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Life Is Simply Perfect

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Chapter eleven....

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I woke up the next morning on the couch. I realize that there were a lot of people on the floor so I realize that it was the party last night. I remember everything that happened. I didn't drink so I wasn't hungover. I looked for Avril and realize that she's not in the room. I went into my room to see her snugling in my sheets. I smiled and walked over to her. I put my arms around her and her eyes shot open. "Morning"

"Morning..." she kissed me on my cheek. "Party went crazy huh?" she asked. I laughed. "So you didn't drink?" I asked. "Eh a bit" she said. "Hungover?" I asked. "Eh not really" I laughed and pecked her lips. "I'll go check on Phoebe" I said. "She'll be fine" Avril said. "Ill go say good morning to her" I left the room and went inside Phoebe's to see her and David snugling each other. They both look so innocent and so happy. I expect them to do each other when they had the chance.

I can see that smile on Phoebe's face I never saw after the death of our parents. David, well lets just say he never really had a chick that would love and protect him like Phoebe. It all started to make sense when Phoebe stabbed Jake. The way she protected him yesterday. I guess I'll just leave them be. Lets just hope the relationship last. "Morning Pierre" Phoebe whispered. "Hey" I waved. She looked over at David and kissed his cheek. His eyes shot open and smiled when he saw her.

"Morning sleepy head" Phoebe teased. "Can I get a morning kiss?" he asked. "Only if you brush your teeth" she said. He pouted and she gave in. They kissed and I realized that there is not need for me to be here so I left her room. I found Chuck on the floor, staring into space. "Hey dude whats up?" I asked. He turned his attention to me. "Nothing, life sucks" he said in a mono tone. "Why?"

"Phoebe" he simply said. "Im sorry dude but she really likes him, they love each other" I said. "How would you know?" he asked. "I saw them this morning and how they act towards each other. Maybe they are meant to be, even when they were younger. They would always be so close and protect each other over anything" I said, realizing maybe I shouldn't have freaked out over Phoebe's decisions.

"I guess so" he shrugged and got up. "Try not to kill yourself okay?" I asked. He nodded. I patted his shoulders and cleaned up the house while people got up and said goodbye to me. Avril went to the kitchen to help me clean some dishes and throw out the trash while happens to be filled with empty beer bottles. Then after everyone else left, David and Phoebe came to help us. They were both very cheerful.

After we were done, we went out to eat breakfast. We headed to the resturant and ordered some pancakes and scrambled eggs. After we finished eating we headed to the mall. I saw David reach for Phoebe's hand from the corner of my eyes. I smiled, knowing how cute that is. Not to be a sissy or anything. "Oh shit, is that Anabell, Bethanne, Jake, and Chris?" Avril asked in my ear. I looked over at where she pointed. "Oh shit yeah, Dave, look" I pointed. "Lets kick their ass" Phoebe began walking towards them.

"Phoebe, no stay here" I pulled my sister. I didn't want her to get into another fight this week. David helped me pull her back. It was already too late. The four of them already noticed us. They laughed and walked over. "Cant they leave us alone?" I muttered. "Hey losers" Anabell said. "Whats up hoe?" Phoebe said with a fake smile. "Die bitch, burn in hell" Bethanne shouted. Phoebe and Avril bursted out laughing. "So hows your wound Jake?" Phoebe asked.

We laughed even more as Jake and his gay preps glared at us angrilly. "You should go to jail for this" he said. "No, it's called self defense" David added. "Or boyfriend defense" Phoebe winked at him. "You faggots are going out?" Chris asked. "Yeah jealous?" she mimicked him like last time. "Lets go" I whispered to them. Avril and Dave nodded. "Bye fags!!" Avril yelled before we headed into hot topic. I didn't seem to find much interest in hot topic but those three beat me to it so I had to tag along with them.

They finished buying their merchandise and walked into FYE. We split up to find the latest release.


I linked my arms with Phoebe's while we looked around the CDs. "Hey I want that!" Phoebe tried to grab the Blondie CD I just put back in the shelf. "Fine take it" I have it to her. "Yay! thank you" she took the CD happily. "Your welcome" I kissed her. "I want that new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album" she said. "You and those female bands" I muttered. She giggled as we went to find the CD. "Hey Chuck!" I greeted. This is the second time I see him here, unexpected. I knew he weren't really happy to see me with Phoebe. "Hey"

"What are you doing? Chillin again?" I asked. "Yeah..." he nodded. "So how are you Chuck?" Phoebe asked. "Um Phoebe? We just uh... Saw each other yesterday" Chuck said. "Oh yeah" Phoebe laughed. "Hey Chuck!" Pierre came over. "Pierre whats up?" they gave each other fistbumps. "Band practice today?" Pierre asked. "Yeah at Jeffs?" he asked. "Okay sounds fine Dave?" Pierre turned to me. "Yeh sure" I nodded.

"Phoebe you coming?" I asked. "Um I might go skateboarding with Avril" She said. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah maybe I'll go over to her house afterwards" she said. "Okay" I nodded. She smiled and kissed me. It feels good to finally be able to do that in public. We brought our merchandise and left the mall. Pierre called the other guys to tell him that there will be band practice at Jeffs.

I kissed Phoebe goodbye as we got into Chucks car. Phoebe took the car keys from Pierre and got into his car. We went to Jeffs house. Seb and him are already in the garage waiting for us. We greeted his parents and went to practice. Then it was practice break. I grabbed a bottle of water as the other guys went to the living room. Only Chuck remained. "Chuck?" I began. "Yeah Dave?"

"Are you uh... Okay with me and Phoebe uh... You know?" I didn't know what to say to him. "Dating? Oh it's fine I don't really care" he shrugged. "Chuck, are you sure?" I asked. "Yeah you guys are perfect for each other so why not?" he shrugged. "Chuck thanks" I gave him a high five. "Dont thank me dude" he said. The other guys came back and we continued practice. The practice went on well. Now I didn't regret the decision of joining the band. We might even have a chance to make it big.


Me and Avril left the skatepark all sweaty. We decided to go to Mcdonald to grab a few snacks. We chatted and ate our food happily. "So, hows you and Pierre doing?" I decided to ask. "Good I guess, I really like him and hope this relationship lasts" she answered. "So have you been crushing on him for a long time or what?" I asked. "Well we have been close friends as you know from my Freshmen year" she said. "Well I kinda started to like him in my sophmore year until this year he finally asked me out"

"So you never liked David?" I asked. "Yeah not really... He's attractive but no" she nodded. "Oh it seemed like you did like him" I said. "Yeah you know to make it not obvious about your brother" she continued. "Oh, thanks for telling me that, it means a lot for you to tell the truth" I said. "We're friends right? And I am honest to my friends" she smiled. "I can't believe all these years I've hated you" I sighed. "Same here I was like oh I can't believe thats Pierre's sister" we both giggled.

We finished eating and I drove to Avril's house. "Im home! Not that anyone care" Avril said. "Hey Phoebe" Avrils older brother, Matt waved. "Hey" I smiled. "Have any plans lately?" he asked. "Fuck off she already have a boyfriend" Avril shouted. I let out a laugh. "Sorry" I laughed. "No it's fine" he shrugged. We went upstairs to her room. "So Phoebe tell me your story" she said.

"About?" I asked. "You and David or whatever else" she answered. "Okay well I knew David all throughout childhood since he and Pierre always hung out as kids. Surprisingly, me and Dave got along. We were great friends who always tell secrets to each other" I started. "Well he's always been here for me. I hated my brother and my parents. As growing up, they always hated the decisions I made and Pierre was always the perfect one. With the perfect friends and the perfect grades" Avril laughed as if she didn't believe me.

"Well I always get into arguenents with them. My parents didn't like the guys I date. Pierre's always perfect with ladies my parent like. They didn't like Any guys I bring home. They didn't like Chris. I mean they hated him. I really loved Chris at that time. They wanted us to break up along with Pierre. I always got mad and have arguements with them. I'd scream and cry and get very upset all the time. David always comes over and bring me to ice cream stores so we can eat and chat"

"He told me everything will be find and he always made me feel better" I said. Avril nodded in understanding. "Then my parents died. David has been there for me through it all. I always think of how much I hated Pierre but I realized that he does care about me, maybe a bit too overprotective" I laughed. "Thanks for being honest with me too" Avril said. "Anytime" I smiled. We chatted about everything and she taught be how to play guitar before David and Pierre called for me to pick them up.

"Bye Avril" I waved goodbye to her as I left her room. "Hi Phoebe" Avrils sister, Michelle greeted. "Hey sorry got to run but see you next time" I waves goodbye to her too. "Bye Matt!!" I shouted. He responded back as I headed out the door. I drove to Jeff's house and picked the guys up. "Phoebe can I drive?" Pierre begged. "No now fasten your seatbelt Pierre!" I said. We got home. I showered and got ready to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and got ready. I went downstairs to fond David already there with Pierre, both eating pancakes. "Hey dudes" I greeted. "Hello duddette" David said, mouthful. I sat down and ate with them. After we finished eating, me and Dave got into his car as he drove me to school. This has always been a daily routine lately. We got out the car and walked to school hand in hand. We went to the courtyard and sat there. "You have beautiful eyes" he said. "They look just like Pierre's" I said.

"Oh never mind" we both chuckled. "How was band practice yesterday?" I asked. "Good how bout your day with Avril?" he asked. "Great, we talked about girl stuffs" I said. "Oh like tampoons and pads?" he asked. I laughed and slapped him playfully. He put his arms around me and kissed me. "Christmas is coming soon" he said. "What do you want for Christmas?" I asked him. "I want you" I smiled. "You already got your wish"

"Yep I'm the luckiest guy alive to have someone as amazing as you" he said. "Stop complimenting me your making me blush" I laughed. I do realize that I'm realy blushing. "My sexiness makes you blush eh?" he asked. "Yes of course" I laughed. The bell rang so we had to get to class. We kissed each other goodbye before walking off to my locker. Avril met me there as we both walked to class together.

The bell rang and we had seperate classes so I went to look for Sebby. I found him talking to Pat. I walked over to them. "Hello Mrs. Desrosiers" Pat laughed. I glared at him. "Okay thats scaring me" he said. I smiled. "Ugh we have gay English next" he rolled his eyes. "Haha lets go Seb" I patted his back. "Bye Patrick!" I shouted as he met up with Jeff and headed for their class. We walked to English class. I was about to take a seat on the back when Bethanne glared at me.

"Oh I heard your going out with that David guy" she said. "What? Have a problem?" I asked. "Why him? It's not worth the friendship we once had" she said. "Well if you were really my friend you would be happy for me and David" I said. "Phoebe, why him? Do you think he is worth everything? You hurt Jake just to protect him. That guy is a loser, you don't need to hang out with his kind of people, you belong with us" she said. This got me angry.

"Bethanne, I don't want to be a part of your kind of people. And his kind of people are the coolest people I've ever met. They are my friends. My real friends. Not you guys. You guys are all fake. And David? He is worth every second of my life spent with him. And you think I'm too good for him? I think he's too good for me. And he's not a loser. You are. So is Jake and Anabell and your kind of people. I am ashamed that I'm ever part of you guys. And I love my boyfriend so if you insult him or ever call him a loser again, I'll beat your ass!" I yelled on the top of my lungs.

"Uh, whatever" Bethanne rolled her eyes but looked caucious somehow. "Uh.. Phoebe?" Seb tapped on me. He pointed to David who just finished talking to my teacher. He smiled at me. Then he walked over to me. "Hey babe" he kissed me. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Uh I was too dumb for my other English class so I transferrd here, well early enough to see your lecture for Bethanne" he smirked. "Oh haha how much did you hear?"

"All of it" he smiled. "Um okay" I held his hand as we walked to the back of the room. "And Phoebe?" he asked after we sat down. "Yeah Dave?" I smiled. "I'm not too good for you" he kissed my cheek. I smiled.
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