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Missing Too Much.

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Bob spends his first day with his daughter...

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A/N: I hate to do this, but I’m sad to say my story ‘Promises’ is on a temporary hiatus. Not for long, but for time being…another sweet chapter.

3 days later

“Please make sure she takes her medicine, and gets her nap. Also continue to make her eat her vegetables, well not force, but you know what I mean. She needs her bath, with luke warm water, and not a lot of sugar, a couple cookies is okay, but that’s it. Also…”

“Tissa! I got it okay?” Bob smiled. I shuffled my things together and prepared for work, I shrugged as I stared back at him. I had missed a day for Asia was becoming sick again, so I pretty much had some work to catch up on…not to mention my favorite daycare person would be taking time off for a relative’s death so Bob had asked to watch her. The way he said it, I just couldn’t say no. He had been over more than I thought he would, also giving me hints, but I didn’t let in. I could see his disappointed face, but I put it off.

“Are you sure you can watch her?” I asked. She had been somewhat used to him, but I didn’t know when she would start to catch on and call him dad.

“Yes I can. I have no plans today. It’s not an issue, and I want to watch her.” I sighed and nodded giving up. I was already going to be late.

“Okay. Please try not to curse in front her.” He laughed, and I stared. I was serious. He noticed this and scoffed.

“That’s ridiculous. I don’t curse that much.” He put. I raised an eyebrow.

“I’ve seen the videos.” He frowned and nodded. I shook my head and gave a soft smile before grabbing my purse. I looked around one last time and felt nervous. Not that I didn’t trust her with him, it just felt weird having him be here after these years. This is how used to picture it, now it’s here. And now that it is, I don’t know what to do about it.

“Do you not trust me with her?” He raised an eyebrow. I gasped at such a thing, and realized I was still standing here.

“Of course! I just…don’t like leaving her.”

“She’s going to be fine. I’ll call you if anything happens. Now go, before you’re extremely late.”

“I’ll see you later.” He waved and I waved back as I walked out the door, smiling as I headed toward my car wondering how he’ll handle today…

3rd person POV

Bob tapped his fingers on his pants while he patiently waited for Asia to wake up. He couldn’t believe he had a daughter, and he barely found out now. He still felt incredibly bad about what happened between him and Tissa, but hopefully she could see he really has changed. He had put his young days behind him a long time ago since the band officially started. He still had no excuse for that night, but ever since then he hasn’t touched alcohol. He lost himself in his thoughts when he heard small footsteps approach and a yawn.

“Hey sweetie.” He said softly to Asia who rubbed her eyes and looked at him. He smiled as both of their blue eyes connected. He could clearly see the resemblance now. She looked a tad bit sad, but he just guessed it was because Tissa wasn’t there. He hoped she didn’t mind if he watched her for today.

“Are you hungry?” He asked her and she shook her head and pointed to the television. He nodded and grabbed the remote before turning it on to Nickelodeon, where her small body fell to the floor and she put her hands under her chin smiling as her favorite show came on. He smiled and sat down on the couch watching her giggle. Her tiny feet kicked rocked in the air as her eyes shifted on the screen. He got up to get a drink when he turned around, he almost bumped into Asia as she stared up at him. She was like a starfish compared to him. She was adorably small, and he resisted the urge to scoop her up in his arms and give her a squeeze.

“Hungwry now.” She said softly. He nodded and looked through the cabinets and fridge. He settled on waffles, cause that’s seemed the easiest to cook. She sat at the table and the waffles popped out of the toaster and he cooled them down with a bit of syrup. He cut them into small pieces and handed her a pink plate where she began making humming noises as she popped the pieces in her mouth. Bob stood at the kitchen counter and was in awe as everything little thing she did entranced him. He didn’t think he would be so calm about her, but he was.

“All done.” Her voice filling his ears. He dropped the plate into the sink and washed away the syrup and tossed into the dish rack. He was slightly disappointed as there was no dish washer cause…who wants to wash dishes? He looked back at her, who looked down. She was still shy, but she had her moments.

“Fishy.” She muttered.

“Fishy?” Bob repeated. She nodded and pointed next to him, where he found a bowl where a red fish swam. He didn’t even notice it.

“You like fish?” He asked. She nodded once more.

“Fishy hungwry too.” Bob smiled and grabbed the small container of food and dropped a couple pellets into the bowl where the fish ate it up. He looked back at her in amazement. She was really smart.

“What else?” He said to her and she bit her pink lip.

“Kitty!” She pointed.

“Kitty? Where?” He said looking around incase there was cat he had missed as well. She giggled and he looked back up. She tricked him.

“You silly little girl, you tricked me.” He smiled.

“Wainbow.” She pointed again.

“Where’s the rainbow?” He began to catch on her to little game. When she threw hands up, he pretended to act shocked.

“You tricked me again! That’s not fair.” He pouted and this made her giggle with delight.

“Stop tricking me!” He laughed. She was in a fit and he loved seeing her so happy.

“Something tells me you’re not going to stop are you?” He asked. She nodded and smirked.

“I thought so.”

Bob had spent most of the day playing with his daughter. Her imagination was something else to him, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. In his heart, he blamed for himself for missing out on the first years of her life. He imagined her even smaller, crawling on the floor. He longed to go back in time and be there.
Asia was playing with her Barbie dolls, when Tissa called on the phone…for the third time. He answered his cell phone and rolled his eyes.

“She’s breathing, she’s moving, she ate, she’s talking and she blinks.” He answered before she spoke. He could hear her mutter under her breath.

“Ahaha, you’re so funny.” She said sarcastically. “I was just calling to tell you I’m staying later then I had expected, and to go ahead and make dinner if you want…you can cook can you?”

“I can in fact. The microwave is my specialty.” He heard her laugh.

“Fine, there’s stuff in the freezer. Have fun, and please don’t hurt my microwave too bad?”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He retorted.

“I’ll talk to you later. Give her my love.” She finally said and hung up the phone. He put his cell phone back in his pocket.

“Mommy.” She whispered.

“That was mommy, she says hi.” He put in. She held up her Barbies, and motioned him to come over. Bob hesitated, but sat down next to her, crossing his legs. She handed him a Barbie, and he got the hint.

“I certainly didn’t have these when I was little.” He said a little uncomfortably as he made the Barbie dance on the floor. Her long black dress was to the floor, and he felt slightly weird as he held her in his hands. The guys would never let him live this down if they saw. She made him play for at least 30 minutes before putting the dolls back in the toy bin and standing up where yawned and began to sniffle.


“Okay.” Bob nodded and went to go grab her a small thing of goldfish crackers and veggies from the fridge with a smile.

The day was pretty much gone, and he had loved every minute of it. Asia wasn’t so shy anymore, and was constantly wanting his attention, and he gave her it gladly. He checked the clock and immediately got up and reached for her medicine, and when he grabbed the cherry flavored bottle, she pouted. He felt her pain.

“I know it tastes like shit..ake mushrooms, but it’ll make you feel a lot better.” He mumbled to himself as he slipped. She shook her head no, and Bob smiled coyly.

“Please?” He asked and she shook her head again. He sighed when he knew what could come next.

“What if I take it with you?” She didn’t say anything but came closer. Damn it. It worked.

“Right.” He said pouring the syrup into the measurement cup and a spoonful for his own. He handed her the cup and her noise flared from the smell.

“1, 2, 3.” He timed out and they both swallowed the cherry medicine, where Bob almost gagged. It was still the same taste when he was a child.

“Good! Now you’re gonna feel better.” He smiled uneasily as the taste made him want to vomit. She licked her mouth a couple times and smiled.

“Bath time.” She clapped her hands. Bob laughed nervously. He never gave a child a bath before. She picked up her barbies and walked to the bathroom, but turned around when she noticed he was not following her. She gave him a look, and he put his hands out.

“Okay. Okay. I’m coming.” He called after her and into her room where he picked out her new clothes and a towel. He turned the water on and felt it with his hand until the water was warm. He put the drain stopper in and waited for it to fill. He pulled her rubber band out of her hair and let her soft ginger hair fall down to her shoulders. He stopped the water and poured her Elmo bath soap into the water and watched it suds up.

He helped her undress and turned the other way as she stepped into the water. She sat down and dunked her Barbie underwater before pulling it back out, giggling as water splashed. He laughed and filled a cup of water and gently tilted her head back and wet her head. She played while he washed her hair and let it become bubbly and sweet smelling. He grabbed the soap and rubbed it onto to the soft rag and washed her shoulders and back. He didn’t notice her hands until she splashed him, making him gasp.

“Did you just splash me?” He asked and she replied by splashing him again. Normally he didn’t appreciate this from someone, but in her case, he was willing to make an exception since this caused her to giggle like crazy.

“One more time young lady, and you’re gonna be in big trouble!” He smiled. She stopped and he sighed, only to be splashed again.

“That’s it!” He laughed and tickled her hair and neck. He washed the soap away and pulled the drain stopper. He grabbed a towel and opened it for her to go in. She stepped out and he wrapped the towel around her frame and dried her off. Her hair was sticking out and he chuckled. He dressed her into new pajamas and ran a brush through her soft hair. He wiped up the water on the floor and walked her to the living room, and tossed the towel into the hamper, and began to make dinner. He carefully tried to create something edible, but he just wasn’t sure. Asia didn’t mind and ate it, so he assumed it was alright.

He sat down on the couch and put on Fuse and scoffed as Famous Last Words came on. Asia yawned and crawled into his lap. He didn’t move as her whole body laid down and her yawn made him yawn. He didn’t expect her to do that. He smiled when she did.

“Hey don’t do that, cause then I’m…gonna fall asleep…” He yawned again and Asia was completely asleep as he fell laid on his back, and her body laid on top of his. His hand ran a finger through her soft hair and inhaled her sweet shampoo. He wrapped his arms around her, and Asia fell asleep from his strong heart beat. He closed his suddenly tired eyes and fell asleep, the best sleep he’s had in a while…

Back to Tissa’s POV

I yawned as I made my up the stairs and try to relax my sore back from sitting in my chair all day. Make up was definitely not the greatest but it was all done now. I opened the door and called for Bob or Asia but no replies. I walked to the living room and stopped dead in my tracks as I witnessed the sight before me. Asia had her hand against his chest while Bob softly snored on the couch. Both of them looking extremely peaceful.

I smiled and leaned down to kiss her head and brush his hair out his eyes, when he opened them. He smiled as he try to sit up but with difficulty. I softly giggled and gently grabbed Asia from Bob and her head fell down on my shoulder, I walked her to her room and laid her down on the bed and pulled her blanket over her before walking back out to see him stretching his arms.

“How did it go?” I asked. He immediately grinned and sighed.

“It was the best day ever.”
“I’m glad.” I put in.

“She’s just amazing.” He looked back at her bedroom. I nodded.

“Umm…listen. After today I realized there’s more that needs to be discussed. So I was wondering if you’re not busy we could meet somewhere.” He said nervously. The feeling was mutual but after seeing his face and knowing he had fun with her I nodded.

“What time?” I asked and he smiled.

“7 o’ clock.”

“That’s fine.” I said softly.

“Well I should get going, you look tired.” I shrugged.

“Thank you for watching her. I appreciate it.”

“Thank you for letting me.” He replied and I smiled. He waved and went for the door when I stopped him.

“Bob?” I called. He turned around.


“Here.” I said walking to the small table in the living room and pulling out a scrap book. I slipped the pink laced book into his hands and smiled as he read the words.

“You can look at the photos. Everything’s in there.” He clutched the book in his hands and looked back at me.

“Thank you, I’ll see you tomorrow. 7pm.” He reminded me. I nodded.

“Of course.” I said as he was out the door. He waved one last time, and I shut the door with a smile. Maybe I was opening up more than I thought…

If only Tissa knew how much Bob was actually grateful for the scrapbook. He ran his fingers over her baby pictures and smiled as everything really was in there. Her bracelet from the hospital when she was born. Her first steps, her first smile, and pictures of Tissa hugging Asia in her arms when she was first born. It was neatly decorated and when he closed the book, he didn’t stop himself as a tear fell down his cheek.

How did he miss so much? He wiped it away and reveled in the memory of today of when he spent his day with her. In his heart he knew he wanted to be there and make up for the years missed, especially when it really counted. He turned the light off in his room and fell asleep with the scrapbook tucked in his arms.

He had a daughter, and he never thought it would feel this good…
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