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This isn't a dream, right? I

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Chapter 11: Lucian’s P.O.V.

(A/N: Little does he know that this is a dream XD...)

I was bored as hell until I looked at the window. “Look! Snow!” I grinned.

“OohIwanttoplayinit!” Aaron said so fast I couldn’t understand him. Was he high?!

“Sweet! I can show everyone my sweet technique!” Flint grinned.

“Oh! Looks nice!” Bertha put down her crossword. Cynthia smiled and nodded without saying anything. We all got our coats, hats and gloves on and went outside. Aaron did a cartwheel into a bank of snow.

“I bet you can’t pee your name in the snow,” I said sarcastically to Flint.

“I bet you $5 I can!” He snickered. “I bet you can’t!”

“You’re on!” We both said in unison.

“I bet $10 you both can!” Aaron giggled.

“I like Aaron’s bet more,” I winked.

“Me too!” Flint agreed.

I looked at Cynthia. “Men,” she mouthed and rolled her eyes. We walked behind a grove of trees and the challenge started. After an exhausting (from pissing in the cups) five minutes I was able to write my name. I stuck my tongue out.

“Look! It clearly says ‘Lucian’! Aaron, you owe me $10!”

“Mine clearly says ‘Flint’!” He grinned. “Aaron owes me $10!” He said in sing-song.

Aaron groaned. “I was kidding but here,” he reached into his pocket and each gave us $10.

“Thank you!” Flint and I said in unison.

“Noproblem!” He replied quickly. We walked out of the grove of trees. Bertha and Cynthia happened to be ice skating.

“I love ice skating!” I grinned. “I want to skate as well!” I quickly ran back inside and got my ice skates. I went up to Flint. “Hey Flint,” I whispered, “your sister is so sexy.”

“I know, maybe you two could get together?” He whispered back.

“I have an idea,” I grinned.


“Can you ice skate?”

“Sort of...,” he replied.

“It’s OK, I can teach you. So here’s my idea... I’ll need Aaron in this, too,” I waved my hand so Aaron could come over.

“Yes?” Aaron looked at me.

“I have the craziest idea. Can you ice skate, Aaron?” I asked.

“No...,” he nodded.

“I can teach you; you WILL fall, trust me,” I winked. “So here’s my idea: Aaron, you distract Cynthia, and Flint, you push me into Cynthia. Aaron you can also catch her so she doesn’t fall. I’ll kiss Cynthia and she if she kisses me back.”

“Got it!” They both said. I waited for them to get their ice skates on. They came back...

“Ready?” I asked; they nodded. We walked out onto the ice. I started to skate and held onto Aaron. He fell a few tomes but was getting the hang of it. Flint seemed to be doing well. I accidentally slipped. “Ow... felt like my testicles died,” I grimaced from the pain and got up. I winked at Flint and Aaron. It was time.

“HeyCynthia!” Aaron said quickly and skated behind and to the side of Cynthia. She looked at him. “What’sthat?!” He asked quickly. Flint pushed me and I landed straight into her lips. She flushed a bright red.

“Ooh,” she moaned.


A/N: Again sorry for the shortness, it’s a bit hard to tell how long it is when I write it on paper. This chapter was humorous.
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