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S/E... edited some typos. Jupiter (Jade) x Looker (Émile), dunno if this has a name or not ^_^

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Chapter 22

“Let me get this straight… you were once human, but now a Pokemon?” I asked.

He smirked and nodded. “Yes, I was once human.”

“I-I think my head just exploded…,” I felt dizzy.


“Arrgh… they could have at least turned the volume down,” I groaned. “Oh, well.”

“You OK?” Looker asked. Th-that was nice of him to ask… Marie and Jade giggled and Jasper looked worried.

“I’m fine, thank you for asking, Looker; I appreciate it,” I smiled. “I never knew how nice he really was…,” I thought. I patted him on the back.


“So what are you doing here?” I asked nicely to Looker while walking through Pallet Town.

“Turns out Team Rocket have a new Executive, named Apollo. He is wanted for kidnapping and the disappearance of Mewtwo,” he replied, looking at all of us. “Apparently, he kidnapped the old Executive of TR, Giovanni – in order to take over TR itself.”

“Whoa that’s crazy,” I nodded. “Can we be of assistance? I happened to be, I mean we all happened to be master spies,” I smirked. I haven’t been able to spy on anything in years.

“Yeah!” Marie and Jade agreed.

“I don’t know if I can help, but I will try,” Jasper grinned.

“Right, I’ll think about it – I could sure use the help though. I’m going to Professor Oak’s lab to see if he’s seen anything unusual.”

“Right, we just happened to be going there, for my son,” I rubbed his head.

“Perfect timing then,” Looker chuckled. “By the way, don’t tell anyone else, but my real name is Émile,” he nodded. “Are you good at keeping secrets? I don’t want to Apollo know I’m looking for him.”

“Right,” we all nodded. I looked at Jasper again. I couldn’t believe I had a son, even though the doctors said my sperm was non-motile.

“Well, we’re here,” he broke the silence. Turned out his lab was all the way up a hill, with a huge staircase – it was the only thing that led up to his lab.

“Whoa…,” Jasper’s eyes widened. “I hate to be cocky, but you expect me to walk up all of those stairs?”

Émile chuckled. “I suppose you can try.”

“Race all of you,” I smirked. Marie and Jade giggle again while Émile and Jasper groaned. It probably took me about five minutes to get up… I was the only one up there. “What the hell…?! You guys are so slowwww!!” I said sarcastically. They all laughed and groaned. It took them another four minutes to get up. We all grinned and walked up to his door. Émile opened it for us. We all thanked him and walked in.

“Samuel, are you there?” Émile called. Professor Oak walked into the room eating some sort of dessert.

“Ooh… hello everyone!” He grinned. “It’s nice to see you Émile, who are you four?” He smiled and rubbed Jasper’s head.

“I’m Stanford, this is Jasper my son, Marie my wife and Jade my cousin,” I pointed to all of them.

“Nice to meet you,” we all said except Émile.

“So what are you eating?” I asked and mentally started to drool.

“I’m eating Crème brûlée,” he replied.

“Wow that looks so good,” Jade drooled.

“I know… you have to give us some,” Marie said sarcastically.

“Well, since you guys are my visitors, I happened to make plenty of this stuff, almost too much, for Tracy even…”

“Tracey…?” We all murmured.

“Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s my assistant,” he smiled. “Come along, he’s busy making some poffins.” We all licked our lips when he said that. We all walked into his kitchen.

“Hi there,” apparently Tracey smiled. We all greeted each other and sat down at the kitchen table.

“So, I was wondering Samuel, have you seen anything odd going on lately,” Émile asked Oak while sipping tea. “I was wondering if you have seen Team Rocket per chance.”

“Team Rocket… I don’t believe I have, no, sorry,” he replied after swallowing some of the dessert.

“Oh, darn,” I mumbled. I was hoping to be able to catch that bastard. “Anyway, my son is here to get his first Pokémon, just thought you would like to know,” I grinned.

“Oh,” Oak chuckled. “What would you like, little guy?”

“I’ve wanted a Squirtle, if you have one,” Jasper grinned. “If not, I’ll take anything you have.”

“I just happen to have a Squirtle, come along now,” he grinned and got up. Jasper followed him closely.

“So… Émile, I haven’t seen you in so long, what have you been doing for about six years?” I asked. Émile looked at me and cleared his throat.

“I’ve been after different evil teams and disbanding them… the one that is probably the worse is this team in Oriss called Team Havoc. They are known for actually going as far as killing Pokémon and humans alike for being in their way. Rumours say they could even be in Sinnoh now… but most are in Oriss.”

“T-that’s terrible…,” I sighed. Marie and Jade looked down at the floor. “No one should go to extremes like that… uh-oh, it feels like I’m being a hypocrite… but it’s not our fault, it’s Cyrus’s – I was just doing my job… I guess…”

“Stanford, that was the past, try to forget about it,” he nodded.

“You’re right,” I slammed my first on the table. “It’s not right… I don’t get why I worked for that bastard in the first place…”

“Stanford… it’s the past… calm down…,” he cleared his throat. Rage was pulsing through me… but I calmed down and banged my head on the table. I looked at Jade.

“You’re right…,” I sighed and sat up.

“Stanford, I have a confession… I really didn’t marry Cyrus… it was just a cover-up, because Cyrus used to force me to say that I was married to him. So I’m breaking up with him.” We all looked at her with our mouths agape. “He said ‘if you don’t say that we are married, I will kill you’.”

“Sounds like him,” he nodded. “Cyrus looks like the rough, killing, bastard-type of person… I don’t know if I could fully describe him.” We all nodded at this.

“He’s threatened to kill me several times… including before this happened,” I lifted up the sleeve on my shirt. “He said ‘if you don’t fix this air conditioner, I will kill you’,” I sighed. “I would rather not talk about what happened…,” I shuddered. “It involves b-blood…”

“Oh… so you have haemophobia…?” He asked.

“Y-yeah…,” I sighed. “I don’t know how to get over it…”

“All you need is some therapy,” he got up and grabbed a small kitchen knife. He made a small cut on his finger, not enough to really hurt that bad. “First we start out slowly, a few drops at a time, then more, more, so on; and finally a lot of blood, but I would never do that,” he grabbed a napkin and dabbed his finger onto it. He showed me the napkin. “That is how we start out. I used to be a radio show host for people with problems before I became a part of the International Police.”

I shuddered slightly, feeling slightly ill and dizzy. “Oh-oh c-cool… th-that’s n-nice to-to k-know…,” I felt weak. “I h-hate blood…,” I thought.

“Breathe… breathe slowly…,” he breathed slowly. I nodded and copied him. “Anyways… since we are talking about secrets… Samuel Oak is my uncle… my dad’s brother.” We all murmured nonsense.

“Hey Dad…,” Jasper sat down next to me. “What’s going on?”

“I’m wondering the same; I heard quite a commotion a few minutes ago,” Oak blinked.

“Uncle Sam, we were just discussing some things… would you two like to join us?” Émile asked. Oak sat down. “I was just telling Stanford about how I used to be a talk show host on the radio solving peoples’ problems.”

“Right… I remember that,” Oak chuckled. “You see, Émile here is my nephew, he is actually Professor Rowan’s son. I bet you didn’t know that,” he chuckled. “Rowan aka Siôr is actually my half-brother… it’s kind of embarrassing if you ask me…” I blushed slightly, looking at Jasper and Jade.

“Yeah…,” I tried not to say anything I didn’t want to. “So how did it o with Oak, Jasper? Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, I am!” He grinned brightly. “Thank you so much Daddy,” he hugged me tightly.

I coughed and wheezed. “You’re welcome.”


“Well, goodbye,” we all said to Professor Oak. We thanked him for the crème brûlée.

“Goodbye, nice seeing and meeting ya’ll.” We walked off to Route 1.

“Is this goodbye, too?” I asked Émile.

“I suppose so… I’m going to go to Johto possibly… but one of the easiest ways to get there is to go through this gate that happens to be in Viridian City… so it’s not goodbye just yet, let’s wait until we get there. But I do have an idea,” he reached into his pocket and handed us all radios (somewhat like the ones Charon [aka Paul] gave us).

“Hang on… where did you get these?” I fumbled with it.

“I stole them from you guys a long time ago, of course you never noticed, you had so many of them,” he chuckled, “if you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all,” Jade grinned. “These things are pretty cool anyway.”

“Yeah, they are,” Marie agreed. I nodded in the rejoinder.

“Now, my main code name for the radio is ‘Looker’ of course, and the signal number is ‘one’, so I hope you don’t forget it; I played around with them and destroyed the signal for Cyrus’s radio. You do not have to worry about radioing Cyrus anymore.”

“Awesome, thank you,” we all said in unison.

“Hey Jasper, let’s see your Squirtle,” I grinned and rubbed his head. He nodded and let his Squirtle out.

“Hey,” the Squirtle said.

“Jasper, I challenge you to a battle,” Émile smirked. We all looked at him funny.

“Why…?” Jasper asked, stupefied. Émile patted him on the back.

“Because… you want to be a strong trainer…?” He asked and Jasper nodded. “I suppose it’s a start,” he grinned. We all walked to a field; Émile on the opposite side. If only Émile had a partner, then we could have a tag battle. “All right… go Persian,” he smirked and a huge cat-like Pokémon appeared. I always wanted one of those….

“Wow… I get to use my Pokedex for the first time,” Jasper’s eyes were wide as pie pans.

The Pokedex chimed: “Persian: the classy cat Pokémon. Although its fur has many admirers, it is tough to raise as a pet because of its fickle meanness.”

“Well, that’s true,” Émile nodded. “Let’s get started… I’ll go easy on you… use Iron Tail!” Persian meowed, jumping in the air while its tail glowed bright white and slammed down on Squirtle.

“Squirtle, Water Pulse!” A ball of water formed in its mouth and aimed it directly at Persian. Émile smirked.

“Thunderbolt,” he simply said. Its fur started to crackle and shocked Squirtle; causing the little turtle to faint. Émile blushed. “I got carried away…”

“It’s OK,” Jasper grinned, unaffected that he had just lost. “Return,” he smiled.

“Émile… that Persian is amazing! I challenge you to a battle! No, not a normal battle, but a tag battle!” I looked at Jade. “You don’t mind battling against me, eh cuz?”

She smirked. “Not at all, little cousin,” she walked over to where Émile was.


Jade’s POV

Oh my God… Émile is a cutie…,” I thought. “Go Nightshade,” I let my Umbreon out. He looked at the beautiful Persian.


Marie’s POV

“You can be my partner,” Stanford smiled brightly at me.

“Right,” I nodded. “Go Lily,” I threw a poke ball on the ground and out came my precious Lopunny.


Stan’s POV

“Ooh… you’re using Lily? Nice… go Skywing,” I chucked the ball onto the ground and Skywing materialised. Lily and Skywing looked at each other and nodded. “I’ll let you two go first,” I nodded. The two nodded.

“Night Slash please!” The two said in unison. The two smiled at each other. Uh-oh… I knew exactly what that meant when she looked at him just now. It means she likes him! Both Umbreon’s and Persian’s arms glowed bright purple and they slashed both our Pokemon.

“Lily, quickly, use Jump Kick on Nightshade!” Lily jumped up quickly before Umbreon could see where it was. She slammed down onto him. Nightshade screeched and growled deeply. I shuddered slightly.

“Skywing, use Air Cutter!” She flew up and flapped her wings and boomerang-shaped slashed of wind formed and bashed into their Pokémon.

“Persian, Shock Wave!” Émile smirked. Its tail began to glow white and it shocked our Pokémon, it even shocked me.

“Oh…,” I collapsed on the ground. “T-that h-hurt…”

“Are you OK?!” Everyone yelled in unison.

“I’m so sorry…,” the Persian purred, it was now a she.

I slowly sat up. “It’s OK, Persian,” I rubbed its head. “Do you have a name?”

“Yeah, it’s Precious,” she purred.


Émile’s POV

Looks like my Persian is really living up to Stanford…,” I thought and smiled. I looked at Jade, she really turned me on. Should I ask her out on a date? How would she react? Am I… dreaming? What is this feeling… it’s really nice… “Let’s just say this is a tie for now…,” I stared into Jade’s eyes. “Jade… how would you like to go on a date?” Her eyes widened and she fainted spot-on, but Stanford and Marie caught her.


Jade’s POV

This cannot be happening,” I thought. I slowly woke up. My cell phone rang. “Huh?” I got it out of my pocket and answered it.

“I’ve got really bad news…,” it was Cynthia. “Your husband, Cyrus, stabbed Lucian in the back with a Liston knife… Lucian is OK, but Cyrus isn’t… he’s in a mental hospital…”

“Cyrus isn’t my husband… it was all a lie just so he wouldn’t kill me… it’s complicated…,” I sighed. “Just tell him I’m breaking up with him… I got myself a date… and please tell him I quit Galactic…,” I smirked.

“Ooh… who is it?” She giggled.

“Looker…,” I giggled. She just chuckled.

“Wow… is he cute?”

“Yeah… well I have to go now; everyone is staring at me funny.”

“OK, goodbye,” she giggled again.

“Bye,” I hung up. “Shall we move on?” I smiled. Everyone nodded… and we headed off to Viridian City while I told everyone what had happened…

Oh, what a night…


Jasper’s POV

“Well… I sure am sleepy,” I yawned. “Goodnight, everyone.”

“Goodnight,” they all replied. I fell asleep quickly… thinking about what will happen next while listening to the sounds of all the night Pokémon.
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