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I continued sobbing as David rubbed my sides to comfort me. "Dave I'm sorry" I said softly. "Why are you sorry?" he asked as he continued driving. "I didn't mean for you to find out like this, I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you hurt, I was about to tell you in person" I sniffed. "Phoeb, it's fine besides yesterday I saw Chris make out with Rachell at the mall, I didn't tell you for the same reasons so we're even"

"Thats good to know" I said. "Phoebe, thanks" his voice was so soft as he said it. "What for?" I asked. Too much confusion around here. "For caring about me and standing up for me" I saw a crooked smile on his face when I looked over to him. "Thats what friends are for" I grinned, obviously feeling better that David is here for me. He pulled over at my house. He opened the door for me as he put his arms around me and walked into the house.

There we saw Pierre and Avril sitting on the couch watching a movie. "Bonjour!" Avril shouted. "Hey what's wrong?" Pierre asked as soon as his head turned to us. "I uh..." I looked over at David. "Well after school, Phoebe told me she wanted to break up with Chris and I decided to bring her over to his house and they broke up but she's rather upset" he explained. I smiled and whispered a "thank you". "Oh good that they broke up, Phoebe don't worry we are all here for you"

"But she's not" I said, referring to Avril. Tears began to drop again. Avril sighed as she came over to me. The most surprising thing she did was put her arms around me and pulled me into a hug. "Look I'm your brothers girl and I try to always be there for your brother, but you are his sister and I will do the same for you no matter how much you hate me" she said the sweetest thing ever. Honestly that was the sweetest thing that ever came out of her mouth. "So you don't hate me?"

"Not anymore" she managed a smile to prove it. "Thanks..." I returned the hug. After we broke the hug, I ran over to my brother to give him a hug. "Sorry I've been a bitch" I muttered. "Don't apologize, just be careful with your life" he said and kissed my forehead. I took a seat near the kitchen counter. "Hey we are going to dinner do you guys wanna come with us?" Avril asked. "Nah, it's fine" David said. "You Phoebe?" Pierre turned to me. I shook my head.

They waved goodbye before leaving. "Wanna drink?" I asked David. "Yeah sure" he nodded and smiled. I took a few pack of beers from the fridge. We drank and drank and sang a lot of songs together and walking around the house. I began dancing as he danced along with me. We turned the music to the loudest volume and enjoyed ourselves. We got some neighbor complaints to turn the music down so we did before they called the police.

The next morning, my head hurted as I tossed and turned in my bed. I couldn't keep sleeping anymore. I opened my eyes to face my window, showing sunshine. I was about to get up when I had a feeling that I was naked. I looked down my sheet and yet I am. Re most dreadful part was to see who did I sleep with this time. As I slowly turned around I saw David's sleeping body facing me. I sighed in relief it wasn't any random guy. "David" I whispered.

"David" I put my hands on his cheeks. His eyes slowly opened. "Phoebe? Oh shit I'm sorry I didn't know what happened last night and I didn't mean for it to happen I don't remember what happened and my head hurts from this fucking hangover" he rambled. "Hey it's fine, just that if Pierre knows or not" I said. Speak of the devil. I hear footsteps coming towards my room. "Shit I gotta go" David quickly put his boxers on and climbed out my window. I quickly put a shirt on and my pj pants before Pierre knocked on my door.

"Come in!" I shouted. He came in. "Hey how was your sleep last night?" he asked. "Good I guess, drank a bit too much last night though" I said, realizing my headache. "Yeah I saw all those beer bottles, drank them all by yourself?" he asked. "Yeah sorry" I apologized. "Don't say sorry to me, apologize to yourself" he said. "I'm sorry" I said to myself. He chuckled as he left the room. I looked out the window to see David. He waved at me. I smiled and waved back. I realized today was Saturday.


I didn't know what really happened with Phoebe yesterday but she seems nicer to me. She didn't yell at me and told me to go away. She just welcomed me with a smile. I think everything seems very different now. I walked to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I called David and asked him if he wanted to come over. He said he'll be right there. I put all the breakfast on the table as David walked in.

"Hey Dave come sit down" I said. "Am I in trouble?" he asked. I chuckled and shook my head. "Hey Pierre I have been thinking, since you guys are stalking me about the band thing I thought about it and thought maybe I should give it a try" he said. "Really!!!?" I asked, dumbfounded. "Yeah dude" he nodded. "Thanks so much!!" I ran over to him and gave him a big hug. "Whoa gay much?" we turned around to see Phoebe walk down the stairs. "Morning Phoebe" David flashed a grin at her. "Morning to you too Desrosiers"

We all sat down and ate breakfast. I see the connection between David and my sister are getting closer. I'm glad. David had been a good friend to her. They have been very close. I didn't like any of the people she hung out with. They were jerks and possessd freaks. "Whats in store for today?" Phoebe asked. "Me and the guys are hanging out" I said. "Oh can I come?" she asked. "What?"

"You heard me" she smiled. "Yeah sure, we're going to the skate park" I explained, knowing she always hated the skatepark. "Ill go yeah i'm up for it" she said which surprised both me and David. "Okay Phoebs, I can teach you how to skateboard" David offered. "That sounds good" she grinned. They smiled at each other foolingly but went chasing after each other two seconds later.


"Get back here Bouvier!!" I shouted at Phoebe. "Your gonna have to catch me!!" she stuck her tongue at me ad continued running around the house. "Im gonna get you!!" I ran and tackled her to the sofa. "Haha I win" I grinned. "Not yet" she tickled me and I got off of her. She pushed me to the other sofa and ran away. "Okay I give up you win" I said. "Thats better" I walked over to the kitchen to help Pierre clear out the table.

"Phoebe do the dishes!" Pierre yelled. "Kay coming, don't forget to do the laundry!" she called back as she walked towards us. She began doing the dishes as Pierre and I went to the music room so he can teach me some songs on bass. He taught me some songs and we were set. "Hey David, thanks for taking care of my sister through all these years" he said. "Through all these years, you tell me now?"

"Yeah because now Phoebe is finally happy without her jackass of a boyfriend" he said. "True dat" I nodded. Phoebe came downstairs with soap all over her face. Me and Pierre bursted out laughing. "Thats not funny" she pouted. "Aww little princess doesn't know how to wash dishes" I said. "Fuck off Desrosiers, I'll end you!" she threatened. "Am I supposed to be scared?" I asked. "Yeah"

She smiled and walked out the door.


We piled into my car and I drove to the skatepark, meeting up with the others. Avril and her chicks got out of her car as they took their skateboard equipments. "Hey" I got out of the car and wrapped my arms around my girlfriend. "Why is Phoebe here? You didn't have to make her cone here" she said. "She wanted to come" I said not actually believing I said that. "Really?" Avril smirked. I nodded. "Ill teach her how to skateboard" she offered. "Sorry chick, offers taken" David said as he went to my trunk to get the packed equipments.

"Bonjour frenchies!" Evan greeted us "frenchies" as he came over to us. "Hey" I gave him a highfive. "Why is your sister here?" he asked. "She wanted to come" I answered. "Really?" he didn't believe it either. The other guys came and we began to go skating. David is somewhere else teaching Phoebe. We skates for about an hour when I decided to call David since I took Phoebe's phone away. I called him just as I saw them arriving here. They waved to us and went over to us.

"Hows skateboarding doing to ya sis?" I asked as they walked over to me. "I don't be surprised but I actually love it" she said, smiling happily. "Thats awesome, her teacher is awesome too" David bragged. "Yes yes thanks Dave" she rolled her eyes but smiled. "Band practice at Pierre's" Chuck shouted as they ran over to us. "Can I watch?" Avril asked. "Yeah" Jeff nodded. "Dave you wanna watch them with me?" Phoebe asked him.

"I can't sorry" he shook his head. Phoebe shrugged as they all got into their respective cars and drove to my place. "Bye dudes" Evan waved goodbye to us from his car. We got into my house and ran downstairs. "Guys let's welcome David as our new member of Restart!!" I announced. We all cheered and began to practice.


I sighed. This weekend is over do fast. I brushed my teeth and got myself ready for another murderous day of school. I can't wait to get out of here and go to college or fashion school. I got ready and went dowstairs for breakfast. I ate silently with Pierre as Dave bursted into the room. "In every awkward silence, a gay baby is born!!" he shouted. "It wasn't awkward dumbass!" I shouted back.

"Thats offensive Ms. Bouvier!" David pouted. "I didn't say I was nice" I teased. He shrugged and I finished breakfast. I grabbed my bookbag and purse and headed in David's car. Driving to another boring day of school. We got out the car and headed into the school. It seems different. As David and I walked inside the school. Nobody seems to be talking to me. I mean my so called frieds ignored me as I passed by them. Maybe Anabsll did or say some shit about me.

Oh well. School sucks anyways. "Hey I have cheer practice this afternoon" I told David. "Thats fine when your done just call me and I'll pick you up" he said. "Thanks dude" I smiled. "Phoebe!!!" Leah ran over to us, giving me a big hug. "Hey Leah!" I shouted. "Anabell was talking shit about you" she said. "I can see" I nodded. "Man I heard that you and Chris broke up"

"Yeah that shitbag didn't deserve me" I said. "Hell yeah your right" she said. "Sorry bout you and Anabell David" Leah turned to Dave. "No it's fine" he smiled weakly. "Hey I'm going to class, if you guys want to come over and sit with us at lunch it's fine" he said befre leaving. "Yeah you'll need someplace to sit after all these bitches hating on you" Leah stated. "Where are you sitting?"

"Wherever your sitting" she answered. "Your awesome" I said. "I know" she said as we walked to out first class together. We sat and texted throughout the whole class. We went to the bathroom to do some makeup before heading to our seperate classes. The first period seems pretty odd. Avril saying hi to me. Anabell being a bitch on me. Things are going to change around here. I walked to my next class, noticing for once that I've of Pierre's band member, Sebastion was in this class.

"Bitch" some people mumbled to me as I looked for a seat to sit down in. "Hey you can sit here" Seb offered a seat next to his. "Thanks Seb" I thanked him and sat down. "Everybody hates you now?" he asked. "Looks like it" I shrugged it off. "Class, get into a group of two" the teacher ordered. "Seb can we?" I asked. "Yeah" he nodded. "Wait your a junior?" I asked. "Um... Yeah? You didn't know that? I've been in your classes all year" he said. "Oh I just never noticed you, cuz you know..."

"Yeah you were a bitch at that time, I like the Phoebe now" he said. "Seb, it's only been three days" I said. "Three days can change a lot of things"
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