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Cynthia is dreamy...

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Chapter 3: Lucian's POV

I woke up to Seadra, Bronzor, Bagon, Chingling and Girafarig looking at me. “Oh hey guys,” I smiled and rubbed my head. I had an awful headache. It must be from sleeping for less than six hours. Looking at Girafarig made me think of my girlfriend I had several years ago. I tried not to sniffle. She disappeared for some odd reason. Girafarig was her favourite Pokemon... and I caught it for her but she did not want it...

I picked up my journal and started writing in it:

“Dear journal,

I met the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her name is Cynthia... I have no idea what her middle and last names are, though. She wears a beautiful shade of black jeans and a beautiful blackish-grey shirt. Oooh... her eyes... they are so beautiful... they are a beautiful shade of grey, like metal... Her accent is interesting, it sounds Romanian, like mine. She is about 5 feet, 4 inches. I do not know... I can't tell... but it is my best guess. Her hair is so beautiful... it is a dirty blonde with black streaks... so pretty... mmm... how do I even describe her? She is beautiful, intelligent-looking and kind. And her recent breakup equals not-taken... or whatever that word is. Sometimes a fantasy... is all you need... oh whoops. Getting off track. I should stop writing now. I am starving and I need some food. TGIF!


I lived alone... no one was here to help me fix dinner. It was like a chore that constantly nags me. “What should I cook tonight?” I mumbled. But before I could do anything, my best friend Faulkner came by. I walked to the door and opened it.

“Hello Lucian!” He smiled.

“Hi there! I was about to make dinner. You came just in time. Would you like anything?” I asked.

“Yes sir!”

“Right this way,” I smiled and he followed me to the kitchen.

We chatted about Cynthia and I asked him if he had seen her before or not. He said yes, of course. I thought it was odd, because I had just now noticed her so clearly. Oh well. He left and I went to bed... I dreamt about being with her... oh it felt nice...


A/N: OK, so here is Lucian's Pokemon so far:

Bronzor: level 21, male (I don't care if they don't have genders or not!), second Pokemon

Girafarig: level 18, female, third Pokemon

Seadra: level 24, male, first Pokemon

Chingling: level 12, male, fourth Pokemon

Bagon: level 8, male, fifth Pokemon (hatched from an egg)
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