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It's official.
I'll no longer be posting here on Ficwad.
Mods have been MIA for as long as I remember, and things just aren't the same as when I first joined. As much as I live this place, it's time for me to say goodbye.

But do not fear.
I haven't stopped writing.
I'm still posting stories on "mibba" and will continue to do so.

Posted on Mibba are the following stories:
Lasting Impressions (completed)
Decisions, Decisions (Sequel to Lasting Impressions. Still in progress.)
Jamais Vu (completed)

If you make an account there, here's a "link": to my profile page.

As of now, DisasteRomance and Press Play are both on an indefinite hiatus.
I know, it sucks, but I honestly have no more ideas for those stories.

Love it or hate it, this is how the cookie crumbles.
I hope you guys keep reading.

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