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I Would Have Never Known.

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Pete told the others what happened, but he left out the rape part. Just said William came to my room and scared me. I just sat silently all day, everyone let me be. Sometime around 5AM I spoke to Pete.
"I'm going to bed." I said quietly. He followed me down the stairs. I stopped. "What?"
"I'm sleeping on your floor tonight. I'll leave you be, I promise, I just don't want you alone again. Please understand. I'm not letting you leave my sight." He said stubbornly. I sighed and grabbed a oversized t-shirt and some girl boxers. I went in the bathroom and began to shut the door, he stopped it with his hand. "Including the bathroom."
"What? No!" I screamed.
"Yes. I won't look. I promise. I know this is hard for you, but you have to understand, he can get in anywhere." I shuddered at the thought. He followed me in and stood in the shower while I changed.
"I'm done." I said quietly. He emerged from the shower and open the bathroom door for me. I crawled into the bed and pulled up the covers, it was freezing. He layed on the floor. I peeked over the edge of the bed. "You don't have to sleep down there..." I said quietly.
"No, I'm okay." He said, emotionless.
"Pete...I'm not afraid of men. Not you at least. Don't treat me like I'm so fragile." He sighed, frustrated, and got into bed with me.
I awoke shivering. I felt a hand slide around my waist. I tensed in fear and rolled over slowly, Pete's eyes widened.
"Oh-sorry...I thought you were cold."
"It's fine. I don't care. I am anyways.." Pete pulled on my shoulder, rolling me over to face him. His hand touched my face.
"I don't see how anyone could bear to hurt someone like you.." He whispered.
"I-" I couldn't find words.

So I kissed him.
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