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Chapter 1!!!!

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Author's note: This ones bout Simple Plan. I have this romance thing all planned out for ya! Please enjoy!!


I yawned as I woke up to realize that I'm going to be living another miserable day. The death of my parents that happened a week ago. My dad committed suicide and my mom followed after finding out that dad died. Now my eighteen year old brother, Pierre has to take care of me. I wasn't really a fan of that but I got no choice.

I looked out the window to see David Desrosiers waving at me from his room. He's my brother's best friend. I always wished David was my brother instead. To be honest, I never really liked any of my family members. I always hated my parents and brother. David was the only one around here that was there for me. I smiled and waved back. My phone rang and I smiled as I checked the caller ID. It's Chris, my boyfriend.

"Hey babe" I answered the phone happily. "Baby I'm on my way to your house so get ready" with that he hung up. I rushed to get ready, putting on a sweatpant that says juicy right on the rear end. I put on an abrucrumbie shirt and a juicy jacket. I put on glittery make up and straightened my hair. I got ready and headed downstairs.

"Hey Phoebie" Pierre greeted. "What?" I rolled my eyes. "I'm taking you to school" he said. "No your not" I sneered. "That dickheads picking you up again?" he asked. My stupid brother. My brother and parents never liked Chris. In fact, they hated him. Pierre's just jealous cuz Chris is the captain of the football team.

He and Chris hated each other to death. Whatever I didn't like my brother that much anyways. I didn't really like my brothers gang of emo friends besides David. "Yep and he's here now bye, have fun with your emo friends" I chuckled and left the house and into Chris' car. "Hey baby" he kissed me and put his tongue into my mouth. I happily enjoyed it.

Then we pulled away from each other. Before he pulled away from the driveway, David got out of his house and waved at me. I waved back. David smiled and went into my house to meet Pierre or something. "Why are you waving at that loser, again" Chis asked as he rolled his eyes. "Chris, Davids cool" I stated. "Whatever" he ignored me and drove away.

We got out of the car and walked into the school hand in hand. "Wanna have a go tonight?" he asked. I nodded. I loved having sex with him. He always gave me plenty and I can't resist him. He pushed me against the locker and lip locked with me. Then he left to his class. "OMG Phoebe guess what?" my best friend, Anabell came running to me. "What?"

"I made David Desrosiers go out with me!" she said happily. "What??" I asked shocked. "Yeah and Avril looked at me in jealousy this morning" she said. I smiled happily, getting a kick out of that. Avril Lavigne is an annoying emo bitch that we hate so much. She'll never get David. I think Anabell wanted David to make Avril jealous which I think is completely wrong because David is a really good guy and doesn't deserve it

We began to walk to our classes. Being a junior sucks. We have to go through two more years of this crappy place which I'm getting sick of. I followed her into the classroom to meet up with Jessie and Bethanne. We sat in the middle of the classroom, liking to be the center of attention. Avril and her gang of emo bitches came in laughing and took seats in the back. "Bitch I know your jealous"

"What?" Avril snapped. "Your mad that I got David instead of you" Anabell said. "I don't care" she rolled her eyes. I didn't think the way Ana bragged about David was right. David has been like my brother since childhood. We had been great friends and always get along. "Phoebe" Ana got me back to reality. "Yeah Ana?" I asked. "Are you okay?" she asked. "Yeah why?" I raise my eyebrow. "I don't know you seem distant" she said then rolled her eyes and turned to Jessie as Jessie interupted her from our convo.


I got into the lunchroom with David and Chuck. We lined up and got our lunches. I'm still worried about Phoebe. She's always like herself and I didn't have a problem with her preppyass self until she started going out with that dickhead Chris Nikols. He's been using her for so many things. He's gonna hurt her sooner or later. There as been constant fighting over him between my parents and her. It ended when the lives of my parents ended.

The three of us sat down with Seb and Jeff. We began talking and eating as Phoebe and her bitch of a friend, Anabell pass by us. Phoebe ignored us as usual, besides David whom she grew fond of in childhood. "Hey honey" Anabell hugged David. David smiled and happily hugged back.
I looked at them confused. What am I missing?

Then Phoebe greeted David before her and Ana walked to their table of bitches. "David, what the fuck was all that about?" I asked. "I go out with her" he answered. "You? Her?" I shouted. He looked at me confused as if he didn't know what the hell is wrong with that.
"Pierre just calm down" Seb patted my back. "That bitch is..." I continued. Chuck silenced me
by throwing his banana at me.

"Fuck you and that banana" I said, chuckling. Then we continued eatig lunch and finished. We were to go to our next class. I walked into Calculous 2 with David. We aimed for seats in the back. I yawned as the teacher came in to start the boring lesson. In the middle of class, I turned to look over at David to see him testing under his desk. "Who ya texting?"

"Phoebe" he whispered back. "Oh" I tried to pay attention in class. I still wonder about the whole David and Anabell thing. I think it's weird and stupid. Why would he find that bitch attractive? The bell rang and we rushed out of our class. We walked until I saw one of my best brunette female friend. I ran over to her and jumped on her back, startling her. "Avril"
I snickered.

"Pierre you scared the shit out of me" she laughed as she turned away from her friends. I can even call it my friends since we are all very close. I had to hate Phoebe a bit for hating on this girl. Avril is an amazing person. "Have any plans afternoon?" I asked. "Pierre Bouvier, are you asking me out?" she said smiling. "Sort of" I said. "Okay tonight at the skatepark?"
she suggested. "Yeah that sounds great" we said our goodbyes and left. We all loved
skateboarding a lot. Avril is one of the only girls I know that skated well. Actually she was
good. She is still a junior though.

"Dude did you just ask Lavigne out?" David asked. "Kinda" I muttered as I went to my next class, meeting Chuck there. "We need a bass player for our band" Chuck began. "Hey I thought I was the bass player" I said. "You also happen to be the lead singer, we need a bass player so you can concentrate on singing" Chuck explained. "That sounds fair enough" I shrugged. "Who can play bass?"

"I know David plays" I said. "Ask him then" Chuck suggested. I nodded. The teacher came in and started class. I spent the whole class thinking about the skate park. I knew I didn't like Avril more than a friend but I don't know what the girl thinks. I mean it's not like I'd be embarrassed to date a junior but I cannot see her more than a friend.

Then before I knew it, it's the end of the day. I met up with David, Sebastian, and Jeff at my locker. I got my stuff and followed the guys out of the school. "Hey losers!" I turned around to see Chris and his gay football friends pointing at us laughing. "What do you want douchbag" I asked. "Bouvier, nothing you need to worry about, I just want your sister. I got the satisfication of fucking her last night"

I got angry and pissed. How dare he talk about my sister like that. Why is she letting him do this to her. "I will fucking kill you" I yelled as I tackled him to the floor, punching him as hard as I can. I realized that he was punching back as the guys tried to pull us apart. Next thing I knew, there were crowds around us and the principal walked over.


I looked into the mirror in my locker that I put in. I looked amazingly beautiful. I put more blue eyeshadow around my eyes and cherry flavored lip gloss. I smiled at myself, knowing I'd look presentable to Chris. Tonight we are gonna have fun. I took my juicy bag and headed out the door. David came from the door and walked towards me.

"Hey David what's up?" I said. "Phoebe, your brother and Chris got into a fight and they both got detention so they had to stay after. Pierre told me to drop you home if that's alright" he said, smiling. "Yeah that's fine thank you David" I rolled my eyes at how stupid Pierre is. "That little fucktard, getting into a fight with my boyfriend, he hates me"

"Hes actually trying to help you but you know Pierre cares about you" David said in Pierre's defense. I sighed as I followed David to his car. I took shotgun as he took the drivers seat. Then I decided that I needed to ask David something important. "David?" I started. "Yeah Phoebe?"

"Do you really like Anabell?"

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