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Orcus's Law

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Seer abilities awaken, Harry's/Drace's story unfolds, alittle romance and new advisors...

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AN 1: WARNING - some smut, so if you are too young, I am sorry, I will try adding a 'smutt free' version later on, but as they say, vampires are erotic.

AN 2: Uri Zailing is mine & Drace and any others that J.K.R. didn't make... you lot know the drill... I like the name Uri, don't ask me why, but it reminds me of a duck o.O

Chapter 02 Orcus's Law

Seer abilities, Harry's/Drace's story unfolds, alittle romance and tricking the system

Four years after Drace's visit to Harry, his animagus ability calmed down, allowing him to move freely in both human and animal, with free-will once more. And upon a visit to Gringots, Lord Drace Hartner (Potter) finds a few ways to push things along. Remove a good man from prison, give him and his friend with a furry little problem a job and maybe even give Harry something he can call a family...

The day was bright, not a cloud in the sky, with just the hint of a cool breeze blowing leaves across the pathway. Drace, like many hundereds of years before, was out, enjoying wizarding life, in his favorite place once more, Diagon Alley. But today was not like any other normal day for Drace, oh no, he had a purpose today and for that to start, he headed towards Gringots, the finest wizarding bank in Britain. Upon seeing the bank, Drace smirked, taking in the banks' goth-like beauty as he headed toward it - from its creature statues hanging from the roof, too its pillars with carved vines, upto its windows with the gothic archways - reminding him of his first castle, before it was destroyed. And he was pleased to see that this bank, like other goblin run banks, had its own guards waiting at places around and outside the building, in places normal wizards wouldn't be able to see, unless they were trained for it, like Aurors. Walking closer towards the door, he was quickly shoved out of the way, by a man in a cloak of jet black, with the hood up. Drace for the life of him, watched him like he was in slow motion, until a young auror with bright pink hair, litterly tackled him to the ground, the killing curse filling the space, where he stood two seconds earlier.

Looking up at the young auror, now standing above him offering a hand up as she tranfigured some cover - a large rock wall between the cloacked figures and them - relised that he had seen her before, as his memories of his last little episode - seer abilities aren't always pleasent - he couldn't help but say "Wow you're beautiful," turning red as the auror smirked down at him.

The young auror looked down at him and said, "Thankyou & you aren't half bad yourself stud, maybe when I get off duty, we can hook up... but right now, I have that pindick to take down," having said that, she fired off a mulititude of stunners & disarming spells.

Still alittle embarrased about what he said, it didn't take long for Drace to stand, quickly look behind the rock wall and offer assistance, "I know I shouldn't help you out, because you are the law around here, but that guy looks to have three friends with him and as they say, 2 heads are better than one, so would you like my help?"

The beautiful young auror considered it, just as a chunk of the wall shattered into dust, "Your hired Mister, consider yourself duputiesed for now... you can handle those two," she pointed to two, Drace nodded and went to it.

The first one of the pair, a rather rounded man, trying to keep his hood up - smoking alittle everytime the sunlight hit his exposed skin - and the other was a woman, who looked for the life of her like she was more skin & bone then any other human would be. Thats when it hit Drace, he turned to the auror and said in a hissed voice, "Normal spells aren't going to work here dear, those are vampires, more so, they are daywalkers," then muttering to himself he said in what he hoped was a hushed voice, "Karla you stupid girl, I warned you not to get involved in this war, so now your fledgelings will die needlessly." Throwing a spell that was roughly called The Rock Tomb - for what it did to its tartget - the rounded man, was suddenly swallowed up as the ground around him opened slightly, then snapped shut in record speed - sort of like a Venus-fly trap, capturing a tasty bug - with the vampire was screaming as loud as he could - so would anybody - until a sickerning squelshing sound was heard.

The young auror looked to the stranger, smiling and rather impressed at the ability he possesed, while her two had already been takenout, by a stupefy & rackalus, the later, bound the hands together, put a silencing spell on the person and warded the target against the ability to use a wand or wandless magic, only trouble is it usally takes alot of power and today was no different, as it left the young auror, feeling as is she had been running all day long and had to lean agaisnt one of the walls behind her, so she could catch her breath, just behind Drace and to his right.

Growling deep within his throat, Drace sort of forgot where he was for a short while and relised after when the young auror looked at him, slightly fearful, but still keen none the less... Drace stood tall, placing his wand in his pocket as the female fledgling vampire - the last one there - tried her portkey, after finding she couldn't apparate away or portkey, sent the killing curse at Drace, which hit him fair in the chest... onlookers shrieked as Drace slumped forward, even the young auror gasped, but everyone was even more shocked when Drace didn't crumple to the ground, instead his shoulders straightened back up, his head slowly rising back up and when his eyes opened, they were purely green, the killing curse being absorbed into his body, like it was water off a turtles back. The vampire fledgling shudded & as Drace moved towards her, she threw down her wand and dropped to her knees as fast as she could, feeling the utter power rolling off the man before her and fully submitting to him.

For the better part of 700 years, Drace hadn't been anywhere in Britian - well atleast not for very long, less than a week at most - but knew what was going on here all the same, having a massed his own followers at different parts throughout history. Be they from Werewolf, to Centur, to Goblin friend, they had never been of the bloodsucker kind, except by bloodkin being his daughter Karla for a short few years before she left for the new world... and now it looked like he had recieved his first fledgling, even by accident.

Stopping infront of the young fledgling, he muttered a small spell, then said, "Stand young one," the vampire stood, awaiting orders, as Drace walked around her, inspecting her, as he stepped through the blood of her fallen commrade and savagely kicked the stunned & bound two the beautiful young auror was able to subdue. "That spell you may have heard me mutter, removed your ability to use magic against me and all those I consider a friend, which is most people here today. As of today, young one, I am your new master and you will follow my orders to the dot, is that understood?" there was no response, so Drace grabbed her by the throat and threw her towards the banks stairs - shocking all the onlookers with his strength, who were growing in numbers - then picked her up, holding her next to the beautiful young auror and repeated, "IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

The young fledgling shuddered as she nodded, but upon seeing the cold look in her new masters eyes, she swallowed loudly and said with a slight stutter, "yy-Yes ma-mma-Master, I-I-I am yours too command," shuddering even more, as the power just rolled off her new master, she couldn't help but stare, awe-stuck at her youngish looking Master before her - wearing mostly muggle clothing - he looked rather handsome. A long black jacket going down past his knees, wrapped loosely around his body and open down the front, with a deep blue shirt and light brown pants, down to light grey shoes - she had heard the muggles she hunted, calling them 'sneekers' - and to top that off, he had a necklace she couldn't take her eyes off. A small jade dragon, holding a vial of what could only be blood, with gold lace wrapped around the jade dragon holding the vial. Relising her new Master just asked a question, she looked up - alittle fearful - as she asked, "Please Master, can you repeat that please?" she looked down at the ground then, hands at her sides.

Drace grinned to himself - at seeing how obidient his new follower was - then relising where he is, he turned to the beautiful young auror and reeled in his power, slowly, then quickly, watching as the auror bit her lip, eyeing him with hungry eyes. Smirking alittle he turned back to the fledgling just before a clunking sound caught his attention. Turning to see where it was coming from, he seen yet another auror walking toward them, with a long-staff, a fake leg and a magical eye whirling about the place, finally landing upon Drace, as they both eyed each other. Drace turned to his fledgling and asked her something and upon her asking him kindly too repeat it, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Would you trust me now and forever?"

Recieving a nod, he said, "Than kneel young one." Once the fledgling kneeled, Drace placed his hand upon her head and spoke in a clear voice, already knowing the fledglings name, from the master/slave bond - part of the spell he whispered before he threw her - he said, "I, Lord Drace Darrkus Hartner, do hereby accept Uri Zailing into the Hartner Clan, may you forever be known as Uri Hartner, First Fledgling of the clan... so mote it be." A crimson and blue aura wrapped around the fledgling and Drace, then slowly soaked in. "Arise, first fledgling and prepare for your re-sireing." With that said, Drace made a small slit on his jugular, holding his fledgling to his neck and feeling her suckle alittle, then as she moved away, her body started to react, first by sharp pains all over her body, then her hair changed to jet black and her eyes to crystal blue, shortly after that she stood, awaiting her masters orders.

Nodding, Drace ordered her to stay-put, which she did. He turned back to the two aurors, who didn't even have wands pointed at him, not that they needed it, what with the 5 other aurors that apparated in while he was bonding the youngling to him, but none had their wands trained on him anyhow, like it was normal for that to happen to a vampire in the daylight. Taking a step towards the auror with the magical eye, he smirked alittle as he reconised the auror from ages ago in a magical community on the outskirts of France. Remembering that its not such a good idea getting a hippogriff drunk, they tend to rampage and fight with inanimate objects - basicly like humans at the local pub - he smiled alittle, remembering those days, then said in a clear voice, "Hello young Mr. Moody, congrats on becoming an auror, last I seen you, you were what, just in trainning?"

Drace just had to laugh at the stunned look and sudden relisation upon the old scarred, aurors face, as he strode towards Drace and wrapped him in a manly hug - that near broke his back - "Drace, you old dog, when did you get back to Britain? It has been ages," then remembering what Drace had mentioned, he said, "... that was a trying time back then, so how long you here? Have you got a place to live yet... you could always drop by my place if ya like, or heck I'll pay for a room at the Leaky Cauldren if you want... how you been anyhow and that was a right good thing you did for that young fledgling behind you, if the Ministry got a hold of her, she would have been dust by the end of the day." Moody finaly finished, upon seeing the mirth upon Drace;s face and rolled his eyes.

Getting his laughter under control, he said in a much calmer voice then he felt it'd sound, "Perhaps we should continue this inside and maybe I could kill two birds with one stone, by doing business as well, you are both welcome to join me, after all, one an old friend and the other... a patential partner," he winked at the pink haird auror and watched her hair change to bright blue, matching his eyes, as she blushed. Getting a nod from both aurors, he called his fledgling to him by the link and she followed, eyes downcast. After showing his family crest ring to a goblin at the front desk, they were taken too a back room, he, the fledgling & the aurors were left to wait for a higher up goblin, finishing a prior meeting, so Drace desided to answer Moody, "I've been here for about five years, I had to visit the last male in my bloodline, which I did and helped him out, yes I know it was stupid, but I had to do something, those relitives of his have been working him more then a house elve and have been treating him worse then a dueling dumby. I'm here for as long as I can be, after that trouble we had in France that day, I had to leave before I was thrown out for disturbing the peace, so I went to America and kept tabs on what went on here, by my followers still living here. Yes I've got my own place, I just have to hire some goblin curse expects and some house elves, the 3 I have can't seem to cope with all my propeties now & what with having more rooms in my current place then I'd ever need, its keeping them alittle too busy. And yes before you ask, I'm on the floo system, the address is The Dragons Head and most aurors have been keyed in, you know, law bs and all that." Pausing to sign a patchment from another Goblin, for proof of who he really is, he turned back to the two aurors, "No Alistor, I don't need you to pay for a room at the L.C, I have more money then anyone in wizarding Britain, that includs who I have been wondering how to contact, the Malfoys, but thanks for the offer, my young friend."

Moody grumbled slightly at the last bit of info and said, "You'd wanna watch ya'self with them Malfoys, they are a dark bunch them."

Drace nodded, "I know, but one of their elves, by the name of Dobby, intrests me and I have a feeling I have to free him. I keep getting these dreams, like last time we met, its just getting worse now when I get closer to that time. Having seer in the bloodline sucks at times. As for the fledgling, I sence she is part of Karla's creation or was and you know how I feel about her and this war." Moody nodded, but the other auror looked on confused and awed at the way the two talked, never hearing her mentor Mad-Eye, talk as friendly as this, even with Shacklebolt.

Another goblin walked in, sitting behind the desk and said, "Greettings Sirs, Miss & fledgling, sorry I was late, but I had a meeting already scheduled. I am Director Ragnok & if you allow me I can refer you to someone who can manage your accounts after we get this business out of the way," with a nod from Drace, he continued, "Right, we have had alittle trouble with retrieving all of your possesions from the bank in Swedon, run by the Dwarfs, but we were able to retrieve 98% of your gold and on your orders, we traced the Orcus Dayus Law, finding it is still leagal and used today, albiet rarely. We have pushed through the right forms to the Ministry and they approved. Mr. Black should be arriving within the next 25 minutes with a Mr. Lupin, both of which have been told that they have been hired by you, as your new advisors."

Drace, ignoring the shocked sounds from the aurors said, "Thankyou Director for your time and care in my dealings. May we wait here for my new advisors? and if yes, we should be able to talk about anything else from then on."

The Director smiled, showing his jaggared teeth making the aurors and his fledgling jump slightly at the sight, but for Drace - compared to dealing with the dwarfs, who consided a deal done, by dwarf & human, bleeding into a cup and drinking it, this was a pleasent sight - he just smiled back and did alittle bow with his head. "Yes, I believe that would work out well." Touching a stone on his desk, a smaller goblin walked in, bowed and waited for an order, "Tranpot bring the files on Hartner, Ashlin, Arcrite & Zain," the goblin bowed & left returnng shortly after, with said files.

Shuffling through the folders, the Director pulled out the Arcrite file, opening it up and having Drace sign at the bottom. "Thankyou my Lord, now you are registered as a lord in Britain. I hope that helps you alittle." Drace smiled and head-bowed again. "These other files, you will have to dot your blood too," with saying that, Ragnok summoned a small pin, handing it to Drace and watching as he pierced the tips of three fingers, placing them on the three different files and waiting for the muliti-coloured glowing of the files security to fade. "That should be about it, except for who you want to be your account manager."

Before the director could finish showing him files on others, Drace said in a clear voice, "It appears to me, that the only one that could do the best job out of all of Gringots employees, is you Director, therefore I would like you to be my account manager," at the Directors' look of protest, Drace said, "I'm willing to pay 10% over the normal monthly fees." The Director nodded and they shook hands once for agreement.

Shortly after the Director tapped the stone on his desk and Tranpot walked in again, bowing and waiting, like before. "Tranpot, send for Bill Weasley and have him bring his Curse breaker/expert team with him." Tranpot bowed and left... returning 3 minutes later, Tranpot walked in with, not only Bill Weasley and his team, but Sirius Black & Remus Lupin, stunned looks upon the faces of the last two.

The pink haired auror prapelled herself at Mr. Black, near knocking himself off his feet and if it hadn't been for Remus standing behind him he would have falling flat on his backside.

Drace smiled and stoodup, along with Moody, who both shook the hands of Remus and Sirius. Remus looked from Moody to Drace, then asked, "Okay, which one of you got us the job of advisors?"

"That would be me Moony... yes I know about your furry little problem, I had the same problem for a while, until my blood changed it, but anyhow as I was saying, under the law that Orcus Dayus made in 1573, allowing someone from a surtain family or high up militry postion, to remove someone from prison or if said person has a blood disease, said person can be used as an 'advisor' and not to let their talents goto waste, I have brought you hear under these terms. I take it that you are young Dora Tonks, yes?"

He looked at the young auror who nodded and said, "Yes, thats me... and by what you said, your future partner," she purred and Drace blushed brightly. "Awww such a cutie," she leaned forward and kissed his cheek, making him blush more, than moved off to the door with the others.

Drace turned to the Director and said, "Thankyou for your time Director" and with that he bowed, saying, "May you always be victorious in battle and may your gold grow," before the Director returned the bow and they left the room, the lobby and then headed for the floo.

Smiling to himself, as he felt his fledgling - over the link - shudder when he thought of removing her knickers and taking her right in the lobby. Clearing his mind, he took the floo powder, turned to Moody and Dora, saying, "You are both welcome too come to my home if you like." He threw in the powder, saying in a clear voice, "The Dragons Head," stepped in and walked out blissfuly on the otherside, then turning around too the fireplace, he took out one of his wands, thinking as he placed his wand to the crest above the fireplace, allowing the others to walk through freely, 'damn, I really need a new wand, heck all my wands seem to be older then I am... come to think of it, I think they are,' shaking his head, he had just enough time to react as Dora flew out of the fireplace and into his arms, smiling like a smug little cat as she pressed against him, before letting go and waiting for the others.

His fledgling came next, her eyes, as wide as saucers, roaming around the room and staring at the giant dragon skull above the fireplace mantel, the size of the skull being bigger than a Hungarian Horntail Bull - wings and body included - stretching up and into the celling. Walking over to her Masters left side, not failing to notice Dora holding his right hand and the look of love already in their eyes, she smiled warmly, remembering her time as a witch, before her turning.

The next one through was Moody, just merrily strolling through, same as Remus, Sirius, Bill Weasley and his team as well. All looking in awe at the room, make that 'lobby' of Drace's home - which looked oddly enough, as big as Gringots Lobby - with Bill saying, "Wow, my brother Charlie would love it here."

"Curse Experts, I'd like you to get going with fixing my propety up and so you know, I will be having werewolves running wild on my propety through the full moon, so please if you can, ward against them being able to come into the house at that time, not that they will attack me... isn't that right Mr. Lupin, I mean you already feel your wolf wanting to bow to me, can't you?" said Drace, to which Remus - standing wide eyed and mouth open a tad - only nodded too. "You hide it well young were. Please, everybody else, follow me to the loungeroom, You as well Mr. Weasly, if you aren't needed that is," Drace waited and got a nod, so with that, they all headed to a lavish room, painted in red and gold.

Sirius - still alittle in shock - smiled and perked up as he seen the colours of the room, "Heh, this reminds me of the Gryffindor common room," smiling, he wipped a tear from his eye, as they all sat in the chairs provided.

"As it should Sirius, I was a Gryffindor as well, class of 1739 and a few years after that I was a T.A. and later head of Gryffindor." Most around the room gaped at that, except for Moody, who sat with a 'I know something you lot don't smile,' "Harkus."

A short medium sized house elf appeared, wearing a vest with Drace's family crest on the left breast and shorts, "Dids you calls for mes Master?"

"Yes Harkus I did, I want you to take a look at all the people in this room," waiting for the elf to turn back to him, he said, "All these people are allowed into any of my houses whenever they like, do you understand?" the elf nodded, "Good, now would you please bring in some refreshments?" The elf bowed and poped away, not 10 seconds later, a full pot of tea & six cups arrived, with a blade as well. Smiling alittle at his elf's knowing of his Master, he took the knife and the spare cup, slicing the palm of his hand and filling the cup, then handing it to his fledgling, as he healed himself and vanquished the blade. Loooking up, he only seen Bill Weasley looking alittle green around the gills. "I'm sorry to make you uncomftible Bill, but Uri is my new Fledgling and no, I'm not a vampire." Bill relaxed slightly, still alittle jittery, as Uri smiled and winked at him, her fangs extended from the small amount of bloodlusting she was feeling.

"Now, onto business I think. Bill, Moody, Remus, Dora, I know you are all members of the Order of the Pheonix, you however Sirius, I believe you have to re-new your pledge. Don't look at me like that Dora, I've been on this earth longer than Magical Britian has had their Ministry and I have alot of contacts. Now moving onto something more to why Misters, Lupin & Black are now my advisors, well to the other aurors you are, not to Moody & Dora, anyhow, I know about Wormtail."

Sirius jumped up at the name, "WORMTAIL, when I get my hands on him I will rip him apart," Remus grabbed his old friend and yanked him back down to the couch, trying to keep his friend alittle more calmer.

"Yes Sirius, I know all about what that traitor did to James & Lilly. James was my second last male relitive, young Harry being the last, heck, he is the last fully human of my line and I fully intend on making this a family that would invite him with open arms, after those relitives, young Albus left him with being the worst sort of muggles I have ever seen and I have lived with cannibals at one point in history and atleast they showed love to non-family members." Drace blurted out, alittle too hotly. At everyone's looks he sighed and said, "Sorry about that, but if you seen them, you would be worried for little Harry, as well."

Uri spoke up for the first time, feeling her Masters hatred over the link, as if it was her own, "Master..." Drace turned towards her and as he did, her eyes changed to a blood red in colour, "... would you like me too pay his relitives a visit, maybe we could make it look like an accident?"

"Heh, no dear, as much as that is appealing, its not such a good thing to do at the momemnt, but as I have found out, Harry is already on the train to Hogwarts, well he was when Dora & I met infront of Gringots, so he should be there by now, going over that lake with that creepy giant squid," shuddering, Drace looked up at everyone else, as he explained his plan to them.

End of Chapter 02

AN 1: I'm sorry the last two have been alittle short, I'm not exactly a chapter kind of person, mostly I just do solid stories, but chapters are always my dang enemies. scrowls & shakes fist

AN 2: Oh yer and sorry about the NO SMUT, kinda makes the warning annoying really, oh wells :P

- P.P.
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