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Die For You

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a few things learned.

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Later on Pete calmed down. Joe, Patrick, and tattoo man, or Andy as I had found out, went to bed. I sat at the kitchen table with Pete.

"I'm sorry." Pete said, breaking the long silence between us.

"No. Don't be, you saved my life Pete."

"I just got you into deeper water."

"At least I know the truth! At least I'm safe now. At least I met you and Patrick and Andy and Joe.."

"I'm nothing special. I'm a curse. It's my fault your brother is dead." I lost my words there. Pete continued. "Beckett wanted to get you. Your brother wouldn't say where you were. I wouldn't. Beckett threatened to kill your brother and...and Darin told me to protect you, to never let Beckett get you. To let him lose his life if it meant to keep you safe." Silent tears fell down Pete's cheeks.

"Darin died"



"Because he's your brother! Because he loved you. Because he wanted the best for you. But if he wanted the best I dont know why he left me to take care of you!"

"Because..he could trust you. Because now, I can trust you, and he knew I'd be able to."


"Darin used to always talk about a Peter, I remember now. He talked about his bravery, his loyalty, and how someday he wanted me to meet Peter. I guess...I guess Darin got what he wanted."

"What does he have planned?" Pete wondered out loud.


"Nothing. Darin was..a great person, vampire or not. Everything he did, he did for someone else. He never thought of himself. But it early, and the sun's coming up. We need to go to sleep."

"I-okay." I went into the back room with Pete again.

"Night Pete.."


I layed down on the bed. Then Pete layed down next to me...

"What are you doing?"

"This is my room."

"Oh-but don't you have a coffin?"

"Did Darin have a coffin?"


"That's all just myth." Pete rolled over. "Night."

"Goodnight Pete."

I lay in the bed awake for an hour. Thinking about my brother. Why was I so important. Pete turned over and looked at me.

"You cant sleep either?" He asked quietly.

"No.." Pete put a cold hand on my cheek.

"I can see why Darin wanted to protect you." Butterflies rose in my stomach. I didn't know what to say. Pete sighed and took his hand off my cheek and rolled over again.

20 minutes later words came.

"I can see why Darin trusted you with my life." Pete rolled over. Even in the dark I could see his smile. Sincere, sad..mixed with emotion almost close to happiness, or gratitude. But the smile disappeared eventually.

"Goodnight Mei."

"Goodnight Pete."


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