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Me and Seb walked to our next class and met Leah there. "Hey guys" she greeted us. "Leah!!!" I gave her a huge hug. "This is Sebastian" I introduced, having a feeling they probably never met. "I know" she said as she smiled at Seb. "Yep we kinda already met" Seb said. "Oh okay" I nodded. "We actually hooked up once" Leah continued. "Really?" I asked. "Well um... Chuck set me up" Sebastion said.

"Oh thats nice" I smiled. The class started and ended. The three of us walked to our lockers. "Phoebe it's about time you hook up with someone" Leah said. "Um... I just broke up with Chris" I said. "No I mean with a certain someone" Leah exchanged winks with Seb. "Um and who would that certain someone be?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. "His name starts with a d and ends with a avid"

I groaned. "God he's my friend more like my brother, it's like going out with Pierre" I said. "Ew... Thatd be weird" Seb said. "Ya think?" I sighed. "So do you like him?" Leah asked. "In what way Leah?" I asked. "In this way" I feel a pair of arms around me and I turned to see David. "David!!" I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug. "So you guys talking about me?" he winked. "Oh not at all"

"Haha yeah right" he rolled his eyes and we walked to lunch. We got our lunch and sat down at the table. A few minutes later, Avril sat across from me. "Hey guys" she greeted. "Hey Avie" I said. "Whats your cell number Phoebe?" she asked. "Pierre took away my phone" I said. "Ask him to give it back to you" she suggested. "Ask Pierre to give what back to you?" Pierre sat down next to Avril. "Pierre cab I please have my phone back?" I begged. He rolled his eyes but smiled.

I got my cellphone back yay!! "Hey bitch!" I feel a hard tap on my back. "Anabell go away you whore" I shouted. "Sitting with the losers?" she said. "You guys are the losers! I'm rolling with the cool people" I gave David a fistbump. The guys chuckled and she rolled her eyes. "Hey losers!" Chris came over and put his arms around Anabell giving her a kiss. "Jealous?" he asked me. "Um... No" I rolled my eyes. "Yes you are!" he said. "Okay so..." I look around me and decided to make a scene. I leaned over to Chuck and pecked his lips. "Jealous?"

"Losers!" they both walked away. The guys chuckled as they gave me highfives. "Um... Yeah I'm sorry about that" I said to Chuck. "Its fine your a good kisser anyways" I laughed as he winked at me. "You trying to bag on my sister?" Pierre asked. The whole table laughed. I've never felt so happy ever. I love how I didn't have to take my life seriously around here. I can't believe I used to think these people were losers, they were the coolest people I've ever met.

We went back to our classes. Then school ended. "Dave I have cheer practice" I said. "Okay... See you soon" he waves goodbye to me. I walked to the gym locker and changes into my cheerleader uniform. I didn't know if I could handle it anymore the bitches in there hates me. I am the captain after all. I walked into the fields. I saw Anabell and a bunch of other girls glare at me. "What are you doing here?" Anabell asked. "Um I'm the captain remember?"

"Not anymore" Rachell said. "You know what? Screw you all!" I stuck my middle finger at them and walked back into my locker I took of my uniform and threw them to the floor. I put on my clothes and walked back into the school. I spotted my brother and Avril. "Did Dave leave yet?" I asked.

"Yeah I thought you had cheer practice" Pierre said. "Well they kicked me out" I shrugged. "Screw them" Avril said. I chuckled. "Can I get a ride home?" I asked. "Yeah sure" Pierre nodded. We went to his car and he drove us home.


My bedroom door bursted open and Phoebe came in. "Phoebe I like you and everything but what are you doing here? Don't you have cheer practice?" I asked. "Well they kicked me out" she said. "Well screw them!" I shouted. And she laughed. "Have plans tonight?" I asked her. "No excatly why I was here" she said. "Wanna go out to dinner?" I asked. She nodded. "Lets go to PF Changs!"

After a few hours of goofing around, we managed to get inside my car and drive to PF Chang. We ate and went home. The next few days have been pretty eventful. Having Phoebe around seems fun. She became the funny goofy person that I love. She used to be a bit too serious but she's changed a lot with is around. She used to hate some of them. She used to hate Avril so much but now they are like best friends.

"Hey Pierre!" I greeted as me and Phoebe bursted in the room. "What took you guys so long?" he asked. "Oh we were too busy making out in the school chortyard" Phoebe joked. I laughed with her while Pierre rolled his eyes. "Okay I'm going to my room to write a song" Phoebe said. "Have fun baby" I kissed her on the cheek as she winked and walked upstairs. "You guys are kidding right?"

"Dude do you honestly think I'm going out with your sister?" I asked. "I didn't really believe you guys but I was just wondering" he said. "Dude I knew you'd be pissed if I did go out with her" I said. "Go out with who?" Phoebe asked from the top of the stairs. "Your mom!" I shouted at her. She chuckled and walked back to her room.


I woke up and got ready for school. I went into my closet to find something to wear. I realized that all my clothes were in the laundry basket. "Pierre, fuck you for not doing the laundry!" I shouted. "Sorry" I could hear him shouted from downstairs. Now what am I going to wear? I looked in my closet and found the clothes David wore the day we had sex. I sighed and put them on.

I decided that they weren't that bad. It was a black shirt with black skinny jeans and the black jacket that I wore that day. I wanted to match my face with the apparel so I put on some eyeliner, which made me look a bit emo but I didn't care even though I don't believe it. I took my purse and bookbag and walked downstairs. "Morning" I called to Pierre. "Morning Phoe... Whoa... You look different... Why are you wearing David's cloth?"

"Um... Well there was no cloth left in my closet so I had to yell across the window and borrow some from him" I lied. "Oh okay" he nodded. He still looked at me weirdly. I smiled as we ate breakfast cheerfully. I got out of my house and saw David waiting in the car. I went inside. "Whoa, why are you wearing my clothes?" he asked as soon as he saw me. "Pierre forgot the laundry"

"Oh you look so emo!!!" he laughed. "You emo hypocrite!" I accused. "Look who's talking!!!" he pointed at me. We laughed and he began to pull away from my drive way. We got into the school and walked in. People were all staring at me as if something about me looked different. "Emo bitch!" some people called out. I flicked them off as me and David walked to my locker. I got my stuff and we went to his locker. Then after he got his stuff, we walked to Avrils locker. She was surprised to see me too.

Then we walked to our first class together. Leah still hangs out with Anabell and Bethanne but she is still my friend so we don't talk much as we used to. The day went with nothing interesting happening. David met me at my locker and we jumped into his car. "Hey I actually like your clothes, can I steal some?" I asked. "Yeah let's go to my house" he said. Then he drove to his house. We walked into his house and went to his room.

I raided his closet and he gave me some clothes. He said he'll bring me shopping afterschool tomarrow. We went to his living room to watch MTV. The Green Day video for Basket Case went on. I didn't like them much before but I started to like them. "Damn the lead singer's hot" I said, realizing his hotness. "Not as hot as me" David pouted "Yeah sure" I chuckled. "Stop lying i'm hot!" David hit me with a sofa cushion. "Oh no you didn't" I took a sofa cushion and hit him back.

We hit each other until I fell over and David tripped on my leg and fell on me. His face was only inches away from mines. We stared at each other for five long seconds before we lean towards each other and our lips met. As the kiss goes on, it gets more intense. Which turned into make out. It felt great. I feel physically that I am attracted to him. By that way he's kissing me, I guess so too. We pulled apart and smiled at each other for long seconds.

"You and me, who knew..." he smiled.
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