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New Family

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Carlisle confronts his family over what he has done.

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Slowly she saw his gleam fangs edging tentatively toward her crimson neck, she sensed how unsure about what he was doing he was, so she pushed her slight fear about the actual turning to the back of her mind, not wanting to give him any reason to not perform the turning, which would ultimatelyleave her alone in the world.

So she convinced herself that her fears were unfounded and relaxed into the spongy mattress of the hospital bed upon which she resided. It couldn't be that bad she thought to herself, when Iwatched it happen to Harry, he barely seemed to feel the entry of the fangs even if he was semi unconscious, if he can do it in such a weak state, I can surely going through the slight pain in my more healthy state. And anyway she had always gone along with Harry, and stuck beside him, she couldn't leave him now after so long there was no way they could be separated.

And that was her last conscious thought before a sharp jolt of pain came from her neck, and she felt the blood begin to flow, before she slipped into an airy state of unconsciousness.

Carlisle mind was a mess as he gently sucked the life from the young woman, careful not to take so much blood as to kill her, and to do slowly so to reduce the pain she would suffer as much as possible. To remain in control and only take the right amount of blood, was incredibly difficult for him, as was shown by the clenching of his fists on the edge of hospital bed as he just about managed to remain in control.

He had turned people before but the fight against temptation never got any easier, and he had often been unwilling to stop draining the blood, and had had to really fight against himself to stop. In this case he thought it was make more difficult by the fact that he had only just turned someone else, so the temptation was even greater, in this semi-wild state that always happened to him during and after a turning.

But he managed to remain in control and took just the right amount of blood, his thirst still craving more however, but slowly and carefully he eased his long, now crimson fangs from within her neck. And then reached into his black, leather doctors bag, which lay beside the bed, and pulled out a dressing and bandage, meticulously wound the bandage over the dressing and wound, to add the clotting of the wound.

Turning around from his patient, though that wasn't really the right word for the young woman, come recently turned vampire. As he wheeled around, he notice a group of slender shadows in one of the darken corners of the room, well all but one was slender.

"How did you know?" Carlisle asked in a puzzled voice.

The answer from one of the figures was short and simple, "Edward", but the voice which spoke the word wasn't its normally bubbly self, it was filled with confusion and perhaps a tinge of malice.

"Ahhh. Of course, how could I forget?"Carlisle responded in a very matter of fact voice.

"Why are so damn casual. You bastard" One of the figures hissed before running forward only to be held back by the largest of the figures, "You just stole their souls. I can understand with him, he has such a hard life, and was dieing. But her. She was healthy, and had her whole life ahead of her"

Carlisle could feel his anger building rapidly, "Neither had anything left to stay here for. Both have seen more horrific things than we ever will. They have seen their friends and family, killed and tortured in front of their eyes, and known nothing they could do would stop it. The boy lost his parents when he was only an infant" A statement, which drew a gasp from two of the shadowy figures, one immediately thinking of their own child back home. "The girl's parents were murdered in a revenge attack, and they died in her arms, having been tortured to madness before being slowly killed. They had no-one left in the world, no friends, no family. Just each other. She refused to leave him, her love was to great that she would go through the pain of the turning for it, or she would die without him. Remind you of anyone Edward" and with that Edward shied away. "And that's why I can't have taken her soul. She had already given it willingly and completely to him" He finished drawing adeep breath even though he had no need to do so, but he found it calming. With that one of the more feminine shadowy figures, ran forward in the light, and wrapped her arms around Carlisle.

"Oh, honey. I'm so sorry, we shouldn't have reacted how we did but we just didn't know. How could we?" Esme gently apologized. "Well, I supposed we had Edward, but he was kind of blinded by anger when he saw heard what you were thinking"

"Yeh. Umm. Sorry Dad" One figures said, I should have listened to your thoughts more before assuming you were doing wrong.

"Don't worry about it. It's sorted now. But how did you get her so quickly?" Carlisle responded talking once more in his normal calm voice.

"Well we've seen you use that flooey thingy enough times, to know how to do it" Another one of feminine shadow said stepping forward with her arm wrapped around Edward's waist, so bringing him forward with her.

"What Bella? Do you lot know how dangerous the floo network is?" Carlisle said his voice full of fear.

"Yeah. But we had to get you, we thought we had to stop you, and it was the fast way of getting here" Another of the feminine shadows said stepping forward, slightly dwarfed by the huge muscular man, who clearly followed her around like a puppy.

"And it was fun!" The big figure said.

"Only Emmet could find that fun. I felt ill"Alice said skipping out of the shadows, dragging Jasper with her.

"It was, I hope we're using it to get home"Emmet said happily in an almost child like voice.

"Hush, Emmet" Esme said calming the massive Vampire, "Now Carlisle are you going to tell us a bit more about the new members of our family?"

"Well their both twenty..." Carlisle began before Emmet interrupted him.

"Woohoo, I got an older brother" Emmet squealed happily.

"He only looks older you fool" Edward reprimanded.

"Anyway, back to the new family" Carlisle said defusing the potential argument "The black haired man is called Harry James Potter. And the woman is his soul mate, Hermione Jane Granger. They are both magically, with Harry being one of the most powerful wizards ever known, more so than Merlin" At which the other Vampires cooed appreciatively, "And Hermione is incredibly intelligent, probably more so than Edward even" At which Alice giggled at her brother. "Both fought for years against the Dark Lord Voldemort, and eventually defeated him, but they lost all of their friends and family the process, so now they have no-one"

"They got us now though. So it will be alright" Esme said in her caring voice.
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