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Your Lips Are Venomous Poison

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Shouldn't let you conquer me completely, Now I can't let go of this dream...

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I want to love you but I better not touch
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too much

- Poison: Alice Cooper

'Hey hey hey look at this! Gerard I found another, involving Bob and a drum stool this time!' Franks voice pierced the silence on the tour bus, dragging my vision sharply up from my book.
'That's great Frankie' I mumbled, trying to concentrate in what I was reading. God no. Not another one. We'd been through about twenty, and I was crossing my legs now. It's true. These fan fictions were a fucking turn on. I seriously could handle any more. He walked over from the bunks, carrying his laptop and throwing himself onto the couch next to me.
'Look.' He points at one and I roll my eyes, putting my book upside down and taking his laptop, resting it on my lap and staring at the screen. As I read about myself wrapping my lips around Frank’s boner, I feel my own growing and immediately rest my hands in my lap, trying to appear casual. I couldn't admit to him that these were what I dreamt about at night, me and him, together. Always together. I skimmed through the story, feeling myself getting a little tense as I read how Bob slid into Frank with ease on the stool. 'Fuck off Bob. I scrolled down quickly to the end, feeling a little hot afterwards.
'That’s awesome' I said as emotionlessly as possible. I couldn't tell him. No. The only person that knew was Mikey, and I planned to keep it that way. He smirked at me from over his magazine with Ray and I almost violently shoved my finger up at him.
'You okay Gee?'
'Yeah, just brothers'
'Yeahhh...' Mikey said, nodding slowly, 'Brothers...'
'Shut up.' I get up and walk off to the bunks, slapping Mikey across the head as I went. I hear them laughing about something as I climb onto my bunk, desperate to touch myself, my erection driving me crazy. Fuck, it's starting to ache now, I've gotta get rid of it fast. I yawn, maybe sleep will help, I normally just sleep with it.... God I sound disgusting. Oh well. Shut up. I close my eyes, soon drifting off into a deep slumber.
Frankie.... His brown locks shone in the spotlight as he banged his head to guitar, the crowd roaring. I was cheering too, he looked fucking amazing. Suddenly he stopped. Oh? And started walking over... My heart thudded harder in my chest the closer he got to me. His arms wrapped round my waist, pulling me as close a he could, his guitar between us. His lips sought mine, and everything was forgotten. It was just me and him, the mic dangling from my hand down his back.
Morning. Its early morning, about 6am. I wake up and- great. My bed is sticky, again. We're on the road, the rest of the guys still sleeping. I get up, taking my sheet to the wash bin and dumping it, hopping in the mini shower. I wash, then noticing on the mirror, someone’s written something. The room starts steaming, and the writing become clearer. 'TELL HIM FOOL.'
Oh fuck you Mikey. I roll my eyes, turning away. 'Not a fucking chance.' I mutter to myself, rinsing soap from my body. I look at the mirror again. No, I couldn't even contemplate telling him. I turn off the shower, wrapping a towel round my waist and walking over to the mirror. Using my finger, I write 'Fuck you Mikes.' underneath, knowing he would see it. Each morning’s kinda routine. I would be first up, first in the shower, then Mikey, then the other three just stumble around til midday, bumping into each other.
Walking back to the bunks, I change into some sweatpants and a black hoodie. I've got all day, just wasting my time on this bus, watching my gorgeous' Frankie sleep. And no it is not perverted. 'He’s so damn adorable, with that cute frown on his face, soon changing into a smile. Something surprises me though, and that is, he’s waking up. But it's like.... 7:21... Practically night time for him. He opens his eyes and looks at me. 'Hey Gee' he says quietly and I can’t help but smile.
'Hey Frank. Good sleep?' He stretches, yawning before sitting up.
'Yeah. What time is it?'
'7.21' He mumbles something incoherent and flops back down onto the bed. The blankets are wrapped round his waist and he's stretching again and I can't help but stare at his bare chest. Wow.. shit, he's looking at me. 'Coffee?' I look back at his face.
'Sure, thanks.' I walk out feeling like a fool and hearing him climb off his bunk and head to the shower.
I've forgotten about the mirror.
Oh SHIT. Shit. Maybe he won't notice. Yep. Maybe he won't n- 'hey Gee, what’s this mean?' Oh shit. I walk with the coffee nervously to the bathroom. he's pointing to the mirror.
'Oh um, I don't know, maybe Ray wrote it..'
'Yeah, cos he has your writing, what’s it mean?'
I pause. 'Just stuff Mikey and I were arguing about, brothers...' I laugh nervously and put his coffee on the side, going to leave.
'Yeah... He said something yesterday...' I pause again, turning round.
'What did he say?'
'That you had something to tell me?'
Shit. SHIT. I can feel myself going red as I think up an excuse. 'Just that- you know when- we should- um. Oh I think Mikey wants me. 'Coming Mikes!' I call, knowing it will wake him. I walk out hurriedly, going to Mikey’s bunk and wrapping my hands round his t-shirt and pulling him close so his face is millimeters from mine. I stare into his eyes furiously, hissing 'you bastard.' at him. 'As soon as this bus stops, I'm going for a walk. Until then, don't talk to me, don't touch me, don't come near me, make sure no one else comes close to me, or I swear I will rip somebody’s head off.' I let go of him, storming off and feeling the eyes of everyone, including Franks, on my back.
Fuck him. That BASTARD. I sit on the couch and look out the window, watching the dark blue sky and the black trees whoosh past as we drive. I sit there for ages, just... Looking. I mean, seriously. Fuck him. Just because he wanted some excise to move this on, probably for his own amusement. Well, guess what, there are other people involved Mikey! I lean my head up the window and watch the sky grow lighter, hearing the driver call that we're stopping for gas.
We're soon back on the road, and by nine, were nearly there, and still no ones come in. At least they listened. I thought. I turned to face the door, and-
'MIKEY!' Fuck, he's stood in the doorway staring at me.
'How long have you been there?'
'A few hours.' Patient bastard. How can he stay there for a few hours? 'You weren't moving. I thought you were asleep. I wanted to make sure you're okay, you've been hidden away here for a whole day.’
'I'm fine.' I get up, going back through to the bunks to change to my day clothes. Of course, he follows. I take my hoodie and tee off, putting on a black collared one and some black skinnies.
'Are you sure?' he asks as I tie up my converses.
'I'm fine Mikey. And now, I'm going for a walk.' 'We have the show at nine-' 'Yes, and it's now just gone two. I'm off for a walk' I say again before hopping off the bus and looking for somewhere to go. I don't hear Frank and Mikey’s conversation and carry off on my walk, but smile as I see the chirpy little figure soon walking along side me. 'hey Frankie'
'Hey, where are you off?'
'Just walking.'
'Where to?'
'Nowhere in particular.'
'Cool.' We walk along in silence, the road becoming a dirt track, then a forest. His arm accidentally brushes mine as he turns to speak and I try to hide my blush. 'Mikey spoke to me before I followed you, he told me-'
'Tonight’s gig, have we all got copies of the order?'
'Uh, yeah think so, but anyw-'
'Good, cos I thought I lost mine.'
'Ohhh okay.' That was one of the amazing things about Frankie, he knew when to drop stuff. And now, whatever Mikey had or hadn't said, it needed to be dropped. I stop walking and sit down on the pavement, leaning up a fence to a park. Frankie, immediately of course, climbs over and legs it off to the swings. I lean back, watching him as he sits down, swinging. His head thrown back in laughter as he watches the little kids staring at him almost nervously. I can understand, I mean what type of 25 year old guy acts like a kid on the swings.
Soon the play area is deserted as mothers haul their kids off, shooting strange looks at Frank. 'Nice one, silk,' I laugh as he comes bounding over to me, putting his hands on my shoulders.
'Oh you're so having a go too.' I’m pulled over the fence to the park, and pretty soon lm standing up on one of the swings and laughing with him. I can't help but laugh as he falls off the swing, landing on his ass and standing up rubbing it. How I wish I could rub it better. He pulled me off the swing: we were acting like the perfect couple, except I was the one desperately in love and he was oblivious.
I smile, walking with him back to the parking lot where the buses are. 'You guys look sweaty' Mikey’s says, laughing. I shoot him a death glare and walk past, into the tour bus.
'Oh yeah, swings' Frankie says innocently, oh god, 'he's too fucking cute. I smile at him and take out my black parade jacket from my suitcase, seeing it now getting dark. I get changed quickly, walking to the mirror to do my makeup. I knew that at any moment Frank would be by my side, fighting with me for the mirror, as he does every night. Sure enough, there he was.
'Move, fatass, you've had enough preen time now' he giggled, shifting me over on the little double seated so my body is unintentionally pressed between him and the side of the bus wall. Not that I'm complaining. We do this every night, then he- he puts his hand on my knee to fix his eyeliner. 'Whoopsie!' he says, giggling at me and dramatically moving his hand. 'Wrong place,' he whispers, moving his hand to brush over my crotch and squeezing it before getting up to leave. I blush, that was new...

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