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Is All That I Am The Promise You Made?

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secrets revealed that shouldnt be known...

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"Guys?" Pete asked as he led me into a small, crowded, cobwebby kitchen area. Sitting at a table that was a little too big for the room was Joe and two other guys I didn't know yet, but one, with long hair and heavily tattooed arms, looked vaugly familiar. Pete continued, "This is Mei."

"Hi.." I said quietly with a small wave. Joe's eyes were still big. Tattoo guys mouth was a little open. The third, who was short and wearing a hat with something written on it that I couldn't make out due to the poor lighting, was staring at me in disbelief.

"Is this Darin's-?" Started Joe but let out a yelp of pain as the table moved violently- obviously someone had just kicked him.

"Yes. I'm Darin's sister." I said to Joe quietly. Pete put a hand on my shoulder.

"Pete! You can't do this! You're only putting her in more danger!" Hat guy exclaimed.

"Patrick, at this point its more dangerous out there! Beckett will find her and use her!"

"Pete, you're just putting us ALL in more danger!" Patrick screamed furiously. Tattoo guy put a hand on his shoulder, forcing him to calm down. I wanted to leave, why was I such a threat. How did I even get into this?

How did Pete find me in that alley?

"I'm not letting Darin's sister die! I made a promise!" Pete yelled again. My heart sunk. Is that all I was? Just Darin's sister? If Pete hadn't made that promise would I still be out there? Tears flooded my eyes. Never in my life had I missed Darin so badly, I was used to him being gone. Used to being alone. Without parents, without a brother, without anyone. Patrick put his head in his hands.

"I can't believe you got her into this.." He said stressfully.

"She wouldn't have a choice. She would be in this either way. I'm protecting her. If she wasn't here now she'd be dead!" Pete grabbed his hair and made an angry sound. I moved away unnoticably.

"Pete-Pete-oh shit! Don't do this now Pete!" Joe screamed. Patrick and Tattoo guy jumped from the table. Joe and Tattoo guy grabbed Pete arms, Patrick pulled me back into the room I had slept in.

"What's going on?!" I demanded. There was a crash from outside the door followed by a "fuck" and a "no!"

"Pete's a vampire-"

"I'm aware of that."

"But I don't know why he's doing this. Pete gets angry, and sometimes hostile but he only freaks out liket this when..." Patrick looked at me in horror and realization. "When there are large sums of vampires around.." My blood left my face.

"Is Beckett-?"

"Fuck." Patrick ran out of the room, I followed.

Pete was on the floor in a crumpled form.

"Beckett.." I felt my heart race.

"..Pete?" He looked up miserably. His eyes had no life in them.

"He's outside. Waiting."

"Pete, Beckett has no idea where we me." Said Joe.

"He's out there." Pete said again in his possessed voice. I knew he was right.

It's like I could sense him..

-------------------------- i realized i am becoming a HORRIBLE updater these days. im sorry to whoever reads this and (likes it?) cares. im paying attention again now.

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