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Your World Comes Crashing Down

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Chapter six... I think the lemon stops from here...

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"Dude I should go talk to her" I said after the five minute silence. "Why should you care about this bitch? She insulted all of us including you, she put you into her own problem. Why do you care whatever she does?" Avril asked. "Because she's very important in my life" I looked at Pierre and he nodded. I walked upstairs and to her bedroom door. "Phoebe unlock this door" I said.

"No Pierre you can go to hell!" she shouted. "Phoebe Lynn Bouvier open this door right now!" I knocked the door. "David?" she said through her tears. "Yeah" I said. Then she unlocked the door and opened it. I looked at her bloodshot eyes as she pulled me into a tight hug. "Im sorry" she sniffed. "Why are you sorry?" I asked, comforting her as I walked her to her bed.

"I didn't mean to put you into this I was just mad" she studdered. "Don't worry about me, I'm worried about you" I said. "I just couldn't take this anymore, first my boyfriend wouldn't even hug me anymore than my best friend wouldn't talk to me, my stupid brother who can bring her whore in anytime he wants and I can't even go anywhere" she rambled. "Phoeb, you know your brother is doing this because he cares about you"

"No he did this so I can rot in hell" she said. "Phoebe you know that I really saw Chris make out with the whore" I said. "Really?" she raised her eyebrows. "Look Phoebe you don't have to believe me but I'll just tell you to watch out, don't let this man hurt you, if he does I'll kick his ass" Phoebe managed to giggle. "Thanks David... You are the only reason why I would go home every night, without you, I'd be screwed"

"Your welcome" I hugged her tightly. "Anabell wouldn't look at me" Phoebe added sadly. "I'll talk to her tomarrow" I said, hoping she would feel better. I always have to look out for her because I didn't want anything to screw get up, I just wanted to protect her. My phone buzzed. "Ask Phoebe if she can go to the mall" Leah's text message read. Phoebe got her phone taken away so Leah and Bethanne knew to text me. "Leah wants to go to the mall with you"

"Fuck Pierre" she muttered. "Um... I'll do something for you" I grabbed her purse and wallet and dragged her downstairs. Pierre and Avril looked over at us from the couch. "Dude I'll take your sister out to the mall if that's okay with you" I said. He looked at me and contemplated. "Dude take good care of her okay?" he asked. "Pierre I promise" I felt bad that I'm lying to him but I didn't want Phoebe to die here. I put her wallet in her purse and grabbed her wrists. I led her outside to my car.

She got in as I texted Leah back telling her I'll drop her off at her house. I started to pull away from the driveway. "Thanks David" Phoebe smiled for once in this few days. "Phoeb, just don't do anything stupid or your brother will kill me" I said. "I promise David, nothing stupid, no sex no flirting" I snickered as I pulled over at Leah's. She got out of my car as Leah ran out her house. "Thanks Dave" Leah smiled sweetly at me. "Anytime" I flashed a grin. "Wait Dave can you drive us there?"

"Yeah sure hop in" they both got back (in Phoebe's case) into my car as I began driving them into the mall. They chatted happily about the new Juicy or whatever fashion thing. I smiled, seeing Phoebe this happy in so many days of sadness. As I pulled over at the mall the squealed excitedly. I took out my wallet and took out a hundred dollar bill. I handed it to Phoebe. "If you ever need extra cash, use it and if you run out just tell Leah to call me and I'll be right there"

"Thanks David, you didn't need to do that for me" she said as Leah got out in the backseat. "Have fun" I smiled. Phoebe grinned and kissed me on the cheek. "Bye" she waved and got out of the car. I turned on the radio and played some Green Day to kill time.


We happily walked into Victoria's secret. "David is so nice to you" Leah said. "Yeah love him to death" I smiled. "Wait you really mean it? Like really love him?" she asked. "Oh not like that, he's just like the better I mean way better version of Pierre" I said. "Okay whatever you say Ms. Bouvier, you are lucky to have David" she said. "In fact, I am" we looked at the on sales first since I didn't want to spend too much of my own money let alone David's. I feel bad that we left him in the car.

I took a few sweat pants and cute tops before trying them on. I was satisfied with some of them. I went over to look at some juicy charms. I fell in love with most of them but they are so expensive. I also looked at some bras and panties. Me and Leah met at the register as we both paid. I didn't use any of David's money yet. I just wish I didn't get to. We both left the store and I decided to check hot topic even though my friends and I think it's an emo store. I wanted to get something for David. With my own money I guess.

I knew he liked this emo band called Green Day so I decided to buy the hand band for it. It was about twenty dollars which I could totally afford myself. Then Leah's cellphone rang. "Hey Dave what's up?" Leah asked. "Oh we are already at hot topic oh I see you" then hung up. David ran over to us, holding the same hand band that I just brought. "Don't buy it" I told him as I showed him what's inside the bag. He chuckled as he threw the merchandise back to where he found it.

"Wanna go grab something to eat? Foods on me" he said as we began to leave the store. "No I'm paying" Leah said. "No it's fine, my treat to you guys" he grinned. "Okay thanks, you realize that your spoiling us" I smiled. He looked at me and nodded. We went to the food chort.


We were walking by Abrucrumbie and Fitch when I noticed Chris and Rachell holding hands, shopping in the store. Chris said something funny to her as she laughed and they were in a kiss. I mean this guys a real player. I turned to Phoebe but she wasn't aware of this situation. Should I tell her? Maybe later. I didn't want to ruin her good mood just yet. She probably wouldn't even believe me so why bother try.

I brought some food from subways, mcdonalds, and burger king. After we finished eating, I treated them to ice cream from baskin robins. "Are you guys going to keep shopping?" I asked. "I feel bad leaving you" Phoebe said with a worried expression. "No it's fine knock yourself out" I said as they waved goodbye and continued shopping. My cell rang and I checked the caller ID.

"Hey Pierre what's up?" I asked. "Hows everything?" he asked. "Good and I brought your sister to hot topic" I said, grinning. "Really?" he said just as shocked as I am when Leah said they were there. "Yeah and I went to some girly stores with her" I continued. "Just take good care of her okay?" he said, obviously concerned for his sister. Phoebe needs to realize that her brother does care.

"Okay goodbye" he hung up. I sighed and went to FYE to see the latest music realise. I saw Chuck there so I didn't know what to do. I think I should hide or-- "Hey David!" I jumped. "Oh hey Chuck!" I greeted. "What you doing here?" he asked. "What are you doing here?" I asked, not wanting to say anything. What if he tells Pierre I came alone.

"Just chillin, you?" Oh I was going to the mall with Phoebe because Pierre finally let her but only if I came with her so yeah, she's in the bathroom right now so I kinda decided that I'll use the time here" I lied. "Oh okay dude" he nodded. "Hey Dave have you thought about the band offer?" he asked. I sighed, trying not to get angry. It wasn't really his fault that the other guys kept bugging me about it.

"I don't think so" I said. "Okay but think about it" he said. "I will now I'll need to get Phoebe so see you tomarrow" I said as we said our goodbyes. I left the store and walked around the mall. One and a half our later, my phone rang. "Hey Leah you guys done?" I asked. "Yeah we are at American Eagle so can you get us there?" she asked. "Yeah sure" I hung up. I walked there and found them with a million shopping bags on their arms.

I walked over to help them as we walked to the parking lot. I put all Phoebe's bags in the trunk as Leah put hers on the backseat next to her. I began to drive to Leah's as they started a conversation about teen models or who's the hottest celebrity. I pulled over at Leahs as she thanked me and said goodbye. She took all her bags and left. "David thanks again" Phoebe said, smiling.

"Whatever makes you happy princess" I grinned. "Thanks and here's fifty two dollars" she handed me a fifty dollar bill and two singles.


I looked at the clock and it's already nine thirty. "Bye babe, gotta go home" Avril kissed my lips before heading out the door. I sighed and waited for David to arrive with Phoebe. Then the door bursted open and a smiling Phoebe with lots of shopping bags came in with David. She headed upstairs happily without a word. "Dude thanks for whatever you did to make her smile" I thanked him.

"Its fine Pierre, whatever makes her happy, makes me happy" David said. "You are an awesome friend and a brother to her" I smiled. He grinned and waved goodbye before heading out the door also. My cell buzzed and I got a text from Jeff. "Band practice tomarrow after school" it read. "Kk dude" I texted back. I watched some more TRL before headig upstairs. I found Phoebe's light off.

I walked in to see her covers were off. I put her quilt around her as I kissed her forehead. I walked out of her room ad got ready to sleep. My sister looked so innocent yet so evil. I loved her and would do anything to protect her even if she hated me and wanted me dead. I changed and got ready to sleep.


David dropped me off to school. I got out the car and was greeted by Bethanne and Leah. "Phoebe, last night was awesome" Leah said as soon as I reached them. "Yeah I still couldn't thank David enough" I gloated. "That emo kid?" Bethanne cut in. "Shut up, Dave is the awesomest person ever even if he happens to be a bit emo" I said. "Yeah damn straight!" Leah said.

"Have you and Chris talked?" Bethanne asked. "No, he wouldn't even touch me, what's with that?" I asked. "Maybe you were hanging around David too much, stop hanging around him and go back to Chris" Bethanne ordered. "No, David is my friend and he means a lot to me" I explained angrilly. "How bout Chris?" Bethanne said before she left. I wondered what I'm going to do now. "Hey Phoeb, looking sexy" Jake said as he passed by us.

I rolled my eyes. "Phoebe don't listen to Beth, think for yourself" Leah added. "Thanks Leah" I hugged her. She was one of the only people who states royal to me. That's called a real friend. "Hey Leah!" I saw Chris a hug. "Um... Got to go bye" Leah said quickly, eyeing me. "Hey Chris" I said. "Oh hey Phoebe" he smiled

"What happened between us?" I asked. "Nothing it's just that your not here anymore" he said. "Pierre grounded me, how many times do I need to tell you that?" I asked. "I didn't get anything from you for the past few days I can't take it anymore, are you coming over tonight?" he asked. "I cant Pierre said I can't go anywhere so no" I said sadly. "Why do you listen to him?" he asked.

"Hes my brother" I said. "Thats your choice then" he said and left. I looked after him, shocked. What can I do to fix this shit? I walked into class and didn't really care about anything for the rest of the day. Anabell is still using the silent treatment on me. I remember how her lips tasted in my mouth. I didn't know if I should regret it. The day is finally over. My world is just crashing down now.

David waited for me by my locker. "Hey" I said sadly. "Phoeb, what's wrong?" he asked me. I shook my head. He didn't bother me about it as I dropped my books in my locker. I followed him to his car. He drove me home once again and we walked in the house. I hear music jamming from the basement as I rolled by eyes. Stupid band practice again. I think it's so unfair. We watched some TV until David told me he has to go before the guys came up and bother him about the band.

Then Chris came back into my mind. What happened between us? I know he's been miserable without sex. I've been miserable without sex also. I just wanted to do somebody so bad. I want Chris back. I want things between us back the way it used to be. I wanted him back. I need to be here for him tonight no matter what's the cost. Oh shit, the guys are coming up now. I ran to my room and boiled up a plan.


I just finished up my homework as I yawned. Maybe I'll head for the skatepark. I was about to call Evan when I reconsidered it. He's probably jamming with Avril. He and her have been jamming together a lot lately. Why is everybody in a band these days? I decided to close my curtains as I walked towards it. Before I closed it. I saw a figure, climbing out of a window. Phoebe's window. I realized it was Phoebe trying to sneak out the house.

I decided to follow to see what she was up to. I saw her jump into Pierre's car as I got into mines. I secretly followed her wondering where she was going. Then as we got there I realized she was in Chris' house. She got into the house asbi followed closely behind her. I hear some screaming and moaning when I decide to check what was up. My jaw dropped when I saw Chris and Anabell naked on his couch.

Phoebe obviously looked hurt. "Why would you?" she whispered. "Hun you weren't giving me anything, I needed something and I got Anabell" he said. "Who is in a relationship with David, Anabell how can you do this to him?" she shouted. It struck to me how much she cared. "He was nothing anyways" Anabell said coldly which shocked me. It actually hurted to hear her say that. I loved her so much.

"Anabell I don't care if you are getting together fucking my boyfriend every night, at least I don't care anymore, I am not going to let you get away with this anymore, David means a lot to me and you are still playing him, did you know that it was the only reason why I had sex with you?" what? Phoebe having sex with Anabell? When was this? "Hey that's hot maybe we can all have fun together?" Chris said getting closer to her.

"No get away from me!" Phoebe cried out. Both of them started stripping her when I bursted into the door. I punched Chris as hard as I can in the face as he fell down, nose bleeding. I looked over at Anabell and Phoebe. "David Hun" Anabell came over to hug me. I pushed get away. "Get away from me you whore!" I walked towards Phoebe and put my jacket around her naked body as I grabbed her and left for by car.
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