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With You

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Dinner in town doesn't go as planned.

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Gerard sat at the table surrounded by his friends and realized he wished they would disappear. He did realize this sounded bad but it was the truth. Beside him Willow sat smiling laughing and touching him. Yes, her leg was touching his and tonight for some reason it didn’t matter that it wasn’t bare skin against bare skin he could still feel that electricity between them sizzle. Add to that the fact that his dick was rock hard it had made this whole outing uncomfortable.
“Willow tell us another story.” Alicia’s words were met with a round of nods all agreeing with the request.
“No.” Willow said laughing. “I’ve been the only one talking since we got here.” And that was the truth. After just one question about an incident involving her involvement with a departed the stories of other encounters started rolling off her tongue. For the first time in her life she felt comfortable enough with people to tell her stories and it felt so good. The only thing that was putting a damper on the evening was Gerard’s silence. Willow gave him a Quick glance and wondered why he was frowning again.
“Face it you got some great stories to tell.” Frank said taking a bit of his desert.
Willow smiled and looked down at her plate. Suddenly a voice made her head snap up.
Gerard looked up in surprise. “Jessica. What are you doing in California?”
She smiled. “Something came up I had to deal with in person. I’m glad I’ve run into you though.”
Willow knew immediately that it was no coincidence that Jessica was here. Willow heard her thinking to herself that her friendship with Bob had paid off. She was so glad he had told her where the group would be dining tonight. Willow tried not to be angry with Bob but it was difficult. She was angry and hurt. Why had he done this? Did he want Gerard and Jessica together?
“Well I’d ask you to join us.” Gerard said looking uneasy “But we’re just finishing up.” He nodded to the almost completely eaten deserts around the table.
Jessica gave him her best sad smile. “I understand but maybe if you have a few minutes I’d like to talk to you. Something important has come up in my life and I’d like to get your opinion.” She could tell he was considering her request so she added, “It’s really important Gee.”
Gerard gave her a surprised look. She never wanted his opinion on anything before. “Uh, sure but we all came together in the van.” He hoped she’d understand he couldn’t make the other wait for him.
Jessica understood completely. “I could drive you back to the Paramour.” She tried to look sincere “I mean if you have time.”
Around the table Willow could hear the thoughts racing. The women all knew what game Jessica was playing. Frank was concerned, Bob was feeling guilty and she had no idea about vampire silent Ray. As for her own emotions now she was pissed. Jessica was blatantly trying to get Gerard alone and she knew it.
Gerard looked around the table. He didn’t know what to say. After his last encounter with Jessica he still felt so much guilt. He figured he owed her a few minutes. “You all go ahead back. I’ll catch up.”
Willow moved her leg so it wasn’t touching his and he immediately turned to her but she was looking away. The others stood and began preparing to go.
“My table is right over here.” Jessica said softly moving towards Gerard’s side.
“He’ll be over in just a minute.” Willow said smiling sweetly at Jessica.
The others all looked uncomfortable as they headed towards the door. Gerard watched them go feeling very uncomfortable and wondering what Willow was going to do.
Jessica reminded herself to stay in character. She was playing on Gerard’s emotions at the moment so she couldn’t come off as a bitch.
“Uh, I’ll be right over.” Gerard said to Jessica hoping she’d take the hint and move to her table so he could speak to Willow alone.
“Sure.” She nodded to Willow with a smile.” I’ll just go wait at my table.”
Willow waited until she was out of earshot to speak to Gerard. “I was understanding once.”
He knew she was talking about his last encounter with Jessica. Still he felt anger at her attitude. She had no right to tell him who he could and couldn’t talk to in a restaurant. “I’m only going to talk to her.” He said evenly.
Willow was trying desperately to keep her own temper under control. “Would you like me to tell you what she has planned or do you want it to be a surprise?”
“What?’ He sputtered.
“She knew you were here, she came looking for you.” Willow said letting her eyes cross the restaurant to Jessica’s table.
“That’s not what she said.” He said lowering his voice. “ And besides jealously doesn’t look good on you.”
That was it. Willow snapped. “Maybe not.” She snaked her hand under the table and caress his crotch. “But you said this dress does.”
Gerard was shocked. She was using this feeling between them to try to get him not to speak to Jessica. It took all his willpower but he pushed her hand away from his throbbing cock. “Stop it.” He hissed.
Willow recoiled as if he’d hit her. She lowered her eyes and stood preparing to join the others who were waiting by the door.
“Wait.” Gerard’s hand shot out to stop her. “I promise I’m just going to talk to her and then I’ll have her drive me back to the Paramour.”
“I’m sorry.” Willow murmured.
He was torn. “Look, don’t be mad at me, okay? She really looks upset and I owe it to her to listen.”
Willow knew Jessica wasn’t really upset. She had heard the woman’s thoughts about what she planned to say to Gerard when she got him alone. Still there was no point in telling him.
“Goodbye.” Willow whispered.

Gerard waited until Willow had left the restaurant with the others before heading over to Jessica’s table.
“So what’s up?” he asked sitting down.
Jessica lifted her glass of iced tea and reminded herself once again that it was always easy to play Gerard. She took a drink than smiled.

Willow crawled into bed and pulled up the covers. He was with her and she knew what was going to happen. He was angry at her for what she’s done in the restaurant and he’d use that anger to justify to himself what he’d do with Jessica. The woman knew just what he liked and she planned on using that knowledge. Rolling over Willow punched her pillow and tried to fall asleep but sleep wouldn’t come. An hour later she was staring into the darkness when she heard the bedroom door open. She strained her eyes trying to see him. She could only barely make out his shape as he undressed. Suddenly he was beside the bed and Willow felt rough hands grab her and roll her onto her back. His voice was low and angry. “So you wanna know what she said?” He positioned his body over hers pinning her to the bed.
“Get off me.” Willow said wiggling. “I don’t want to know word for word I know what she wanted.”
Gerard’s laugh was cold. “Oh do you? Well let me tell you Sugar just knowing what someone wants isn’t nearly as exciting as hearing the words whispered in your ear.” He leaned down and nipped at her ear lope. “First she told me she missed my touch.” As he said this he pulled up Willow’s gown to expose her back. His hands moved between the thin space between their bodies, caressing. “My touch.” He whispered into her ear.
Willow tried not to let her body respond. She didn’t want this.
Gerard’s fingers moved from her upper back to each side so he could rub the sides of her breasts. “Tell me did you miss my touch?”
Willow fought not to answer.
Her silence angered him. He was so hard he hurt and he wanted her to hurt too. “She told me she missed my tongue on her pussy.” He moved off her in a flash and rolled her over. Her panties ripped as he tore them from her body. Willow tried not to moan as he lowered his head and his tongue began assaulting her pussy. He licked and teased until she cried out. “Say it.” He demanded as he inserted one finger into her dripping hole. “Fuckin’ say it.”
“I missed your tongue.” She moaned.
“Where?” he inserted another finger and felt her throbbing core.
“My pussy.” Willow cried out brokenly.
He still wasn’t satisfied. The ride back in the cab has been so painful. He’s been rock hard listening to Jessica’s words but visualizing Willow. “She said she missed my cock rammed into her ass.” He flipped Willow over and straddled her body.
Willow was suddenly afraid, “Gee I …” her voice trailed off hoping he’d understand.
“Don’t worry Sugar there is a first time for everything.” He slid one hand under her body and began fingering her clit. She was so hot and wet he knew he had to keep in control. With his other hand he stroked her ass. “Relax.” He whispered. “Just relax and feel.”
Willow moaned from the intense feeling his fingers were having on her clit. She reached up and grabbed the headboard rails.
Suddenly Gerard’s mind was filled with images of tying Willow to the bed but his body refused to let him take the time. He lifted his hand to his mouth and wet one of his fingers. Slowly he pushed it into her tight back hole. Willow’s breath caught.
“I won’t force this.” He made himself say. “I’ll go slow.”
Willow moaned into the pillow.
“Do you want me to stop?’ he asked. His anger was still intense yet he wasn’t going to force her.
“No.” Willow answered. “No.”
He slid his hand down her ass to gather some of the moisture his other fingers were creating. When his fingers were drenched he slid them back up and this time he inserted two fingers. Willow flinched in pain but as he started to remove his fingers she cried out. “No, don’t stop.” The thought of him sinking his dick into her ass was making her wild with desire.
Slowly he moved his fingers in and out stretching her. Over and over again he’d add more of her hot moisture to his fingers before working her. Willow withered under him moaning in pleasure and pain. Finally she could take no more. “No, Gee. I want your dick.”
He wanted that too but was afraid he’d hurt her. “Sugar, it will hurt.”
“I want the pain.” Willow clutched the headboard. “Now.”
Gerard positioned his cock at the hole and slowly pushed. Willow cried out again but urged him on. He knew she was in pain and tried to stop.
“Fuck me, Gerard.” Willow ground out.
“Not this way. I don’t want to hurt you.”
Willow wasn’t sure if it was the thought that he had done this to Jessica that pushed her over the edge. She wasn’t sure of anything at this point. All she knew was she was about to climax and she wanted him inside her.
“Fuck me in the ass while your fingers fuck my cunt.” The words that fell from her mouth shocked her.
Gerard moaned and thrust into her harder as his fingers pushed inside her hot, dripping pussy. He felt her walls contracting, squeezing. “Oh fuck.” He cried out.
The pain was blinding for Willow but the pleasure that accompanied it was overwhelming. She bit her lip so hard to keep from screaming out that she drew blood. And then the orgasm hit as she felt his hot cum shot into her.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, of fuck” Gerard chanted as he came.
Willow shook until the feeling abated. Slowly Gerard pulled out of her. Without a word he got off the bed and went into the bathroom. Willow tried not to cry at his abrupt departure. When she heard the water being turned on in the bathroom she felt tears roll down her face.
“Come on Sugar.” Gerard gently took her hand and pulled her from the bed. He led her to the bathroom and she saw that he had filled the tub. “Soak, it will help.” He knew she was still in pain.
His actions caused her to break into tears. She looked away embarrassed.
He took her arm and helped her into the tub. “Sugar, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. If anyone should be embarrassed it’s me for doing that to you.”
Willow shook her head, “I wanted you to and it wasn’t all bad.” She stumbled over her words trying to explain. “It felt bad but so good and exciting at the same time.”
Gerard sat down on the tub rim. “I’m sorry my anger started this. But Willow this was my own anger.”
Willow understood he was telling her that his actions had been his own and not the work of an angry departed.
“I know” Willow said softly letting the warm water sooth her body.
Gerard looked into her eyes, “You can tell the difference?”
Willow nodded, “When the dark man unleashed his anger through you it felt different.” She leaned back slightly to lean against the back of the tub. “I could feel this anger was your own. It was personal.”
Guilt consumed him. He tried to explain. “You already had me so fuckin’ hard before Jessica showed up.” He sighed, “Then when I found out you were right about her it pissed me off even more. She only wanted to get me into bed.” He looked away. “I did go to her room. She did say those things to me.” He turned back and saw the hurt in Willow’s eyes, “But I walked out and came back here. I wanted to do those things so fuckin’ bad but I wanted to do them with you.”
Willow’s breath caught and tear sprang to her eyes.
Before she could say anything he stood. “Soak for a while.” He said abruptly then left the bathroom.
Once the door was closed Willow sank further down in the hot water and let the tears silently flow down her cheeks.
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