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Our Love Is Nothing But A Lie

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"Uh..." Phoebe said awkwardly. "So yeah..." I studdered. "Um so where do we stand?" Phoebe seem to be the braver one around here. "Um... I don't know" I shrugged. "Um Pierre doesn't want us going out, he told me something like that" she said. "Yeah same here, so we are uh... Friends?" I asked. She nodded. Then a few minutes later, I manage to get off of her and help her up. When I lifted her up she was pushed against me.

I didn't know what made me do it but I kissed her again. "Well oops what an accident" I said casually. She laughed. "Ready to go home?" I asked her. "Yeah I wanna go home" she said. "You want me to walk you there?" I asked. "No it's fine I'll walk by myself, it's like two seconds" she laughed and took her things and the clothes I gave her. "Bye" she smiled and waved before she left. I sat on my couch and wondered if I really loved her.

Okay maybe I do love her but not this kind of love. Maybe I really do love her. Maybe that is why I always care so much about her and protect her. I just know that I cannot be with her if I don't want to piss my best friend off. I wish I can figure this confusion out. I realized I wanted to try out this relationship. I didn't think that will ever happen though. Pierre bursted into my house.

"David can you come over, the guys are already there" he said. I just realized that I have band practice now. "Oops sorry I forgot" I apologized. I followed Pierre into his house. We went to the music room and practiced. "Pierre can I tell you something?" Chuck asked in the middle of practice. "Yeah what?" Pierre put the mic back into the stand. "I well really like your sister"

The room is filled with catcalls and 'oohs'. I didn't say anything. I didn't know how to feel about her anyways. "And I wanted to ask if like..." he stopped. "Chuck, do whatever you want" I said. "My sister?" Pierre asked. "Whats wrong with that?" I asked. "I just don't think it's right, my friend going out with my sister" he said. "Hey there is nothing wrong with your friend going out with your gorgeous sister! The hogtie you are going out with happens to be Phoebe's good friend" I yelled.

The guys looked at me in shock. "Um... Dude calm down, I just wanted to let you guys know, not make you have a spazzem attack" Chuck put his hands up. We continued practicing. We practiced until Phoebe came down the stairs. The guys eyed Chuck which he tried his best to ignore them. "Hey gorgeous" I walked over to her and put my arms around her. She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Guys dinners ready" she said to us.

We all walked upstairs to eat dinner. We ate and chatted. "Phoebe, you look sexy in David's cloths" Seb noted. "Well thanks Sebastion, it's really hard to not look sexy when the person I borrowed clothes from is sexy too" she joked. The guys chuckled as I winked at them. "Im going downstairs" Pierre said as he finished. "Lets go down and continue practice" Chuck and Jeff got up.

"Okay let's go guys"


The guys left downstairs as I put all the plates in the sink. "Need a hand?" David appeared behind me and put his arms around my waist. "Its fine you can go practice with the guys" I said. "Ill help you" he said as we both washed the dishes. "Did Pierre do the laundry yet?" he asked. "No that lazy bum" I rolled my eyes. He laughed. We finished the dishes and cleaned the table. "You can go back downstairs now"

"No it's fine" he said. I smiled. I think I really like him. I mean I already do since childhood but now I feel this other feeling that tells me I'm in love with him. Do I really love him? "Lets watch TV" he suggested. We settled on the couch. We watched TV for about five minutes when Chuck came up here to tell David that he needed to go back to practice. "Bye hot stuff" I said and chuckled before he flicked me off and walked downstairs with Chuck.

I watched Americas Top Models back to back episodes. I already saw most of those episodes but I didn't mind watching it again. I was bored anyways. I yawned and thought about David. I love him so much. He is like the light of my day. Without him my world will just be complete darkness. I didn't think Pierre would like the idea of both of us dating. I decided to call Avril.

"Hey Phoebe, what's up?" she chimed. "Avril I need your advice" I said. "You can tell me anything" she said. "Okay well I like David, a lot" I confessed. "Okay, it was pretty obvious" she chuckled. "And Pierre doesn't want me dating his friend" I continued. "Wait does David like you back the same way?" she asked. "I don't know, please don't tell him what I told you" I begged. "Okay and I can help you find out if he like you" she said. "Thank you so much, I mean I really like him and Pierre would totally be against it"

"Bye Phoebe" Avril said. "Bye thanks so much" I hung up. "Whos the lucky guy?" I jumped and saw that the guys have heard my conversation. "Um... How much did you guys hear?" I asked. "Well from the part where you said you really like him and Pierre would me against it" Pierre said. "Ugh what do you guys want from me?" I shouted. "Calm down girl" David appeared beside me. "Whos the guy?" Pierre asked.

"Your mom!" I shouted before running upstairs. I tripped over a step and fell backwards. I felt arms around me and sighed in relief that I didn't hit the bottom. "Thanks" I turned around to see Chuck and David smiling back at me. "Okay guys we're leaving" Jeff said as Seb followed him. "Bye dudes!" I shouted. "Bye" they left. "Yeah I gotta go too" Chuck gave me a hug before he left.

"I suppose you have to go also" I turned to David. "Yeah" he nodded. "Ill walk you to your house" I offered, more excuse to spend some alone time with him. "Pierre I'll be right back" I said to my brother who nodded. We walked out of the house. Then we were at his door. "Well..." I said nervously. It was dark so I couldn't really see his face. Then I feel his breath. I realize that his face was moving closer to mine.

I manage to find his lips before it collided with mines. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. Then we pulled away. "Goodnight Phoebe" he said. "Goodnight David" I said before I walked back to my house. "Pierre" I sat next to him on the couch. "Phoebe" he said. "I well..." I didn't know what to say. "Whos the guy?" he asked. "This kid in my French class" I lied.

"Whats his name?" he asked. "Pablo" I randomly said. "Oh never heard of him" Pierre said. "Oh okay" I shrugged. The next morning I ran out of my house and into David's car. "Morning" I said. "Morning" he smiled as he began driving. "Avril called me last night" he said. "Oh" I nodded. "She asked me a few awkward questions" he continued. "Um okay?" I raised my eyebrows. "She asked me if I had feelings for you"

"I told her I did, I really like you but you like someone else since I overheard you on the phone yesterday, she laughed and I asked why was she laughing, she said never mind and hung up" he said. There was a long pause. "David, you like me?" I asked. "Well kinda, I mean I like you a lot, it's okay I understand that you don't feel the same way no pressure" he rambled. "Dave I love you" I said. He looked over at me. "Wanna go out?" he asked.

"Yeah but Pierre won't know right?" I asked. "Yeah" he nodded. Then he stopped at the school parking lot. I leaned over to kiss him. "Love you" I said. "Love you too" we got out the car and walked inside the school. "Avril, thank you" I ran over to her and hugged her. "You guys together?" she asked. "Kinda" I nodded. "Dont tell Pierre" David said. "Your secrets safe with me"

The day came and went with me and David. No PDAs so no one found out about us yet. The next few days went by nicely. Me and David went out a few times and nobody found out a soul. Only Avril knows. There were also makeout sessions in his closet (don't ask why). I really like him and I didn't want us to sneak around like this. But Pierre cannot find out about this do thats that.


I walked into my kitchen to make some food. Phoebe and David are still not home yet. I wonder where they went. They've both been strange lately. It's like they are hiding something from me. Also Avril. She'd be all awkward. Okay maybe there is something that everyone is hiding from me. I didn't know what was up with that. Phoebe and David bursted into the door laughing. I rolled my eyes.

"Ello big brother!" Phoebe said happily. "Wassup best friend!" David shouted. "Where have you two been?" I asked. "To the mall, we saw a bunch of gay faggots by the name of Chris and Jake" David laughed, Phoebe giving him a high five. "Are you guys high?" I asked as I put the food on the table. "How did you know?!" Phoebe joked.

"Hows your life been lately?" she asked me. "Um... Phoebe you see me every single day" I stated. "Oh haha I know" she nodded. "Have you and Avril done it? Thats what Phoebe is trying to ask" David added. "My sex life is private" I said. "Its okay we'll ask Avril" Phoebe laughed. "Like she'll tell you"

"She might if we shove a thirty dollar bill to her face" David said. "You guys are so stupid" I shook my head and walked to the sofa. "Thats why you love us!" Phoebe said. "Yep thats why I love my little sister" I pulled her into a bear hug and squeezed her as tight as I can.


We've been hiding our relationship for about two weeks. It seems uncomftable. I wanted people to know already so we can just easily show affection to each other. I hate pretending that David is just my friend when I obviously love him. I just wanted Pierre to know but not at the same time. "Come in" Pierre shouted. I walked into his messy room. "Pierre..."

"What Phoebe?" he asked. "I was wondering what you would say if I was in a relationship" I said. "You are going out with someone?" he asked. "No I was just asking" I said. "Depends on who the guy is" he simply stated. "What if it is Chris or Jake?" I asked. "Id fucking kill you and then" Pierre said, obviously frightened by the fact. "Calm down I don't like them" I laughed.

"Like what if I go out with one of your good friend?" I asked. "Chuck?" he asked. "Okay if I went out with Chuck, what would you say?" I asked. "I'd say fine and if he hurts you, he's a dead man" Pierre said. "Haha alright" I laughed. "So? you and Chuck?" he asked. "Pierre what would you say if me and Jeff went out?" I asked, boiling up a plan. "Um.. Sure? He's mature enough to handle you"

"How bout David?" I asked, mentally crossing my fingers. "Um... I don't know" he shrugged. "What does that suppose to mean?" I asked. "It doesn't matter you don't go out with him anyways" he said. "How bout Sebby?" I asked, not caring for what he has to say. "You guys would make a great couple!" he said like a fifth grade girl. I chuckled. "Okay thanks" I walked out his room.

I sighed. David was the only one he didn't have anything possitive to say about. Why is that? Why can't I go out with David? What is so wrong about that? I walked out of the house and into Davids. I saw a dude wearing a hat making out with a blonde tramp. Oh my god, is that David? "David what the hell?" I shouted.
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