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Here we go again

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Now Frank has come face to face with gerard. ; )

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"Quick Gerard run" someone shouted.

"We can't just leave hin here" a second person replied, I atemped to open my eyes but they wouldn't budge.

"I'm out of here!"

"Wait Mikes, what the hell?" the voices faded into the darkness and silence took over.

I awoke to find that the throbing in my head had faded and had been replaced by dizziness. I was lying down on a hard bed, which was wierd as I definatly remembered getting up this morning, I rattled around in my brain tring to think why I was here.I managed to flicker my eyes open, taking their time rejusting with the bright day light that seemed to be flooding into the room by a small window. People were chatting out side the room, I tried hard to try and make out the voices although this just made my head ache even worse. Looking around the room I knew it smelt familiar, I've been here before. I whinced as I lifted my head slightly, tilting it at an awkward angle so I could see more of my surrounds. I was laying on the bed in the schoools nurse room, I knew I'd been here before and I could hardly mistake the smell of plastic gloves and hand sanitiser. I dropped my head back onto the bed, it took all my energy just to keep it levitated for more than a few seconds. My eyes darted to the clock, 9;05. Wierd. What could I be doing here now.

The door edged open and my thoughts trailed off. I closed my eyes and pretended to still be asleep. I'd probably be able to keep this up at least till 4th period. I could hear the nurse lingering out side the door, however she stopped;

"Mr Way go back to class, he'll be fine. He's in safe hands.Now go!"

Damn it. The spider. The stairs. Falling over. Gerard taking me to the nurse. Fuck. What had I done.

You would think that the first moment that i came into proper contact with gerard way would be the most memorable and happiest moment it my little life. But you are mistaken. It doesn't work like that in my life.

"But ma'am I need to check he's alright, it really wasn't my fault an' all" gerard was worried about me, I think I nearly just re-fainted. I tried to move my head, looking through my eye slits trying to get a look of Gerard worring his little ass off for me.

"ahha" I muttered a little to loudly for my liking, as my head buckled underneath me.

Gerard and the nurse both turned to look at me at the same time.

"see, his fine " the nurse said to Gerard, ending the conversation before stepping inside my
room and slamming the door in his face.

The nurse have me a once over checking I was fine, I insisted I was alright. But the bitch wouldn't listen, she was to interested in her cell to give a shit, which she checked between every question she asked me. I insisted that I should go home and rest, which was my way of getting me home to sink into the embarasment called my life. She finally gave in, signing my slip to say I could go home.I tried not to think about Gerard Way but once the nurse left i didnt have much else to focus my itention on, images of him carrying me up the stairs saving me and being the hero, took over my mind and just wouldn't leave.

I stood up, regaining my balance for a minuite,

"just one thing Mr Iero" she came back into the room, I tried to root my feet to the ground "Mr way a friend of yours I think, wants to see you" if Gerard was a friend of mine it was news to me. And why was he waiting around for me anyway, it a not like I'm anything special. He must treat everyone this way.

Gerard walked through the door, he was wearing his school shirt untucked and his tie hung loosly round his neck. His leather jacket was swung over his sholder and his rucksack was hangly loosly on his back. His skin was paler than normal, but I'd never seen him this close up before, so it felt like I was seeing him in a different way. That he was no longer Just Gerard Way, but he was an actual person I knew, an actual friend.

My knees almost buckled underneath me and I had to stop myself from falling to the floor.

"Im sorry about earlier, you just kinda fell out of know where, my brother ran off so I'm sorry if it was our caught or anything" he smiled at me showing his babyish teeth.

"thats alright." was all I managed to add " it's not your fault, seriously. I'm always falling over or banging my head" damn it frank don't make your self sound like more of an idiot than you already are.

" aha same, I'm always walking into things" he paused and smiled again " I almost forgot here" he said, holding out his hand in which my silver lip ring lay. " you must of dropped it"

"thanks" I said, taking it from him,I walked over to the mirror and put it back into my lip. Sucking on it, which was an old habit that really needed to stop. I'd stop wearing it to school as I used to never stop playing with it in class.

"I've always wanted one but never had the guts to get one" he admitted " maybe you should come with me another time if I get the courage to getit done. You know, someone who's had it done already?" gerard was not just talking to me but was now planning a day out with me. Just us, together.

"Sounds like a plan" I giggled, hopefully not scaring him as it cam out a bit to entusasticly.

"look, to appologise for all the shit I've caused you today I'm gonna drive you home. I hope you don't mind but it would make me feel better"

"it's fine seriously" did gerard just ask to drive me to my freakin' house? And I was saying it was alright. About an hour ago I would of ready been sitting in his car before he'd of even asked me. And now wasgiving it a second thourght. I must be mad.

"please frank" he winned, even the sound of his voice turned me on.

"Fine"I aggreed, sighing. Acting like I hadn't just given up
So easyily.

" oh and I'm gerard way by the way" he smiled almost laughing at his own joke. As if I didn't know.

"Frank iero" I added , as he picked up My bags for me and followed me out the door.
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