah, you need it.” I said as he was leaving. When he was gone, I put my book up and shut off the lights. I just lied there looking at the top of my bed thinking, before long I fell asleep.
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