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Vampires Will Never Hurt You But Lycans Might.

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One day Rachel is being stalked by a shadow, the next she is sucked into a world she thought could never exist. 'Welcome to the 400 year war, hope you survive. You smell too good.'

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So this is my new fic about vampires and lychans. I've never wrote about this before. Hopefully it works out okay. I have wrote about aliens though. XD

Rachel's P.O.V

It was a frosty dark night. I walked home alone like I usually did. Same time every night. I had no friends, no money and as of tonight no job. I was living in New Jersey. Far away from my family in Scotland, U.K.

A street lamp fizzled out as I walked underneath it. I jumped slightly, startled by the sudden darkness. I stood frozen like a rabbit in headlights. I looked to where I knew I would see him. He was nothing more than a shadow cast by some garbage cans. I'd blink, the stret lamp would would re-light itself and the shadow would be gone. I always had this strange compulsion to walk over to the shadow across the street. To reach out and see if it really was just a shadow or indeed someone standing there. I stared at the same spot for a while. Nothing moved, no sign of life anywhere. Just a dark strench of gloomy appartment buildings. I tried to think of a logical explanation for it but nothing came to mind.

The wind whipped around me, almost ushering me to continue walking home. I pulled my coat tighter around me and started walking home again. I had a strange feeling someone was watching me but whenever I looked around there was no one there. I was becoming slowly more paranoid as the minutes ticked by.

When my apartment building came into view, two strangers were standing outside. One was smoking a cigarette, the other was whispering rapidly into a small silver cell phone. Her lips were moving too fast. They looked like some sort of effect on t.v. She cast her gaze to me when I thought this and her lips moved slower. I watched them as I looked in my pockets for my keys. The woman smiled at me and I gave her a brief smile back. The guy shot a glare at the woman and she stuck her tongue out. I eventually found my key. I gratfully entered the building. I held the door open, wondering wither the two strangers were coming in.
"Are you...?" I asked vaguley, gesturing to the door, trailing off at the end.
"No, we're waiting on someone coming from inside but I'm afraid he's late again" The woman gave a small laugh, before sliding the cell into her pocket.
"Thanks anyway" The guy said coldly. I nodded. The woman rolled her guys at the guy and his jaw clenched.
"Bye" I mumbled before shutting the door.

I thought about the strange couple (at least I think they were) whilst walking up the seven flights of stairs to my apartment. The elevator being broken again. The man was oddly pale. His skin glowed strangely under the ornage street lamps. It was hard to tell though.

The woman was pale too. Her hair reached the top of her ribs. It was quite a dark colour. Her voice was soft and warm like she was soothing a baby. But it wasn't patronising. It was just relaxing and had an odd calming effect.

There was something strange about them. I could feel it. I had no idea why but I had a gut feelng that they were linked to the shadow that almost seemed to watch me.

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xoxo Sam
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