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I'm Just Good Like That

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Chapter four!!

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I chuckled to myself as I took a seat next to David. "Hey guys what were you talking about before we came in?" I asked. I looked over at the really angered Anabell. I didn't care for once. I didn't want my best friend to hurt David. I had to see what happens during their date. I have to make sure David doesn't get too attached to her.

"None of your business" Anabell said angrilly. "Anyways Davey can you get me a ice cold coffee?" I asked. "Yeah sure" he got up. "And coffee ice cream" Leah added. He nodded and went to the counter. "What are you bitches up to?" Anabell asked. "Ana we just want coffee" I said innocently.

"No you don't you just want to come between me and David" she said. "Why would I do such a mean thing to my best friend?" I asked, blinking. "You know I'm right Phoebe" Ana said. David came back with our coffees. "Thanks Dave you rock" Leah said happily. Then we all began drinking or eating (in Leah's case) I smiled happily looking around the coffee shop.

"Hey David look at that chick over there, she's hot!" I said, pointing at a emo girl sitting in the back. I flashed a smile at Anabell while David looked over at her. "Shes not that attractive" David said. I shook my head. Maybe he wouldn't say that if Anabell isn't here. Anabell grinned. "This isn't over yet" I whispered to Ana.

Then we finished our drinks and got up to leave starbucks. "Hey Phoebe I need to go on a date with Ana so can you guys please leave?" David asked me silently. "Dave you don't want us here?" I asked, battering my eyelashes. "Sorry I just really wanted to go with her alone, I really like her"

I shook my head. "Thats the problem Dave" I said and left with Leah. We decided to go to that new shopping mall.


I opened my door for Avril as we both walked into my empty house. Looks like Phoebe isn't home yet. Probably out with Chris or something. I led her to my room. "Pierre you know I'm not ready for it" Avril said. "For what?" I asked, confused. "Dont play dumb hun, you know what I mean" she said seriously. "Oh that? Hell no! I'm not ready either"

"Good..." she smiled and kissed me. "Hey aren't you gonna show me the song?" I asked, remembering the song she talked about this afternoon. "Oh yeah!" she took my acoustic guitar and sat on my bed. She began strumming a few chords and began singing the song. Her voice is amazing. Her voice have a rock edge to it and her voice can go high and low range. I knew she could sing but didn't know she was that good.

Then she finished the song. "Am I making things complicated?" I asked, maybe I have something to do with the song. "No its just something I wrote about some dude" she said, looking away. "What dude?" I looked over at her. "Its not a big deal Bouvier" she said. I turned her face to me. "Tell me..."

"Its about David going out with Anabell" she said. "You like David?" I asked. "I liked David, past tense" she added. "Oh okay" I smiled. "But don't worry you are the sexier one" she winked. I smiled and kissed her, pushing her on the bed. She pulled me on top of her and rubbed her hands against by back.

I began rubbing up her thighs. She took off my shirt. "I think I'm ready" she said. She put her legs around me as I took off her shirt. She smiled and began unbuckling my belt. I shook my head. "You first" I said. "No you first" she laughed. "Okay fine" I let her take off my pants and strip me naked.


I brought her to a French resturant. We sat down and began ordering our food. I smiled. Finally we get time alone. Not that I don't like Phoebe. I mean I love her to death but I love Anabell and want alone time with her. I've never felt this way with another person. She makes me feel like a normal person. Not in a world of stereotypes. Being called emo and prep back and forth to each other.

"I love this resturant" Anabell said to me with a small smile. "Good, order anything you want" I said. "Okay thanks David you are the best" she winked at me. Then we ordered our food. Then it was filled with silence. I didn't know what to say to her. Looked like she didn't have anything to say to me either. Then Phoebe and Leah bursted into the resturant with shopping bags around them.

"Hey guys!" Phoebe said happily to me. "What are you doing here?" Anabell asked, obviously mad. "We brought a little something for you guys" Leah smiled. Phoebe reached into her bag and took out a box of condoms. "What the fuck?" I took the box from her hands. "Youll need it when you guys get busy tonight" she winked at both of us. I looked over at Anabell and she looked like she was gonna kill both of them.

"Can you guys please leave?" I asked as politely as I could. "No I'm hungry" Leah said as she grabbed a chair over. "Please Phoebe?" I asked, looking into her eyes. She looked at me in a understanding way. She nodded as she grabbed Leah to go. She had that hurt look in her eyes. I didn't know what was up. She looked really scared, worried, or depressed.


The past few days have worried me a bit. David and Anabell have gotten closer and closerz. It worries me. Me and Chris has been having fun last night at his house. I woke up next to him. I realized there were blood all over the bed. "Shit I'm sorry" I said as I quickly got up. "No baby, I like it when I make you bleed, it shows how hard we were at it last night" he winked. I wrapped my legs around him and began to make out with him.

He pushed me on the bloody bed and began doing me harder. I moaned louder as he did it harder and harder. He licked my whole face as the action goes on and on. Then we were done. We realized that we were both really bloody. We decided to take a shower together. We both for into the shower. "You first" I said. He nodded and pushed me to the water. He began rubbing my body parts for me.

I feel a twinkling feeling when he got to the bottom part. He began rubbing soap to my legs up to my you know what. I moaned when he began rubbing it in and out. Then he rubbed all around my body. Then he began ringing the soap off my body, touching my lower body part again causing me to moan. I began rubbing him. Then we were finished with the shower.

We dried ourselves and went to his room. He sat me ikon his chair as he opened my legs wide. He fingered me deep as I yelled. We finally managed to get dressed and go to school. "Fun isn't it?" he said as we got into his car. "Yeah" I said out of breath. We drove to school. I got out to see David trying to kiss Anabell. She politely rejected him which angered me. "That bitch"

"Who?" he asked. "Anabell" I said as we both went inside the school. Chris left with his friends. I wish I was a senior for once so I would be taking the same classes as him. "Hey girl" I turned around to see Anabell. "I love you and stuff but why are you doing this to David?" I asked. "I wanted to have fun"

"Hey you want fun?" I asked. "Yeah!" she raised her eyebrows. "Lets have fun" I leaned towards her and licked her lips, causing her to pull me back into her. She put her tongue into my mouth. I did the same. The we pulled away. I pulled get into the ladies room. The bell rang but we ignored it. I pushed her into a stall and locks the door. She sat on the toilet seat as I took her shirt off. Then she took her pants off. I stripped myself naked. I sat in top of her with our legs wrapped around each other.

Then we began making out. I realized how fun it is to do it to a girl. I think I'm bisexual now. I pushed toward her and I put my finger in her hole. She moaned, wanting more. I gave her more. I bit onto her boobs, both of us enjoying it.
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