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The Secrets I Keep

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Chapter 5!!!

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I slumped into the seat next to Pierre. "Hey dude are you going to join the band?" Pierre asked as soon as I sat down. "Dude stop asking that, I don't want to join your band" I said, feeling slightly bad. "Oh" was all he said. I felt like our friendship is different now. I didn't know what happened between us. "Have you seen Phoebe?" I asked. "She was probably at Chris' last night"

I smiled and turned my attention to the teacher coming in. She started the lesson which I didn't completely listen to. I was thinking about Anabell. One problem... She wouldn't kiss me. Am I rushing this relationship too fast? Did I say something bad? What did I do? I didn't know. Maybe she didn't want to go too fast. I wasn't really the guy every girl wanted but as long as I have Anabell, everything is fine.

The bell rang. We all rushed out of class. I saw Anabell coming out of the bathroom with Phoebe, hand in hand. I raised my eyebrows while they came over to me. "Davey!!" Phoebe gave me a hug. "Phoebe where were you?" I asked as I squeezed her tightly. "What do you mean?" she asked. "I honestly don't know" I'll just drop the subject. "Hey babe" Anabell smiled nervously at me.

I waves goodbye to them and walked to my next class. I wondered what is up with Anabell. She looked so guilty for something. She wouldn't look straight into my eyes for some reason. Did I do anything wrong? There was something about her that she doesn't want me to find out. I need to talk to Phoebe, not that she was going to give me anything.


I rubbed my hands up Anabells thighs. She winked at me. I looked around to make sure no one in the classroom was looking to peck her lips. Then we waited for the bell to ring. The bell finally rang. We rushed out of the classroom and dropped our books in the locker. We ran for the door. "Hey babe coming over tonight?" Chris asked when he saw me. "No have important stuffs to do at Anabells"

We ran for the door, seeing David. "Anabell you have plans?" he asked. "We are spending quality time with each other because we've all been going out with boys and need friendship time" I told him as we jumped into her car. Today is Thursday and we wishes it was Friday. She began to drive out of the school. I was getting really excited. I can't wait to touch Anabell.

I looked over at her. I wanted to do so many things to her right now. I began squeezing her thighs as she moaned and continued driving. I also wanted to do this to have fun. Maybe she will break up with David when she have me. But now I just want her for myself. Being with her is more exciting than Chris. I just love it. I reached up her thighs and into her certain body part, I touched it, hoping her everything was off right now.

Finally we reached her house to find her parents not home. She told me they are at Las Vegas this whole weekend. I pulled her upstairs to her room, glad no one else was in the house. We closed her bedroom door and locked it. We closed her curtains. The first thing I did was take off her pants. I squeezed her ass causing her to giggle. I took off her thong, stroking her. I get that excitement right now.

I wonder why I never tried to do girls. As I know, I'm a sex freak but I never though it would be this exciting. I pushed her on her bed and jumped on to of hers, meeting my lips with hers. Our tongue touched and they began to wrestle each other. I put my arms under her shirt as I took her bra off. I loved her big fake boobs. I took off her top as I got the excitement to see it.

I didn't want people to find out I'm bi or something. But I love doing it. She flipped over, making me the one against the bed. She took off my sweat pants and tank top. I wrapped my legs around her hips as she got closer and closer into me. I started to explore through her mouth. Her tongue following everywhere mines go. And one good thing about this. No need for protection.

We sat up and she wrapped her legs around me as I began stroking her legs. She giggled. I started to do her. She moaned and screamed making me turn on. I began licking all over her body.


"Where is your sister and Anabell these days?" David asked me. They left at Thursday afternoon and never came to school on Friday. And now it's Monday morning and they are still no where in sight. "I obviously have no idea" I said. "Did they get murdered or something?" Seb suggested. "I don't know I looked in Anabells house and no one was in there" David said. I was starting to panic.

"Lets look around town" Chuck suggested. "Yeah that'd be a good idea" Jeff joined in. We decided to split up. I first looked in starbucks, knowing there is no way they are in there. I looked in a strip club which they weren't there either. Good, my sister isn't becoming a stripper behind my back. I got in my car and began driving to a desserted place. I don't know what got me to drive there.

I kept walking and walking in the empty land. I wandered about how me and Phoebe never bonded in any kind of way. Since my parents died, I realized that I have to do everything to protect her. I cannot let her slip away like my parents did. I needed to be more responsible. I may never see Phoebe again and it's my fault. Why was I being so irresponsible, letting her go anywhere she wanted.

I kept on walking until I saw a pink car which I believed belonged to Anabell. I walked towards it and I couldn't see anyone from the front window. I looked at the back seat window to see the most disturbing image of my life. I see my sister and her best friend doing each other. I tapped on the window. They both broke apart and looked over at me. Their jaws dropped when they saw me.

I couldn't believe it. I didn't even know what to say to this. Can I say that Anabell is cheating on David or that Phoebe is cheating on Chris. I never knew anything about my sister being gay. They got out the car, dressed. "What the hell is this? Somebody please explain" I shouted. They both looked at each other, guilty. "Im sorry" Phoebe whispered. "Don't say sorry to me, David" I turned to Anabell.

She shrugged as if she didn't care. I knew that she didn't care. I wonder why David is keeping her around. "Look Phoeb, your coming home with me and Anabell go home, you tell David what happened yourself" I grabbed Phoebe's wrists and pulled her to my car. I got in and drove away. It was silent. "Pierre are you mad?" she asked. She sounded afraid. I didn't know what was up with her lately. She's always afraid and scared of something.

"Phoebe please tell me something" I said, trying not to get angry with her. "I couldn't resist, I was overexcited. I don't know I just wanted sex and" she looked down at her lap. I sighed. "Phoebe, I know you like having sex but come on you do Chris and you do Anabell what can I say after that?" I didn't know what to think. "Pierre please don't tell anyone about this" she said, afraid.

I pulled over at our house. I got out the car and opened the door for her. "Please Pierre" she begged. "Okay I won't say anything" I said. Phoebe pulled me into a hug. I was surprised by the contact. She never wanted to be anywhere near me. We walked into our house. "Phoebe I'm afraid to say that you are under house arrest and you are to stay in this house at all times unless you have school.

"Why Pierre, why?" she almost shouted. "I can't risk losing you too" I said. "Pierre your ruining my life!" she yelled. "Thats just how it works" I shrugged. "Pierre, it's not fair!! What makes you in charge?" she shouted. "I was suppose to be in charge, I'm older than you" I said logically. "Yeah by one year! I fucking hate you, I never want you to be in charge!" she stormed upstairs.


This whole week was shit. I didn't get to hang out with Chris at all. Anabell wouldn't even talk to me. She was hanging on to David most especially trying to trick him into a game. I get very furious everytime I see them together. But somehow I am ashamed of myself. I feel like a whore. I fucked my best friend the day I fucked my boyfriend. I need to stop even though I announce myself as bisexual.

Pierre is ruining my life. He made sure I go home right after school ended. He wouldn't even let me go to the shopping mall with Leah and Bethanne. I also hated how he can bring Avril in the house when I can't leave or bring anyone in. Only David came in the hang out with me. He felt bad and he cared about me. He made sure he stayed here so I won't be bored. He is the only one around here (besides Chris and Leah) that cared about me. I'm having my own personal breakdown.

I fucking hate Pierre. He is the cost of my agony. David pulled over at my house and walked in with me. I walked to the kitchen to see Avril sitting on the kitchen counter with Pierre making out with her. "Why are you aloud to bring your girlfriend here and I can't it's so unfair, it doesn't mean if you are in charge, you can fuck your girl anytime you want!" I yelled.

They pulled away and Pierre looked at me. "Phoeb, I'm sorry I can't let Chris come, he hurts you, I know it I just do me and David saw him make out with Diane this morning and in gym class" he said. "Stop lying shit to me!" I shouted. "Im not, you need to break up with him" he continued. I felt a hand on my shoulders. I knew it was David trying to make me feel better. He always tried to make me feel better even though it doesn't work most of the time.

"Why? Why do I listen to you? Every word mom or dad ever said about him was bullshit, he loves me and I love him I will marry him one day. He is the one for me. I will however fuck him anytime I want and you cannot do anything about it!" I yelled. "Phoebe, don't talk about mom and dad like that" Pierre said softly. "I don't fucking care! They wanted to tear me and Chris apart! Why should I break up with him? Avril can be fucking Chuck behind your back for all we know!"

Avril protested to say something but Pierre stopped her. "Avril would never do this to me, Chris will that's the difference" he said. "How do you know? Your girlfriends a hoe!" I yelled, tears falling out now. "She kisses you and ducks you but she's just imagining it's David! Avril you know it's true!" I yelled ad ran upstairs to me room, locking my door.
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