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Pure Blood

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My eyes fluttered open. A tall guy with brown afro-like hair was standing over me. I screamed.


"Joe..." Pete growled from the doorway.

"Well, who the hell is this?" Joe demanded. I sat on the bed stupidly.

"WHATS GOING ON?!" I screamed.

"Do you remem-"

"YES! BUT WHATS GOING ON!" Pete's eyes were wide.

"Calm down and quiet your voice..please.."

"I'M NOT GOING TO-" Pete leaped on me and covered my mouth.

"SHUT UP SHUT UP. William's going to find us. We have to keep you here now, you'll get killed if we don't. Please....just...try to understand." Pete said slowly taking his hand off my mouth.

"But why me?" I said quietly.

"'s complicated. Just please Mei, try to understand.." I nodded then felt my heart pound.

"Wait-how do you know my name- I never told you my-"

"Okay okay..thing're kind of...famous."

"What?" I stared at Pete blankly.

"Your brother?" I lowered my eyes. Of course, my brother.

"Darin, I see.."

"He was popular among vampires, because he was a vampire."

"But what does everyone want with me?"

"Your blood, your the last one left of your family Mei, everyone wants your pure blood."


"Your family had a background with vampires, your brother was a pureblood vampire, meaning he wasnt bit by another vampire and changed. I-and many others were, pure blood has very valuable taste."

"Wait-you just want to-"

"No! No I don't, honestly, your brother was my best friend, before he died I promised take care of you." I felt tears reach my eyes, Joe backed out of the room. Pete sat on the bed and hugged me. "I'm sorry...really.."

"I'm fine." I sniffed. "I just don't understand..."

"You dont know so many things about Darin....I know."

"Do you?"

"I know a lot about Darin, good and bad.." I was quiet for a while. "Do you want to know anything right now?"

"One thing."


"Who killed Darin?" Pete was quiet for a few seconds. His eyes grew angry.

"William Beckett." My heart nearly stopped. There was a long pause between us again.

"I want to get Darin's revenge." Pete smiled, not a necessarily happy smile, but a smile mixed with pain, ruthlessness, and understanding.

"I was hoping to hear that."


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