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Tonight Will Be The Night

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Chapter 2!!!!

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"Phoebe, I really like her" I confessed. I knew that I really liked Anabell even though she was everything against what someone like me should like. I didn't care, it's just something about her that I love so so much. "Oh okay" My friends sister nodded. I pulled over at her house and she got out of the car. "Hey if you ever feel bored just come knock on my door" I offered. She nodded and thanked me. Good thing we lived next door to each other.

I went back into my house and started texting Anabell. We talked about plans tomarrow night. I began to realize that I really liked her even though she hated my friends. Phoebe hated my friends too, including her own brother. That's something I really don't get. Why me? What is so differet about me that makes them not hate me? Then I got a text from Avril. It said "Where's Pierre I'm at the skate park"

"He got detention. For fighting with Chris, I'll be right there" I texted back and got my equipment. I headed for the door to realize that Phoebe was about to come in. "Oh sorry are you going somewhere?" she asked. "Un... Well I'm going to the skatepark to meet Avril since your brother couldn't make it"

She nodded, disappointed as she headed back to her house. I feel bad somehow. But she send a text to me thanking me so I felt a bit better. I got into my car and drove to the skate park. I saw Avril standing there, waiting for me. I got out of my car to greet her. "Hey" I hugged her. She hugged me tightly back. "Pierre was sorry he couldn't make it"

"He better be" Avril chuckled. Then we began skateboarding on the ramps.


I sighed and jumped on my bed. David left me for Avril. I feel jealousy in me. Not that kind of jealousy though. He was like my big brother who will always be there when I needed him. Now he left when I need him for Avril. I hate that bitch. I will kill her. I blame Pierre for everything. Speak of the devil, he bursted in my room.

"Its all your fault" I said, pointing my finger at him. "How? Its Chris! He was talking sexually of you" Pierre shouted. "Its none of your business what so ever" I shouted. "Yes it is, your my sister!" he yelled. "If you really cared about me then why don't you let me do what I want, maybe if I'm happy I'll like you better" I said. He rolled his eyes and walked to his room.

My cellphone rang. I picked up. "Hello Anabell" I yelled happily. "Phoebe guess what?" she squealed. "What??" I asked. "Jake kissed me!!" she shouted excitedly. "Wait Ana, what about David?" I asked, concerned for my friend. "Forget about him, I only date him to make Avril jealous" she said. "Anabell this isn't right" I said.

"It doesn't have to be, who cares about David" Anabell laughed. "I do!" I shouted. "Whoa, calm down" she said. "David is my friend and I'm not fine about you using him like that" I shouted again, trying to stay calm. "Calm yourself Phoebe, I still go out with him"

"But your using him" I added. "Okay whatever" she hung up. Then I went online shopping and brought five purses. I smiled to myself and jumped into bed. I was about to turn off my light when I hear a knock on my window. I walked over to my window to see Chris there. I opened my window for him to come in.

"Babe sorry couldn't make it today, your gay brother" he said. "Yeah I know" I nodded as he started stripping me. As he took my thong off, he slapped my ass and squeezed it. I moaned a bit. I walked to the door and locked it. I closed my curtains.

He took off my shirt and squeezed on my brests. I yelled silently. He unclipped my bra and started biting on my boobs. He pushed me on my bed and jumped on top if me. I reached for his belt and unbuckled it. I took off his pants and his boxers. I took off his shirt as he started to lick by upper body. I groaned.

Then he put his thing in mines, up and down, up and down, over and over again. I moaned loudly as he started licking my boobs and biting on to it. He started fingering me as I yelled more. We rolled around the sheets and managed to tangle ourselves in it. My body is filled with his saliva. It felt good. I found myself sweating.


I woke up and brushed my teeth in my bathroom. I shook off the memory of yesterday. I was sleeping when I heard the moaning and yelling from Phoebe's room. I knew that Chris was here. I didn't want him to make my sister do this. I didn't want her to end up hurt. She can do better than that bastard.

Yesterday I called Avril to apologize to her. She told me it wasn't my fault. It really wasn't. It was Chris' fault. I washed my face, fixed my hair. I got ready, putting on a shirt and baggy shorts. I took my bookbag and headed downstairs to make breakfast. Phoebe went downstairs in her PJ and messy hair. "Had fun last night?"

"I hate you Pierre!!!" she shouted as she sat at the breakfast table. She ate her cereal and rushed upstairs to get ready. David bursted into my house. "I couldn't sleep last night" he said, rubbing his eyes. "So you heard that too?" I asked. "Damn they were loud!" he shouted. I nodded. "My mom even heard them" he continued. "Really?" I asked. He nodded.

Then she got ready and went downstairs. "Hey David, you look tired" she said as they hugged. "You were too loud last night" he said weakly. "Oops sorry" she chuckled. "Where is your sex buddy now?" I asked her. She rolled her eyes. "He left at midnight so David is taking me to school"

"Okay but I have to pick up Anabell on my way" he said. She nodded and followed David out of the house.


I sighed as David drove to Ana's house. She's my best friend and I love her but I don't like what she's doing to David and he really loves her. Then he pulled over at her driveway and she came out of the house. I got out of the passengers seat and into the backseat as she took my place. She gave me the don't tell David anything look. I sighed and nodded.

"Hey guys" Anabell greeted. "Hey Ana" David smiled happily to her. I rolled my eyes. "Freakin lovebirds" I muttered. Anabell giggled. We got out of the car when David pulled over at the school parking lot. I ran to Chris and jumped on him, legs around him. He greeted me happily by slapping my ass.

Then his guys walked over to us. "So did you guys enjoy last night?" Bill asked. "Yeah the way she moaned just turns me on" Chris said happily. "He fingered me like a pro" I laughed. "Wanna get high?" he asked. I smiled and nodded as he grabbed my wrists and ran to the back of the school.

He took out a ciger and handed it to me. I lit it up and started smoking as he did the same. I usually do that with him to make myself relax when I have fights with my parents at home. His sex also comforts me but this is the second option. Then the bell rang. We quickly dropped our ciger and ran inside the school, hand in hand.

Pierre doesn't know about the getting high part. I never planned on telling him. Chris kissed me goodbye and left to his class. I walked down the hall way to see a guy kissing Avril against her locker. Then I realized the guy was my brother. "Get a room!!" I shouted. They both turned around to look at me. "Shut up bitch"

"Make me whore" I snapped back. "Im not a whore your the whore, at least I didn't fuck a guy last night" I looked at Pierre in disbelief. "Pierre thanks for spreading the word out" I said angrilly as I stormed to my class. I realized that I was late. I didn't care. Avril wasn't even in class so I beat her at that.

"Hey" Anabell greeted. "Hey what's up?" I asked. "Where were you?" she asked. "Getting high with Chris" I whispered to her. She nodded and smiled. Leah began talking to me about the new shopping mall that opened last night. "I'm totally going today" I said to her. "Lets go right after school" I nodded in agreement. "I have a date with David" Anabell added. I nodded and tried not to roll my eyes.


Class ended and I walked to Avrils locker to find her and Pierre making out. "Hey lovebirds" I greeted. They pulled away and smiled at me. "So... You skipping class all day to do that?" I asked. "Kinda..." Avril smiled. "Thats um... Good" I waved goodbye to them as I headed to my next class with Jeff.

I passed Phoebe's locker to see her making out with Chris, against her locker. Then I feel a pair of hands on my eyes. "Jeff is that you?" I asked. "Um... No dude" Jeff responded awkwardly. Then the hands were off by eyes. I turned around to see my Anabell. "Hey" she leaned in to kiss me.

"Um... Dave I'll be in class" Jeff said awkwardly. "Can't wait for tonight" she said. "Me either" I smiled. I held her hand as I walked her to her next class. "Bye baby" she waved goodbye as I headed to my class, taking the seat Jeff reserved for me in the back. "Dude I need to ask you something"

"What?" I turned to him. "You know our band Restart?" he asked. I nodded. "We need a bass player" he said. "Pierre quit?" I asked. "No we just need a bass player so he can just sing" he said. "Dude, I don't know... I don't think I'd like to do that" I said. I feel bad rejecting to my friends but being the bass player in a rock band weren't really on the top of my list.

"Just think about it" he told me. "Yeah sure" I nodded. Then I started texting Phoebe. I always texted her during class. "Anabell is excited for the date" the message said. "Thats great =)" I texted back.
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