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I sighed, my voice trembling, could he see my fear? Smell it? Hear it? I think so, I know so. His hands stretched forward, toward me. Grasping, calling. "Come here, I won't hurt you" he called and I took a step forward. In a flash he was there, that's all he needed, for me to take one step forward and I'd be caught, like a bird in a trap. I squealed, but he was already in front of me, holding me. Hurting me.
I gasped as he touched me, his hands burning my wrists, "Let go" I begged and tried to push back, but his grip was like iron. He smiled widely. I could see them clearly now, two sharp fangs, long and shiny, the tips like needles. His breath smelt of blood, iron like, metallic. My stomach heaved and I felt a wave of nausea roll over me.
Wake up! I screamed in my head. MAKE IT END! my brain yelled out and I shut my eyes. A dream, this was only a dream. Oh desperate hope, you won't fool me, this is it, my death, my end, not a nightmare. A hysterical giggle escaped my trembling lips. His reaction was immediate. He snarled and cocked his head to one side, then the other, growling, glaring at me in a satisfied way. Was he happy I was about to die? Did he like my hysterical fear? Oh the sweet irony of it all, trying to save HIM, my only LOVE, and being left in a situation where I had to be saved.
I bit my lip, trying to hide the sob that was about to escape and shut my eyes tight. Just make it end. Dying was the only thing I wanted, couldn't he see that?
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