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Family Ties

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Snippets of the Potters tragic history, Sirius' happy moment, then worst day ever and Harry's life growing up in hell and the arrival of an old blood relitive.

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Making Wrongs, Right by Neil R. S.
Started: 14 Oct, 2009.

AN 1: I don't own any of it, thats J.K.R's, except for Drace, Jack, Sara, Siomon, Karla, Krista, Jewels... okay there are others, but if you know the world J.K.R. made, you'll know who isn't one of her characters and most of mine are in later chapters. While I remember, I also don't have any of the books and am to cheap (having no money most of the time sucks) to back order the books, so these chapters n such are from the movies, well along the lines anyways.

AN 2: I'd like to thank the following Authors: Meteoricshipyards, PerfesserN & tumshie1960 for the insperation for parts of my story.

AN 3: Please Review, this is my first attempt at H.P. fanfiction, I usally do murder mistery and sci fi stories, but after reading H.P. fanfiction for almost all of this year, I thought it might be good to contribute something for once.

Chapter 01 Family Ties

It was a bright and sunny day in most parts of Britain, except for those of Diagon Alley, Knocturn Alley and Hogsmead. To why this accured on such a beautiful day, no one actaully knew, well, not until later that night, when a young family with their son met the worst Dark Lord for a long long time. You see, for such a horrid event to take place, that had already been prophisized, alot of signs go up and about, but none of this time, knew how to understand them, none except a wanderer by the name of Drace Hartner, one of the oldest Potters in Wizarding History.

During the night of the dreadful night, Lilly Potter lay down - unaware of what is on the way - with her young son, Harry Potter, with her husband standing nearby enjoying the sound of laughter eminating from his first born and his wife. Suddenly the hairs on the back of his neck start to twitch warning him to the fact that the wards have been tripped. He turns to Lilly and tells her to take Harry into his bedroom and lock themselves in.

"I don't know who it is Lils, but I don't like it, no one is supposed to know we are out here, Except for the Marauders and Dumbledore and only Peter is the secert kee... PETER YOU BASTARD! I KNEW I reconised him with those Death Eaters when they attacked Diagon Alley last month," said James, with fire in his heart.

Just as he was finshing his rent, the front door to the 5 bedroom, 3 story, summer house (hide-away) in Godric's Hallow blasted into firewood and in walked one of the most feared Dark Lords of the time, Lord Voldemort, but for all his worth, James stood tall and brave, a Gryffindor, through and through.

Not long after the door was blasted, james erected a strong shielding charm and whsiperd "Stupefy" three times in quick session, only missing the dark lord by mere inchs and felling three of his four henchmen, one being Peter.

The Dark Lord for all his evil and self rightous motives, put his own shield up and congradulated James, "You know, i did come here to just kill you and your family, but I might actully have some fun today. First, I congradulate you on a well done attack, its a pitty you took out your old friend Wormtail, he was so very much looking forward to taking you out to show his loyalty, oh well. Looks like its upto me." Voldemort turned alittle to look out the door and said in a contented voice, "Bellatrix my dear, please go around the back of the house and look for his family, I believe his son will make a great soul piece, but do not harm them."

Bellatrix smiled and gave a shrill laugh as she heard James scream no, taking his attention off the Dark Lord just for a few seconds and being crucioed for his troubles. The Dark Lord sighed and said in a voice, full of sarcasum, "And they told me Gryffindors were able to hold there on, pitty your death will be quick. Maybe your wife will be more of a challange."

James was still on the floor, screaming in agaony as he was crucioed again and again and again, leaving him in a quivering mass of bodily fluids. The Dark Lord sniggered, as an idea came to him. Quickly he cast "Petrificus totalus" & "Levicorps", when Bellatrix yelled out that she had found Jame's wife and young child in a room, just down the hall from where the Dark Lord now stood. Voldemort, smiling to himself, look James up and down, as he levitated the young man ahead of him, he whsipered into James' ear, "Now I AM going to kill your wife and child, but see i know how good your wife is wth a wand and she is likely to throw curses out the door as soon as Bellatrix blasts it. Shame she won't hit me of my Bellatrix, but her own, dear husband, won't that be treat, well for us, but a shock for her no doubt," James could not even move, but the fire and hatred in his eyes was completely evident, more so when Bellatrix was heard giggling like a school girl and clapping her hands together happily.

As was expected, when the door blew inwards, Lilly opened fire with an assortment of spells. Bombarding her poor husband with 3 reductos, a tripping jinx that was easily removed and a slicing curse, that unfortunently added to Lilly's terror, as James' head made a sickerning thud and rolled into the room, followed by expeliarmus, which not only disarmed Lilly, but threw her back into Harry's nightstand, causing Harry to tearup and start to cry in loud annoying baby crying. Lilly swung around and held Harry in her hand, settling him down as much as she coul, as she looked for an escape. Her mind racing as she tried to get to the window, only to be hit in the back by a weakened stupefy, toppling her to the ground.

The Dark Lord closed in, smiling to himself and making a clucking ound with his tounge, as he looked around the room, as if he had all the time in the world. He crossed the room towards Lilly, only stopping a few feet away. Leering down at her, he could sence no fear, which shocked him, stunning him only alittle while, before he spoke. "Hello Lilly, now I am afraid young lady, that i am here to kill you." Pausing, the Dark Lord let that information sink in before continuing and watched Lilly shudded slightly, holding onto Harry alittle tighter, as she stared daggers at Voldemort. Smirking, he went on, "Now you have two options, 1: you step away from the child and Bellatrix and you fight to the end or 2: you stay where you are and I kill your son first, just so you can watch as I turn him into a soul jar, then kill you... which will it be?" asked Voldemort.

Lilly looked to the doorframe, where Bellatrix stood, a hopeful look on her face, as if she was hoping Lilly would choose to fight her instead of staying with the worthless sprog. Sighing, Lilly gently sat Harry on a blanket near the foot of his crib, kissing his forehead, as she turned to Vodlemort and moved at him before he relised what happened, throwing punch after punch at his thick skull, almost knocking him out, if not for his wand he would never have been able to fire the spell.

Dodging back a few steps, the Dark Lord raised his wand at young Harry, yelling "Avada Kedavra" and putting alittle too much power behind it. As it raced towards young Harry, his mother did the only thing she could, by diving infront of it, while she whispered the only spell she knew that would protect her child.

The Dark Lord for all he was worth, sighed softly, while looking down at Lilly, he said in an almost whisper, "Its sad really, you could have been one of my strongerest Death Eaters, but you had to be fighter for the light side... shame that. Oh well, down to business." He stepped over Lilly's body, twards young Harry, smirking alittle as he took in the young babies feature... those deep green eyes, looking up at the Dark Lord with such wonder and not a care oin the world, except for his next feeding. That jet black, messy mop of hair on his head... and surprising ly a large ammount of untapt power, even at his age, that is an achievment.

Voldemort raised his eyebrow, as he scanned the boy for his power level, wondering if he should just take the boy and raise him as his own... to waste such power would be a curse upon itself. Sighing he turned too Bellatrix, saying, "Please be a dear and wake the others, this won't take very long and I'd like to be out of here before dawn, which is only in a few hours." He looks in thought for a short time, then adds, "Remind Wormtail of his job of framing the other one and remember to cast the Dark Mark my dear."

Bellatrix bows, saying "As you wish my Lord," then turns and heads down the hall, stopping only to see one of the down Death Eaters already coming too. "Wormtail" Bellatrix says in a high voice, "The Dark Lord wants us to wake the others and for me to remind you of your job, unless you are as weak as we all think you are," Bellatrix smirked as Wormtail snarled at her.

As the other two Death Eaters were awakened and ushed through to where the Dark Lord stood, Wormtail walked into a mall room off the main room of the house, putting a silencing charm on the door and room at large, he took out a small mirror, proceeding to contact Padfoot...

The mirror humed for a few seconds before Sirius's face looked at Wormtail and said, "Yes Wormy, what is it?"

"I was um, wondering if you wanted to um, come around to James' place tonight, you know, to um just be as old friends would... I'd invite Remus, but its a full moon & you know, his furry little problem will be out and all," Wormtail finished with a half hushed laugh at his small joke.

Sirius sighed happily alittle, remembering the old days at Hogwarts and running through the scrub of The Dark Forest, with Remus fully transformed and himself, James and Peter in their animagus forms, happily pouncing along with Remus in werewolf form. "Okay, I'll be there in fory-five mins, just have to warm up my old bike and I'll meet you there."

Pocketing the mirror, an evil little laugh rumbled out of Wormtail's throat, smiling darking, he left the room to go and find the Dark Lord, only to hear a huge explosion that shook the house and tore open a gapping big hole in the roof, turning 3 rooms around young Harry's room, into pounded dust and than watched, shocked as a scratched up Bellatrix and the two other lower ranking Death Eaters, carrying the Dark Lord from the house, his eyes hollow and lifeless.

Bellatrix stopped before Wormtail, a sickening and almost fearful look upon her face as she spoke to Peter. "Somehow Lily put a strong spell over that discusting sprog before she died, the Dark Lord tried to hit him with the A.K. only for it too whip back at him, 10 fold the power he fired it with, as proberly felt what it did to the house, it blew myself and those two back through the kitchen door and when we went to the Dark Lord, he was dead, but we have our orders, never to destroy his body, as you know and as much as we tried, we haven't been able to get near the child, so we are taking our leave... remember your job Wromtail and do it well," Bellatrix sighed slightly, as she went out and joined the D.E.s, casting the Dark Mark, high above the house and then taking herself, the other two and the Dark Lord, away by portkey.

Twitching slightly, as he relised the newly minted Dark Mark tattoo, was throbbing on his arm since the spell rebounded onto the Dark Lord, Wormtail shuddered, custing a pain numbing spell on his arm, so he could 'atleast' act normal when Sirus came in 23 mins time. Leaving the room he was in, he moved down the hall or what was left of it, all 4ft of a 20ft hallway and looked at young Harry, sound asleep on a blanket, with a red glow around him and a fresh scar upon his forehead.
Hearing a faroff reeving of a motorbike, Peter quickly made it out of his house, before transfiguring his cloak and mask into his ordanary clothing. Once outside, he took out one of his spare wands that most D.E.s carried, casting a stunner spell with it, only to cast a timelapse and temporary levivation spell, he stold before the stunner and waited for the timelapse spell to disniagrate... a red flash and blackness.

Sirius was having the happiest night of his life at home, recieving a call from from his mother's Goblin money manager. "Mr. Black, it has come to my attention, that my former customer, your mother, never made a Will and by rights of law, you are the soul recipient of the Black family Vaults, 11, 23, 37, 52 & 98, which the first three are 3 of the 9 largest vaults we have a Gringots. #12 Grimmuld Place, A small island off Hawii, along wth a small resort on the coast of South America. A house in 12 businesses in Hogsmead and Diagon Alley, as well as Boltens fine Potions Supplies, in Knockturn Alley. 10,000 shares in Nimbus Brooms Company, 10,000 shares in The Daily Profit and a further 15,000 shares in Bertit Beans, Every Flavour Beans. The whole net worth of your propeties will be giving to you in 3 days time or when you will be free, but we can get to the total worth of your vaults now, which comes to 17, 932,125g 9k 2s." The goblin let out a laugh at the shocked look upon Sirius' face, then said, "Perhaps we should make a meeting for 3 days time and finish our conversation, Lord Black. Good day sir." Said the goblin, as he laughed again, when all Sirius could do was nod, a far away look in his eyes as the floo conversation ended.

'Wow,' Sirius thought, 'I can't believe the old bird didn't make a Will', laughing he felt the mirror in his pocket buzz, but what shocked him alittle, it was Peter who was looking back at him. After finishing talking with Peter, he went out to the garage and started his motorbike, complete with sidecar, sticking charms for passengers, notice-me-nots and all the perks that come with a broom. While the bike started warming up, he started dressing in his dragonhide leather boots, pants, jacket and gloves, making himself look more like a typical bad boy and not so much as the fun loving, handsome godfather to young Harry, the Potters knew... Mounting the motorbike, he waved his wand, opening the garage door and thundered out of the garage, feeling as happy as a pig in mud, taking off into the night's sky, towards the Potter's hideaway.

As he approached Godrics Hollow, he watched as car sped away up the street away from town, which wasn't unusual, afterall, Godrics Hollow was mostly a muggle community since most wizard rather live in less known areas where muggles, sheldom venture. When he moved closer to The Potter's place, he could smell smoke... starting to get worried he sped up alittle, finding the house in ruins as he came over the last ridge. His happy mood completely gone, replaced by horror, he almost crashed his bike, trying to land it.

Rushing twards Peter, he woke him up, as he passed by, waiting alittle while for him to cometo, he and Peter started looking for survivers in the rubble of the house. Sirius searched franticly and found what was left of James. Screaming James started moving through the house with avengence... finding Lily not far from young Harry, almost killed him, only the fact that young Harry was still alive, did he even stop to smile ever so slightly.

Sirius, off to the side of Wormtail, raised his wand at him and said in a voice full of venom, "Realease my godchild Wormtail, you were the secertkeeper here, release him now or so help me, I'll..."

"You'll what Padfoot? Curse me and risk hitting Harry? I don't think so, we both know how cowadace you are when children are involved." Snickering, Wormtail tried backing out of the room, only to find another wand at his neck... a wand attatched to a pink unbrella and in the hands of a half-giant... he turned slowly, looking upwards and seeing the merderous look in Hagrids eyes, as he stared daggers at the traitor. Little did Voldemort and his followers know, Hagrid was staying with the Potters, helping to clear out the backyard of random stups and not being able to use magic in Godrics hollow, well not the type to remove stumps, because of muggles, Hagrid volunteered.

Signing in his defeat, Peter placed young Harry on the ground by his blanket ad walked out of the room, at wand point of Hagrid, who turned to Padfoot and said, "Sirius, take care of young Harry, while I teach this traitor a lesson, I'm sure having no hands will be lesson enough," growled the half-giant as he pushed the now, very worried Wormtail from the house and towards garden shed/hut that Hagrid had been staying.

Sirius, shuddering as he was, didn't have much time to react, when Wormtail managed to subdue Hagridand wipe his mind... only noticing a difference when he heard Wormtail at a floo and yelling "Leaky Cauldron" and vanish in a puff of green fire. Running towards the fireplace, he seen that there was not enough powder for a trip, only for a warning. So he called Dumbledore and told him to get to the Potters, then apperated to the Leaky Cauldron, walked inside and scanned for Wormtail, only to be struck in the back by a mild stunner.

Quickly getting to his feet, he turned and seen the retreating form of Wormtail, so giving chace he ran after the traitor, being lead down a muggle street and into a shopping centre, where Wormtal proceeded to fire many killing curses, not just at Sirius, but at passes by, covering his tracks as Sirius was firing the A.K. at him as well. A short time after this little battle started, sirius was struck with a stunner in the face, crumpling to the floor... before Wormtail left, he cut off his own finger, placing it beside Sirius and sent off a large explosion, shattering all the glass in the shopping centre, apparating out, before the aurors came to arrest Sirius.

Back at Godric's Hollow
Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardery, came across a terrorfying sence as he flooed to the Potter's 'former' lovely home with Fawks his pheonix, on his left shoulder, into a what could only be described as a trash heap. As Albus wandered through the wrackage, worry clearly on his face and when he looked up to see the Dark Mark, shinning, clear as anything, he sent word off with Fawks to the MoM to alert the aurors and in under 10 mins there was a squad of 7 aurors, all Order of the Pheonix members turned up, making sweeps of the area and finding Hagid, a dazed look in his eyes and not knowing how he came to be outside of his house and thinking that it was alittle dark for 3pm. Albus did what he could to help his half-giant of a friend and was dispatched by the aurors on duty at Godrics Hollow, after those in the Order of the Pheonix cleared young Harry as well.

Pivet Drive
Two older people who looked as if they shouldn't be walking that late at night - a woman, in green robes with black pointed hat and an old man, with a long grey beard, robes, cloak and complete with pointy hat - the elderly man removed a small magical device from an inner pocket of his robes and proceeded to draw the light away from the lamp posts that littered the street, bringing darkness with it, as they walked silently up Pivet Drive. Walking with them, a half-giant, carrying a little child - with a lightning shape scar upon his forehead - laying in a large pillowcase made into a carrybag just for Harry - made from the finest silk from his friend Aragog - the pillowcase/carrybag looked small in the half-giants hands, but most things do when it comes to the friendly man.

5 years later
Young Harry Potter, looking like the walking dead - for someone his age, one would think that would be enough of a warning to those who are supposed to take care of him, to do something, but no - treated like nothing more than a maid, doing everything from cleaning, to cooking. His job today, weed the backyard of the scottish thisles gloves that had more holes in them than an old sock and only a small spade, smaller than his hands. Needless to say he had been warned time and time again, not to leave his job half done, so if he doesn't do it all in one day, he will be on half rashons for the week, which saying that to someone his age, well you can see what type of people they are.

At about 4pm, when Vernon Dursely got home, he came out to inspect what Harry had done, only to find the poor boy, passed out near the back fence, after doing almost half the yard that day, but to Vernon, thats not good enough, he charged across to Harry, picking him up by the collar of his shirt - waking him up in the process - "BOY, GET BACK TO WORK OR NO SUPPER!" yelled the overgrown man, smiling almost sadisticly when he seen Harry cower in fear from his loud voice and started to get back to work. the childs hands already covered in thorns from the holes in the pair of gloves, the spade being broken and forgotten only after about a third of the way through the backyard, earlier that morning. Vernon snickered as he watched the chilld and muttered "Useless no good nephew," trying and trying again to remove the weeds - knowing full well that there was a bottle of weed killer in the garden shed that would get rid of all the weeds for atleast a 6 month timeline - but loving it all the same, when the stupid little whelp was put to work off his time under his roof. Becoming bored with watching the child, the great oaf of a man headed back inside, to be welcomed by his wife Petunia and son Dudley, as they walk through the door from Dudley's first day of school. Dudley ran upto his father with open arms, telling him in one fast babble of what he had been doing that day and how he aleady made two friends and found they live just down the street from him. Vernon smiled down at his son and asked his wife to call in the whelp to get cleaned up and to make dinner.

Later that night
Harry was once again, standing at the stove - he had been taught to cook and clean since he was old enough to walk upright - cooking eggs for the side of lamb that was frying on another pan beside the eggs. Sighing to himself as he heard his belly rumble, he almost spilt the eggs as he flipped them over, which was noticed by his Uncle, as a few seconds later, he found himself on the kitchen floor, a large bruise already forming on his back and the eggs on the floor. Standing up and before Harry could grab the cleaning brush, his Uncle stopped him, "Boy, seen as though you seem to like to spill and ruin alot of our food, with your clumsiness, you will be eating those spoiled eggs tonight and for extra punishment..." Vernon scraped the crud off the pan - left over egg from when the rest was spilt - onto the eggs already on the floor, "... you have to eat it as it is. Now pick it up and place it aside so you can cook our food again you stupid useless whelp," with that said and done, Vernon left the kitchen, going to sit in the lounge room with his stick-like wife and lump of a son, starring at the idiotbox for another 30 mins, waiting for their food. Needless to say, it was cooked in record time, for Harry feared the wrath of his Uncle more than anything else in his short life with his Uncle & Aunt.

8 year old Harry, Marge's house
Harry was always uneasy whenever the Dursely's took Harry with them to Marge's house. Mainly because her dogs always swarmed him and chased him, not in a playful way either, oh no, they wanted his blood. Dudley ofcause thought this was a great laugh and use to help the dogs by chasing Harry as well and blocking his way, then calling the dogs to get him. Marge never did like the boy, so she turned a blind eye to it all, but this day, all hell broke out.

There was a loud explosion out the back of Marge's house - Marge was away at another dog show with her pride & joy, the oldest of her dogs, Ripper and the Dursleys were watching her place for her - Dudley ran away from the back of the house, screaming in fear, with his face alittle bloody - none of the blood being his - and hiding in a few shrubs at the side of the house. Petunia and Vernon flew around the side of the house and seen to Dudley. After their son had been taken care of, they went back the way Dudley had come from, hearing the yelps of some of Marge's prized pooches and there they found Harry, standing alittle behind a jet black coloured wolf, with dark blue streaks down its sides from its eyes to its tail, standing before him and protecting him from Marges 19 dogs, 4 of which, looked to have been blown apart by what could only be called raw power and the other three were nothing but dried out husks.

Ofcause Harry's Uncle & Aunt were blaming it on Harry, before they had even seen what had happened... it had to be something magical - something freakish - not even knowing that the wolf was real and a very powerful wizard, of a great age, who, not even Albus Dumbledore could win in a duel against and someone of Harry's own bloodline more to it than Dumbledore, who had only been married into young Harry's bloodline after all. The streaks along the wolf's sides started to glow, along with its eyes... growling at the mutts around him, before the wolf launched itself up into the air, pouncing down on the nearest dog, only to turn the dog into ash where it stood.

Harry, for all he was worth, was too frightened to move, sure, he was happy that he wasn't being attacked, infact he was thrilled, but this creature was slaughtering Marge's dogs and he'd get into trouble for it. Finally he came out of his stunned stillness and did something about it. "Hey..." no responce so he tried again, just as the wolf's streaks started to glow once more, "HEY" he yelled. The wolf turned its head, as a bolt of energy was forming, flowing from the wolf's eyes and blasting a nearby chikencoop into firewood & feathers.

The wolf turned fully to Harry, as if understanding him and - growling lowly at the other dogs - looked up at Harry, as the dogs retreated - the last 11 of 19 dogs remaining that is. The wolf sat, looking at Harry, as if waiting for orders that it knew weren't coming and upon feeling the young childs relitives approaching, the wolf stood back up, turning to face Harry's relitives, giving off a low growl to get them to back off - and they did, even Vernon after the wolf stepped towards him, showing alittle lip, complete with pearly white fangs. Satisfied, the wolf turned back to Harry, making the child smile slightly - making Harry feel a sence of saftey - the wolf beckoned Harry to follow him, by walking a few feet away and waiting, twisting his head to one side, then the other. Harry caught on and started to follow the strange wolf - still feeling that safety he felt before - feeling like he somehow was supposed to know the animal.

They didn't go that far, just around behind a barn, at one end of Marge's large estate, but atleast it was away from the Dursley's. The wolf turned and lay down, when he got to a place where Harry could sit and atleast be relaxed - for what was going to be shared - after a short pause, where the wolf's ears swerved around alot - listening for anything that may be within earshot or eyesight for that matter - Harry heard a feint sound growing in his mind, almost like a voice... yes it was a voice. With wide open eyes, Harry looked at the wolf and asked out loud, "Are you... was that... how are you talking to me?"

Harry heard laughing in his mind, as the wolf started to talk again, "Yes I was and as I said, hello Harry, its been a long time since I have seen you and I am sorry that I wasn't there when your parents died and that I haven't been around much since you have been with that filth that has supposed to be taking care of you, but I couldn't just not be apart of your life. I am one of your great great great... about '11 greats' grandfather... uh, before you interupt, I'm a wizard Harry, as are you and from what I have found out, you are one of the most powerful to ever come into this century. Alot like I was thousands of years ago, I mean sure, I still have my power, but as they say, 'its not the ammount of power you have, but what you do with it that counts' and I for one, intend to atleast bring you alittle peace in your life, with that so called 'family' of yours, atleast for a starter, until I can get things sorted out."

Harry smiled and had tears in his eyes, by the end of what the wolf was saying, he looked down and wanted to hug the wolf, still not really trusting him, but wanting to believe that it wasn't just another marage like when he saw that person flying on a broom last winter. As if sencing Harry's need, the wolf stood up and stalked to Harry, placing his head softly against his hand in a show of being real. Harry was surprised and smiled, tackling the wolf and hugging him.

Quickly getting off the poor beast when he heard in his mind, "Um... Harry, I do need to breath you know... please... I think I can taste my spleen." Chuckling slightly, he muttered his sorry and moved back to a flat stone he had been sitting on, letting the wolf rise again and waiting. "Harry my name is Drace Hartner, well it is this century anyhow. I am from your father's side and am infact the first Potter, but as to how I don't age like normal wizards, is a complete mistery to me. Over my long life, I have had 3 wives, two of which were able to spawn children, but only one started your father's line of the family, that had the first generation being very powerful wizards and from what I sence from you, some of the abilities I have are laying in wait, deep within you... maybe even your own animagus form. My first wife was a... well lets just call her something of an oddity and leave it that. Mia, my second wife, along with my third were the mothers of my children. The children I had with Mia were hunted down because of something I did long ago. I came home and found my sons dead," said Drace, his sorrow present over the bond, but slowly he perked back up, pushing his sad thoughts aside and focusing on what was at hand. "My third wife, Lela, she was beautiful, she had beautiful blonde hair, great legs and a wicked sence of humor, even for that time, I remember she use to turn old man Bilko's chickens green when he had them out on show..." Drace smiled in his wolf form at the memories, "Anyhow as I was saying, your mother Lilly & father James, were magical Harry, ignore that tripe that your relitives have told you what they were and how they died, you need to know the truth Harry, but I can't tell you why exactly today, it is not my place to tell you that," said Drace, sighing & looking down.

Harry let a slight whimper escape his lips, before realisation came to him, as an image of when he was was but a baby, flashed through his mind, of a scary man throwing light at his mother. Drace nodded and said, "It all started ages ago Harry, this man by the name of Tom Marlavo Riddle started gathering followers, saying that all those of half-blood, being you Harry, because your mother was muggleborn and those of mudblood, being no magical children in the family for a few generations, to be unpure and therefore should be wiped out. Alittle after he started rising to power, he changed his name to Lord Voldemort, but thats the thing, he isn't a lord, heck, he is even a halfblood too boot, but I'm not sure his followers know. Anyhow from what I have been able to find out, your parents were fighting for the side of good, also known as the light side. They had 7 other friends when they left Hogwarts, its a school for magical people like you & me..."

Drace stopped and looked around, his ears moving all over the place, until they went back to laying normally, he looked back to Harry and continued to project his thoughts to him, "As I was saying, these friends of theirs, 3 of them being a small group that your father started with those he shared a dorm with Peter Pettigrew, a shy boy who turned traitor, Sirius Black, your godfather, who was framed by Peter in the murder of your parents, Remus Lupin, a great man he is, besides having a furry little problem once each month, he is someone that you can count on in a blink and one of the wisest men I have come across. Their little group was called the Marauders and you young Harry, are the son and godson of the greatest pranksters of their time. You should feel comfort, that they lived a happy life." Harry had a small smile and nodded, saying in a small voice that he is happy, for that small bit atleast.
"Your mothers friends were the Longbottoms, Frank & later Alice, who Frank married right at graduation. They were unfortunetly cursed badly and are now in what muggles call a coma, only this was magically made and they won't wake up, less there be a cure found and the likelyhood of that being found is almost impossible, because Bellatrix LeStrange is the keeper of that secert, the attacker and she is mad as a hatter. Anyhow, your mother's two other friends were, well one is still alive, but the other, she went missing a few months after graduation, the missing girl was Bekka Lonstirt. Surprisenly, she was a pureblood in Gryffindor, something that hardly ever happened when the family the child is from, is considered dark and the other was Stacey Darlus, we were engaged for about 7 months... heh, she is still around and from what I have heard she has a husband and 3 children, I'm happy for her, but I wish she would atleast have given me a rason instead of leaving like she did."

Drace stood and stretched out alittle, his back crickling and cracking as he twisted about. He looked up, noticing the sun was still high in the sky and relising they had been talking for most of the morning. He turned to Harry, seeing the same excitement he seen in the eyes of his first daughters Karla, Sara & Krista when they found out they were magical. Smiling he beckoned Harry to follow, which he did and after some time they walked down the side of a small creek that ran through part of the forest, on Marge's large estate. They came to a small clearing above a miniture waterfall, well away from wondering ears and sucluded enough, not to be spied on...

Perching on a fallen log across the water, Drace looked toward Harry, as the young boy did the same thing, sitting comftably, waiting for Drace to say more and not one to disappoint, Drace started again, "My first born daughters, Karla, Sara & Krista, they all had my powers, although I did find it changed them a bit, because back then, I didn't know how to control my powers as much or 'limit' as it were, as I do now and with one thing leading to another, I passed on more than just my ability to heal quickly, finding out when they each became 16 years of age. Karla is what you might call a 'daywalker', she is a vampire who can walk in the day, last I heard, she has her own clan in Itally. Then Sara, well she is like me I guess, more than the others, she can change into a werewolf or lycan considering thats what muggles are calling them these days. But she doesn't need the moon to change and when she bites others who have already been turned into a werewolf, the same happens to them. She went into hidding about 1,000 years ago, but I still know she is alive, because of a link all my family share with me, we just can't pinpoint where the other linkees are. Now Krista, she is dangerous, so much so I had to strip her of most of her core. A core is what your magic comes from Harry, all witchs & wizards have them, even the young like you, but the magic doesn't start to show, normally until you turn 11 or 12, sometimes on rare occasions it may come out when the person is maybe 20 something or before that, like myself, I started at your age now, 8 years old. Let me tell you Harry, you are one strong young wizard and we wouldn't even have met today if you weren't in danger, its how I knew where you were, because you called to me... but you don't even relise you did, do you," said Drace, upon seeing the odd look and skake of Harry's head.

Harry stared at Drace, still amazed by what was going on. 'Who would belive me,' he thought, 'a talking wolf, maybe I bumped my head back there', although he couldn't help but wonder where this was leading, why he was being told and before Drace relised, Harry was asking him, "Why are you telling me this and why did I have to stay with my relitives, why couldn't I live with my own kind or you, why did I have to stay with them?" asked Harry, pointing back the way they came and looking saddend at the thought of returning.

Sighing, Drace sat up, slowly changing back into his human self, but only for a few mins, as if it hurt to be human again, which it did. Opening the link to Harry again, he spoke in a raspy voice, "That is why I can't have you around me at this time Harry, I can't stay human for long, my animagus ability acts up every 200 years or so and now its the last 3 of years as is, so thats a good thing I guess... three more years and if I can't be here by then, you will be at Hogwarts or atleast going there, with people your own age, but remember, you can't tell anyone, anything about what I have told you, not even about your relitvives, not that they would believe you, but no one must know that you are magical Harry, not until its time."

Drace tried changing once more to human and upon success, removed 7 objects from his pocket, wandlessly casting 'notice-me-nots' & 'muggle replent' spells on them, before the pain became too much and changed back. Opening the link again, he said, "Harry, I may not be able to take you with me, but I can atleast protect you. That small pendant with the multi-coloured jewel, it will heal most of your wounds, like brusies, small cuts, just hold it above your wounds, like the scars on your back from Vernon and his so called 'nicer' punishments. The green orb on the necklace should always be worn so pop it on, it will convince your relitives to not harm you and to actully feed you which you seem to be lacking now, judging by your belly growl, so I'll round this up quickly, so you can test it out, just hold it in your hand and consentrate when around them. The blue crystal is to give to your future love, yer I know and believe me when I say, 'blondes are better' and yes I know thats not what you want to think of now, but its something from our family passed on through the generations and your father would have given it to you, had what happened, not," said Drace, while being attacked by one thing he hated above all others while in his wolf form, muttering about 'damn fleas,' while scratching alittle, than stood back up and escorting Harry back towards the barn. "That silver chain is something that I've only recently came across, it will protect the wearer from some magical creatures, some of the more dangerous. The small ring, will resize itself, its to a vault in Gringots, thats a wizarding bank, run by goblins, nasty buggers at times and rather rude. Anyhow your relitives won't see the ring or be able to touch it, only you and other magical folk can see it, but even they can't touch it, unless they are from our family or part of our family, either way, others won't be able to get at it, thanks to the spells I put on it, its a crest ring if you are wondering, which means you can get into any of our vaults, just not yet though my young friend, unless I'm with you or someone I say is trustworthy. The little jade dragon you have in your hands now, is a speacial key to get to my house, it will activate when you are in danger, that is before its time for you too go to Hogwarts. Its called a portkey and my home on the floo network is called The Dragons Head, just remember that okay. The small orange orb that looks like the green one, was your mother's, just for decoration, again, non-magic folk can't see it, nor get to it and thats it. I'll check in every now and then Harry or send someone to look in on you, that you have my word on. Please take care Harry and remember, I am never far away." And with that, there was a brilliant flash of blue and the wolf was gone.

Harry, looked around, relising he was back at Marge's house, where the Dursleys were looking at him oddly, stunned into silence and for once, Harry was glad to be living with them, even when the bulk of the feeling passed as Marge shrieked when she seen the dogs, as she pulled up in her car.

End of Chapter 01

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