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Part two.

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At Emma’s dorm, she and Ando were building a sugar pyramid. Sid sat at the fish tank looking bored. Casper and Fujisaki began throwing sugar cubes at them. The other two tried to shield themselves the best that they could.
“#Look! Wait! Can we get some concentration here, for a minute?!?#” Emma cried. “#I know! Okay, I know it seems hard, right? But think of it! This, this could lead… to fame!#” The others laughed at that one.
“A place in the Genius Book of Records is hardly fame!” Fujisaki replied.
“#Look it is!#” Emma shot back. “#Alright, I f***g love that book!#” She turned to the hippie.
“#Look Casper will you stop eating the tools, please!#” the Aussie called.
“/Look it’s not my fault you decided to go for white fruit-cubed pyramids!/” she declared. Sid just stared out into space as everything went on. Suddenly, the door opened wide. Everyone looked up and saw Simon in the dorm. He looked at all of his “former” friends. They all went into nervous silence.
“/What’s this?/” Simon asked. “/Some kind of retro LSD thing?/” Sid wanted to say something, but didn’t.
“#Uh… no…#” Emma spoke up. “#This… uh… the homework thing I was telling you about. The… um… biology…#” Ando looked down nervous. Simon breathed out some.
“/Hi Casper,/” he said. She didn’t look at him at all.
“/Hello Simon,/” the hippie replied.
“/Look, don’t worry I’m not going to stay,/” the charming bastard went on. “/Just needed Sid for a minute./”
“/I’m busy,/” his friend said bored staring at the fish tank.
“/Yeah, I can see that Sid!/” his former pal called out. Simon said again and cheered up.
“/Okay,/” he said. “/Let’s have a go then!/” Simon picked up a fruit cube and tried to stack it on the pyramid. But, he tripped and nearly fell, knocking the pyramid to the ground. Everyone looked on disappointed.
“Aw!” Ando called out. Emma sighed on shocked.
“/Aw f***g hell, guys!/” Simon said. “/You all have a good time, do ya?/”
“/Look, I don’t want this to be difficult, Simon,/” Casper spoke up. “/If you want to stay, you can stay!/” Emma and Ando looked on at the ruined masterpiece.
“/No,/” Simon replied. “/It’s fine. You made the divorce terms perfectly clear and I plan to stick to them!/”
“/Please don’t be a bastard,/” Casper pleaded.
“/No, don’t get upset about it, okay?/” Simon replied. “/I’m sorry I spoiled your beautiful evening! I’ll go!/” The charming bastard headed out the door. “/Sid,/” he spoke up. His pal looked up at him. Then, he turned back to the fish tank. Emma threw down a fruit cube stressed.
“/Well go on, then!/” Casper said to Sid. “/Go see what he wants!/” Sid sat on ignoring her.
“Don’t feel you have, Sid!” Fujisaki told him. Sid sighed at the tanks.
“/I’m going to go,/” he said at last. “/When it’s time to leave, right?/” He stood up and walked out of the room. Emma stared on at her destroyed creation. All of that hard work…
“/You should leave, Simon,/” Sid told him once he found his friend in the bathroom. “/No one wants you around! Shite!/” He saw the wounds on Simon’s torso from earlier tonight. “/You okay?/” he asked.
“/Tried ringing ya, but you wouldn’t answer your phone,/” Simon replied.
“/What did you get beaten up?!?/” Sid asked aloud.
“/Darcy’s missing,/” Simon answered in a serious tone. “/Going to look for her./”
“/Darcy?/” Sid asked as he stared at his friend. “/Is this another one of your games?/”
“/Yeah Sid, it’s game!/” Simon said sounding hurt as she walked away. Sid followed behind.
“Hi this is Darcy’s phone! She’s gone cruising at thirty-five thousand feet and there is definitely turbulence ahead!” Sid heard the guy on the other line say.
“/It sounds a bit weird, Simon!/” he said in the night outside.
“/It’s fine,/” his friend replied. “/We’ll nix your dad’s car, drive around a bit, spot her, take her home, and go for a pint!/” Sid rolled his eyes a bit. But then, something caught his attention. Arisu stood on the curb lighting a cigarette. She looked like a teenage street walker at night.
“/Ah shite!/” Sid yelled out. Simon froze in his tracks.
“/What?/” he asked.
“/There’s Arisu!/” Sid replied as he pointed up ahead. Simon looked at that direction. He looked at his pal confused and looked up again. No one was there.
“/Well, she was there!/” Sid spoke up.
“/So where’s she gone? Flown off on her broom stick?/” Simon snapped at him. “/It’s just your imagination, Sid! She’s still in the funny farm!/”
“/No, she was there!/” Sid argued.
“/Maybe she’s haunting you because she tried to kill herself because of you!/” his friend barked. “/Come on, Sid!/” Then, he walked away. The dullard thought about that for a moment.
“/Hang on!/” he called. “/You want to nix my dad’s car/” He raced after his pal. “/Why can’t we nix your dad’s instead?/” Sid complained as they started doing the job.
“/Because Sid,/” Simon replied. “/My dad has central locking, sophisticated alarm system, and probably thinks a stint in prison will do me good! Whereas your dad, has a twenty-year old car, neighborhood watch, and won’t prosecute!/” The boy opened up the driver’s side and climbed in. Sid got in on the other side. Simon drove off right away. And so, the search began. So far, they turned up nothing. Time was working against them.
Meanwhile, Darcy enjoyed herself on the first lawn of a private club house. Kids were lighting fireworks on the grass. Her mind was away in high bliss. Daichi danced around with a sprinkler in his hand and kissed the younger girl again on the lips. Another make-out session started up.
“I’ll bet you 1164.20 yen I know who you’re thinking about!” Fujisaki told Casper as they walked home for the night. Casper sighed.
“/There are times where I think Simon and I are going to get back together,/” she said reluctantly.
“And just like that I’m 1164.20 yen richer!” the keyboardist remarked. He chuckled a bit as Casper sighed.
“/There’s a sort of thing there,/” the hippie went on. “/First loves!/” Fujisaki tried not to laugh.
“You think Simon loved?” he asked. Casper sighed and shook her head.
“Sorry,” Fujisaki replied. “That sounded far less harsh in my head.”
“/Don’t worry about it,/” Casper replied. A car pulled past them. Tom stuck his head out the window.
“/Hey Casper!/” he called. The hippie looked up right away.
“/Wait up!/” Tom shouted. “/Listen, I’m off to a late night at a private club. Fancy coming for a quick drink?/”
“/Can you not take a hint?/” she asked.
“/Come on,/” her ex pleaded. “/You must have worked out by now I didn’t do it!/” Casper rolled her eyes at him.
“/You have porno pictures of your sister on your phone!/” she snapped. “/How f**d are you?!?/”
“/Someone set me up!/” he pleaded the truth to her. Casper and Fujisaki laughed at that one. Casper turned back to him.
“/Yeah right, Tom!/” she said. Tom looked away about in stress.
“/Look, the pint will be a laugh,/” he tried again. Casper and Fujisaki walked away.
“/Casper!/” Tom shouted at her. “/Please!/” The friends walked on ignoring him. Tom walked his ex walk away with defeat in his eyes. He turned back to his friend at the driver’s side.
“/F**k it! Let’s go!/” he told him. The car drove away into the night.
“Good decision,” Fujisaki advised his friend.
“/F**d up is an understatement,/” Casper replied.
“He’s got a new car though,” her friend spoke up. “For a crazy guy!” He laughed as his own joke.
“/Shut up!/” Casper called laughing. Back at the club, the party swung in high gear. Darcy and the club walked into the club.
“Ho!” the guard yelled out. “This place is f***g brilliant!”
“It’s like a jungle!” Himeko added.
“This is where the rich kids come to die!” Daichi told them. “Welcome to my world!” He opened the door wide. Everyone walked inside. Daichi shut the door behind them. A masked boy broke out the window and looked out. Daichi picked up Darcy and carried her over his shoulder. They came into a black light room where some of the kids were partying. Himeko threw up on the ground.
“I don’t feel well!” she cried. The guard looked at her nervously.
“Kyuu, I think you should think Himeko to the bathroom!” Daichi told his friend with his arm around Darcy. Then, they walked away.
“Come on,” Kyuu said to Himeko. “Come on with me.” He did as his friend said. Darcy and Daichi walked into a red-tinted room. He shut the door behind them.
“Finally, we’re alone!” he said. Darcy kissed him on the lips. They began to make out again. The lights went up in flash. Tom stood near the pool table with a cue stick over his shoulder.
“/Not quite!/” he boomed. The couple looked up startled. Daichi laughed a bit.
“Jesus Christ!” he said to his old friend. “F**k! I wondered when you were going to turn up.”
“/Hello, Darcy!/” Tom greeted her. “I’m Jesus Christ!” The silent devil looked on at him. Tom smiled at the girl. His plan had now fallen into place.
Meanwhile at the art council building outside, Simon sat down on the bench in defeat. They still haven’t found Darcy. Sid rushed over to his friend and sat down with him.
“/Anything?/” he asked.
“/Nothing,/” Simon replied. “/Bollocks!/” Sid looked over at him.
“/You know, she may be having a bit of fun,/” he suggested. “/A joke a your expense./” Simon shook his hand at that one.
“/It’s not her style,/” he replied. “/No, I know Darcy! She’s more clever than this! In fact, the more f***g cleverest person I know! Don’t know anyone like her!/” Sid’s attention went elsewhere when he saw Arisu walking around in the square like a wandering ghost.
“/Arisu?/” Sid asked out loud confused. He stood up and she ran away.
“/Look,/” Simon spoke up. “/I’m worried about her! I just… Even if we look the same places twice…/”
“/Arisu, she was just…/” Sid cut in.
“/Please Sid!/” Simon pleaded. His friend turned back to him.
“/Okay,/” he said. Then, Simon’s mobile rang. He pulled it out and answered it.
/Darcy?/” he asked.
“/Hey Simon!/” a guy’s voice said on the line. “/You’ve got to come down to this party at the Private Haku’s club! We’re flying the virgin highway!/” Simon became annoyed.
“/Who is this?!?/” he asked.
“/Darcy says hi!/” the guy said.
“/WHAT?!?/” Simon yelled. “/Put Darcy on the phone!/” The boy hung up on the other line. Sid looked on worried.
“/Hello?!?/” Simon yelled. Then, he hung up. “/F**k!/” he yelled. “/Come on, Sid!/” Badly, the car ran out of gas. Both boys got out. They looked around.
“/Looks a bit… spooky,/” Sid spoke up. Simon looked at him annoyed.
“/You’re not still afraid of the dark?/” he asked his pal. “/You still sleep with that nightlight on, don’t you?/”
“/It’s not a nightlight!!!/” Sid snapped. “/It’s a glow in the dark Batman! It’s retro!/” Simon didn’t believe him. Sid turned to the dark.
“/DARCY!!!/” he yelled. “DARCY!!! DARCY!!! DARCY!!! DARCY!!! DAR—cy…” He turned back to an annoyed Simon. He shook his head at his pal.
“/No, I don’t think she’s here,/” he said.
“/No,/” Simon said with some sass. “/Doesn’t appear to have much of a reply, does it?/”
“/No,/” Sid answered. The boys looked around at the darkened underpass.
“/DARCY!!!!/” Sid yelled again. “/DARCY!!!/” Meanwhile, Darcy had her arm strapped up tight with a belt. She looked around a bit. Tom pulled out a needle. Daichi watched on in silence. He turned to his bird.
“Only if you want some,” he said. Darcy smiled boldly and turned to Tom.
“/Of course you f***g want some!/” he said. Then, he injected the needle into her skinny little arm. “/There we go!/” he said as he was pumping the drugs into her. “/Dr. Roberts’ marvelous medicine!/” In seconds, the drugs took over Darcy’s mind. She was really gone now as she closed her eyes.
“/Sometimes, I think was born backwards,/” the silent devil spoke up. “/You know, come out my mum the wrong way. I hear words go past me backwards./” Darcy slowly opened her eyes again. “/The people I love, I should hate. And the people I hate…/” she went on. The girl crashed straight down to the ground.
Meanwhile, Sid played with his lighter. Simon looked on at him. He looked away and back at Sid.
“/Ow!/” his friend yelped as he burned himself with his lighter. “/F**k!/”
“/All of the help I’ve ever given you,/” Simon spoke up. “/You’ve been f***g useless tonight!/” Sid looked up as he sucked on his thumb in pain.
“/I’ve been good!/” he argued.
“/You’ve been useless!/” Simon barked. “/You’re always f**g useless! Take Casper! I worked f**g hard for a shagging opportunity for you and then you went pussy!/”
“/No,/” Sid replied. “/I…/”
“/Instead,/” his pal cut in. “/She ends up with this Tom-guy! A complete f***g knob, that I have to sort! So that’s your fault too, you know that?/” Sid looked at him confused.
“/Sort of,/” he replied. “/What did you do?/” Simon snorted aloud.
“/Put naked pictures of Gabby on is phone!/” he confessed. “/Made sure Casper could see them. Made sure everyone could see them. It’s quite funny!/”
“/Funny?!?/” Sid yelled. “/That’s sick!/” Simon looked at him as if he was crazy. “/His sister?!?/” his pal yelled. “/Why did you do that?!? You know what Simon, sometimes I don’t know why we are friends anymore./” Simon looked over at him.
“/It’s weird, isn’t it?/” he replied. “/I’m from Mars, you’re from Venus. I do things, you worry about them. I sleep with girls, you persuade them to commit suicide!/” Sid looked up at that one. Rage began to fill him up.
“/Don’t,/” he murmured. Simon looked down for a second.
“/You bunching your fists up at me, Sid?/” he asked. His pal looked away some. Simon stood up and stepped away some.
“/If you want to hit, go ahead!/” he challenged. Sid stood up and slapped him! Simon looked up at him.
“/Ow!/” he said. Sid looked on startled.
“/I said a punch, not bitch slap!/” Simon complained. Sid went for it, but Simon ducked and decked. He pinned his pal to the car. He grabbed him by the shirt. “/I can’t believe you slapped me!/” the charming bastard said. “/It’s hilarious!/” Sid breathed out some. “/Sid, you better not be crying!/” Simon went on.
“/I’m not crying because you punched me!/” he whimpered.
“/Ah, you crying for the kids in Africa?/” Simon hissed.
“/You know I so look up to you, don’t you?/” Sid protested.
“/Of course, I did!/” the other boy hissed. “/You were at home every night wanking your brains out, ‘Oh someday I’ll be like Simon! Oh someday I’ll be like Simon!’/” Sid whimpered at him again.
“/And now I can think of nothing worse than being you!/” he yelled. Simon glared at him and let him go. Sid stood up from the car.
“/You’ve always been selfish!/” he yelled at his former friend. “/I always understood that./” Simon froze up in his tracks and turned around.
“/You did things because you wanted something, fine!/” Sid shouted on. “/It makes sense. But now… Now, you do things because you can! You f**k with people! And I don’t get why! You’ve got no friends! No girlfriend! Only your parents left! Not even Darcy is answering your calls. You’re right she is clever!/” Oh, the dullard just hit a blind spot there!
“/Every time you talk, Sid/” Simon countered. “/The little flexes of spit coming out of your mouth and get on my face!/” His “former” friend walked away in anger.
“/Sid!/” Simon called out. “/Sid, don’t be a little girl!/” Sid climbed in the car and slammed the door. Simon turned around and saw his sister’s face painted on the stands of the turn pass.
“/Darcy?/” he asked. “/Who the f**k is doing this?!?/” Sid started up the car and the images of Darcy disappeared. Sid pulled off and drove away. The charming bastard looked up at the red Toyota.
“/Sid!/” he yelled. “/Sid! How the f**k am I going to get out of here?!?/” Sid drove away leaving his former pal in the dark. He began wondering away when a motorcycle pulled up to him. The rider stopped and looked at the boy. Simon stared back at him.
“/You’re one of them, aren’t you?/” he asked. The rider handed him a helmet. Simon sighed as he put it on and climbed on the bike. The two rode off in the night.
In a diner, Sid tried to make a call. He tried to call Arisu again.
“Hi this is Arisu, don’t bother leaving a message because I’m not listening,” her voice mail said. Sid sighed in defeat. The phone beeped on the other line.
“/I know you’re there, Arisu,/” Sid said. “/I mean… I think I know you’re there. I mean I want you to be there. I’m at Midori’s. I want to speak to you… and I think you want to speak to me./” He hung up the phone. He sat there in sad defeat.
At the private club, the rider dropped off Simon and sped off. The boy stood alone there for a few seconds and drew out his phone. He made yet another call.
Casper lied on her bed at home when her phone rang. She picked it up and answered it sighing after she saw who it was.
“/Didn’t have to answer, Simon!/” she told him.
“/Grateful that you did,/” her ex replied.
“/Okay,/” she said.
“/Okay,” he replied.
“/So, how come you call me?/” Casper asked.
“/Don’t know,/” Simon replied. The hippie looked on confused.
“/Tell me why you rang,/” she spoke. “/It’s because you miss me. It’s because I’m the only person you can really talk to./”
“/No Casper,/” Simon replied. “/That’s right, this is all about you!/”
“/Well isn’t it?/” she asked.
“/Not tonight, no,/” her ex said. Casper sat up in worry.
“/Are you okay, Simon?/” she asked.
“/No,/” her ex answered.
“/What’s the matter?/” the hippie asked.
“/Darcy’s missing,/” he answered. “/Sid’s supposed to be helping me find her, but he’s f*d off. And now I’m at some posh club of some wanker night that some sports car place and I don’t know what to do. It’s just the weirdest f**g night of my life!/” Casper shook her head.
“/What do you want me to do, Simon?/” she asked.
“/Nothing,/” he replied. “/Thank you./” Then, he hung up. Casper looked at her phone. Simon stood outside uneasily. He looked around a bit and went inside. The hippie stared at her phone worried. Oh this was bad! Really bad!
At Midori’s, Sid had made smiley face out of salt on the counter out of loneliness. He perfected it some and sighed. The dullard looked up in the mirror above and saw Arisu sitting next to him. Startled, he looked right beside of him. She looked just as lovely as ever. Tonight, bright pink clips invaded her hair. She looked just as Goth as ever with her make-up. Arisu looked over at him some.
“You know, it’s like two in the morning, don’t you?” she asked.
“/You’re the one who’s been following me around all night!/” Sid pointed out. Arisu smiled as she picked up some vinegar and added a little heart in the face.
“You’ve got a black eye growing, don’t you know that?” she asked. Sid quickly looked at himself in the napkin holder. He sighed out loud.
“/Aw, Simon punched me!/” he complained. Arisu looked on at him.
“Wow!” she exclaimed. “Really, that’s excellent!” Sid looked at her like she had lost her ever-loving mind.
“/Is it?/” he asked.
“You’re the cause of the center,” she explained. “Separation anxiety. He worried he’s losing you!”
“/Well, I did just leave him,” Sid explained. “/I mean literately. And then I… wanted to see you./” Arisu looked at him in silence.
“Do you want to kiss me Sid?” she asked. He looked up at her surprised. She smiled at him brightly.
“Okay,” Arisu replied. “So, this is where you lean in.” Sid gathered up his courage and leaned in. They kissed for the first time. They broke off a bit. The dullard looked down a bit.
“/Cool,/” Sid said.
“Yeah,” Arisu agreed.
“/Sorry, I’m usually better than that,/” the boy said. “/It’s just…/”
“No, it’s lovely,” Arisu spoke up.
“/No,/” Sid tried to explained with his hands. “/My rhythm was out and my teeth… they kept getting in the way… Could I try again?/” Arisu smiled at him warmly in a dazed way.
“Only if you don’t ask,” she said. Sid nodded and kissed her again. She kissed him back. Make-out session floated along the way. This time, it all looked promising for a chance! But then, Sid’s phone rang. He broke off the kiss to answer it.
“/Hang on,/” he said. Arisu looked slightly disappointed. Sid cursed to himself softly. He looked at his phone.
“Who is it?” the Japanese girl asked.
“/Uh… kind of weirdly, Casper…/” Sid spoke up.
“Answer it,” Arisu replied. Sid reluctantly did so.
“/Sid?/” Casper asked. “/I’m worried about Simon!/”
“/Simon?/” he asked. “/What are you doing worried about him?/”
“/I just spoke to him, he sounded strange and a real mess!/” she said.
“/Well Casper,/” Sid replied. “/Can I ring you back?/”
“/He’s at some posh club place,/” she went on.
“/Where?/” Sid asked.
“/Haku’s!/” Casper answered. “Something weird’s going on…/”
“/Listen,/” Sid replied. “/I’m in the middle of something important here./” Arisu looked on at him happily. Casper sighed.
“/You know,/” she said. “/The private club. That’s where Tom and his mates hang out. Please Sid, just check if he’s okay!/” Sid’s eyes grew big in shock.
“/Tom?/” he asked.
“/Yeah,/” Casper replied. Sid nodded.
“/Okay,/” he said. “/I’m leaving now…/” Arisu began to look disappointed. Sid hung up the phone and turned back to his bird.
“/Simon’s in trouble,/” he said. Arisu sighed.
“Simon,” she replied. “Oh!”
“/I’m really sorry,/” Sid spoke up. “/I’m got to go!/”
“Do you?” she asked.
“/Kiss me again,/” Sid told her.
“No Sid, I won’t,” Arisu rejected him. Sid left in disappointment. Arisu turned back to the smiley face on the counter. She ruined it with more vinegar. Once again, he shot her down.
“/Darcy!/” Simon called out in the club. “/Darcy!/” He looked all around for her. Sid drove on to find him. The charming bastard walked past a couple of clubbers. One in a mask tried to grab him, but Simon pushed him away. He wandered into the bathroom. At first, the boy thought his girl was kissing on some guy in a stall. So, he peeked over. It turned out to be a bust. Sid drove on to help his friend. The situation turned grave. Simon walked through t club looking for Darcy.
He finally came to the back room. Tom and his friends were playing poker on the pool table.
“/Simon!/” Tom greeted him. “/Hi!/” The other boy made it into the room. Tom looked on at him smiling.
“/Play some poker?/” he asked. “/Up f**k up stuff?/”
“/I’m looking for my sister,/” Simon replied.
“/Oh,/” Tom replied. “/She’s over there./” Simon looked and saw her out cold. He raced over to her.
“/Darcy!/” he cried. “/Shite! Darcy! Darcy!/” He shook at her hard. “/Darcy! Darcy! Darcy! Darcy!/” he shouted at her over and over again. Simon looked up at the boys.
“/What happened?/” he asked. “/Some call an ambulance!/” Simon pulled out his phone. “/Aw f**k,/” he mumbled to himself. The boy began dialing for help.
“Emergency,” the operator answered.
“/Hello?/” Simon asked. “/Yeah, I need an ambulance! My sister’s overdosed, I think! Where are we? Ah, f**k! Wait, hold on!/” Simon looked around desperately.
“/Where the f**k are we?/” he asked.
“Hang on, let me see it. I’ll give her directions,” Daichi offered. Simon handed him the phone and Daichi broke it. Simon looked on in a panic.
“/What the f**k you doing?!?/” he asked. Tom stepped forward.
“/Okay!/” he said. “/Let’s make a deal! We’ll call an ambulance as soon as you f**k your sister! Three from the top please./”
“/Your joking!/” Simon yelped as he picked up Darcy from the floor.
“/Well actually, it’s true,/” Tom remarked. “/So um, no. No, not joke or a funny fact!/” He got really close to Simon.
“/Get out of my f***g way!/” the other boy snapped. A fight to the pool table broke up. Daichi and Tom pinned him down.
“/Don’t worry,/” Tom said. “/It won’t be the first time. You won’t be taking her virginity, right Daichi?/”
“/What are you f**g saying?!?/” Simon yelled out. “/She’s my sister, you sick f*k!/” Tom pinned him down when he tried to get up.
“/You put porno pictures of my sister on my phone and I make you f**k your sister!/” Tom barked.
“/Is this about Casper?/” Simon asked. “/You really think Casper’s worth this?/”
“/I to hear you say, ‘please I’m so sorry I can’t keep going soft/!!!/” Tom yelled.
“/Leave her alone. I’m sorry, I promise!/” Simon pleaded desperately. “/I’ll get you back with Casper! I’ll do anything, I promise!/” Tom slowly let him go. Simon slowly rose to his feet, only to be beaten again and thrown to the floor by the crazy boy.
“Tom, pal!” Daichi yelled. “Tom!”
“/Shut the f**k up, Dai!/” the crazy boy yelled with is foot to Simon’s throat. He turned back to the desperate boy.
“/I want you to f**k her,/” he said.
“/No!/” Simon pleaded out. “/You can’t make me do that!/”
“/Can’t you play with her a bit?/” Tom asked.
“/I can’t!/” Simon whimpered.
“/Want me to help you out a bit?/” the other boy asked.
“/I really can’t,/” Simon whimpered.
“/Then, you’re a shite brother, aren’t you?/” Tom asked aloud as he pinned him down. He ripped off the boy’s shirt. Simon cried the whole time.
“/She’s dying over there, Simon!/” Tom yelled. “/You better get hard!/” Simon cried even more. Tom pinned him down again.
“/Beg me,/” he hissed. Simon whimpered and cried as he begged for the monster to let him and his sister go. Tom smiled at the results.
“/Well you only need to ask,/” he replied. Then, he tapped Simon on the shoulder and got off. “/Here ends the lesson!/” Tom said out loud. Simon lied there panting and crying.
Sid drove all the way to the club. Simon carried Darcy out to the lawn in nothing but his boxers.
“/Simon!/” Sid called out in surprise. “/What’s happened? What the f**k happened to her?!?/” The other boy stared out into space.
“/It’s all my fault…/” he muttered. Sid took off his coat and covered his pal with it.
“/Okay,/” he said. “/It’s okay. Just get her to hospital, okay?/” The boys walked all the way to the car. Sid drove them all the way there. Simon sat in the backseat crying. The consequences of his actions had finally sunken in. The charming bastard looked down at his sister. Darcy remained out cold in his lap. The whole ride turned into a moment of reflection. The girl lied out cold in the hospital bed surrounded by her parents, brother, and Sid.
“/Do you she can hear us?/” Bill asked.
“/I don’t know, darling,/” Katie replied.
“/Darcy, love,/” her father said. “/My hands are cold./”
“/Maybe best let her sleep,/” his wife suggested.
“/She can hear you, dad,/” Simon remarked. Katie looked over at him.
“/That’s enough from you!/” she said. Simon looked at him mom slightly surprised. The parents looked over at him. The doctor came into the room and took up Darcy’s chart.
“/Doctor,/” Katie spoke up. The doc looked up at her. The parents looked desperate.
“/So is she…/” Katie began to ask.
“Oh, everything’s going to be fine,” he said. “It’s going to be great. These kids are amazing resilient creatures!” The parents looked up at him.
“Yeah, it’s all gone,” the doctor replied. “And whatever hasn’t will be out in a few days. One way or the other. She took some very clean and pure drugs.” Everyone breathed out some.
“Right,” the doc said. “I’ll leave you be.” Then, he put down the chart and left the room. The parents turned back to Simon.
“/So, I suppose we should congratulate you for getting clean drugs?” Katie asked her son bitterly. Simon looked at her confused.
“/Think this was me?/” he asked.
“/So was with you!/” his mother said. The boy shook his head there.
“/I wasn’t!/” he said defensive. “/I was…/”
“/Oh don’t deny it!/” Bill remarked.
“/Oh Simon, she’s your little sister!/” Katie added.
“/No, no!/” Simon tried again. “/But listen, for a second…/”
“/No!/” Katie cut off. “/I had enough of listening to you! You have… You and your horrid little ways! Always at other people’s expensive!/”
“/Hang on!/” Sid interrupted. “/That’s enough!/” Katie looked over at him.
“/What?!?/” she asked.
“/He loves, Darcy!/” Sid argued. “/Don’t you think this is hard enough?/” Simon looked at him confused. The parents stared at him.
“/And who the f**k are you?/” Bill asked.
“/I’m his best friend,/” Sid answered.
“/And I’m his f***g father!/” Bill snapped.
“/I know what you are!/” Sid replied. It all went quiet. The boy turned to his mate. “/Come on Simon,/” he said. “/Let’s go./”
“/I want to stay with Simon,/” his friend said.
“/Come on mate,/” Sid replied as he stood on Simon quietly got up and followed behind. Bill and Katie stayed with Darcy.
In the hall, Sid, got Simon some coffee. “/Ow!/” he said when he burned himself on it. “/F**k!/” Simon sat in the hallway feeling drained of everything from the night. Sid took the coffee and sat down next to his best mate. He handed him one cup and Simon took it.
“/Thank you, Sid,/” he replied.
“/It’s okay,/” the other boy said. “/They’re free./”
“/No, I mean really,/” Simon spoke asked. “/Thank you./”
“/Yeah, I know what you mean, Simon,/” his pal replied. They sat in silence for a moment.
“/She’s going to be okay,/” the charming bastard said.
“/Yeah,/” Sid agreed.
“/I’m sorry,/” Simon apologized.
“/Okay,/” his mate replied.
“/Thing is,/” the other boy spoke. “/I know I can be a wanker sometimes. But, everyone likes that. Don’t they? Ball-busting, turning heads wherever you go. People like that. I like people like that./”
“/We don’t have to do this now,/” Sid cut it.
“/Then, I start to feel distorted,/” Simon spoke on. “/Because, I’m more than that. I don’t want to be a wanker. I don’t, Sid. Darcy knows that. She loves for who I’m really am. God, I sound like f***g Michael Bolton!/” Sid chuckled at that. He sat up some.
“/I quite like Michael Bolton,/” he replied. Both sat in silence for a moment.
“/All I know is,/” Simon went on. “/When I was scared tonight, I was a bit, a lot, I wanted you there. Darcy’s different, because I sort own her. She’s my sister. But with you, I just really wanted you there. And there you were in the car./”
“/Thing is Simon, you sort of own me too,/” Sid replied. “/Mostly in a good way. Come on, I’m taking you for breakfast!/” Simon looked at him smiling.
“/You do know it’s four a.m., don’t you?/” he asked.
“/Yeah, I know,/” Sid replied. “/Just trying to find us anywhere that’ll do us some curry. I got a real craving for curry!/” Both boys sat in silence smiling.

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