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I couldn't believe it, how could he do this to me. Just when they were about to pull away from each other, someone jumped on my back. We both fell do the ground. I realized it was David. He smiled at me while we both laughed. "Huh?" I looked above me and realized it was his parents. Now I feel a bit embarrassed. I chuckled to myself. He got off of me and helped me up. "Damn..." I sighed. "Hows your day today?" David asked. "I talked to Pierre..." I said. "About us?"

"Well a bit" I told him everything. "Wow, thats uh... Sad" he said. "Yeah what do we do? Do we have to keep going on like this, hiding and lying?" I asked. He stroked my face with his hands. "I don't know, we have to tell him sometime" he whispered. "Hey Phoebe do you want anything to eat" David's mom asked from the kitchen. "No thanks" I shouted to the kitchen. "David, whatever happens I will always love you"

"I love you too Phoebe" he kissed me. "Wow..." I said when we pulled away. "Huh?" he looked at me confused. "Best kiss ever!!" I shouted, jumping up and down. He looked at me and laughed. "Lets go eat" he grabbed my hand and headed for his car. He drove us to a French resturant. "Wow, I didn't dress formal" I looked down at my band shirt and skinny jeans. "Yiu have a tie on" David said. Yeah I had a tie in. I laughed to myself as I looked at the menu.

We ordered our food and chatted. "I also brought tickets to the Green Day concert so if you want to go with me" he said. I squealed. I love Green Day! At least I do now. "Thanks David... My first concert!" I walked to him and hugged him. "Whatever makes you happy" he kissed my cheeks. We sat back down. My cellphone rang. "Pierre what?" I asked, annoyed. "Where are you?" he asked.

"I'm at dinner with David" I said. "Wheres Chuck? Your gonna make him jealous" Pierre said. "Dude I'm not going out with Chuck I was just kidding before god!!!" I shouted, making everyone in the resturant look at me. "Calm now Phoeb, I didn't know anyways are you and David?" he asked. "Pierre stop assuming things, next second you'll think I'm going out with Jeff" I rolled my eyes, causig David to chuckle. "No I was just saying, you and David has been sneaking around over something lately, your always with him and it just makes me wonder"

"Can I eat dinner now brother?" I asked. "Okay sorry Phoeb, bye" he hung up. "Ugh stupid French guy!" I yelled. David bursted out laughing. "Stop being racist to your own country!" he said in between laughs. "Pierre is so stupid sometimes" I sighed. "Thats why he's your brother!" he smiled. "Hey! What is that suppose to mean!" I poked him with my fork. "You know what I mean" he said, leaning closer to me. He was about to kiss me when I pulled away.

"No kiss unless you say your sorry for offending me" I said with a pout. "Im sorry babe" he said. "Okay" I kissed him. The food finally came and we started eating. "Hey miss" the waitress said. "Um... Yeah?" I asked. "Can you keep your volume down, we've been getting complaints from the other tables" she said politely. "Oh I'm sorry" I apologized. "And that goes for you too gentlemen" she turned to David.

"Yes mam" David saluted. She nodded and left. We laughed silently and continued to eat. We finished and he paid for the bills. We left the resturant. On the drive home, David and I continued chatting. "Um... Phoebe?" he began. "Yeah Dave?" I turned my attention to him. "Do you think we should tell Pierre when we get home?" he asked. "I think we should... I am getting sick ad tired of Pierre ruining my life, we are gonna tell him and be happy about it, is has to be fine with it or I'll kick his ass" I ranted.

We got out the car and walked into my house. "Pierre I'm home!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. "Coming" Pierre rushed down the stairs. "Hey guys..." he greeted. "Pierre I have something to tell you" David said, looking down at his feet. "Hey dude, you can tell me anything" Pierre patted on his shoulders. "I just wanted to tell you that uh... That I love..."

"You love what dude?" he looked over at me and I quickly looked away. "That I love chocolate cakes so can you teach me how you make it tomarrow?" he asked in panic. I sighed. I guess David was chickened out. I don't blame him. I was actually kind of relieved that he didn't tell my brother. "Yeah of course dude" Pierre nodded. "Thanks so much, I was so afraid you were gonna say no" David sighed in relief. "Bye guys" he waved to us. "Bye Davey!" I shouted as he left for the door.

"Sorry I called you tonight" he apologized. "Im sorry I screamed at you, causing a scene at a fancy French resturant" I said. "Really?" he laughed. "No really?" I hugged him. "Im watchig some TV and then sleep" I said to him. He nodded. "Oh and David is bring me to a Green Day concert next Friday" I added. "Cool" I went upstairs. I plopped down on my bed and watched some teen makeover show.

My phone rang. "Hey Chuck whats up?" I asked. "Uh... Phoebe can you I mean do you want to I mean do you have plans next Friday?" he studdered. "Um Chuck?" I started. "Yeah?" he breathed deeply, I can tell. "I already have plans to go to the Green Day concert with David" I said. "Oh I guess he beat me to it" he said sadly. "Huh?" I asked. "I was about to ask you about the concert" he said. Oh sorry Chuck, I can't go with you because I've been having a two month affair with my brothers best friend and I can't tell him because he'll freak out. I thought to myself. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay I guess I'll see you tomarrow" I said cheerfully. "Okay bye Phoebe" Chuck hung up.


"David! David!" Jeff threw paper snowballs at me. "Gah!" I jumped. My daydream vanished. Thats when I realized I'm in the middle of my boring English class. "Dude wake up, your already failing" he said. "Thanks" I whispered and faced the teacher. It was a while I realize that I fell back into daydream again. The bell ring which woke me up. I jumped out of my seat and walked to Jeff.

"Dude your not gonna make it to graduation if you miss this course of English" Jeff said. "I know, but it's hard to pay attention to this crap" I sighed. "Hey sexy!" we both turned to see Phoebe walk over to us. "You mean me of David?" Jeff asked. "Of course you Jeff, there is no competition between you and David" she winked. "Is that suppose to be a compliment? I asked. "Yeah for Jeff" she stuck her tongue at me.

"I'll get you bitch! I mean it!" I threatened. She giggled and walked away to her next class. "You and Phoebe should go out" Jeff said. "Uh... Jeff?" I turned to him. "What Dave?" he asked. "Uh I kinda already am going out with her" I said. "Does Pierre know?" he asked. I shook my head. "How long have you guys been going out?" he asked. "Um... Two months" I looked down at my feet. Jeff shook his head. "Please don't tell him"

"I won't... You are" he put two hands on my shoulders. "Dont do this to Pierre" with that, he walked away. I decided that I have to tell Pierre, I cannot chicken out anymore. If I love Phoebe then I really have to tell Pierre. "Hey David" Pierre appeared beside me. "Lets go" I said and we headed to our next class. I've been daydreaming about Phoebe again. I really have fallen head over heels for her.

The class ended and we headed for lunch. I finally get to see Phoebe through this long day. We walked to the hall way until I feel someone jump on my back. I think it I'd Phoebe so I grabbed her leg, giving her a piggyback ride. "Pierre tell me it's Phoebe" I said. "Yes it's me dumbass" Phoebe said. Pierre snickered. We walked to lunch, got food, and sat at our table with Chuck already waiting for us.

"Hey Chuck" Phoebe greeted. "Hello Phoebe" Chuck greeted. I sat down and she took a seat next to me. "Hows your day?" he asked. "Sucks, Anabell couldn't stop bitching around about how Pierre hit Chris' car this morning" she rolled her eyes and Pierre laughed. "Good job bro" Phoebe gave him a high five. "Hey guys!" Avril sat at the table. "Avril!! I missed you!!" Phoebe got up to hug her. "Yeah we haven't seen each other for one period"

Phoebe sat back down beside me. Jeff came over and eyed me sternly as he sat down across from Phoebe. "That Green Day concert is going to kickass" Phoebe said to me. I smiled and nodded. The other guys got into there own convo. I looked over at Jeff who pointed to Pierre. "Later" I whispered. "Okay"

"He's the guy that spilled coke on me this morning" Bethanne pointed at me while she walked by with Jake. I remembered when she kept bothering me and I had a bottle of coke in my hand so I spilled it all over her new dress or whatever. "Hey loser, you messing with my girlfriend?" Jake said as he dragged me up from my seat. "Im not afraid of you" I said. "I'll beat the helm out of you" he cracked his knuckles.

"Your girlfriends a slut" I said. "Your just saying that cuz you can't get any girl" he said. He cracked his knuckles again and punched me in the face. "You fucktard!" I hear Phoebe yell as she ran up to me. I realize that my lips were bleeding. "Dave, you alright?" she asked me, removing my hand from my lips. "Oh Davey's got a girlfriend!!!" Bethanne said. "Go fuck yourself Bethanne"

"I'll kill your boyfriend" Jake said to Phoebe. Phoebe walked up to Jake and kicked him in the balls, causing him to scream loudly. She took a plastic knife from Pierre's sandwitch as she came up to Jake and stabbed him with the knife. The whole school was looking at this now. Jake screamed in pain while blood drips from his arms. "I'll literaly kill you next time if you hurt my friend!" she threatened. She walked over to me. I looked over at the others. All of their mouths were hang open.

"I love you" I whispered to her. "I swear the god, I will stab people if they try to hurt you" she said. I laughed. "You are the best" I said with a crooked grin. We walked back to our table. "Damn Phoebe!" I hear Avril say. "She really loves you" Jeff whispered. I nodded, taking a napkin to put over my busted lips. "I'll take him to the nurses office" Phoebe offered. "Okay anything to skip class right?" Seb asked. "Um... No I actually care about David here"

She brought me to the nurses office where she checked my lips and said to put chapstick on everyday. Then we decided to skip the rest of the day, using nurses office as an excuse. "Phoebe you didn't have to do this for me" I said. "I'll hurt anyone who dares to mess with my boyfriend" she said.


The final bell rang and we walked to Pierre's locker. We waited till he came over. "Howd you guys get here so fast?" he asked. "We skipped" I say. "Oh okay" he nodded. "See you later bro" I said to him before me and Dave headed for his car. We got in and began to drive to baskin robins. I wanted to treat David to ice cream. We got our ice creams and I paid. We sat down and talked.

"Phoebe I really love you so I have to do this" he said. "Do what?" I asked, confused. "I have to tell Pierre about us and I cannot chicken out like last time" he said. "You mean yesterday" I smiled. "Yeah whatever, we have to tell him" he said. "Okay Dave anything that makes you happy" I sighed. "This is the best way, I hate not telling Pierre things, it makes me feel guilty because he tells me everything"

"Okay David, it's fine we'll tell him together and if he kills you I'll kill him" I said with a grin. He smiled and rolled his eyes. We finished ice cream and headed back home. As we reached closer to my house, my nerve began killing me. What will Pierre think? Would he approve? I hope he does because David means the world to me and if I can't have him I don't know what I'll do.

He pulled over at my house and we walked into the house. We found Pierre sitting on the couch with Avril. "Hey guys" Avril greeted. "Avril, hey" David waved. "Pierre... Me and David have to tell you something" I said nervously. I looked at David and he nodded. Avril pointed at both of us ad I nodded at her. "Um... Pierre, we're best friends right?" he started. "Yeah Dave whats up?"

"Your sister have a boyfriend for two months and she didn't tell you, and it's not Chuck or Jeff of Sebby..." he swallowed hard, looking at the floor. "Pierre..." I walked close to him as he glared at me. "Im scared say something" I said, shaking. "Whos the guy? Whos sorry ass do I have to beat up next!" he shouted which caused me, David, and Avril to jump. "Um... Pierre what if the guy is me?" David studdered.

Pierre looked at me and I nodded. I walked over to David and put my arms around him. "You mean you guys are going out?" he asked after few minutes of silence. "Yeah" I nodded, fearing for me and David's life. "For two months?" he continued. We nodded again. "Are you happy Phoebe?" he asked me. "Yes I am" I nodded. "Dave?" he asked David. "Yeah?" he nodded. "If you hurt my sister I'll have to kick your sorry ass"

"Okay I promise I will try not to hurt her" he said. "Try ha, nice" I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. "Okay finally you guys told him" Avril came over to us. "Yeah!" I gave her a hug. "Wait you know about this too?" Pierre asked. She nodded. "Ugh you bitch" He smiled and kissed her. "Alright lets celebrate!" Avril cheered. Then we started calling some of our friends over for a party.

Leah came in first. "Hey guys!" she hugged me and David. "Congrats you guys!" she said to us. "God it's not like we're getting married" I said. She laughed and walked someone else for food or something. Then the others started coming into the house. The party went on with all kinds of event happening. Some of them already passed out. Some were probably having sex in my bedroom. Chuck sat on the couch, looking grumpy. "Is Chuck okay?" I asked David. He shrugged.

We went upstairs to my bedroom and luckily there's no one in there. I locked the door after we both went in. I sighed. "Im glad Pierre had no objections to us" I said, wrapping my arms around him. "Yep this a great" he smiled and pulled me into a hug. "I love you David" I kissed him. "I love you too Phoebe"

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