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Darcy goes missing on a night of partying. Simon looks for her desperately.

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Key Notes:
“Text”= Japanese talking
“+American English talking+”
“/British English talking/”
“#Australian English talking#”
A single candle sat lit at the dinner table. “/Blesst are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting,/” Bill prayed over the meal. “/Amen./” The Williams family were all having dinner in the traditional way.
“/Amen!/” Katie replied. Bill stood up from the table smiling. He pulled out his turkey craver. That man loved that craver so much. Just as much as his wife. He gave his toy a kiss.
“/Thanks Darcy!/” Bill said. Darcy gave him a slightly stoic face. Here it came. This was always their dad’s favorite part of dinner on his birthday. He just loved to slice up the turkey with his toys. And the story had to come along with it. She breathed out as she rolled her eyes to endure more of the same old crap. Simon shared her same thought as well.
“/But you know,/” Bill went on. “/This is the best birthday present I could here! A nice family meal. A chance for us to have a bit of quality time./”
“/Aw,/” Katie replied. “/Isn’t that lovely?/” Simon breathed out annoyed as his dad started up the turkey craver. Darcy sighed likewise.
“/Heh,/” Bill spoke up. “/You know, this remind me of when I was a boy and my Auntie Susan. When she was craving the chicken, she always used wear these really loose fitting tops. And…/”
“/Uh… yeah…/” Katie cut in. “/We’ve all heard this one, haven’t we?/”
“/It’s a joke, Katie,/” her husband countered. “/An anecdote!/” Darcy threw a rolled cabbage ball at her brother. He looked at her in a sassy way.
He turned my to his kids. “/And my dad, your grandfather,/” he went on. “/‘What would you like, Tommy?’ she used to say. He’d look right down her front and say, ‘I’d like breast please, Susan. And then maybe a bit of leg and stuffing.’/” Katie giggled at that one. Simon checked on his fish and showed a little bit to Darcy in his mouth. His sister giggled at that one.
“/I mean, he’d basically growl at her,/” Bill went on. Simon flashed more food at Darcy before putting it back into his mouth. He looked up at his father as he turned to him.
“/See that’s a difficult dad!/” Bill called aloud as he pointed the craving fork at Simon.
“/Everyone thinks your difficult, Bill!/” Katie threw in at him. She took the spoon out of Darcy’s hand. The daughter looked on annoyed.
“/Ha!/” the father went on. “/And then Susan would get to me. Heh, what could I ask for? I scoured my brain and came up with, ‘Thigh, please Susan!’/” He snickered at his own joke. Katie laughed along with her husband. Darcy just looked on at her mother.
“/Well basically, I was asking for the only thing I could think of that was non-sexual,/” Bill added in. “/I came up with thigh./” Simon looked up at that one right away.
“/Thighs can be sexy,/” Simon countered. Darcy smiled at that one. Katie looked on uneasy at that one.
“/That’s not true,/” Bill replied.
“/You would be surprised, you can do a lot with thighs, dad./” Simon insisted.
“/No, you can’t,/” his father countered back. He began slicing away at the beautiful bird at the table. Katie watched on uneasily. Darcy smiled on at her brother’s comment. Slowly, the bird began getting cut up into little pieces. Bill couldn’t hold back anymore. He whipped back to his son.
“/Look, I’m sorry! What is so sexy about thighs?!?/” he boomed up. “/I mean, what on earth can you do with a thigh!/” Simon smiled on at that thought.
“/Please. Not, not in front of Darcy, Bill,/” Katie cut in. The daughter looked up at her father. Bill looked over at Darcy. He cooled down some.
“/Alright,/” the man replied. “/What would everyone like?/”
“/I prefer a thigh, please, dad!/” Simon said quickly without any shame at all. Bill looked at his son coldly.
Subject: Darcy
The dice rolled on the brand new board game. “/No, not yet!/” Bill said out loud. “/Did I say do it yet?/”
“/No, look Bill!/” Katie replied. “/Darcy’s rolled a five./” Bill looked at the board.
“/Oh,/” he replied. “/Yes, well, uh… Right, jolly good! Alright, then we’ll treat that as your go, Darcy./” He turned back to the instruction manual as Darcy sat their looking bored.
“/So Darcy rolled a five,/” Bill said. “/Aw God, I can’t understand these rules!/” The opened the book into a map. “/They translated them from Chinese!/” he complained. He sighed out in stress.
“/Uh, Bill… Maybe we shouldn’t play a game,/” Katie suggested. Her husband whipped right around to her.
“/Fine!/” he snapped. “/F**g fine!/” He had a “fun” time following up the instructions and putting them away. “/F*g, f**g fine!/” the man snapped. He slammed the instructions on the game board. Bill turned to his family.
“/So, what shall we do now?/” he asked trying to say happy. “/Just sit shall we?/”
“/Yeah,/” Katie replied. “/Yeah! Yeah! We can just sit, yeah!/” Bill sighed.
“/Okay,/” he replied.
“/I’ll see if we can find some nice biscuits, okay!/” his wife said aloud as she climbed up off of the couch. She walked all the way to their kitchen. Bill sighed out loud.
“/Oh, I hate it when your mother’s like this!/” he said. The kids just sat there in silence.
Sometime later, Darcy held a flame to the gummy red game piece in her room. She just seemed to enjoy fire from time to time. The little plastic piece slowly burned. Darcy watched on with stoic interest. She set down her lighter and blew the piece out. The black burnt part let off a smell of burnt plastic. The girl then stored the lighter under her pillow and took the game box down stairs. Bill and Katie sat in the living room watching TV. The birthday cake sat cut on the glass coffee table. Their daughter entered the room with the box. The parents looked up at her.
“/Any luck with it?/” Bill asked. Darcy shook her head as she sat the box down on the arm of the couch.
“/Never mind,/” Bill replied. “/Good night love./” He blew a kiss at his daughter.
“/Night sweetheart,/” Katie said to Darcy as the girl went up stairs to her room. After she shut the door, the parents turned back to the TV. However, Darcy made it to the doorway and quietly opened the front door. She slipped out like she normally did night after night. She silently closed the door behind her.
Outside, Darcy took off her bathrobe and slippers, stuffed them in a garbage bag, and dumped them in the trash bin. Tonight, she was dressed up in a sexy deep blue rave top with a black miniskirt and black fishnet stockings. She picked up her shoes and crept off into the night.
From upstairs, Simon watched her with a smile on his face. His younger sister’s sneaking out of the house and partying ways made him so proud of her. But, enough of that. He had his own problems to deal with at the moment. Simon lied back on his bed and picked up his mobile. He began to dial different numbers. He waited for one of them to ring.
“#Simon!#” Emma called on the other line. “Oh, how’s it going?”
“/What’s everyone doing tonight?/” Simon asked.
“#Um… uh…#” the Aussie replied. “Where, there’s a few people that can that come around to mine, but it’s a homework thing! Really!”
“/Is Casper coming?/” Simon asked.
“#Yeah,#” Emma replied. “#Yeah, but it’s for a class you’re not in. Um… biology… You’re not it in!#” Simon sighed to himself at the lie.
“/It’s fine, Emma,/” he replied. “/I’m not invited, right?/”
“#It’s just… I don’t think you would enjoy it, really!#” the Aussie said quickly. Simon sighed again.
“/Yeah, I know,/” he replied. He hung up the phone. The boy sighed to himself in boredom. For the past few weeks, all of their group had blacklisted him. They stopped calling him to invite him anymore, they left when he came nearby, and they just flat out ignored him. The first few days, fine. But it had been weeks now. Time to forgive and forget now. Really! Onto the next number, then.
“/I’m sleeping or I just don’t want to talk to you. Please leave a message!/” Sid’s answer phone said to Simon as he went into Darcy’s room. Simon lightly shut the as the other line beeped.
“/This is now officially silent treatment you’re giving me!/” Simon began. “/Casper broke up with me, remember?/” He sat down on the bed with a night sock identical to Darcy’s in his hand. “/Still, if you think this is going to piss me off, you’re wrong!/” Simon went on as he put the sock on his foot. “/I actually quite like it. I’m just going to keep filling up your voicemail with all sorts of shite. Bye!/” He quickly got down on the bed and covered himself with the sheet as he hung up. Bill and Katie were coming to check on Darcy.
“/I never knew rotting! Dad’s always jacked up on that baby. It’s what we do./” Bill told his wife as they came upstairs and opened Darcy’s door. They looked over their “daughter” in her bed.
“/Look,/” Katie said. “/She’s asleep. Come on, let’s go to bed!/” Bill looked at her confused there.
“/Bed? But it’s early,/” he pointed out. He looked at his watch. “/Panorama./” Katie looked at him innocently.
“/I don’t think I’ve given you my birthday present yet,/” she said in a low flirty tone as she began playing with her husband’s tie. Bill looked on at her.
“/Auntie Susan,/” he said to her. Katie giggled at him.
“/She was a name and not a real blood relative,/” Bill explained to her.
“/I know,/” his wife whispered. “/I know exactly what she was. I’ll fetch the, uh… turkey bester and you wash your bits./” Bill smiled at that one. Then, they began turning off the lights and leaving the room. Bill shut the door behind him. Simon threw back the sheet in disgust. That would take a while to get those images out of his head (Easy to see why)!
Simon safely made it back to his room. He flopped back onto his bed. He tried calling his mates again.
“I don’t know,” Ando lied. “I’m probably not going out anyway. Uh…. You’re breaking up Simon!” He began to make freak static noises. Simon rolled his eyes as he hung up. Onto the next number.
“She doesn’t want to see you, Simon!” Fujisaki told him bluntly. “Leave us alone!” Simon sighed on the other line. The charming bastard checked his e-mail and sat on his bed bored. It was official: His friends have now cut him off over his latest mistake. This was not good at all. But what could he do? Simon sat back in his chair bored.
“I wasn’t sure about what to wear!” one of Darcy’s party friends said as the silent little devil looked in her compact mirror. “Can you believe I borrow this top from my mom?” The girls sat on the bus going to new place to party downtown.
“Oh Takashi!” the other girl went on. “When I wore my mom’s fishnets to the school disco thing, said that was well-welcomed because women wore fishnets without panties!” Darcy took out her lighter and lit it. She held it to the seat in front of her.
“To orgies or whatever!” the other girl went on. “So my mom would have got stuff on it. Takashi calls it lady juice. Can you believe he called it lady juice? And by wearing the tights, that her stuff would have rubbed off on me!” The mental on the seat in front slowly turned black. She looked ahead and saw an old man sitting on the bus.
“Now I wore panties,” the girl went on. “I don’t think my mom went to many orgies. I mean, she grew up in Sapporo. I don’t think many orgies happen in Sapporo.” Darcy turned her attention to the old man in front of her while her friend thought about that for a moment. She licked her lips in a sexy way to him. The old man watched on at her. Darcy lightly rubbed the thigh of her friend. The old man stared on intently. The silent little devil slowly moved her hand up her friend’s thigh. She smacked Darcy’s hand away quickly.
“Don’t! He’s gross!” she cried. Darcy looked out the window smiling. Like her brother, the silent little devil just loved to mess with people. Much more fun that way.
“I’m a bit scared!” the other girl went on as they walked down the street. “Are you scared Darcy?” The silent devil lived up to her name and below out some smoke from her cigarette.
“I keep tasting sick in my mouth!” the friend went on. “I think it’s because I’m excited.” Darcy took another puff of her cigarette.
“And nervous,” her friend went on. “Do you ever get that? Tasting sick in your mouth like you got the hiccups, but you haven’t? Do you ever get that Darcy? Do you?” The silent devil kept walking until she reached the front entrance of an abandoned factory. She pressed the button. The sounds went off to open it.
“Did I tell you about Takashi trying to finger me?” the friend spoke again. The door opened wide. A security guard type guy opened the door with a flashlight in his hand.
“Darcy!” he said surprised. “You came!” Darcy looked on stoic. The other girl blinked for the flashlight was bright in her eyes. The “security guard” calmed himself down some.
“I mean, cool,” he said. “I mean, I wasn’t sure you would!” Darcy rolled her eyes and walked inside. Her friend followed behind. Darcy sighed out as she did.
“Okay,” the guard replied. Then, he shut the door behind him. The factory still remained dark inside. The guard opened up storage room thirteen. The bright lights greeted them. They all walked inside.
“It’s my last day,” the guard told them. “For the f***g jerks to work for!” Darcy walked on with her eyes shut.
“So you know, break, take, steal, amnesty and all that,” the guard added. Darcy opened her eyes and looked up again. The guard nodded at her with the Japanese- V sign.
“Crazy!” he said.
“So this is it?” the other girl asked disappointed as Darcy looked forward. “Really?” Darcy looked up some. Here came the real fun! The boys with the carts all rushed out in the aisles. The girls watched on entertained. The boys treated the whole show like a game. They played and danced with the carts. Some crashed into each other on purpose. A couple of them even drove in the fork cars. Finally, a charming Japanese boy about fifteen years old rode up to them. The guard turned to the girls.
“This is Daichi, a friend of mine,” he said.
“Hi!” the other girl called out waving excited. “I’m Himeko and this is Darcy! Do people call you Daii-kun?”
“No,” Daichi replied bored. “They don’t.” Himeko looked on a bit disappointed. Darcy smiled a bit as she flicked back her hair some.
“I’ve heard a lot about you, Darcy,” Daichi told the silent little devil. “Not all of it good.”
“Have you heard anything about me?” Himeko cut in eagerly.
“Want a ride?” Daichi asked Darcy. The silent devil smiled at him as she walked over to him. Himeko began to feel a little left out.
“Shall I get on too?” she asked. Darcy got on the cart and she and Daichi rode around the warehouse.
“We were here together!” Darcy’s friend called out. Darcy and Daichi rode around the whole warehouse in delight. Such freedom at a nearly slow pace. But who cared? They were having fun.
Meanwhile, Simon roamed the streets at night. He came to the port.
“Big issue!” his old homeless friend called out to him.
“/Bit late for you, isn’t it Mao?/” Simon asked as he walked over to him. The homeless man smiled at him.
“Last week’s edition!” he called. “These suckers don’t seem too generous to notice. Who are you with, then?” Simon shook his head.
“/I’m own my own tonight,/” he replied. “/Listen, you don’t fancy a beer, do ya?/” The homeless guy shook his head at him.
“Sorry,” Mao said. “Beer is not really my drink. Now once you’ve tasted Green Dragon water, beer just loses its appeal.” Simon nodded in slight disappointment.
“/Right, okay,/” he replied. “/Do you want a hand, selling?/”
“Where’s all your friend then, Si?” Mao asked. “Fallen on hard times, pal?” Simon looked away a bit.
“/Something like that,/” he mumbled.
“Well no offensive, friend,” Mao replied. “But the sooner I can get these sold, the sooner I can get home to my wife for tea and cuddles. And I’m not going to get much sold to a clean kid, am I? Beat it!”
“/Right,/” Simon replied. “/Okay, no worries. See you later!/”
“Peace out!” Mao replied. Then, Simon walked away into the night. The bum looked on to a couple passing by.
“Can I get you sir?” he asked. The couple walked straight past him. Simon sat near the sea having a smoke. Though he wouldn’t admit it, the loneliness was killing him.
Meanwhile, Darcy and Daichi were having a blast swinging through the air on the cranes in the warehouse. It felt like a carnival swinging in the air. Daichi had a pill on the tip of his tongue. Darcy took it and put it in her mouth. The two shared a kiss in midair. Darcy really enjoyed the high swinging in the air. She and Daichi made out with the police sirens blurred in the background. The sirens went off in the air. The boys on the ground ran away as fast as they could. The guard laughed out loud.
“It’s the f***g cops!!!” he yelled. Darcy and Daichi slowly swung to a stop. The boy turned to the young girl.
“They’re not going to give us a joined cell!” he called. Darcy just smiled at that one. They shared more kisses again.
Meanwhile, Simon still stared out into the sea. He smoked on his cigarette and the sea gulls squawked in the background. Suddenly, his mobile rang. He pulled it out and answered it.
“/Hello?/” the boy replied.
“Hello this is officer Oda,” the voice on the other line replied. “Am I speaking to Simon Williams?”
“/What?/” Simon asked confused.
“Tokyo Police Department, officer Kudo speaking. How may I help you?” the woman at the front desk of the station asked to Simon like a speeding bullet.
“/Uh…/” the boy said.
“Sorry!” Kudo said. “Rushed it, I’ll go again! Tokyo Police Department, Kudo Mayumi speaking. How may I help you?” Simon stared on blankly for a moment.
“/Hi, Mayumi,/” he said. “/I’m here to pick up Darcia Williams. She’s been arrested./”
“Right on it!” Mayumi replied. “I’ll check that for you!” She turned to her computer and got right to work. Simon watched and waited. Mayumi turned back to him smiling.
“Just missed her!” she chirped. “Her brother’s picked her up already.” Simon looked on confused.
“/I’m her brother,/” Simon replied.
“Well, her other brother!” Mayumi replied.
“/I’m her only brother,/” Simon argued back. The officer sighed at him.
“Okay, her boyfriend pretending to be her brother has picked her up already!” she called. Simon looked on uneasy. Something had gone wrong. Darcy had gone a-wall.
“She just left with the fat kid!” Mayumi summed up. Simon ran out the door to find his sister. Outside, Darcy, Himeko, and the guard all climbed into the back of a golden van.
“/Ladies, your carriage awaits!/” the “savior” called out to them. “/Chop, chop!/” The girls giggled as they climbed in. Simon spotted them and ran right after them.
“/Darcy!/” he screamed as he ran closer. “/Dar-!/” Suddenly, a kid in a black hoodie rushed over to him and shoved Simon to the ground. He kicked the boy to a pulp as the van sped away. Simon lied there on his back in pain.
In the van, the kids all laughed and shared a mini bong together. “That was fun!” Daichi called out. “Unexpected, but fun!”
“So f***g hard to keep a straight face!” the guard added on.
“Ah, you did well for a fat f**k!” Daichi replied.
“You’re so lucky, Darcy! I can’t believe it!” Himeko said to her friend. “Remember when I tried to get arrested for kissing that police officer, remember that? Normally I would have been with her. We’re always getting into trouble at school. Tell them Darcy, aren’t we?” Daichi prepared the bong while Darcy leaned on his shoulder. The boy turned to her.
“Does she ever stop?” he asked. Darcy shook her head and she laughed. Daichi turned to the crew with the bong.
“Anyone want some?” he asked.
“What is it?” Himeko asked. Darcy put the bong to her mouth and Daichi lit it up.
“We’re known as the chi-chi girls!” Himeko went on. “Not a very good name though, showing her panties!” Darcy laughed on enjoying herself.
Meanwhile, Simon pulled his phone out of his jeans and called Darcy.
“Hi this is Darcy’s phone! She’s gone cruising at thirty-five thousand feet and there is definitely turbulence ahead!” a guy said on the other line.

“/What?/” Simon asked confused. “/It’s Simon. Darcy, what’s going on?/” He hung up the phone. He pushed himself to his feet to find her.
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