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She's in the hospital, but not for long... another lemon XP... I loooove lemons!! :D Fixed a typo, sorry bout that.

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Chapter 8

“Where am I…?” I said dizzily. It looked as if part of my eye was being blocked by something… as if I were blindfolded. “Uhh…,” I looked around with my single eye but it was hard to see. “Where the fuck am I?” I groaned. “Is anyone fucking there?” No answer… “Hello?”

“What is it?” Iggy came walking into the room with no shirt on. I drooled like crazy… wondering if I was hallucinating maybe…

“Duh… wow…,” I continued to salivate. “T-that is so hot…” I felt vertigo… “Ouch ouch ouch… my head…,” I rubbed it. “W-where am I?” All I could see was the room spinning and the next thing I knew, I blacked out. I could feel something furry and warm rubbing against me, but I could not move a muscle… w-was I paralyzed?

“Luca… Luca… wake up…,” someone shook me, probably Iggy did. I groaned and woke up… with a problem, everything was still spinning around.

“I-I don’t feel good…,” I retched. “It’s like I’m about to vomit…”

“You probably are,” Iggy scowled, handing me a bucket so I can vomit into it.

“Oh God…,” I tried to pick it up but it ended slipping out of my hands… it was the lack of binocular vision. He handed it to me again and I just barely missed it. “Thank you…”

“You’re welcome,” he handed me a napkin. I tried to wipe my mouth off but I ended up missing. He softly guided my hand to my mouth and helped me.

“Thank you once again,” I smiled crookedly.

“No problem,” he smiled and looked into my single eye.

“So what happened?” I asked.

He sighed grimly. “Not good… you fainted, and ended up landing forwards on a really sharp rock, damaging your left eye. That is why you have a bandage over your eye, because of it. And you have a concussion on the front of your skull, hence why you have vertigo.”

“W-will I be OK?” I scowled.

“Yeah, you should be alright in a few days, the doctor said you’ll be fine and that it is very minor, but you will need to wear a patch for awhile.”

“Oh…,” I looked down.

“He said to rest, please rest for me,” he put his hand on my shoulder. Despite not being able to see perfectly, I could see that I was hooked up to those machines… you know, the kind that measure how fast your heart beats and whatnot. I sighed and did what Iggy told me to do… I fell asleep almost instantly.



Where am I… dreamland…?

“Yes, dreamland, Luca,” said a voice – presumably Arceus herself.


“Yes, it is I.”

W-what are you doing here?

“Apologizing,” she said. “For making you trip over a rock and hurting your eye. It was my fault.”

I thought it was my fault…

“Nay… it was my fault; I should not have let you done that.”

Are you just a voice in my head, or are you there?

“Yes, I am everywhere.”

I thought there was God though…

“I’m just His servant.”

Oh? Therefore, I am not talking to an idle.

“No, you are not.”

Good. I mentally smiled at this.

“I have to go now…,” clip-clop… her voice had disappeared.




“Luca, wake up now,” Iggy shook me.

“Huh…,” I groaned groggily and opened one eye, of course.

“You were talking in your sleep… and you have been asleep for two days.”

“I have…?” I pointed to myself. He nodded. “Oh wow… is it time for me to go yet?”

“I talked to the doctor, but he isn’t real sure; he says ‘whenever you feel like it’.”

“I do feel better now that you mention it.”

“Good. Shall I go find the doctor and tell him that you are better?” He smiled and nodded. “Alright then…,” he winked at me as he walked off. I sighed happily. I looked around to see all of our Pokemon sleeping in one chair. I never knew that Iggy had a Weedle… interesting. I yawned widely and Ferrick opened one eye. I tried to get up just for the heck of it, and I was able to walk. I felt better!

“Wow I feel better,” I sighed in relief. Now the eye patch… I wonder how long I was supposed to wear this thing. Oh well, I did not want to take a chance and maybe blind myself! That would not be good. I sat back down on the bed and everyone stared at me. “You little ones are funny,” I chuckled. They all stared at me funny. “Was it something I said? I blinked.

“’Little ones’… is that what you are going to call us now?” Ferrick mumbled. “I am the roughest of this group!” Iggy returned with a doctor. The doctor unhooked me from an IV drip. I smiled and got off the bed. I picked up Ferrick, Gible and Caterpie (whose names I do not know at this point). Despite having three Pokemon in my arms, they were not as heavy as I thought they were. Caterpie crawled to my shoulder. I was somehow able to grab my cane without falling.

Iggy blinked. “Nice job, Luca.”

“Thank you, Iggy,” I smiled. Ferrick was able to latch onto my back without falling, too.

“No problem.”

“Shall we go find Brock?” I said while limping out of the room. Gible’s stomach growled and I chuckled. “Well, let us find something to eat first then.”

“Yeah… I am pretty hungry, too.” I nodded. I felt faint again…

“Oh shit… Iggy I feel faint again…”

“Another bowel movement?” he looked a little uneasy.

“’Fraid so…,” I nodded and sighed. All of the Pokemon looked at me. I knew they could sense something wrong with me…

“Do you want me to help you again?”

“Yes please… I am used to my father helping me… but he is not here.”

“Oh… I bet,” he was somehow able to pick me up as all of my Pokemon jumped off me (Gible out of my arms, of course). I seized the opportunity while being in his arms and kissed him deeply. His eyes widened and he kissed me back. I could have sworn I felt his erection against me.

“We should have sex again…,” I whispered.

“Yes… we should. How about after we find a hotel room?” Now the Pokemon were definitely staring at us (and murmuring, too). I do not think they like us having sex in any way. He took me to the bathroom and set me down on top of the toilet. It was much better than shitting on the forest floor. In addition, let us just say…

“Who says we do not have to wait for a hotel room?” He winked.

“No way… you want to do it here? I would much rather it be a hotel room.”

“All right, fine, that is OK,” he chuckled. “Let us go then.” I got off the toilet and we both walked out (do not fear, I did not have my pants down – that would be extremely stupid). All our Pokemon followed us out the room and outside. Except that, it was raining – not raining, actually – but pouring.

“Ugh…!” I groaned, soaking wet. Iggy’s Cyndaquil hid inside his shirt.

“Return, Cyndaquil,” he sighed. “Return, Weedle,” he added.

“Return everyone,” I sighed as well. We walked to the hotel, both soaked to the bone. Sadly, the only other pair of clothes I had was soaking, too. I felt weak and tired, and it felt as if my eye patch was flooding with water. I shivered so badly, that I nearly fell down.

“Luca… are you all right…?!” He blinked. “Luca…” I stared back up at him with my cold, wet, wan face.

“I-Iggy… I am-am fr-freezing…”

“Oh no…,” he was somehow able to pick me up and carry me across town and to a small motel. I was not sure what happened next, except that I woke up naked under a nice, warm bed.

“Uhh… w-what happened?” I groaned and rubbed my eyes. I realised that he must have removed that eye patch.

“I carried you all across town and got us a motel room. In addition, I am sorry you are naked; I asked the lobbyist if she could dry off your clothes for you, and she is doing that right now. You were soaking wet! I am surprised you are all right.”

“Yeah… I was frozen. So we are here alone… shall we do it?” I winked.

“Fuck yeah,” he winked back. He took off his soaking wet clothes, threw them into the bathtub, and walked back. He jumped in the bed, right beside me. “I hope no one hears us.”

“I hope not either,” I snickered. He already had an erection. “Wow that is hot…,” I goggled. I got out of the covers. He was instantly on top of me, penetrating. I shuddered as he humped me. “W-wow…,” I moaned. “This is nice….”

“I know,” he said while touching my boobs. “So are those.”

“Of course…,” I shuddered as he continued. It was hard to tell, but I think he already ejaculated. “I love this feeling… and I never… want… it to stop…” I pushed him backwards into the bed and he chuckled. He pushed me back so he could slide his cock out. “Damn!” I moaned. “That was awesome! I love how it feels coming out, too.”

“I know it does,” he grinned. He yawned. “Oh well, it is time to go to bed now.”

“You are right, goodnight Iggy,” I yawned. He turned off the lamp and we both fell asleep naked, for the night.
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