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What Did You Expect?

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Chapter 3!!!!!

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I put my food on the table and ran to Chris, jumping him. He let out a small chuckle. "Hey babe" he carried me to the lunch table. "How was your day today?" I asked. "Good but this senior girl was trashing you for being a junior and that we don't belong together" he added sadly. "Well she can suck my fucking dick!" I said angrilly. "I don't think you have a dick, I would know if you did" he winked at me, causing me to giggle.

Anabell and David walked over to the table. "Ana it's fine I'll sit at my table" David said. "No I want you to sit here" Anabell complained. I rolled my eyes. Who is she to complain? "Hey Dave!!" I ran over to give him a hug. Anabell glared at me evily as I grinned happily at her. We let go of each other as I walked back to my spot next to Chris who looked at David with full hatred. I smiled, reassuring him it's fine.

"Yo dude!!" I rolled my eyes, watching my brother walk up to David. "Hey Pierre what's up?" David gave my bro a fistbump. "Have you decided yet?" Pierre asked. "On what?" David looked at him confused. "The band?" Pierre offered. I rolled my eyes. He and his stupid noisy band that makes tons of noise when I was trying to watch TV in the living room. "Dude, I told you I'll think about it" David said, looking as if he wanted to roll his eyes.

"Yo losers, if you want to talk your gay emo band shit, talk about it at the loser table" Chris hollared at them. I ellbowed him which he ignored. Both Pierre and David rolled their eyes and walked over to their table of gay emo friends. "Hmm fucking losers" Chris muttered while some of his friends laugh with him. "Anabell aren't you ashamed to go out with that fucktard?"

"Hell yeah" Anabell laughed with them. I don't think it's right. David is the nicest kindest person ever. He doesn't care what you are. He likes some of us preps just the same as some of the emos. Anabell is giving him fake love when the love he offered is real. I have to admit, the crew he is with are losers who have no life. "Phoebe baby stop being friendly with that emo douchbag" Chris continued. I frowned at him as he smiled and kissed my lips.

The lunch was over then. I walked down the hall with Leah. On our way we saw Pierre and that skank making out again. I think it's unfair. What's so wrong about me and Chris going out when obviously the bitch he's going out with is so much worst. First she doesn't have good hair at all. She is a man. Skating and doing all her manly junks with her so called female friends. She has no sense in style. Who matches tank tops with baggyass pants. That was so last year.

"Look who your brother's mouth raping" Leah smirked as we passed them. I rolled my eye. "They are such no lifers" I flipped my hair as we walked into class.


I softly pull a strand of her hair out of her face. She smiled sweetly at me. I looked back into her green eyes. "So did David join the band yet?" she asked me. I shook my head. "Ill make him also, I'm gonna kick his ass if he doesn't" she smirked when she said this. Then moments later, I leaned towards her and pressed my lips softly against hers. I remembered when I first tried that this morning in her room. I expect her to pull away and slap me but instead she thickened the kiss like she is doing right now.

"I love you Lavigne" I said to her softly. It seems prett odd talking to her softly since ive always treated her like one of the boys. "Love you too Pierre, not your sister though" she said. "Its fine, you'll learn to like each other" I said even though I doubted. She looked at me as if she were thinking the same thing.

"Yo Bouvier, still in your make out session?" Patrick asked as he passed by. "Shut up Pat" Avril threw a empty water bottle at him which made us all laugh. It felt kinda nice to laugh for once since my parents died. I still wondered what gutted my dad so bad that he wanted to die. Didn't he not want us? Maybe he didn't want Phoebe but me? I've always tried to be a good and supportive son but always felt like I was missing a good boy quality. Was that the reason why he didn't want to live on life? My mother didn't even think about us before she followed?

"I wrote this new song yesterday and I wrote the music acoustically" Avril continued. I shook myself out of my own thoughts as I listened to my possible new girlfriend. "Really babe, I'd love to hear it" I told her. She smiled at me and kissed me on my right cheek. Pat chuckled as he went into his next class with Chuck.

"Hello fags!!" We both turned around to see Anabell and Bethanne. I hated them both so deeply and they're were my sisters best friends but that's not surprising since their kind of people didn't like our kind of people and vice versa. "Go fuck those retarded jocks you little hoes!!" Avril snapped.

"Sorry I don't fuck jocks, I'm with David" Anabell bragged as if David was a brand new Ferrari she was showing off. "Am I supposed to be impressed?" she asked rolling her eyes as I was about to myself. "I know you are jealous" Anabell gloated. "Why the hell should I be jealous? I should be more confused that Desrosiers would go for a fucking slut like yourself"

"I know your trying to cover up your jealousy" Anabell continued talking. "Im in a relationship here bitch" Avril said pointing at the both of us. "Ana let's just leave them" Bethanne suggested. They both nodded as they headed into a classroom, realizing they were late. "Wow you love having to watch the bickering don't you" she said sarcastically. I smiled and nodded.

"You like David?" I asked, surprised. She shook her head. "Not really, attractive young fellow but not hardcore enough to handle me" she said, half smiling. "Am I hardcore enough to handle you then?" I asked. "Hell yeah you are" she kissed my lips.


"Haha I love that top but she looks fat in it" I said to Leah, pointing at Leasha trying to look pretty in a cute pink tanktop. She looked damn ugly. Plus she's so fat. I'd look hot in it but I would burn it because Leasha already wore it. Me and Leah giggled softly and began talking about this week's latest fashions.

Then the bell rang. "Mrs Techy obviously got a boob job, her boobs are so big but fake and crusty" Leah said, after we left the English room, making sure our English teacher couldn't hear it. "Anabell!!" we all ran over to Anabell and Bethanne. "Ugh I have to go out with David tonight sorry I can't go, I wonder if it he worth it" Anabell rolled her eyes. "Anabell if you don't like him just dump him, stop using him, it hurts so watch" I whined.

"But I want to make Avril kill me so we can tick her off" Anabell continued as she and Beth told us about the convo they had with Avril and Pierre before class. "Look Avril is not jealous, she doesn't like him so break up with him already" I said, almost begging. "No I wanna have a little fun" she smiled. "Go had fun with someone else, not David"

"Why not David?" Bethanne asked. "Just not David..." I said. We all walked into Jewlery class. We were making bracelets today. I have to make sure this bracelet doesn't burn like the last one. I didn't care less.


The bell finally rang and I'm bringing Anabell out. Pierre and the guys have been bugging me about her but she was worth it. She was worth everything I have to to through with my friends. They didn't like the idea because they said she was mean and bitchy which I half agree and half disagree. She's sometimes a bitch when she's with her friends but when it's just her and me, she's a sweetheart.

"Taking the princess out?" Pierre asked as I passed his locker. I rolled my eyes and continued walking. I walked to Anabell's locker to see her there with Jake. I raised my eyebrow a bit. But she turned around and saw me and smiled. She said something to Jake making him leave before she came over to me. "Hey babe" she said as she kissed my cheeks. "Is Jake bothering you?" I asked her.

"No he just wants to copy my geometry homework" she told me. "Oh you ready to go?" I asked her. "Yeah sure" I held her hand as we walked into my car. She sat in the passanger seat as I took the drivers seat. Wanna go for ice cream first?" I asked. "No ice creams gay" she simply said. "Oh okay" I shrugged. I mean I sometimes take Phoebe to the ice cream store when she was upset from having fights with her parents. She used to enjoy it so much.

I ended up driving her to starbucks. We took some cappachinos and sat down at a table. I smiled at her as I handed her a straw. She took it out of my hands and smiled back at me. She took the straw out of it's wrappers and tucked it into her coffee. She started to take her sip. I stared at her thin shaped lips as it touches the straws gently.

Next thing I knew a storm of laughter came into the quiet coffee shop. We al turned to the door and I seemed surprised to see Phoebe and Leah dropping in. Phoebe waved at us as if she expected us to be there. I turned to look at Anabell and she looked pissed to see them somehow. "What the hell are you bitches doing here?" Ana asked angrilly.

Leah took another table and linked it with our table. Phoebe took the chairs and put it with the table. Leah took a seat next to Ana as Phoebe slipped next to me. "Just wanted to join you guys, we feel like a coffee mood so we're here to drink coffee" Phoebesaid innocently.
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