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Old fragments from Star Ocean 2 fic ideas.

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A/N: These are as old as the hills, but they have never been posted anywhere near here. These will probably not be expanded into longer fanfiction. Then again, you never know. I kept the "comments". Enjoy!

You could not resist him. Even when his back was turned from you. Even when his green eyes did not probe you. It was his hair, wasn't it? His deep, ruby-red hair that fell down his back. You could not help but look at him . . . hypnotized . . . and he has yet to look at you. You reached out to touch his thick, blood colored hair and you barely ran it through your fingers before he spun around, his white robes billowing behind him, his sea colored eyes widening in shock. Your own white hair fell into your eyes as you clasped your hands together, begging for forgiveness, hoping that you had not angered him. "Please, forgive me." You said. "I should have known better than to do such a thing to you." "It is nothing." The redhead replied, his voice as calm as a lake. "You merely startled me. That is all." You could not help but smile as he reached out with his white gloved hand to stroke your cheek. You felt warm inside.

Comments: This one will be expanded on. It will be difficult as it will be in second person, but I will do it. In about three billion years given my track record . . . lol!


"Oh Gods, I am bored to death!" Lucifer exclaimed as he paced in front of Gabriel, who lounged on the couch. "Can't you do something about this primitive waste of space?"

"No, I cannot," Gabriel replied. "Even I am not the powerful. All we can do is wait for it to get into the right position. Then we will be in Nede and this planet will be no more." He couldn't help but smile at his longtime companion though. "Until then, just enjoy the beauty of this world."

Lucfier scoffed at that. "I don't want to do that! I'm tired of doing that!" He flopped beside Gabriel. "I miss being on a world that has technology. I miss computers. I want to drive a car! Neither of us have done that in years!"

Gabriel held a gloved hand over his mouth to prevent from laughing. "I know and so do I. But, soon we shall have our wish. Just be patient."

"You're patient enough for both us." Lucifer replied, rolling his eyes.

Comments: A piece of I did with an RP partner(Littlemaiko).


He was obsessed with the older man's strength. He always watched him . . . he tried to ignore the warmth the crept into him when he saw the other man fight. He knew that one day, the warmth would overtake his body and he would at the very least, fall into lust.

Comments: I always thought that Claude was attracted to Dias…. This one DID become a fic, but it was written by someone else in the LJ Comm: Springkink.


In the vast ocean of stars, I found an unlucky man to be my love. But, I am lucky because he is with me. I will give him a share of my luck because he is worth it. I will give him much more . . .

Comments: Claude is quite the romantic, don't you think?


Claude could not believe his eyes. The two Wise Men, who stood just beneath the Sorcery Globe, nearly blinded him with their infinite beauty. The one who stood lower mocked the party. But, the mocking laugh did nothing to ruin his handsome face. Silver hair fell over the dark robed man's auburn eyes as an unknown wind blew across his slender body. Despite his fury at being mocked, Claude couldn't help but admire the male's looks.

When he looked at the one who stood above the rest of the men, Claude felt far more than admiration. He could have sworn that he felt aroused. He could only look at the male's lithe body adorned in simple white robes as words failed him. It was the hair, the long rose red hair that fell down the man's back in waves. The piercing sea green eyes also held Claude's gaze. They seemed to probe into the very depths of his soul.
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