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I Was Curious...and look were it got me

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Introduction to the vampire world and the 400 year war.

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I couldn't wait till tonight to post this up, so here it is. I have the 3rd chapter written down too, so expect it up soon. Maybe tonight. I'm totally stoked about this story. Not sure why. Lol

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

Poor Frank. He's in love with this girl. Every night he makes the same streetlamp go out. Just so he can watch her without her knowing heis there. I can sense it though, she is getting suspicious of someone being there but Frank won't listen to me. Some times I think he wants to be caught watching her. Just so he could have a reason to talk to her.

Thats why Gerard was pissed off at me when I smiled at her. I attracted more attention to us.

She seems nice enough though. And she's quite pretty. Shoulder length blonde hair with a few purple streaks. Her eyes are dark green with flecks of brown and lighter green and are framed by thick dark lashes. She also short, just like Frank.

He watched her everyday, whenever he had a spare minute, which was quite a few. He looked up everything he could about her. Which he promptly told me and Gerard. His eyes would shine and he would giggle. He never looked so happy in all the 134 years I had knew him. I was happy he had found someone (even if he could never be with her) after being alone for most of his vampire life. Gerard told me he used to have a mate called Caprina but she defected. It almost destroyed Frank...or so I'm told. This was long before I joined the supernatural.

I was curious as to what draws Frank to her. She smellls appealing to say the least and Frank is more sensitive to blood than the rest of us.

Gee doesn't see it though. I understood why. It was all down to his creation. Everything I am and everything he is stems from that. Gee was worried to let me go myself incase hte Lycans had extended thheir patrol parimeter. But I shall tell you more of that another time. He was scared of what would happen if the Elders of Monroeville found out. They would know instantly if I wasn't careful. Humans aren't suppose to know about vampires. Except Vampire hunters, even those of few and far between now-a-days. If Frank wasn't careful as well and she found out. I pressume she would be given the choice: join us or die. This is avery big if though. She would naturally refuse, human instinct is to get as far away as possible from us. She would die of coure. Frank would too, he slipped up and let her in on the secret, even accidently. I would be implicated and well more then likely destroyed. Gerard too seeing as he knew about it. Like I said before these are very very big ifs. And I must admit I can be pesimistic.

Swiftly moving on...So...after we saw the girl, who I belive is called rachel. We met up with Frank and began walking back to the sewers. We don't actually live there. The tunnels are more a pathway to the under-ground castle where we have lived undetected for centuries. But with the Lycans getting closer and closer to finding us, who knows how long we have left there.

Thats when I heard it. A loud sharp howl pierced the air. Followed by several more. Everyone froze in place and as our instincts kicked in we crouched down in defensive positions. Ready for the attack. Gerard moved closer to me. I could prectically feel the waves of apprension rolling off him. We waited in silence. All 3 of us on high-alert, waiting for any sign that they were indeed coming.

When eventually out of the shadows 3 men stepped forward. All in tattered cloths, their faces muddy and scared. The men caught our scent, their eyes narrowed, knowing what we were. their bodies began to quiver and shake as they transformed into our sworn enemies. Lycans! Fearce snarls and growls filled the air. Each side making it known that they were not standing down and surrendering. I snarled at them bearing my fangs. getting ready to fight to the death.

Just another day in the 400 year war...
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