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Chap tweleve!!!

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The final bell rang as we all ran out the classroom with the teacher shouting out the homework over the noise of chairs scrapping and heavy footsteps. She sighed after she gave up. I ran all the way to Avrils locker. Today is the last day of school before Christmas break. We are finally free. "Hey" she jumped on me, giving me a tight hug. "Yay!! No school for a whole fucking week!" Phoebe shouted loudly as she ran over to us.

We all cheered and got out the school. "Wheres David?" Phoebe asked, looking around. "Im right here" David jumped on her back, causing her to jump. "Merry early Christmas!" she shouted as she kissed him. He laughed. "Band practice at Pierre's!!" Jeff shouted. "Yeah!" Seb agreed. They all got into their own car and drove to my house. We all got down to the music room and started practicing with Phoebe and Avril watching us. One hour later, we decided to take a break.

"Your band name sucks" my sister said to me as I sat down next to her. "Oh really?" Seb said, taking a seat on her other side. "Yes, Restart? Come on? It's like you couldn't think of a name" she said. "Yeah we couldn't" I said. "Well change it, it's bugging me" she complained. "How is it bugging you? It's not even your band and you are the one complaining" David said. She stuck her tongue at him. He laughed. "Shes got a point though, we need to change the band name" I said.

"Okay think guys think" David said. We threw around ideas for thirty minutes and still no luck. "How bout the Chocolate Waffle?" David suggested. We groaned. "David be serious, this isn't funny, all we need to do is think of a band name, share it and we vote on it, thats a simple plan" Phoebe said. Then my head snapped for a second "I got it!" I yelled. "What? Pierre please be serious, no toy truck or banana junk" Phoebe rolled her eyes. "No I got it, before you said a simple plan!"

"Um yeah?" she asked confused. The guys head shot up as if they read my mind. Phoebe, well still has no clue. "A Simple Plan!" David yelled. "Um we need to find a simple plan not scream it endlessly" she rolled her eyes. "No we found a great band name, Simple Plan will be the name of our band!" I said. "Oh" Phoebe nodded. The guys laughed. "Yay I helped you guys find a non crappy band name!" Phoebe cheered.

"Then lets celebrate!" Avril shouted. "Yeah where to?" Phoebe asked. "I don't know, somewhere fun" she said. They kept talking and talking as if they had forgotton we were there. "Hey go to that hotel where they performed last week" Phoebe continued the conversation. "Yeah, I'll go make the reservation right now" Avril ran up stairs. "Um where we going?" David asked. "That hotel..." Phoebe answered. David rolled his eyes. Then Avril came back down and told us to go.

We all went upstairs. Phoebe took my car keys while Avril took Davids out of his hand. "Whos going with me?" Phoebe yelled. "Me!" Davids hands shot up. "Haha okay David" ended up Seb, Jeff, me and Avril in one car. Chuck, David, and Phoebe in another. They drove to the hotel we were in last week for a small show which only one hundred something people attended. We went inside the hotel and into a room with a table reserved just for us. We ate and drank happily while laughing loudly over pointless jokes.

"Cheers!!" Avril yelled. "Cheers!!" we shouted. "To Simple Plan!" Phoebe shouted. "Yeah!!" we yelled. We laughed and got drunk. Well besides me and the ladies. "Ill drive" I told Phoebe. "I can drive the guys home" Phoebe said. "Okay you drive Chuck and Seb, I'll take Jeff and of course Avril" Avril grinned at me. "Okay I'll take Davids car" Avril three his car keys at Phoebe to which she caught. "See ya later" I said. "See ya!" Phoebe gave David a piggyback ride while the other guys followed.

We laughed as we went to our car. We dropped Jeff home and I began to drive to Avril's house. "Had a good time today?" she asked. "Yeah I guess" I nodded. "Glad" I saw her smile from the corner of my eyes. I pulled over at her house. "Bye baby" I kissed her. "Bye" she waved before she got out the car.


I yawned as I kissed David goodnight. The night of Christmas eve was about to end. "Ill be here tomorrow" he promised. "You better or I'll kick your ass" I said. "Okay promise" he kissed me before leaving my room. I sighed. Tomarrow is Christmas. I wonder what will happen. Usually I love Christmas because of the presents. I now don't really care about gifts people give me. I already did my Christmas shopping and brought anything I can bring anyone. I changed and went to sleep.

Pierre came in to say goodnight to me before he went to sleep himself. I woke up the next morning all excited. I quickly got up and ran down the stairs. I realize that nobody was awake yet. It was already twelve and I'm surprised. I walked into the living room. It's empty. "Surprise!!" people shouted. Everyone started to jump up. "Uh... Why?" I asked. "Well we just felt like doing that" Pierre shrugged. "Merry Christmas people!" I said. "Merry to you too" Pat said.

"Okay it's present time!" David shouted like a little five year old. I smiled at his cuteness as he went over to me and handed me a box. "This is from my mother" he said. I opened the box to find three bracelets in it. "Thanks!" I hugged him. "From my mom" he said. People started exchanging gifts. Pierre got me a new cellphone. Avril got me five CDs. Chuck gave me a pack of glow in the dark guitar pick. "I haven't given you my present yet" David said in my ear as he put his arms around my waist.

"Enlighten me" I smiled. "Here" he handed me a box. I opened it up to see a diamond guitar necklace. "Holy crap, how can you afford this?" I asked. "Extra shift at FYE" he added. "Wow" was all I could say. "You like it?" he asked. "Hell yeah I do, thanks so much!! I love you" I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. "Can you put in on for me?" I asked him. He smiled and nodded. He put the necklace on for me. I smiled happily as I took the present I got for him out of the closet.

He took the box and opened it quickly, revealing the iPod I brought from the apple store the other day. "Well since Jeff broke yours two weeks ago, I figure I'd get you a new one" I said with a wink. "Thanks your awesome" he kissed my lips. Then it was all celebration. Me and Pierre made food ad everyone began eating. "Hey Phoebe" I turned around to see Leah walk in. "Hey whats up?" I hugged her. "You okay?" she asked. "Um.. Yeah why?" I raised my eyebrow. "Oh I don't know about the encounter with Bethanne weeks ago"

"Oh thats fine" I shrugged. "Oh just don't listen to anything she says" she smiled. "Thanks Leah" I nodded. "Hows your relationship going?" she asked. "Great, everything is great between us, he is great!" I smiled. "Oh" she nodded. "How bout you? Found someone yet?" I asked her. She shook her head. "Whats up?" I asked. "I can't find anyone for me" she shrugged. "I will help you, I promise, one day you will find someone for you" I promised. She laughed and hugged me.

The party went on the whole day and finally it's Christmas night. I grabbed Davids hand and we went inside my room. "Oh my god, I can totally kick his ass in Mario!" I complained. I lost the round in super mario bros to Sebastion. I knew I could've won. "Dont worry bout that" David smiled. "Okay..." I nodded. "Merry Christmas" I said. "Merry Christmas to you too babe" he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I thickened the kiss as we fell onto my bed. I tugged at his shirt.

"Um... Phoebe are you sure? I mean we don't have to if you don't want to I mean I've never had much experience and..." I cut him off. I went over to my door and locked it. "I want to, I promise" I went over to David and kissed him. We started doing it.

Next morning I woke up next to him. I smiled. I fell back into sleep just to realize I can't sleep so I opened my eyes and waited for David to wake up. I thought about all the good times we've had together. I'm glad we are here now. I love everything the way they are. I loved David so much. I knew my life would be in ruins without him. I never knew how real love felt before him. My past relationships weren't really that great. No guy ever cared about me more than him.

"Daydreaming?" I shook my thoughts away and turned to him, smiling. "Yeah" I nodded. "Good morning" he kissed me. "What... Are... We... Doing... Today...?" I asked in between kisses. "Anything you want" he said. "Really?" I asked, pulling away. "Yeah" he nodded. "Well what are we in the mood for?" I asked. "Skatepark?" he suggested. "Nah, somewhere else" I shook my head. "Okay I'll take you somewhere" he said. "Okay, lets go" I got up. "Hey can I rest for a few minutes?" he asked.

"Yeah" I nodded. Then I closed my eyes to rest. I fell into sleep. I opened my eyes to realize it's already five in the afternoon. We slept through the whole day. I looked over at David who was still asleep. "Davey!!" I shook him. "Later..." he mumbled. "No it's already five" I rested my chin on his shoulders. "What?" he quickly got up, causing his shoulders to hit my chin. "Ahh..." I rubbed my chin. He laughed and apologized. He began rubbing my chin. "Are we still going to wherever?" I asked.

He nodded and we decided to change. No more sleep. We changed and went downstairs. "Guys about time you woke up" Pierre said first thing he saw us. I shrugged and ate something. We finished and got into David's car. He drove to somewhere I didn't know of. He stopped the car and got out. He opened my door, held my hand, and led me out of the car. We walked and walked until I realized this is the park we went often when we were little. There were so many childhood memories from this place.

I remember when I was on the swing and David was pushing me. I didn't know how to get off and it kept swinging so high. Neither me nor Dave could stop. We had to wait till the swing died down a bit and my the time I got off, I was already crying. Dave was hugging me, trying to make me feel better. "Hey remember this swing?" David pointed at the swings.

I smiled. "Of course I do" I turned his face to mines and I crashed my lips into his. "I love you Phoebe" he said in between kisses. "I love you too David"
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