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Fuck The School [*Frerard*]

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"Hm,… Tall guy with the perfect black hair?” I asked they both turned to me. “Me… ?”

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Note::Uhm... this is my first story, please revieuw and say if i'm any good.
My english is not the BEST. because me is a fuckin belgian
Don't blame me. ::End Note xD

Fuck, first day of school and I ’m already late. Someone is going to get killed for this. Once I was in school, there was the next problem. Where the fuck was that classroom? I was searching for the physics class, which was my homeroom. When I was searching and running true the not so beautiful hallways of Castle High School for all the BRO’s and CHIKS who don’t like to ‘appreciate the rules’. The rebels, that’s how you can put is. I heard some people jell true the hallways. Something about a Way kid being gay? Then next thing I saw was a nice tall boy with gorgeous black hair floating around his head. “I ‘m not gay!! Guys? You know that right?” he says to is ‘I assume’ friends. A fro head popped out off a classroom. “Chill bro, you’re not the one with the fro so fucking relax. Being gay is perfectly normal.” The tall black haired guy was not really chilled if you know what I mean. “Hm,… Tall guy with the perfect black hair?” I asked they both turned to me. “Me… ?” The guy with the perfect black hair says. “Where can I find the physics class? I ‘m kind off lost in this hell of demons.” I smiled. Fist he had this ‘huh? - what is HE talking about?’-face and then he smiled. “The physics class in this hell of demons, is… right here.” He said quite hyper. “I mean. If you’re in 3rd year, then this is your homeroom?” he continued real quick and hyper. “Yes, I ‘m in my third year. Now, I ‘m not late, am I? and where the fuck can I sit?” I said in a weird, kind, robot voice. He just laughs and pointed to a seat next to a table that was doodled full with dinosaurs. “And, your lucky,” he said glaring at me. “Why?” I asked in shock of the fucking dinosaurs. “‘Because your sitting next to me AND Miss Match is late” the last part he singed. “So happy about it? Is it like a vampire or a witch? Or better a… thinks a… Dinosaur with too much make up and to big eyelashes, Right?” I was so pumped all out of the sudden. This way guy is really nice and he liked dinosaurs I assumed, I LOVE dinosaurs. “Hm… last idea was pretty close, So yeah. Hm… My name is Gerard? Do you a name?” he said still being fucking hyper about something. “My name is Frank I-fucking-ERO.” I smiled. Would this guy sleep here to? I’m sleeping here and yesterday they said that my roommate would be a Gerard guy. “Are you waiting on a new roommate?” I smiled. He nodded and hoped it was me. “That would be me.” I said pleased with my roommate to. I was hoping on something like this guy. Oh, but he’s gay right ? a person enters the classroom. I assume it’s miss match. “Hello class, sorry I’m kind of late. Like you’ve al seen we have a new student, Frank?” she speaks. Oh, that’s miss Match. She seems fine, right ? “Yes, miss?” I answer. “Frank come here and tell us who you are.” She said nice and kind. “Well, my name is Frank. Like you all know all ready. I like LOVE dinosaurs. I love music. More like the alternative. Stuff like that. I love tattoos to. I have on in my neck, it’s a scorpion. And I have some up on my arms. And one in my neck on the other side.” I said. Thinking I said everything I had to say. I’m not going to say I like to let this exploded. My favorite thing to see explode is probably a class room. evil grin
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