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creepy stuff

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I have a free period now. I don’t really know what to do so I just was sitting in the studies room. Just drawing and sketching some stuff. All the time a couldn’t stop thinking about my beautiful new roommate. He has de looks, the hair, the ILOVEDINOSAURS attitude. But, he’s probably not so gay. That’s a shame. A big shame. I was doodling the Frankosaurus. It’s a dinosaur I made up. He had black hair with red at the sides just like Frankie boy. Some drawings up his arms. When I look up from my drawing. A boy, Frank, enters the studies room. “Sorry Miss, my teacher send me here ‘cause I was interrupting the class. Where can I sit ?” Frank said in his cute girly voice. “You can sit next to Mr. Way , if you like.” She said in a nice teacher voice. He was sitting down next to me and staring at my doodle. “What’s a Frankosaur?” he said just below a whisper. “Just, you in dinosaur form.” I giggled. He just gives me a weird face and a funny nod, then turned to his papers on the table with a Frank-is-Thinking-face. Why was I staring in his bright green eyes again? I was hypnotized by those two beautiful stars. His eyes were now watching in mine. Just like mine in his. I heard a loud gasp, of what I suppose was Frank and he turned back to his blank papers. A weird look on his face, is he confused? Why? “Miss, can I go to the bathroom please? I feel kind off sick.” He said while making one of the most sickest faces in the world. The Miss believed him and gave him a hallway pass. “Five min.” she said.

When I arrived at the bathroom I opened a door, it leaded to a toilet. I shut the door and fell down on the floor. What’s happening? Gerard’s looks and how he acts, it… it draws me to him. He really… CUTE ?? FRANK! Stop thinking that creepy stuff. I guess I have to think about this one.
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