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In which the two are properly introduced.

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There was a swooping sensation in her stomach and she thought she felt her knees go slightly weak.

He gave her a small smile and turned back to the person he was talking to.

She blinked and finally averted her eyes to the ground. She willed herself not to look up at him again, not able to help the sheepish smile she felt creep across her face. She found it somewhat difficult and couldn't understand her own reaction to the boy.

Suddenly, the party didn't seem so bad.


Mikey looked across to her again, intrigued. Gerard had gone off somewhere and Mikey was stuck standing there alone with nothing to distract him. Except for the nameless girl. He looked to the ground, wondering who she was.


"Dear, there's someone I want you to meet," her mother said, in a slight tone of voice only mothers can pull off.

Evelyn looked up from her drink and stifled a slight gasp.

"Evelyn, this is Michael James Way. Michael, this is my daughter, Evelyn."

The two teenagers watched each other in silence for a second before Mikey said, breaking the silence, "It's nice to meet you."

He held out his hand.

She took it shyly and they shook hands.

"You too," she said shortly, giving him a small, shy smile. She noticed how delightfully warm his hand was.

They parted hands and Evie held her hands behind her back. Evelyn's mother had begun to talk with them both, about what Evelyn had no idea. She wasn't paying that much attention.

Her eyes kept flickering away from Mikey's constant eye contact. She wasn't used to this much attention. He smiled.

She blushed.

Evelyn finally let herself look at him properly.

He was a few inches taller than her and as he looked at her, he gave her a timid smile and pushed up his glasses.

She returned the smile, just as timidly.
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