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IceDevimon's Revenge

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IceDevimon's comeback

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Chapter 8: Icedevimon’s Revenge

Previously on Naruto’s Digital Destiny…

“Oh Well, I’ll take your data another time warrior,” this time he was loud enough to be heard by Lobomon and Jijimon, he then spread his wings and took off, dodging the howling laser attacks that Lobomon sent after him in frustration…

Now the Story Continues …

The weekend after Devidramon was destroyed all of the Tamers got a signal indicating a massive bio-emergence, at least 20 champions had bi-emerged at once and in, thankfully, the same place, deep within Shinjuku Park. They had all been together at Guilmon’s shed, just hanging out really, when they got the signal, though a look at the digimon showed that they were slightly intimidated by so many foes at once, what if they were all as strong as Devidramon? When they arrived in the digital field that, thankfully, contained them, they saw that that wasn’t the case, but then they did seem to be more disgusting then intimidating.

They were insectoid Digimon.

Every last one of them was a damn BUG!

3 Kabuterimon.

5 Snimon.

4 Stingmon.

And 8 Roachmon!

All eight of the new arrivals recoiled when they saw their new adversaries who were smack bang in the middle of a clearing with large trees surrounding it, though whether it was from intimidation at the thought of 20 champions at once or the smell that the Roachmon gave off, even I, the author, do not know. (AN though I’m betting the latter ;P)

“How the hell did this many champions bio-emerge at the same time?” Rika asked the others, she had never seen anything like it before, 20 champions in the same moment?

“No clue, but I do know that we have to take them out before they figure out that the digital field doesn’t extend into the earth and dig under the barrier,” Naruto answered, truly dreading the consequences of such a thing.

“No kidding, I do NOT want to see what those guys would get up to in a populated city like Shinjuku,” Henry seconded, Takato nodded, agreeing with them.

“All right, there’s no way we’ll be able to tackle this many as rookies,” Strabimon said to the others once the shock to his nose had lessened, those Roachmon STANK, “Champion forms digimon, I want this infestation destroyed within the hour.”

“Right,” the other 3 digimon acknowledged.


“Guilmon Digivolve too … Growlmon”

“Terriermon Digivolve too … Gargomon”

“Renamon Digivolve too … Kyubimon”

“Strabimon Digivolve too … Lobomon”

“Let’s do this,” Lobomon said as he prepped his Light Kendo, all four of the Digimon charged the Insectoids, they wanted to make sure that none of these bugs got to the world outside the Digital Field.


Growlmon charged towards a group of Insectoids, 2 Snimon, 2 Stingmon and a Roachmon, intent on doing some bug stomping when the 2 Stingmon noticed his approach and unleashed a large swarm of bee-like insects with a dual cry of “Insect Lord”, Growlmon knew from experience that something that small wouldn’t be able to penetrate his hide so he stormed straight through the swarm.

The 5 Insectoids were a little shocked that that attack didn’t work, but that didn’t stop them, the Roachmon called out “Yard Sale Bomb” making a piano, a fridge and a pool table fall from the sky aimed for Growlmon’s head.

Growlmon saw the projectiles and activated the speed booster in Takato’s D-ark, speeding up to the point where he avoided them completely and stampeded Roachmon, deleting him due to the sudden squashing sensation, and rammed right into one of the Snimon, knocking him into the other Snimon, making them fall in a tangle of limbs, Growlmon took those two out with his “Pyro Blaster” and turned to look at the Stingmon only to find them both right in his face and hitting him with a combined “Stinging Spiking Strike” the rapid kicks from both champion digimon disorienting Growlmon for a moment, though that was all the 2 Stingmon needed.

“Spiking Strike!” they both yelled as purple spears of energy extended from their forearms, they attempted to stab to stab Growlmon with the spears only for Growlmon to duck at the last moment, his experience from the gauntlet, which he had finally gotten all the way through yesterday, aiding him in avoiding the strikes completely. Growlmon suddenly lunged upwards using a double “Dragon Slash” uppercut to slice both Stingmon clearly in half, deleting them both.

Growlmon’s portion of the competition defeated, he looked around to see if anyone would need his help, only to see a large explosion from where Kyubimon was fighting just a second ago…


“Why do I get all the smelly ones?” Gargomon asked himself as he rushed towards a group of 5 Roachmon, it wouldn’t be a good idea to face those guys at long range after all, their Yard Sale Bomb and Junk Chucker attacks are just what his sensitive nose did not need.

“Roachmon Flyswatter!” all five of the Roachmon called out as they launched themselves into flying kicks, Gargomon dodged 2 of them, whapping them with Bunny Pummel attacks to delete them before the other three knocked him flying.

Gargomon used his hand to turn his tumble into a controlled somersault, landing on his feet he blasted the other 3 Roachmon with a Gargo Laser volley, tearing through the Roachmon and deleting them.

“Oh yeah, uh huh,” Gargomon was doing a victory dance, succeeding in doing little more then look like an idiot, when he was knocked of his feet by an explosion that happened behind him, right where Kyubimon was fighting a second ago…


Kyubimon’s opponents were a pair of Roachmon, which she had no trouble roasting with a Fox Tail Inferno, and the 3 Kabuterimon who were far harder to beat then she had first thought. The Kabuterimon were big, but that didn’t make them clumsy or easy to hit, they spent the entirety of their time in the air, avoiding every Fox Tail Inferno and Dragon Wheel she sent at them, Kyubimon was just coming out of the spin from trying another Dragon Wheel when she was hit in the side by an Electro Shocker from one of them, knocking her to the ground.

Kyubimon couldn’t move for a moment, a moment that the Kabuterimon capitalised upon.

“Electro Shocker!” they all yelled, sending 3 large balls of lightning flying directly at the downed Kyubimon.

They hit at the same moment…


Lobomon was up against 3 Snimon and 2 Stingmon, he was gonna need a lot of pizza after this one. (AN well he’s gotta have a fav food don’t he?)

Lobomon blocked the Twin Sickles attacks from the 3 Snimon using his Light Kendo, unfortunately he couldn’t do anything but defend as they were keeping up a veritable barrage of the attacks, only pausing when one Stingmon or the other tried to stick him with a Spiking Strike, they were showing far more co-ordination then was usual for such species, usually Stingmon and Snimon tended to keep to themselves, as such they rarely had any experience in fighting as a group, even rarer was the fact that the 2 species were co-operating, usually they were at each others necks, not to mention that Kabuterimon usually couldn’t stand Roachmon. There was something else going on here.

Lobomon was getting sick of being on the defensive, time to up the ante.

“Slide evolution … Kendogarurumon!”

Kendogarurumon planted his wheels then took off with a growl of “Howling Star,” he sliced through the Insectoids, most of them not even knowing what hit them.

When Kendogarurumon came to a stop he saw the that Kyubimon was down, and that 3 Electro Shocker attacks were heading straight at her… he planted his wheels…



The blast from the 3 combined attacks sent 2 Tamers and Gargomon stumbling, Naruto standing thanks to the tree climbing exercise he knew, Rika was still standing because Naruto had kept her upright with a hand around her waist, and Growlmon still stood because he was too heavy… wait… where was Kendogarurumon?

“Kyubimon!” Rika cried out, certain that she was severely damaged by such a strike.

“Damn noble idiot,” Naruto grumbled to himself, he already knew what his partner had done; Strabimon never could handle seeing a girl deleted, especially not one he had started to like as more then a friend.

When the dust cloud from the explosion dissipated everyone could see exactly what had happened, Kendogarurumon had taken the attack for Kyubimon, he was standing over her, his armor badly damaged and his entire form was smoking. Kyubimon, who was under him was looking up at Kendogarurumon in shock and awe, he had saved her, again.

“Why?” Kyubimon asked upon seeing the damage that Kendogarurumon had taken, protecting her.

“Hehehe,” Kendogarurumon chuckled weakly, that explosion had taken a huge chunk of his life energy with it, he was barely able to sustain his champion form at the moment, “I’ll survive, you wouldn’t have, it’s that simple.” No it wasn’t, he had started to fall for the foxy digimon, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit it, especially not now, when a single attack would delete him, he wouldn’t leave that kind of scar on her conscience.

Kendogarurumon’s form was starting to lose energy, his body was losing form, he had to de-digivolve or he was done for, unfortunately for him, at his current health level he wouldn’t be able to sustain rookie, his body started to glow, before it shrank, becoming something far smaller then what Takato, Henry and Rika were used to seeing, even Naruto had only seen this happen once before, he returned to his In-Training form and immediately passed out, his new form resembling a Tsunomon, only completely white, even the horn.

AlbinoTsunomon landed in front of Kyubimon’s nose, she gathered him up in her tails, he had saved her, now it was time to return the favour. “Cover Me!” she yelled at Growlmon and Gargomon, both of whom nodded and immediately started firing Pyro Blasters and Gargo Lasers at the Kabuterimon, meanwhile Kyubimon was running towards the tamers, she didn’t know how she knew, but she knew that he would be safest with Naruto.

Kyubimon dumped AlbinoTsunomon in Naruto’s arms before she turned around to face the Kabuterimon, all three of which were perfectly fine as they had been able to dodge Growlmon’s Pyro Blasters and their chitinous armor was too strong for Gargomon’s Gargo Laser to penetrate. Kyubimon spread her tails, starting the preparation for her Fox Tail Inferno, but she took it one step further, using the attack modification lessons Strabimon had taught her she combined it with her Dragon Wheel, making 1 3ft long blue flame appear on the tip of each tail, the ends of the tails arranging themselves to look like blue dragons were emerging from each of her tails.

“FoxFire Dragons!” Kyubimon yelled as she launched the 9 dragons, each of which looked like a dragon headed comet with a six foot tail, and Kyubimon could control every one of them, she guided them so that all nine hit every Kabuterimon, the power in them enabling them to burn straight through every one of their targets before 3 aimed at each Kabuterimon, all of which were just barely hanging on at this point, and exploded on contact.

As all three Kabuterimon disappeared in a blaze of blue fire Kyubimon collapsed, exhausted, that had taken a lot out of her, she de-digivolved to conserve energy, still kneeling and panting.

“Whoa, Renamon, that was soo kick ass,” Rika commented, impressed, she could tell that Renamon was exhausted so she didn’t glomp her in relief that she was ok, that could wait until later, besides, there were witnesses.

“Is Strabimon going to be all right?” Renamon asked, she was grateful for Rika’s words but she had to know if her actions had been wasted, Strabimon had saved her twice now, if she was honest with herself she was starting to feel something for him, but it wasn’t the lust that she knew from her previous relationships, though that was there, there was something else there too, along with a very healthy dose of respect.

“Yeah, he’s going to be fine Renamon, good work, and that wasn’t bad at all for an on the spot improvisation,” Naruto said, he was very impressed, not even Strabimon had been able to modify his champion attacks to such a degree, he was able to fire multiple projectile attacks and channel Naruto’s elemental chakra into his blade strikes, but never combine two attacks so expertly. Once he was done complementing her he looked at the unconscious In-training in his arms, that was a close one, one more hit and he would have been done for, Naruto would have done something himself but by the time he had started forward Kyubimon had already taken charge.

“A little help here,” they heard from behind them, they looked to see something they couldn’t help but chuckle about, Henry was tangled in a thorn bush and Takato was hanging upside down from a tree.

“All right, we’ll get you out of there,” Naruto said before he turned to Gargomon and Growlmon, “Hey guys, come and save your tamers from the evil plants!”


Later that night at Naruto’s apartment, it wasn’t much, one bedroom, bathroom, lounge area, office, kitchen, but it was enough for the two of them, especially seeing as Naruto had saved up and gotten a large TV, a really good computer, and a really comfy couch. AlbinoTsunomon had woken and had immediately proclaimed that he was hungry, now Naruto remembered why he hated it when Strabimon went back to In-Training form, they were eternally hungry, Naruto swore that his entire body was a stomach when he was Tsunomon (AN AlbinoTsunomon is a mouthful so I’m shortening it to just Tsunomon). Tsunomon would not shut up until the pizza Naruto ordered arrived.

Naruto watched as Tsunomon dug into the Pizza with the corners of his lips twitching, he had a damn good idea why Tsunomon did what he did today, and he was going to tease him about it mercilessly.

Tsunomon paused in his pizza diving to look up at his partner for a moment, he saw his lips twitch, “What?” he asked, annoyed that Naruto had found something that he found funny, Tsunomon did NOT enjoy being an In-Training again, all of his emotional control went out the window.

“You’re crushing on Renamon,” Naruto said in a teasing voice, it was about time that he’d gotten interested in a worthwhile girl but that did not stop him from teasing the In-Training.

“Shut Up!” Tsunomon yelled, blushing before he finished off the first pizza and bounced over to the second, yes he really was that hungry.

“Strabimon and Renamon sitting in a tree K I S S I N G,” Naruto continued, Strabimon had teased him for years about his crush on Lillymon, now it was time for some payback.

“I Said SHUT UP!” Tsunomon yelled, he sped up on the second pizza so that he’d be full enough to argue properly.

Naruto nicked one of the slices of pizza and took a bite out of it, watching as Tsunomon’s eye twitched, Naruto swallowed before saying, “Make me.”

“Bubble Blow!” Tsunomon yelled, blowing a bunch of tiny white bubbles into Naruto’s face, where they popped, ‘Gotcha, now gimme back my pizza,’ Tsunomon thought to himself before bouncing up and taking back the slice of pizza that Naruto had nicked while he was distracted.

Naruto leaned back into the couch, looking like he was done before he let a final shot slip, “the fox and the hound,” he teased, citing an old movie that they had both liked when he was 9.

Tsunomon screamed a war cry and bounced at Naruto, trying to bite him as Naruto just moved out of the way, sometimes flicking Tsunomon’s horn to rile him up even more.


That night in the Hypnos tower…

“Whoa, we’ve got a huge amount of data coming through,” Riley said from her observation chair, she started to send a tracer.

“Another blasted wild-one I suppose, get a tracer on it,” Yamaki ordered from his desk, playing with his lighter as he usually did.

“Already on it,” Riley replied, ‘I’m not an idiot you know,’ “Whoa, the wild-one, it completely destroyed the tracer,” Yamaki got to his feet in concern, that had never happened before, “there’s something else that’s strange, not all of the data coming through is the wild-one, looks like its got a carry-on bag the size of a small jet.”

“Well that’s certainly different, do you have any idea what it’s bringing?” Yamaki was understandably concerned, that might be some kind of weapon after all.

“Not sure, but I don’t think it’s volatile, the readings I was able to get from the tracer indicated frozen data, completely inactive,” Riley answered, she didn’t like the idea of a wild-one bringing cargo either, even if she didn’t think they were as bad as Yamaki made them out to be.

“Well, in that case it’s probably nothing important,” Yamaki decided, frozen data was completely useless after all, “as we can’t get a tracer lock we don’t know where it’ll bio-emerge, it looks like we’ll just have to wait for the screams before we can do anything about it.”


The next day Naruto was wandering around the shopping district with Tsunomon on his head, once Tsunomon had calmed down last night Naruto had finally finished the technique he inherited from his father that he knew if he’d had a normal gennin level training in chakra control that it would’ve taken twice as long, not to mention that he probably wouldn’t be able to make it using only one hand like he could now (AN; In the manga Naruto only knows tree-walking and water-walking exercises by this point, however my Naruto knows far more control techniques, including wind and lightning manipulation, not to mention that without the Kyuubi his chakra is not as intense and nowhere near as chaotic), thus he felt like treating himself, and Tsunomon, by buying something that they both wanted, a DVD player, a bunch of action movies to go along with it, and all of the seasons thus far of MythBusters.

“I’m hungry,” Tsunomon announced, big surprise.

“When aren’t you when you’re like this?” Naruto asked, it had taken 5 pizzas to tide the little bastard over last night, Naruto really could not wait until he digivolved back to Rookie, though he was starting to suspect that he was staying as an In-training this long on purpose.

“When I’m asleep,” Tsunomon replied truthfully, “I’m still really low on energy you know, the more I eat, the quicker my digivolution will come.”

“Yeah, yeah, only after you eat me out of house and home,” Naruto grumbled, he was like a friggin black hole when he was like this.

“Hey, isn’t that Rika, maybe she has some food,” Tsunomon said when he spotted Rika across the street talking with her mom, well her mom was talking it looked like Rika was backing away slowly, and it looked like she had Calumon with her … joy.

Naruto got within hearing range just in time to hear Rika mutter, “You just HAD to be cute, didn’t you?” to Calumon.

“Yep, I am certain that it is the duty of all In-Training digimon to be cute and hungry,” Naruto said, bringing Rika’s attention to him, and the digimon on his head.

“Hey Naruto, Tsunomon, what are you guys doing here?” Rika asked, thankful that her mother had just been swamped by her adoring fans, and thus was not able to witness a casual conversation and draw her own conclusions, no matter how much those conclusions would be what Rika wanted.

“Getting something to eat,” Tsunomon said matter-of-factly only for Naruto to reach up and flick his horn.

“Heading for a decent electronics store actually,” Naruto corrected, “I figured that it was about time I got a DVD player and a few DVDs to go with it.”

“He’s being a right little glutton, isn’t he?” Rika asked in amusement as they walked into a nearby alleyway, better to have such a conversation where few were likely to hear it, looks like that was one aspect of digimon that the cartoons got right, their hunger in In-Training form.

“Oh the stories I could tell,” Naruto replied, “the little bastard went through 5 pizzas last night, if it weren’t for the fact that I keep a tab with the company I would be screwed, you know the delivery boys don’t do eftpos yet. Even worse, the little bugger raided the pantry again at like 3 in the morning, he didn’t get very far though,” Naruto lowered his voice, as if he was sharing a secret, “I found him when I woke up at seven, turns out that he’d tried to open a can of spaghetti with his horn only to stick his horn right through it and several others, covering himself in tomato sauce and Kami only knows what else, it took a full hour to get him back to white!”

Rika giggled, there were very few things that could make her giggle, Naruto and Strabimon complaining about each other was one of them.

Tsunomon didn’t like the fact that Naruto was telling embarrassing moments to Renamon’s partner so he grabbed a tuft of hair between his teeth and pulled.

“Yow, Tsunomon!” Naruto yelled before grabbing the little annoyance by the horn then holding him at arm’s length, “Just because I’m telling embarrassing things to Renamon’s Partner is no reason to pull on my hair,” Naruto said, knowing exactly why he did it, Rika’s eyes lit with curiosity before Naruto filled her in, “You remember the reason he gave yesterday when he took the attack for Renamon?” Rika nodded, “its complete bullshit, he did it because he’s been crushing on little miss foxy, and he couldn’t bear to see the girl he’d fallen for hurt.”

“Naruto you asshole, I did not take my teasing of you this far when it came to your crush on Lillymon!” Tsunomon yelled in frustration as he thrashed, this was another thing he hated about being an In-Training, Naruto could subdue him so easily!

Rika was happy to know about Tsunomon’s crush, knowing that it was highly likely that it was mutual, but she was not happy to know that Naruto had a crush on another girl, digimon or not.

“Oh, please, you blabbed straight to her face as soon as you found out, besides, that ship has sailed, I’ve long since gotten used to the idea that Lillymon and I’ll never be together,” Naruto retorted, unknowingly easing Rika’s fears.

“Yeah, only because she’s a lesbian, if she were straight and unattached you would still be mooning after her,” Tsunomon shouted at him.

“Yeah, probably, but remember, its you with the crush this time, finally on a worthwhile girl too,” Naruto said, something in his voice telling Tsunomon that the argument was over.

“What do you mean, finally with a worthwhile girl?” Rika asked icily, she accepted the fact that Lillymon was one of those unattainable crushes everyone has at some point or another, like her old one on Orlando Bloom, but Naruto had better give her an answer she liked, she was not gonna like it if Tsunomon planned on toying with Renamon.

Naruto looked toward Rika, who still had Calumon in her arms, both of which he’d completely forgotten about in the fight, “Oh, well, usually the kinds of girls Tsunomon here is interested in are kind of like parasites, they may look pretty, but their attitudes are likely to drain you dry in short order, let’s see, one of his girlfriends was using him and another girl he was interested in was a well known gold-digger, thank Kami he got out of that phase.”

“Oh,” Rika said, a little shocked, when she found out he was interested in Renamon she figured he had decent taste in the opposite sex, apparently not, “Well that explains it,” ‘I wonder if they know that Renamon is listening to every word they say,’ Rika wondered, knowing that Renamon had opened the link just enough to hear what Rika heard when Tsunomon first started talking.

Naruto bonked Tsunomon on the head, stunning him, “Are you willing to co-operate now?” Naruto asked him sarcastically as he put Tsunomon back on his head, not really expecting an answer; he bet that Tsunomon more or less resembled a stunned mullet right now. Naruto looked over and asked Rika, “You wanna join us for lunch? I’m buying.”

Rika thought about it for a second, “What the hell, I got nothing better to do,” she replied, agreeing that lunch did sound good, “What are we getting anyway?”

Naruto thought about it, “Hmm, how about burger and fries? I’m in the mood for something quick and easy.”

“Sure,” Rika agreed, it did sound like something she would have gotten anyway.

“Yay, food!” Calumon shouted, happy that they were finally getting somewhere, those guys were so silly, arguing about whether or not they liked a girl, what was the point when those girls were friends with them anyway?


Naruto, Rika, Tsunomon and Calumon had been eating in the booth in a quiet corner of the fast food restaurant for about 15 minutes when Naruto caught a flash out of the corner of his eye, Rika saw it too and groaned, she had been enjoying herself, she should’ve known it wouldn’t last. The paparazzi had found her, it usually wasn’t too much of a problem anymore, but every now and then one of them would show up and try to snap a pic of ‘the next big thing’ i.e. her, with her mom being one of the most successful fashion models in the world everyone into fashion expected her to follow her mothers footsteps. Rika did NOT want to think about the chaos that would be caused once everyone caught wind of the fact that she had been eating in the quiet corner of a restaurant with a boy, especially seeing as she was notoriously antisocial.

“Excuse me, I’ll just take care of the little annoyance,” Naruto said to Rika, he knew how to handle pests like this. Naruto got up and walked over to the drink refiller, snatching the guy’s camera on his way past, it took him a second to realise that he wasn’t getting any noise from his camera anymore and then realise that there was no camera, he looked around for the culprit only to see his camera in the hands of the kid he’d spotted in the quiet corner with Rumiko Nonaka’s daughter, he’d found them by pure chance actually, he’d seen Rika when he came in for his own lunch and when he saw that she was talking amiably with a boy he’d gotten his camera out, certain that such a shot would’ve gotten him a lot of money. The guy, I’ll call him Bob, rushed over to the kid and tried to get his camera back, key word being tried.

When Bob put his hand on Naruto’s shoulder to get his attention Naruto grabbed his hand and flipped him onto the ground before proceeding to make one hell of a racket.

“Pervert! Paedophile! What are you doing taking pictures of little kids for huh?” Naruto hollered, drawing as much attention as possible and making everyone bar Rika, Tsunomon and Calumon believe what he was saying, “I think I’ll make sure that this stuff never sees the light of day!” he yelled before he smashed his camera on the ground, stomping on it a few times for good measure, by now everyone but Naruto, Rika, Tsunomon, Calumon and Bob were convinced that Bob was a pedo who had been taking pictures of little kids to share with his pedo friends, the fathers and mothers in the place took exception to this and started to beat the hell out of him, Naruto, Rika, Tsunomon and Calumon escaped in the confusion and Naruto guided them into an alleyway before he, along with Rika and Tsunomon collapsed into laughter, Calumon simply looked at them with his head cocked, not getting the joke.

“That hahaha, that was incredible, hehe,” Rika said between laughs, she thought that he’d do something to scare the guy off but that public humiliation would stay with him forever.

“Oh man, I haven’t seen you do something this crazy in years,” Tsunomon panted once he’d stopped laughing, it was always a riot when Naruto did something like that but he hadn’t seen it since that time when Naruto screwed with a bad tempered Tortomon when he was 11.

“Yeah,” Naruto said once he calmed down, “I haven’t done something that crazy in years, man, I’ve been missing out.”

“What’s a paedophile?” Calumon asked, still confused about what was going on, he thought it was probably bad though, judging by how those older humans had reacted to it.

“Trust me Calumon, little buddy, you don’t want to know,” Tsunomon replied, being the only one who had the guts to say anything about it, Calumon had been created as an In-Training and had stayed an In-Training ever since, it was possible that he actually couldn’t digivolve, and thus he would never understand sex because rookie level was like puberty to a digimon, until then they’re still, more or less, in the cooties stage.


Rika was heading home after a good afternoon with Naruto, Calumon had long since wandered off on his own, when she felt a strange aura, it was ice cold, and evil, and right behind her, “Renamon,” she whispered, terrified, most bio-emerged digimon were cranky, sure, but she had never felt something this, evil, before. Renamon had barely phased in when she was grabbed around the torso by a large white hand, a hand that when Rika turned to look, she knew belonged to a digimon that nobody wanted to trifle with, IceDevimon. IceDevimon grabbed Rika around the torso as well before he sank all of them through the concrete, his evil laughter and Rika’s high pitched screams being the only evidence that anything had happened at all…

When Rika regained consciousness she was aware of three things, 1; she was restrained at the hands and feet, 2; Renamon was restrained in a similar way next to her and 3; it was fucking freezing! Rika heard an evil chuckle and looked towards its source, yep, it was IceDevimon.

“Now now Rika, you don’t want to disappoint my other guests by leaving do you?” IceDevimon asked when he saw that Rika was trying to wriggle her way free, before he moved aside, revealing Henry, Takato, Terriermon and Guilmon bound in a similar fashion as the way she was to the opposite wall, all of whom were still unconscious, “I must admit, they were a trifle more difficult to acquire then I had first thought, the red saurian sniffed me out long before I even revealed my presence,” IceDevimon said to himself.

“What do you want you frozen freak?!” Rika demanded, she had been having a great day and this wacko just had to ruin it!

“From you? Absolutely nothing,” IceDevimon replied, “for you see, its not you I’m after, you are merely the bait for my trap.”

‘Wait, if we’re the bait then that means,’ Rika thought before she finished it out loud, “Naruto.”

“Yes,” IceDevimon confirmed, “I have longed for the day when I would kill him and destroy his digimon. They kept me from what was rightfully mine once, now I will get my revenge.” (AN; IceDevimon is a sociopath so he sees the data from the village as rightfully his, no matter how immoral it was) “And thanks to the swarm I sent through yesterday,” ‘Insectoid digimon are so easy to lure when you know how’ “they are in no condition to stop me,” Once he said that IceDevimon walked to the centre of the room, cackling insanely.

“Do you really think that you stand a chance against them,” Rika yelled after him, desperately hoping she was right, “you lost once, you will lose again!”

IceDevimon looked over his shoulder back at Rika before he answered, “That was two years ago, I have loaded the data of hundreds of digimon since then, take a look for yourself, at my conquests!” IceDevimon threw his arms upwards, illuminating the frozen cavern as he did so, showing hundreds of rookie, armor and champion digimon frozen in blocks of ice, “Some of them even had human partners of their own you know, that blonde brat is far from the only human who has found their way to the digital world,” IceDevimon bragged, relishing in the horror evident on Rika’s face when she heard this.

“W-What did you do to the tamers?” Rika stammered, this digimon was the wrong kind of crazy!

“Why, I killed them of course,” IceDevimon stated, Rika’s eyes took on a new kind of terror at this, most digimon tended to avoid killing humans for one reason or another, but this one was proud of the fact that he had killed Kami only knew how many, “it really is quite different to deleting digimon, a digimon just breaks apart, their data either dissipating or being absorbed by the one to destroy them, but a human’s physical form lingers after death. And the blood Ahhhh, delicious blood,” IceDevimon said in absolute rapture, Rika was thoroughly freaked by this point, “I had my first taste almost 18 months ago, and I haven’t passed up a chance to get more since,” IceDevimon suddenly appeared right in front of Rika, stroking her cheek with the tip of one of his claws, “and when you have served your purpose, my dear, I believe that your blood is going to be the tastiest yet.”

Rika was scared witless, this digimon was different, he was a psychopath, and if Naruto didn’t save her, she was as good as dead.

‘Please, Naruto, save me, save us,” Rika thought to herself, praying that he would get here in time.


Naruto was jumping across the rooftops towards the shopping complex with the giant ice cube on the top of it; Tsunomon was tucked under his arm. Both of them had felt when IceDevimon announced himself by radiating his aura to such a magnitude that any digimon within Shinjuku would feel it, but there was something different about the aura, Naruto hadn’t noticed the difference, but Tsunomon did, IceDevimon was able to encrypt messages into his aura, it only took a moment for Tsunomon to figure it all out, but when he did he went even paler. It took Naruto yelling at him, asking what the hell was going on for Tsunomon to snap out of it, when Tsunomon told Naruto the message he had sped up, not risking getting there too late, IceDevimon had gone too far, and now he would pay.

“I have your friends Naruto Uzumaki and Strabimon, all six of them, and for every 30 minutes that you don’t show to face me, one of them will die. I wonder which I will start with, the red-headed girl, Rika right? Or maybe the Renamon, quite a shame too, she’s a beauty for her species Haha Hahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…”

That was 15 minutes ago and Naruto was going as fast as he could to get ahead of the deadline. Both Naruto and Tsunomon had never thought that they would run into that psycho again, but apparently he was back.

‘Damn it, if we survive this I’m going to start doing what I should have done a while back,’ Naruto thought to himself as he bounced across the rooftops, ‘the tamers need to know how to fight too, I’ve been an idiot, trusting far too much in the idea that no digimon would breach the barrier that our digimon couldn’t take care of. Damn it if he hurts Rika I’ll never be able to forgive myself.’ Tsunomon was thinking along similar lines, though Renamon replaced Rika.

When Naruto leapt from one of the buildings onto the side of the shopping complex IceDevimon had taken roost on top of he ran up the side of the building, not caring who saw him, they wouldn’t be able to get an accurate picture anyway. Naruto glanced at his watch, damn only 5 minutes left, Naruto sped up, praying that he wouldn’t be too late…


“Looks like they won’t make it in time to save one of you,” IceDevimon said to Rika and Renamon as he decided who to kill first, contrary to his message he wanted Rika and Renamon to watch as the ones they’d started to fall for died at his hands, Renamon had woken a few minutes ago, though the others were still unconscious, “I usually don’t like to kill someone if I can’t watch the light fade from their eyes, but this time I’ll make an exception,” IceDevimon said to himself as he walked toward Henry who was starting to stir, “Ah, that’s much better,” IceDevimon laughed as he drew back for a stabbing strike, aiming directly for Henry’s heart, Henry’s eyes had snapped open upon hearing the laugh that he had heard right before he was knocked out, Henry stared at IceDevimon as he started to lunge forward, “Frozen…”


A hole was suddenly blown in the top of IceDevimon’s museum of fallen foes, destroying 3 armours and a champion, the data of which Tsunomon promptly absorbed, the data wasn’t anywhere near as potent as it once was, but it was enough, Tsunomon knew he’d need all the energy he could get for this battle.

“AlbinoTsunomon digivolve to … Strabimon!”

Once the smoke cleared Rika, Renamon, Henry, the newly awakened Terriermon, Guilmon, Takato and the annoyed IceDevimon could see two figures, both approximately the same height, one of which was a blonde 13-14 year old boy with a silvery blue jacket and the other was a slightly wolfish digimon silhouetted by the full moon behind them, Naruto and Strabimon have arrived.

“Ahhhh, the hunter arrives, only to find that his prey,” IceDevimon stared with a smug tone in his voice, “has laid a trap.”

“This is not good,” Strabimon whispered to Naruto, “I’m only at about half strength, there’s no way I can fight him on my own, never mind digivolve.”

“Tch, this was gonna happen at one point or another eventually, you free the others, I’ll take care of the bastard,” Naruto replied, he knew that the following battle would be tough, but he didn’t have a choice, if he failed, they were all dead.

“Right,” Strabimon whispered before he looked at IceDevimon again, “He’s stronger now, be careful.”

“I know,” Naruto whispered back before he yelled, “Oi! IceDevimon, you lookin for us you frozen bum!”

“Why yes I am Blondie, here to get frozen again?” IceDevimon replied, he was confident that he would win, the boy didn’t stand a chance against him last time and the digimon, though at rookie level, was too exhausted to be a threat.

“Not really,” IceDevimon heard from behind him, IceDevimon was a little shaken, there were very few digimon that were that fast (AN; Naruto used a wind body flicker to get there so fast, that’s not his normal combat speed).

“Now, what am I going to do with you?” Naruto asked IceDevimon as the others watched in shock and awe.

‘What the? How the hell is he so fast?!’ was pretty much what everyone but Strabimon was thinking, though paraphrased for each person.

IceDevimon growled to himself before he swung behind him with a Frozen Claw attack which Naruto jumped over, Naruto landed on top of IceDevimon’s outstretched arm and punched him in the face with a blow enhanced with enough chakra to make a serious dent in a tree knocking IceDevimon back and causing him to lose balance. Naruto jumped up and drop kicked IceDevimon in the neck with another chakra enhanced blow, taking advantage of every moment in which IceDevimon’s guard was open, IceDevimon collapsed on the ground, cracking the ice beneath him, IceDevimon was ready for Naruto’s next attack though and whacked him with a Frozen Claw attack, sending him flying, IceDevimon got back to his feet and fully focused on his opponent, not noticing that Strabimon was freeing the others in the background.

Naruto was able to land on his feet facing IceDevimon, when he was stable he launched his surprise, he had been doing hand-seals as he flew. “Wind Style: Twin Dragon Twisters!” Naruto shouted as he launched two dragon-shaped twisters from his fists at IceDevimon, both of them hit the surprised digimon, slamming him into the wall behind him.

Again, the other digimon and tamers were shocked; a human shouldn’t be able to do something like that! The extreme strength and acrobatic skill, maybe, but not control the very wind!

IceDevimon got back to his feet, he now knew that his opponent was able to do things that a human shouldn’t be capable of, it was like he was half-digimon or something, nevertheless, he wasn’t going to let the human control this battle any longer. IceDevimon flapped his wings with a cry of “Avalanche Claw!” sending dozens of icicles flying at Naruto.

Naruto jumped 20ft into the air to dodge, he was going through hand seals again, this time it was for a jutsu that he wasn’t that familiar with, “Fire Style: Dragon Flame Missile!” he roared before launching a dragon-headed stream of flame from his mouth at IceDevimon, though IceDevimon was ready this time.

IceDevimon launched himself into the air, over the flames, and straight for Naruto, who’s mouth he noticed was smoking a little, apparently he wasn’t able to use fire without hurting himself, all the better. IceDevimon tried a Tundra Freeze attack, launching a beam of super-cooled air from his eyes at Naruto.

For a second it appeared that IceDevimon’s attack had worked, at least until Naruto turned into an block of ice covered in strange paper tags, which then exploded sending IceDevimon into another wall. Naruto reappeared in front of IceDevimon thanks to another body flicker and aimed for IceDevimon’s frozen heart with his sword, which had been covered in liberal amounts of wind chakra, he ran IceDevimon through only for IceDevimon to start chuckling.

“Have you forgotten?” IceDevimon asked, humour still evident in his voice, “I’m a heartless wretch!” IceDevimon whacked Naruto flying into another wall with a Frozen Claw attack and watched as he fell to the ground, boulders of ice falling on top of him, Naruto’s sword flew out of the pile of boulders and stuck itself into the ground, point-first.

IceDevimon was laughing like the deranged lunatic that he was as he landed between the sword and the stair well (AN the pile of ice is on the other side of the roof), he was about to finish the job with another Tundra Freeze when he became aware of something, all of his hostages were free, they were standing near the stairwell watching the battle, looks of horror on everyone’s face but Strabimon’s.

Strabimon was instead, looking at the sword as it transformed into Naruto in a puff of smoke, Naruto charged IceDevimon’s back with a ball of swirling light in the palm of his hand, he lunged forward with a yell of “RASENGAN!” planting the ball in IceDevimon’s unprotected back.

IceDevimon’s back arched around the rasengan, he was giving out a cry of pain as he began to spin like a top whose focal point was the rasengan, he was sent flying into and through the wall of ice above the other tamers, red data particles spinning out of the vortex as IceDevimon was deleted, his hall of horrors going with him.

Now that it was over Naruto collapsed, he was exhausted. Strabimon ran over and got under Naruto’s arm, helping him to stand and face the inevitable barrage of questions from the others.

“What the, what the hell was that?! How did you do that?! Control wind, breathe fire, and use little balls of light that cause Kami only knows how much damage!” Rika started with the questions, more or less taking the words straight out of the other’s mouths.

“Hehehe,” Naruto chuckled tiredly, he had a feeling that Rika would be the first to ask the more important questions, he answered them anyway, he’d never get any piece otherwise, “you tamers remember the energy you felt within you during your meditation lessons?” he asked, all of them nodding, though only Henry, Rika and Renamon seemed to see where he was going, “that was it, that was chakra.”


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