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Skin Looks So Tight, I Think I Just Might Have To Take a Bite...

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Mei gets a visit from William...

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Three days past and we still were in the same house, still being as silent as we could possibly bear. Patrick's house appeared small, and from the outside, it wasn't quite noticeable that there was a basement. The basement was roughly the same size as the upstairs, if not smaller. The house itself had three bedrooms, two bathrooms. The boys surrendered an entire bathroom to me, which pleased me quite a lot. There was one bedroom in the basement, one bathroom in the basement. Guess who had the entire basement to herself?
I woke up sometime around My inner-clock was all messed up. I'd become pretty nocturnal. 10 PM was sleeping in though, normally Pete was up earliest, around 7pm, or the moment it was dusk. He watched the sun set frequently, it was almost sad.
I sat up in bed, and felt as if I were being watched. I took a cautious look around the room, then the doorway: nobody. I looked torwards the closet nervously. Slowly, I crawled acrost the bed and opened the closet quickly, expecting to see someone staring me right in the face, still nothing. I frowned. Pulling out a hoodie and pulling it over my head, I popped my head through to find William Beckett not in my closet, but in the corner of my room. I couldn't even get out a scream before his hand was over my mouth. I kicked and punched and flailed, all unsucessful attempts to break free. I figured he would try and sneak me out, but he didn't, he just looked into my eyes, as if expecting me to be silent. I was. Mistake.
"Miss me?" He said, in a voice that sent chills down my spine. I didn't dare say anything, only glared silently. "Obviously not." He grinned. He put his hand back over my mouth. I screamed at the top of my lungs, but it was useless and muffled. He was much stronger than me, probably a vampire thing. What ever he wanted, he was going to get, whether I wanted him to or not. He was hovering over me, observing my body. I punched him in the chest, I kicked, nothing worked. I wasn't wearing pajama pants, not shorts, nothing. Just a hoodie, bra underneath and some panties. I was almost certain what would come next wouldn't be good.
He bit me somewhere around my collar bone, I expected blood, but it was a light bite, useless, not a vampire bite, something a horny teenager would do. It happened so fast, I screamed, I protested with all my might, nobody would hear me. I didn't want this.
All clothing on both of us was on the floor, he was inside me, every part of me protested to this, but my body seemed to accept it, as a female body would to a male's. I cried, my sobs muffled by his hand. It felt like decades later he finished. I felt his teeth on my neck, hovering, I sobbed from behind his hand, this was it. I heard footsteps coming down the stairway, he obviously did too.
"Another night m'love." He said, grinning cruely and dissapearing. I sobbed and took my undergarmets off the floor, putting them back on. Crying as softly as I could, I smothered my face against my pillow, pulled the covers back over me, and held my breath. The door creaked, I could feel eyes looking at me.
"Hey, Mei, you awake?" Pete asked softly. I pretended to be asleep. He shut the door and left it open a crack, allowing a little of the hallway light in. I was shaking, I hoped like hell he didn't notice. I didn't want to admit this...
He sat on the edge of my bed and shook me gently with his hand on my shoulder. I didn't respond. He shook a little harder, still no response from me.
"Mei!" There was anxiety in his voice now, he rolled me over. I glared at him with puffy eyes. His face showed deep concern. "Wh-Why are you crying? What happened?"
"Nothing." I mumbled quietly. I didn't know how to react. It was all so new. What do I say? Should I say anything at all? Would he accuse me of being the enemy if I did?
He pulled me close into a hug. "Mei, tell me." he said gently. I cried softly. He slowly started to push me away, horror in his eyes.
"Wh-what happened to you...?" I was confused. Did he know? I gave myself a look over, there were bruises on my arms. I was also only sporting my bra and panties, also revealing the bruises on my thighs, and stomach. William obviously made these without me noticing.
I gave him and empty look. "Nothing." I replied, again, sounding less confident in my answer this time.
"Honestly? It looks like you got mugged or something...seriously Mei...just tell me. I won't judge you...Mei?" I had started crying again. I broke.
"I know...I'll kill him. I'll kill him for what he did to your brother. I'll get his revenge.." Pete said, in a comforting sort of way. I shook my head. "No?" He asked, confused. I couldn't speak. My voice was gone. I couldn't say it.
"He-he was here...just before you came in...he.." Pete's face turned from confusion to anger quickly. I expected him to hit me, to yell at me.
"What did he do to you?!" He demanded. I cried harder. A crushed look overtook Pete's face. "Oh God...he...Mei...did he touch you? Did he hurt you...did he..?" Pete didn't have to finish. I nodded quietly, crying harder. Pete pulled me closer, into his arms. I couldn't help but feel awkward, but I also felt safe, and that's all I needed.

"I don't care if it causes me to lose my life...I'll make sure I get revenge. I'll make sure he never touches you again."

I love that I started to finish this story, at least a year later.
I found this website again and now I'm back into writing stories, it's a nice feeling, though this was a terrible chapter. D:

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