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Too Good To Be True

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"Where the hell are they?" I pressed end on my cellphone, getting really annoyed that David wouldn't pick up his phone. I called him about seven times. Have he not forgotton our band practice? He and Phoebe have been going out so much lately it's not even funny. Even though today is new years eve, doesn't mean he can bail out on us. We still have practice. "Hey have you called Phoebe's cell yet?" Sebastien asked. "Oh yeah!" I took my phone and dialed the familar number of my sister.

It rang a few times and I hear music upstairs. "Wait be right back" Chuck said and ran upstairs. "Hello?" I asked after the phone stopped ringing. "Hi Pierre" a masculine voice replied. "Chuck please don't tell me that's you" I sighed. The guys bursted out laughing. Then Chuck ran downstairs with Phoebe's phone. "Damn, that bitch forgot her phone" I swore loudly. "Guess we'll have to practice without him" Jeff said. "Yeah" we went to the music room and began practicing.

We finished with practice two hours later and David still isn't back with my sister yet. We went upstairs and ate some food I found in the fridge. We talked and laughed while we choke on our food. About an hour later, my phone rang. Hoping it was David I picked up. "Hello?" I asked. "Pierre can you come over? I need to tell you something" Avril said. "Yeah sure babe I'm coming" I quickly hung up my phone and of my keys. "Where you going loverboy?" Chuck asked.

"Avril needs something so I'll be right back" I rushed out the door then stuck my head back in, "or not" and left the house. I wonder what Avril wanted to talk about. Did something happen to her? I wanted to be there for her whenever she needed me so I will be there. I pulled over at her driveway. I rang her doorbell and her sister, Michelle answered the door. "Hey Pierre" she smiled. "Hey is your sister home?" I asked, hoping she meant her home when she said come over. Michelle nodded. I walked into the kitchen and saw her brother.

"Sup dude!" I called out. "Hey, you Bouviers keep popping around here" he said. I chuckled and headed upstairs. I knocked on her door and she opened it. She let out a deep breath as she saw me smile at her. "Whats wrong?" I asked. "I need to tell you something" she said, not looking at me. "What happened? Did you hook up with someone else? I mean if you did that by mistake, I'm fine with it, people make mistakes, shit like that happens you know? It's okay..." I kept rambling until she stopped me.

"Pierre, it's not that" she said. So she didn't sleep with another dude. Okay I guess I won't have to worry. I love her too much to have anything bad like that happen between us. "Well Pierre, these past few months have been great, I mean I feel so special and being with you makes me smile, I had so much fun, the days we had together, I just can't..." I interupted her, "your gonna dump me right?" She suddenly became interested in looking at her feet. "Avril..." I put my fingers under her chin lightly, pushing her face up as my eyes met hers.

"Pierre, I... I really feel that we should just be friends, I feel like I'm in a friendship more than a relationship" she said nearly studdering. "Oh, I thought there was something here" I said, trying to put on a brave face but I felt broke inside. I really thought there was. I didn't just see friendship. I also saw a nice normal relationship. Nobody cheating on anybody. It's just two young lovers in love. But I guess I was wrong. "Im sorry" she said, breaking the silence we created.

"Bye Avril" I looked at her sadly before I head out her door. I walked down her stairs and out the door, after saying goodbye to her siblings. I got into my car and began driving. I didn't want to deal with any explaining right now so I drove around the block at least three times before I drove home. As I drove, anger began to rise up. I got out my car, slammedmy car door as hard as I can and stormed into my house to realize that David and Phoebe are already home.

"Where the hell have you fuckers been?" I yelled, grabbing David by the collar. "Yo dude, chill" he muttered. "You missed band practice!" I shouted, face flushed with anger. "Im sorry I didn't mean to, why are you so mad, it's just one practice" David nearly shouted.


I held David's hand tightly as we walked around the amusement park. I turned to face him. He smiled at me ad wrapped both arms around my waist. "Your beautiful" he said to me. "Thank you for your sweet compliment" I put my arms around his neck. We put our foreheads against each other and our lips met slowly. Then we broke apart. "I love you" he said to my softly. "I love you too" I stoked his cheeks with my fingers. "Want to go home now? We can't miss the ball drop"

"Yeah we can't" his hand held mine and we walked to his car. He drove back to my house and we went inside. We found the other guys there but Pierre. Where was he? Probably in the kitchen or something. "Hey dudes" I greeted as we both sat down on the sofa. "Where have you two been?" Jeff asked. "Amusement park" David answered with a crooked grin. I smiled at the cuteness of his grin. "Wheres Pierre?" I asked. "Oh Avril needed something so he went over" Chuck answered. "David is your cell on?" Seb asked.

He shook his head while taking the phone out. He turned on his phone and eight missed calls from Pierre apeared. "What happened?" he asked. "You missed band practice" Chuck said. "Dude, sorry" David shouted, feeling really bad now. I feel bad too for being the reason he missed band practice. "Its fine just don't miss practice again. We watched TV until Pierre bursted into the door and slammed the door shut. He glanced at me and walked over to David and grabbed him by the collar, "where the hell have you fuckers been?" he was angry. "Yo chill" Dave said in defense.

I sighed and walked into the kitchen. "You missed band practice!" I hear Pierre shout. I walked back to the living room with a bottle of water. I went behind Pierre and poured the bottle of water down his head. Laughter filled the room. Only Pierre glared at me angrilly. "Dude just chill okay?" I shouted and walked upstairs to my room. I wonder what happened to him. He needs to pull his acts together whatever trouble he had with Avril. Something probably happened between them.

I decided to call Avril. I dialed her number on my cell (which I found lying on my bed) and waited nervously, hoping everything was alright. "P-Phoebe..." She sobbed. I was surprised. Whatever happened must be very serious. Avril is a brave women, she never cries. I've never seen her cry. I wonder how she looks like right now. I worry though. "Oh my god, Avril what happened? What did my brother do to you? He seems pissed when he came home" I said. "Phoebe it's not his fault, it's mine"

"Care to tell your best friend what happened?" I asked. "I-I d-dumped him" she said in between sobs. "Avril, want me to come over?" I asked. "I, okay maybe" she said. "Im coming" I hung up and ran out my room. I grabbed the first car keys I seem to spot. I grabbed it off the coffee table. "Hey!" Chuck yelled. I ignored the guys as I ran out the door and opened the car door. I went inside the car that beeped. I drove out my driveway and quickly drove to my friends house.

I ran to the door and bursted in. "Ugh another Bouvier!" I hear Matt groan. I flicked him off and ran to Avrils room. She was on the floor crying. It seemed unlike her. I sat down next to her and hugged her tightly.


"What the hell was that?" I asked as Phoebe just bursted out the door with Chuck's car keys. "Yeah if she leave any scratch or damage on my car, I will sue her!" Chuck said. I laughed. "Maybe some emergency came up" Jeff said. We looked at Pierre who seem to be calmed down a bit. "Does it have anything to do with Avril?" Sebastien asked. Pierre shrugged. "What happened dude?" I asked. "Nothing" with that he left the living room and walked upstairs to his room.

"Maybe an arguement or breakup" Jeff suggested. "Yeah that's why Phoebe went over there to comfort her about the breakup" Chuck said. I shrugged. "Phoebe will tell me as soon as she comes back" I said. "Talking about you and Phoebe..." Seb said slidding closer to me as the guys looked at me in interest. "What?" I rolled my eyes. "Have you guys ever fucked?" Chuck asked. "Guys, I honestly don't want to talk about this" I said. "Thats a yes!" Jeff shouted. "Yes guys David Desrosiers did have sex with Phoebe Bouvier, ladies and gentlemen!!" Seb yelled loudly.

I hit him in the stomach. The guys laughed. I rolled my eyes. About an hour later, Phoebe came back. "Phoebe!!!" I ran to her, hugging her tightly. "Good to see you too Davey" she shouted happily. "How's Avril?" I asked. "She is great now" She smiled. That's good to see people smile. Especially when Phoebe smiles. I kissed the top of her forehead and we continued to watch TV. Live performances on MTV. We watched until the ball was about to drop. "Get Pierre" Chuck told Phoebe. She nodded and ran upstairs.

Then about ten minutes later, they came downstairs with their arms around each other. Pierre had a big smile on his face which means that Phoebe somewhat made him feel better. We watched the ball drop and we cheered happily and drank. We didn't get too drunk so the guys were able to drive home. Pierre went to sleep as soon as the ball dropped. I walked Phoebe into her room and kissed her goodnight. I then walked home to go sleep.

Two months later... It's valentines day today. And me and Phoebe have been going out for about six months. I put a Green Day shirt on and grabbed the basket of chocolate and flowers from my desk. I got ready and walked to Pierre's house. I walked in to see Pierre making breakfast. He saw mr with my basket. "Valentines day eh?" he asked sadly. I nodded. Apparently he's still not over Avril yet. "Morning dudes!!" Phoebe shouted as she came down the stairs. "Happy valentines day baby!!" I ran her to her and gave her the basket.

"Thank you Dave" she kissed me. "I got you something also" she opened her backpack and took out a teddy bear holding a heart box of chocolate. "Thanks Phoeb" we kissed again. I can tell Pierre being annoyed in the background. We ate and walked into my car. Today seems like a really happy day. We talked and laughed together. I seem so happy with her. I hope nothing ever happens between us. I love being with her. She put a smile on my face every single day. My friends may think I'm gay or something but with Phoebe here, I don't care.

We got to school and walked into the school, passing the chourtyard. We walked to her locker and we chatted for a while. Then the bell rang. I pushed her against the locker and kissed her passionately. I gave her one last smile before walking to by class. The whole day went by great. We got out of school and I brought her for ice cream to celebrate Valentines day. We ate ice cream and went back to Pierre's. I missed several band practices and the guys are not that happy about it so I have to make sure I attend today's.

We watched a movie before the guys came back home. We went to the music room to practice after I kissed Phoebe. We began practicing and I messed up several times playing The Worst Day Ever. I got kind of frustrated and so did the guys. Then we decided to play Perfect. I messed up on that too. "David!" Chuck groaned. "Sorry dude" I apologized. "Why do you keep messing up?" Jeff asked. "I don't know" I shrugged, feeling slightly bad. "I know"

"Huh?" we all turned to Pierre. "You missed like so many band practices" Pierre continued. "Sorry I'll keep practicing" I promised. I saw Pierre glance at the other guys as if they were hiding something from me. "David we have to do something about this" Pierre sad almost in a whisper. "Do what?" I asked. "Well I don't know how to tell you this but everytime you miss practice is because you went out somewhere with Phoebe"

"So you're telling me to break up withyour sister?" I asked, hoping Pierre isn't out of his mind. He looked down at his feet and nodded. "Fuck!" I looked over at the other guys and they nodded. "Why? I love Phoebe! I won't do that!" I yelled. "Dude she is getting in your way of band practice" Jeff said. "Who cares? We're not even famous, we aren't playing at any venues lately, you made me join this stupid band anyways!!" I screamed, almost feeling my tears. I tried my best not to cry. "Dump her Davey" Pierre said. "Pierre she's your sister, I love her, how can you do this to her, to both of us!"


I hear screaming all the way from my room. I couldn't make out the words though. Oh well, the guys were probably arguing over which guitar riff goes best with the song. Like last time. Jeff and Seb were screaming at each other while the other guys were laughing. Instead this time I hear no laughter. I sighted and went back to the song I was writing. What rhymes with fuck? Duck? Tuck? Um... Chuck? Haha, I laughed to myself.

Someone knocked on my door. "Come in!" I called out. David went into my room looking really angry. "Babe what's wrong? Got into a fight with the guys?" I asked. "Kinda" he said in a monotone. "Aww" I went over to him to give him a hug and a kiss. He seemed troubled. "Whats wrong?" I asked. "Phoebe, the guys made me" he said, looking away from me. I swore I saw tears fall from his eyes. "Do what hun?" I hugged him. I lightly pulled my hand away from him. "David, say something?"

"They want us to break up" he sniffed. "What? And are you going to?" I screamed. He didn't respond. "David! What the hell? Your going to fucking dump me because the guys want you to?" I yelled, almost feeling like slapping him. "Phoebe, I love you but..." I held my hand up. "Leave now" I ordered. I started to cry. "Phoebe" he wiped my tears with his thumb. "Get the fuck out!" I shouted, pointing to the door. He hesitated then left. I yelled curse words before I fell onto my bed crying.
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