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But Who Can Decide What They Dream? And Dream I Do..

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Have you ever had one of those dreams that just never go away...

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So sorry for the delay much testing, ending of relationships, and of course..reading (eclipse is quite the book) have been keeping me busy. sorry-bad excuse..and you are loves...

We ran for what felt like forever. I thought Pete was going to fast for me..he WAS going to fast for me...but I kept up. Everything was a blur. The faces we passed, the objects, I couldn't tell what was what. The world around me had become a mixture of grays, blacks, blues, and fast moving oranges. It was only a few minutes before I fell.

It was like tumbling out the back of a speeding car. I just rolled, I couldn't keep up with Pete anymore. I stopped moving and curled into a ball, whimpering. I could feel new cuts begin to bleed. My eyes squinted open - black cement with yellow streaks were painted on the ground below me, I was on a road.

I tightly closed my eyes and waited for the worst.

"Mei!" Pete yelled urgently.

Then, my memory too became a blur. Pete's words weren't understandable, a car bleated it's sharp honk, a cold body jumped over me, the sound of smashing and breaking, unbearable pain..

"Oh my God, are you two alright? Hello?" Asked an unfamiliar voice. I felt the cold body stand, a long scream filled the air.

Then blackness.

I fought to keep my eyes closed, but curiousity got the best of me. There was a hand brushing the hair on my forehead. My eyes opened quickly and I snapped them shut again. Pete.

I became aware I was still on the road.

"I'm sorry I'm such a monster." I opened my eyes again.


Pete turned his eyes away from me.


I propped myself up on my hands and looked around. There was blood everywhere. The car that had hit me was 20 feet away from us, a large human shaped dent on the front of it. A pale body lay on the other side of the road. I held back a scream and kept the fear out of my eyes as I looked at Pete, who was looking into the trees far off.

That could have been me.



I was quiet again.

"We need to get going, they may catch up with us. You were only out for ten minutes I would guess." Pete said without emotion. I attempted to stand, and searing pain cut through my leg. I looked at Pete hopelessly.

"It's not broken..but it's cut can see the bone.."

"Why haven't I bled to death yet?"

"Because I won't let you." With that he picked me up and began to run again. I closed my eyes.

Then we stopped.

We were in front of a small house, yet homier than the one we had been at earlier.

"Welcome to Patrick's." Pete said. He carried me to the front porch, then set me down. I held up my right leg and grabbed a rail for support.

Pete removed a knife from his pocket and unlocked the door burglar-fashion. He picked me up again and carried me inside.

The house had an old feeling to it. There were two couches in a L-shape, and small tv diagnal from the corner of which they met. A large fireplace rested on the wall behind the tv. Pete set me down on the couch and took a match from a box on top of the fireplace and lit it. I watched as he leaned down and held it to a log. A small flame began as a dark glowing ember, then swalled the wood.

"You turned me didn't you?" I asked Pete quietly.

"No." I was surprised at his answer.

"Then how am I-?"

"It's in your blood." Pete walked down a narrow hallway and dissapeared. He returned with a glass of water and a bottle of gin.

"What's the gin for?" I asked warily.

"Me." He said, taking off the cap and draining nearly half the bottle. Setting it down, he took off his shirt, revealing two tattoos I hadn't seen yet, and tore it in half. He dipped on half into the glass of water. He put the wet shirt on my leg, and ignored my flinching.

"If you're scared of me, I'm sorry. But it was you or the woman driving. I cant control myself."

"I'm not afraid of you." I said truthfully. A look of surprise came to Pete's face. It almost made me feel as if he wanted to to fear him. Then the look dissapeared.

"Go to sleep. I'll be here when you get up." With that he stood and began to leave the room. I closed my eyes and began to think. I felt bad for the dead woman, and selfish that I wasn't sorry it was her rather than me. I heard Pete return. He removed the wet shirt from my leg and replaced it with what I supposed was the dry half of the shirt. Warmth overtook me as he lay a blanket over me. I started to drift....


It was dark. Pete had dissapeared from room. But then I realized what was going on. I was here again. The same dream. I tried to scream, but of course, I could say nothing. It was a dream. I watched helplessly as the young me ran and hid behind that red chair.

And there was father, and Darin. And mother was screaming, and then she was quiet. And father was yelling, telling Darin to run. The trace of sobbing in his throat. And Darin found me and picked me up. And then father was there.



"Go Darin-take her-run!"

"I love you dad-"

"Goodbye Darin, Goodbye Mei-" But father didn't finish. A creature attacked him, teeth barely grazing his neck. And then father's head was on the floor, and his body was on the bed...

My young self looked at Darin, his eyes mad with anger. He kicked the window glass. Telling me to run. And I clung to Darin's arm and stared at my father, then the creature..draining my fathers body. And Darin became the monster. And he became stronger, and he pushed me away.

"Go Mei!" And she ran...I ran...and that young boy..Darin's friend grabbed me..and carried me..and then the monster was running torwards us...



I jolted awake. Pete was leaning over me, a concerned Joe, Patrick, and Andy standing behind him.

"Mei?" I grabbed Pete's shirt and sobbed into his chest. He held me close.

"What happened?" He whispered.

"He's gone." And Pete understood.

"I know.."

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