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The Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

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after much waiting..chapter 6 has arrived. ^^

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I woke up in the middle of the night-or day should I say-with the strong urge to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, this house..if you could call it that, was so dark I had no idea where I was going, let alone the fact I didnt even know where the bathroom was. I got out of the bed carefully not to disturb Pete and felt my way out of the room. I crept around the kitchen area- or what I guess was the kitchen area. After possibly 5 minutes of pointless wandering, I tripped. I had no idea what I tripped over except that the falling part resulted in me breaking glass and making plenty loud noise.

"FUCK!!!" Pete's voice rang through the house. He burst out of the room. A light switched on and I sat in the middle of the room on the floor in a mess of broken glass, unusually colored liquid and blood looking like a 4-year-old after breaking a vase.

"What the hell were you doing?!" Pete exclaimed. Patrick, Joe and Andy emerged from other areas of the house.

"Tr-trying to find the bathroom..." I stuttered out.

"Bullshit! You were trying to leave weren't you!? After all you said!"

"Pete, calm down!" Patrick almost scolded.

"She's lying!"

"No Pete....I'm not...honestly..."

"SHUT UP!" Andy exclaimed, which came surprising for me-and apparently everyone else-seeing as he was a fairly quiet person. Everyone was staring at Andy now.

"Just stop already Pete. Jesus Christ! It was pitch dark and she's not even near the door. I'm pretty sure she's telling the truth." Andy said.

"Whatever." Pete said, avoiding looking at everyone.

"Who's blood is that..?"

"Hers." Pete said, then his eyes widened.

"Pete..." Joe said in an almost warning voice. Pete turned and went back into his room.

"Where are you bleeding at?"

"I dont even know...I didnt know I was bleeding.."

"Your ankle." Andy pointed out. I looked down. I was bleeding, and it wasn't very little either.

"Okay..come to the sink..I'll help." Patrick said. I followed him over to the sink with a slight limp.

Minutes later Pete emerged from the room again. Joe, Andy, Patrick, and I were all sitting at the table. It was about evening at this point. And I had finally used the restroom.

"Who's whispering?"

"...what?" Asked Patrick with a confused expression.

"I hear whispering.." My heart skipped. I had a feeling the person whispering was most likely not on our side. The door rattled a bit.

"Shit!" Exclaimed Andy and Joe in unison. Patrick had a look of terror on his face, Pete had an almost identical look to Patrick's.

"We have to get out of here." Said Pete nervously.

"And how do we do that Pete?" Asked Andy.

"I-I don't know...but they're going to get in.."

"Pete! There arent windows, there's only one door, which is blocked obviously. We're either stuck or we leave and possibly all get killed." Said Andy.

"Then we need a plan." Said Patrick.

"Patrick you're about the only person who's any good at that." Said Joe.

"Okay then. Get the vampire, sharp objects and...matches."

"Matches?" I asked inquiringly.

"To kill a vampire you either have to behead them, drive them insane into killng themselves, or burn them." Patrick explained.

"What about staking?.."

"That only paralyzes, like vampire guns. Garlic? It's great with shrimp. Crucfixes? Holy Water? They're okay, if you like that kind of stuff. The sun? It's exausting, annoying, and makes it very difficult to see, but it cant burn you.." Explained Pete. Joe and Andy entered the room with what looked like a mix between a machine gun and a vaccume, along with katanas and machetes. This felt like a movie. Joe tossed a back of matches at Patrick with some difficulty.

"Okay here's the deal. Me, Joe and Andy will fight off whoevers out there. Pete and Mei, stay here momentarily. Then Pete, take Mei and go to my house. Me, Andy, and Joe will hopefully meet you there by morning. If you dont see us by then..then you'll have to take matters into your own hands."

"Okay." Pete said somberly.

"See you guys later." Joe said.

"Yeah..." Andy added.

"Bye Mei, Bye Pete." Said Patrick sadly.

"Patrick don't be such a pessimist, you guys will live." Pete said, forcing a smile.

"Hope so." Patrick said, smiling back. "Ready?"

"Yup." Said Joe and Andy in unison. Pete took me back into the back room.

"Mei, it's likely something will go wrong so..I just want to apologize for yelling at you.."

"It's fine. I understand." Pete wrapped his arms around me.

"Just stay close, and don't get hurt. I'm sorry we brought you into this, this is a sharp life to live, Its dangerous, and I'm sorry.." I started to feel weird. Why was Pete so affectionate torwards me? I barely knew him, he barely knew me. Was it because I was Darin's sister? Maybe because I had a pretty face? Or maybe he was just this kind of guy. I heard the front door slam open and a yelp from outside it.

"It's okay's for Darin." Pete smiled.

"Good..we got the element of surprise I guess.." Pete said. Footsteps came torwards the room. "Okay..stay behind me until I tell you to come alright?" Pete whispered. I nodded.

The door slammed open. An unfamiliar face scanned the room. Pete lunged at him, throwing punches until the man was unconcious.

"Come on!" Pete grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall to the door.

I dont think I had ever been so scared before...

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