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A day in the life of the English Goth artist. Starting to wrap up now.

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Key Notes:

"Text"= Japanese talking

"+American English talking+"

"British English talking"

"#Australian English talking#"

Grey-blue eyes shut in a heavy hung-over sleep. Shawn had been partying last night and just crawled into a random truck to sleep in. A loud honking horn woke him up. Shawn slowly opened his eyes to see Shuichi reaching into the driver's open window to honk the horn. The Goth Brit looked at him slightly annoyed.

"Wha?" he asked in the matching tone. Shuichi looked at him stressed.

"Why aren't you up yet?!?" he yelled out. "The art club since me down here to find you!" It took a few seconds for the words to sink into Shawn's head. He looked at his pink-haired friend confused.

"What?" he asked. "But they don't meet until Saturday."

"It is Saturday," Shuichi replied. Shawn sat up on that one.

"Aw shite!" he murmured to himself. Shuichi had to back up some when his pal sat up in the truck.

"You stink of booze!!!" he cried out. "And whose truck is this?" Shawn paused and looked all around him. He shrugged at the vocalist.

"I don't know," he replied. "Just found it last night and crashed here." Shuichi looked at him bitter by the scent of the heavy booze.

"Just come on!" he yelled. "Straightened yourself up and get moving!"

"Okay, okay," Shawn replied. "No need to get huffy about it!" Shuichi stood back waiting. Shawn looked up at him.

"You don't have to stand over me waiting!" the Goth snapped. Shuichi didn't move. He didn't need to say a single word to that statement. The look on his face said the whole thing. Shawn rolled his eyes at him. "Bloody hell!" he thought. "Shuich is worse than Cherry!" Once he had straightened up, Shuichi opened the truck door.

"Now come on!" he cried out. "Those girls nearly tried to molest me in order to find you!"

"Okay, fair play! Fair play!" Shawn replied. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" He climbed out of the truck and followed Shuichi into the school. The boys came right into the art classroom. The girls in the art club looked up at Shuichi and Shawn in the doorway. The president sighed out loud.

"It's about time!" she yelled. "Where the hell have you been, Shawn?!?" The Goth Brit shrugged at her some.

"Sleepin'!" he called out. Shuichi looked at him surprised on that one. Usually, Shawn would lie in a situation like this. He wasn't even trying this morning. Junko, the club president, looked at him sharply.

"Sleeping?" she asked him.

"No, no!" Shuichi tried to cover for him. Shawn pushed on over him.

"Yeah!" he went on without a care in the world. "Outside in the truck parked in the east parking lot!" Shuichi looked on in a panic. What the hell was Shawn doing?!? Junko slowly began glaring at him.

"Sleeping in a truck in the school parking lot?" she questioned him.

"That's right!" Shawn replied.

"Can you explain to me why you were sleeping in a truck in the school parking lot?" Junko asked him. Shuichi tried to cover for his friend again when the Goth boy stopped him right away. Shawn shrugged at her harmlessly.

"I went to a wild party last night!" he admitted shamelessly. "I was stoned and high that I ended up wandering here. I found that truck, broke in, and passed out inside!" Everyone in the whole room looked at him in shock. Did he just admit that out loud? Why, yes he did! Junko looked really pissed at him.

"That is not acceptable!!!" she screamed. "What part of Saturdays at noon do you not get, you baka?!? You do this shit one more time and you are out of this club! Do you understand me?!?" Shawn shrugged at her innocently.

"No, not really!" he said carelessly. "I don't understand!" Junko screamed out loud in high stress. Shuichi looked on nervously.

"I'm just going to go now..." he mumbled to the whole room. The pink-haired vocalist crept away as fast as he could. Shawn just smirked at the club president. He just loved to mess with her every Saturday. That was his entertainment for the day.

Subject: Shawn

Too bad for Shawn, the fun did not last long. Junko robbed him of his joy throughout the whole meeting. She just yanked on and on throughout the whole two hours. As vice president, Shawn just had to sit there and agree with the president. Wrong or not! Occasionally like today, the British Goth would screw up on purpose just to liven things up. He only did it just piss Junko off. It didn't really make sense however.

"If you hate the art club so much, then why do you stay?" Shuichi asked him one day on the yard. Shawn shrugged at him with a freshly lit fag hanging out of his mouth.

"Drafted," he reasoned. "The sensei tricked me into signing up last semester so that I could build my resume for whatever art school I want. Then, I was promoted to vice president in a course of six weeks. So, I can't really leave right away." Shuichi looked at him in silence. He didn't know whether to believe the boy or not, but kept it all to himself. Why bother arguing? Shawn's just going to irritate and confuse him anyway.

"Shawn-kun!!!" a voice shouted at the Goth back to earth. Shawn returned back to present day. Junko and the other art harpies glared at him coldly. The boy looked at all of them confused.

"What?" he asked them. Junko moved in really close to his face.

"Did you listen to a single word that we said?!?" she asked him coldly. Shawn gave them a bad-goofy grin at her.

"No!" he said quickly. "I was off in my own little world this whole time!" Junko screamed out loud again.

"Why are you even in this club in the first place?!?" she cried at him. The Goth boy shrugged at her. He tried his best not to laugh at her.

"Tell me and we'll both know!" he replied. Junko screamed out even louder again. Shawn just snickered to himself boldly. And the fun came back once again! However, it all died away when the meeting had ended. For when Shawn walked right out the door, guess who he found standing right in front of him? Cherry stood in the doorway grinning at him proudly. Shawn rolled his eyes annoyed. "Oh great! From one harpy to another!" he thought. Cherry grinned at him cheerfully.

"Hey sweetie!" she called out.

"Cherry!" the Goth said to her. "What are you doing here?" Cherry cuddled up close to him happily. (She didn't mind the smell of liquor on his clothes and body! "It's like a cologne on him!" the girl reasoned.)

"It's our date today!" she called out. "Remember? You promised me yesterday!" Shawn looked on at her in happy-annoyance. "How can I forget?" he thought to himself.

"Oh yeah!" the Goth boy said. "That! Hey listen, want to take a rain check on that for next Saturday? I have to get home and take a shower and all of that." Cherry looked up at him pouting like a little five-year-old.

"But you promised!" she whined. Shawn sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I know," he replied. "But I really have to get home!" Cherry wouldn't hear of it at all.

"Take me on a date now!" she demanded. "I want to go out on a date with you now!" The Goth boy sighed and rolled his eyes again.

"Fine!" he said. "We'll go on a date now!" The little rich girl perked up right away.

"Yay!!!!!!" she yelled out happily as she hugged her boyfriend tightly. Shawn sighed and rolled his eyes again. Not how he wanted to spend his Saturday today!

Cherry dragged Shawn everywhere for the whole afternoon. She acted proud to have the Goth boy as her boyfriend. Shawn on the other hand wanted to get the Hell out of there as soon as possible. He made a list of things he'd rather being doing now than spend the day with his whiny perky girlfriend. Junko's lectures, spending the day with his mum's various boyfriends, listening to Shuichi lecture him about right and wrong all topped the list. Then, his mind wandered back to Nicole and last night.

Great times those were last night. Last night that fox and he went out to that new club in downtown Tokyo. One of the best nights in his life. The bouncers didn't seem to care about how old they were anyway. Shawn and his true girlfriend got accepted in without any problems at all. The couple spent the night drinking, dancing, and getting high. And when things got really hot, Shawn took Nicole back to the bathrooms and outside of the club and...

"Shawn!" a voice called out to him at present time. The Goth Brit looked up to see his other girlfriend looking him dead in the face. She could tell that he wasn't having fun at all. The rich girl could never understand why boys never liked the mall in the first place. Shawn sighed and rolled his eyes at her once more.

"What is it now?" he asked. Cherry looked at him innocently.

"Are you bored here?" she asked him outright. "We can go somewhere else if you like..." Shawn's eyes lit up at that one.

"Really?" he asked.

"If you want," his whiny bird suggested. "Where shall we go next?" Shawn thought about that for a moment. An idea floated right into his head.

"I know where!" the boy suggested. Cherry's eyes lit up in joy.

"Really? Where? Where?" she asked excited. Shawn grinned at her boldly.

"Come here and I'll tell you," he whispered to her. Cherry complied like a rocket about to explode. Shawn whispered his suggestion into her ear. His bird's face dropped as she pulled away from him.

"Are you sure?" she asked uneasily. Shawn suggested her harmlessly.

"Hey," he said. "Any place I want, right?"

"Well yeah..." Cherry replied.

"So, let's go then!" her boyfriend told her. "Or I could just go home now..."

"No, no!" Cherry said aloud. "We'll go! We'll go!" Shawn grinned at her in satisfaction. Perfect way to get away from this obnoxious bird right away!

"Great!" he called. "Let's go!" He headed out of the mall right away. Cherry followed behind reluctantly.

The Dark Ghost art gallery always opened at three o'clock on Saturdays and closed on midnight. The gallery always catered to punks, Goths, and heavy metal lovers alike. No sunny innocence here! Shawn loved this place to death. This was where he went to find inspiration for his own art. He and Nicole loved this place to no end. Cherry on the other hand, hated it! She thought it all looked creepy and tacky. She always stuck out like a sore thumb in this place. Shawn used this fact to his advantage. Whenever he got stuck on a date with the dumb bird, he would always try to end it here. Today was no exception to the rule. Cherry looked around at the paintings in nervous fear.

"Shawn honey," she spoke up. "How long are we going to stay in this place? It gives me the creeps!"

"Just a little while longer!" he told her. Cherry trembled again nervously. In reality, Shawn was looking for his good old escape route! He knew where it was already. The trick was the timing itself. He had to look like he was enjoying the paintings before Cherry turned her attention to something else. So, the Goth kept one eye on his girlfriend and the other on the exit. The minutes ticked away loudly in his head.

At last, a window of escape opportunity just opened itself up to him. Cherry looked a grotesque painting for a devil vampire sucking the life out of angelic woman. Her stomach turned at such a morbid display. Shawn smirked to himself wickedly. "Success!" he thought. Then, the Goth boy quickly dashed away out to the secret exit. In a few seconds, Shawn found himself outside the back alley and free again. "That was too easy!" he thought. Then, the boy headed away to home.

Shawn had to rest of the day planned out rather nicely. Go home, shower, get changed, and hook up a date with Nicole for tonight to erase any bad memories of Junko and Cherry for the first half of the day. Speaking of which...

Shawn pulled out his sidekick and dialed his other bird's number. He held the phone to his ear. The other line rang nicely. "Come on!" the Goth thought. "Pick up!"

"Hello?" Nicole asked on the other line.

"Nicole-love!" Shawn called out.

"Babes?" his girl asked. "Is that you?"

"Hell yes!" the Goth replied.

"What's up?" the Goth princess asked.

"Not much," Shawn replied. "Just managed to get away from the date from Hell from Cherry!"

"Oh no!" his other bird called.

"I know," Shawn replied. "You doing anything tonight?"

"No, why?" Nicole replied. Shawn had a grin up to his ears.

"Sweet!" he replied. "Come over tonight! My mum's going to be at her boyfriend's tonight!"

"Okay," Nicole replied. "I'll see you at six!"

"Cheers!" Shawn replied. They both hung up together. The Goth boy had a huge grin on his face. This day started looking up already! But not for long however...

Shawn made it home within thirty minutes of leaving the museum. He unlocked the down to his house near the army base. The smell of cigarettes and liquor hit him right in the face. The boy stepped back so that he could still breathe. He panted in and out hard. Ironically, Shawn smoked worse than a chimney and drank worse than any fish on the planet. It took Shawn a moment to realize the situation. "Oh shite!" he thought. "Mum's home!" Shawn walked inside slowly. He peeked into the front door. The thin haze of smoke nearly blinded him again. The Goth blinked several times. When his vision returned, the boy looked straight forward. A woman close to her thirties sat on the couch glaring at him. She looked as if she had just gotten out of bed this afternoon. Her grey and pink sweats looked like they needed to be washed badly. Her hair hadn't been combed either. A freshly lit fag was pinched tightly between her fingers. Shawn slowly walked into the room.

"Hi mum!" he greeted her in sarcasm. The woman glared at him still.

"Where the hell have you been?" she snapped at him. Shawn glared back at her.

"Out!" he replied coldly.

"Out where?" the mother hissed.

"None of your business!" Shawn barked. The mother glared at him crossly. Oh how wanted to throw an empty bottle of scotch at that boy right now!

"And what time did you get up this morning?" he asked her. His mum rolled her eyes at him.

"And why do you care?" she barked. "If you can't tell me about where you've been, why should I tell you shite?" Shawn rolled his eyes at her. They always played this annoying game every single day. It always ended in stalemate and headaches. But, Shawn wasn't in the mood for any of that today.

"Whatever," the Goth boy mumbled to her. Then, he headed up the stairs to his bedroom.

"Hey, get your ass back here!!!" his mum yelled out. "I'm not done talking to you!" Shawn didn't listen. He just kept on walking. Why bother fighting with her? He already dealt with Cherry and Junko earlier today. Why create more drama for himself? If only there was some way to end all this crap of the day on a better note...

Shawn slowly opened his bedroom door. And who to his wandering eyes should be sitting on his bed? Why, none other than the lovely-lovely Nicole Murray. Shawn looked at her completely surprised.

"Babes!" he called out. "What are you doing here?" His girlfriend smiled at him wickedly.

"Just thought I would surprise you by coming early," she said to him as she had just finished rolling a fresh joint along her slender-thick thigh. "Surprised?" His bird handed the joint right to him. Shawn's eyes lit up in delight.

"Hell yes!" he called out loud. He rushed over to his bird on the bed and took the joint. Nicole pulled out her own and put it in her mouth. They both lit up and started puffing. Pretty soon after a few blunts, the party really heated up! Shawn turned to Nicole grinning.

"You know what else I would like right now?" he asked her. The sexy Goth princess smirked at him on that one.

"I'm already there!" she replied as she took off her black Goth Hello Kitty shirt. Shawn had grin up to his ears and a tent in his tight jeans. The rest of the fun ride went by in a rush. The couple stripped down and Shawn banged Nicole hard many times. The Goth boy suddenly began to feel better already. His day didn't suck anymore. All of the bitter memories of Junko, Cherry, and his mum were washed away with each thrust. He grabbed onto his true girlfriend tightly. Nicole just did her best to supply the bodily bliss just like she always did with him. All in a day's work, really.

In the end, Nicole slept peacefully beside her bloke. Shawn smiled at her warmly. He kissed her lightly on the forehead.

"Thanks old girl," Shawn mumbled to her. He began to remember last night. He and Nicole went out partying last night. They went out to that new club called Letter Bomb. Friday nights were always party night between them. Cherry never wanted to go partying with Shawn every single week. So what could he do? Nicole had become his party buddy along with his muse and lover. Shawn turned to his sexy gal pal.

"How did you find this place?" he asked. Nicole smiled at him warmly.

"Just looking around for a new place to score!" she replied.

"Ah," Shawn replied. "I see!" Nicole smiled at him in pride. Entrance was easier than ABC's. Nicole did most of the talking. The bouncer let them with no questions asked. Shawn marveled at his girl's amazing ways. Inside the club was packed full. Adults and college students drank, got high, and danced in the place. Shawn looked around amazed. He had been to many clubs in his young partying career, but this one topped the list. Nicole smirked at him pride.

"Like it?" she asked. Shawn turned to her grinning.

"Hell ya, babes!" he called out. Nicole grinned back at him sweet and naughty. She kissed him on the lips. Shawn kissed her back. The couple slowly parted.

"Come on big boy, let's party!" Nicole said to him. Shawn nodded at her boldly. The couple headed out to the dance floor to start another one of their Friday club-crawls. The night turned out find so far. The couple drank, got high, danced, and shagged the whole night. Shawn found himself deep in Heaven tonight. WAY better than one of Cherry's trips to the mall. But then, the night took an unexpected turn.

"I'm going over to the pub"[1]":#_ftn1 to get a drink babes," Nicole shouted at her bloke.

"Okay," he replied. The sexy Goth bird danced her way over to the bar. Shawn watched her with a smile on his face. He thought about how he wanted to hit that again. Such a great Friday night this night turned out to be. But then, something came along to spoil the thing.

A bloke in his late twenties to early thirties walked over to Nicole. This guy looked like an attractive fellow. Mediocre Japanese male at tops. He seemed friendly-a little too friendly. He kept hitting on the Gothic princess. Nicole kept trying to get away from him. But this guy was absolutely relentless. He just wouldn't give up no matter how many times Nicole tried to push away. Shawn didn't like this at all. Anger filled him almost immediately. The Goth boy marched right over to his girlfriend and the pervert. The two of them looked up to see Shawn storming right over to them. Common sense would tell one to leave the girl alone. But no, the man turned back to Nicole and kept hitting on her. The Goth princess looked on nervously for Shawn's sake. She feared for the worst.

Shawn finally picked up a bar stool and whacked the guy in the back of the head. He fell straight to the ground out cold. Nicole looked on in worried shock.

"Oh my god!" she cried out. "Did you kill him?" Everyone in the club rushed over to the guy.

"Holy crap!" someone yelled out.

"Is he dead?" asked another.

"Check for a pulse!" a third partier yelled out. Shawn didn't show any emotion at all on his face. To him, he was only defending his woman. Too bad everyone else didn't see it that way. Even Nicole thought that her boyfriend went too far there. The rest of the night went up and down from there. Shawn ended up getting arrested for assault. He only spent two hours in jail however. Nicole explained everything to the police and paid the bail. Afterwards, Shawn and Nicole spent the night getting drunk and high even more. The Goth princess managed to get a taxi to get her home safely around two in the morning. Shawn just wandered all the way to school, found that random truck in the east parking lot, crawled inside the driver's open window, and passed out there.

Despite the arrest and knocking some sense into that creep with a bar stool, Shawn had a great night. Too bad Shuichi, Junko, Cherry, and his mum had to ruin today with their petty annoyance. Shawn came back to reality when he felt someone snuggling up close to his arm in his bed. The Goth prince looked down and saw his princess cuddled up close to him asleep. Another feeling of warmth crept into the boy's soul. Suddenly, today didn't really suck anymore again. Shawn smirked to himself on that thought. He slowly began to realize something. No matter how much Junko, Cherry, or his mum tried to ruin his day, the Goth bloke always had his Goth princess to turn to in the end. Just the way he liked it!

[1]:Pub= Bar to the Brits

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