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Alittle trouble with following rules, Unspeakables, cages, rats, animagi gone wild...

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AN 1: Okay, so the last one didn't have any smut, not really anyhow, so maybe this one might, if I get in the mood for it, but chances of that are low, its 5:43am and I haven't had any sleep yet.

AN 2: You'll find alot of errors. I don't really trust people with my own stories, let alone any fan fiction I do.

Chapter 03 Challanges.

Alittle trouble with following rules, Unspeakables, cages, rats, animagi gone wild...

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, 3 days after beginging of the school year
Albus Dumbledore walked back and forth in his office, awaiting Drace, his advisors and the Aurors who were to accompany him on this day - worried, he popped another lemon drop into his mouth, savoring the flavour - just then the fireplace roared in to life, with Drace walking out, Dora on his arm, followed closely by two hooded figures, Mad-Eye, Shacklebolt, Bill Weasley and two Unspeakables. Showing them around too the seats in his office, Albus moved behind his desk and welcomed everybody to Hogwarts... and a welcome back for Drace.

Waiting for the meeting to start, Dumbledore sent for a spot of tea and cups from a Hogwarts elf, before Drace started talking, "Hello Albus, its been a long time, I mean last time we seen each other, you were what, 16 and one of the most disruptive teens around, even worse then the Marauders and they were brilliant pranksters." Dumbledore laughed and nodded at this, remembering his teen years and then coming across Drace, as being his Professor's T.A. for DADA. "Goddess, I wish times were like that, but ofcause they can't be, so I suppose thats enough of the pleasentries. Headmaster, could you please send for..." taking a notebook from his pocket, Drace continued "... Hermione Granger with her pet Crookshanks, Harry Potter with his pet Hedwig and Ronald Weasley, with his pet Scabbers... tell them its something to do with a gift that is given to sirtain owners and their pets, also I suggest someone call Mr. Weasley, he should be at The MoM about now and I am sure he would want something more important to do, other than look at muggle artifacts, that haven't been used since the last muggle war, that would probely explode if he tried to take them apart."

Albus nodded to Kingsley, who proceeded to the fireplace, too floo the MoM and get into contact with Aurther Weasley, who came through, some 50 seconds later. "Please take a seat Mr. Weasly, we have alot to talk about before the children get here..." Drace continued to tell Albus, Kingsley & Mr. Weasly, what will be happening, having already told the others. The later - Mr. Weasley - turned several shades of red, green and then whiter than even Snape could go, before Albus had too scorgify a sudden mess from the floor.

Cleaning the edges of his mouth, Aurthur looked too Drace and then the others in the room and asked, "So hh... how long have you um, known about scabbers?" he asked with unsure words, still not believing it completely.

Everyone in the room looked towards Drace, who for the first time in along time, shudded slightly - never liking being the center of attention - "Unfortunently, I have known since it happened on that faithful night, but since that time and up until a year ago, I couldn't do anything about it, even if I tried to myself. Don't look at me like that please, unlike the other animagi in the room, my form tends to be dominate every two hundered years or so, lasting anywhere from 1 to 20 years and won't let me stay human for long without large amounts of pain, like the first time when an animagus transforms into their animal form, that sort of pain," Dumbledore & Aurthur watched as the two cloaked figurers by Drace's left and the two Unspeakables standing at the back of the room, by the door, shuddered at Drace's description. "When young Harry was 8 years old, he managed to summon me with his mind, as he was being attacked by his Uncle's, sister's mutts. Harry, being the last truely untainted male from my bloodline. I told him of a great many things and also gave him some of my protective gems." Turning toward Albus he said in an cold voice, "Those muggles you put him with Albus... Prof. McGonagall was right, they are the worst types of muggles. They worked young Harry more than a house elf & treadted him worse than a dueling dummy."

Albus, for as old as he was, looked atleast another twenty years older at that last comment. "I agree it wasn't one of my better plans..." the headmaster looked over to Fawkes, who started to sing softly, putting his master at ease, just alittle, "... but where could he have gone... there was no other family for him and if he came into our would before he got a chance to have a childhood, he would have been smoothered or worst yet, outright murdered by those who were looking for him and believe me, they were," Albus finished, looking atleast alittle more like his real age, as he leaned forward, waiting for the rest of Drace's story.

"Yes, I guess that is right. I wish my animagus form wasn't such a... a..." Drace shook his head, sighing hotly. Dora took his hand and looking into her eyes, he calmed down quickly, "... Sorry about that, anyhow, when I last saw him, I told him I would make a family for him and I have already started." Hearing a knock at the door and surprised Albus didn't hear the ward go off beforehand, those in the room, stood and waited too welcome the youngens.

Finally collecting himself, the headmaster called the students, with their pets, inside. Their smiling faces and the the happy noises young Hedwig was making, as she took flight alittle, landing next to Fawkes - the headmaster's pheonix - who actully welcomed her on his perch, making more room for her. "Come... come, sit down children, we are glad you could make it on such short notice," said the headmaster.

Harry's eyes lit up like a christmas tree when he spied the old wolf, "DRACE," he called, running to him and hugging him like he was a life preserver. Only releasing him when he relised there were others in the room and looking around, he blushed, moving to the seats with his new friends.

Smiling down at Harry, Drace said, "Hello Harry, I'm sorry I didn't stop by when I said I was going too, I've been working on making a family for you," he said the last bit, while looking in Dora's eyes. "Now to why you are here Harry, Ron & Hermione, the award is... a lie unfortunently, we needed you all here for one prupose and getting all your pets together was just a roose. Unspeakibles, if you will," said Drace.

The shorter Unspeakible removed his wand and casting levicorps on Ron's rat Scabbers - at the protest of Ron - but that being shushed soon as his father placed a hand on his shoulder, giving him a stern look, the other Unspeakible transfigured a small marble from her pocket, into a large cage, big enough too fit a grizzly bear, opened the hatch and put the struggling rat inside, before casting an animagus numbing spell, similar to the wards that are around Azkaban, stopping animagi from escaping in their animal form, basicly rendering that type of magic, inhert.

Shocked, Ron let out a squeak, Harry stared daggers & Hermione looked puzzled, then raised her hand, as if in class "Yes Hermione, what is your question?" Drace asked, alittle amusement sneeking into his voice.

"Sir, who is that and how did you know he was an animagus in the first place?" asked a puzzled Hermione, her eyebrows furrowed in thought.

"Well, for one I have an ability that is some-what like a Seer, but more like a dream walker," turning to the headmaster he said, "I believe there is a young girl starting next year that has the same abilities." He turned back to Hermione and continued, "You can call me Drace dear, I'm not to good as a sir, Sire maybe," his fledgeling shuddered, feeling her Masters eyes on her, even for a short while, "As to knowing what he is, when you spend enough time around some people, you tend to know they are animagi, even if they try to hide it, the animal an animagi changes into, is just an extention of your being as you are now. Even young Harry here has an animagus form, maybe even more than one, like his mother. Yes Harry, she was animagi as well, but she never knew."
Sighing, Drace lent against the edge of the headmaster's desk and started to introduce the people in the room. "Okay Harry, do you remember when I visited you and told you about two of your father's friends?" Harry nodded, his smile widening, "Well, these two are them, they have been assigned as my advisors, well in the face of the Ministry they are. Gentlemen, you can remove the hoods, although if any of the other aurors in the room attack you, know this, they will have too duel me to the death."

The men removed their hoods and Hermione gasped, reconizing Sirius Black right away, from her look through the Hogwarts library. The man next to him, she didn't know, but was still shocked, for he looked rather handsome for a man his age, same as Sirius. She couldn't help but blush, thankful that no one noticed - except for Drace's fledgling, who smiled faintly and nodded, as if agreeing with her - settled down to listen.

"I'd like to introduce to you all, Sirius Black, who will after today, be a 'free-man' thanks to you Wormtail, as it should be," Drace growled from deep in his throat, at the man in the cage, who was looking fearful at everyone in the room. Remus felt the wolf inside of him wanting to bow to Drace again - just from that growl alone - leaving Remus wondering who Drace really is. Drace continued, "And this gentleman is Remus Lupin, most at the Ministry would know all about him being a registered werewolf. The only jobs they can hold are not even jobs house elves do, just the runt jobs. Its the same as their rights, they aren't allowed to marry or start a family, but there is a catch to the Orcus Dayus Law that I got Mr. Black freed with & gave both he & Mr. Lupin jobs. When it was made in 1573, the laws back then were alot better then they are now, so Orcus was able to have a family with his wife, who was infact a werewolf herself and now, Remus is free to have whatever job he likes, as long as he stays as my advisor when called upon, its the same for having a family." Smiling at the werewolf, Drace looked to Siriurs and nodded for him to 'take the stage', so to speak.

Clearing his throat a few times, still not exactly sure this is all real and not just something the dementors were projecting, he looked down at Harry and blurted out, "harryimyourgodfather", so quickly that everyone just stared at him, dumbfounded. Sighing, he said it again, slower, "Harry, I'm your Godfather and I am proud to meet you again after so soo sooo long, you do look good, I am sorry about what happened, myself and Remus are very sorry..." he broke down then and Harry was to his side, hugging him, before anyone had seen him move, tears in his eyes as well. They finally broke apart, going back to their seats.

"Right, now that that little bit is covered, how long do you think it would be until Sirius will be able to walk around freely?" he asked the Unspeakibles.

Both Unspeakibles looked at each other, as if talking by way of a link. The female of the two said, "Should be about 5 days, after questioning this lowlife..." she kicked the cage and Wormtail shrinked away from that side, "... putting him in Azkaban, then publishing it in The Daily Profit, it should all be fine after that. The aurors get daily memos for warrents changing or becoming void, like Sirius' will. Than that will be it."

The other Unspeakible looked around the room - as the female left through the floo, with the cage floating behind her, Wormtail shaking in terror - he said in a no nonsence voice, "You never saw us, we were never here" and with that, they left.

Turning to the room at large, Drace said in a clear voice, "Okay people, thats all for now, but if you have any questions, you can reach me or my advisors at the floo address, The Dragons Head, but if you aren't cleared, don't step though, you will likely to be spliced," the aurors & his advisors shudded. "Well I guess thats it, unless you pair wanted to delay young Harry, Ron & Hermione any longer from their lunch." Ron's eyes opened and he looked horror-stricken at missing eating, "Heh, I agree with you Ron, food, shouldn't be missed, so I guess you are free to go now, right Dumbledore?" asked Drace, looking to the headmaster and reciving a nod - he waved his hand and the door to the office flung open - at the odd look of most of the people in the room, he added, "I can do alot of wandless magic, its easier when you have nothing to do for a few hundred years or so.
"Oh and before you go Harry, remember, blood is thicker than water, so keep your friends close to your heart, they are family as well."

The Great Hall
"Well I think he is bloody brillient," said Ron, as he started shovling food onto his plate - like it would vanish if he didn't take his share - which at the moment, looked more like a mountain.

"Ron, watch your languge, honestly," retorted Hermione. "I admit, he does seem like a very friendly gentleman, but remember what he was saying about his animagus ability acting up every 200 years or so?" Both boys stared at her as if she was darft and waited for her to continue. "Oh honestly, if you can't remember that small information, how are you going to be able to remember anything for your exams at the end of the year..." muttering to herself, Hermione got herself ready and started to tell them what she relised, "Lord Hartner, he is really old and I'm not meaning Dumbledore old, I'm meaning really old. I remember going through my copy of 'Hogwarts: A History' and reading about the founders. Anyway, I came across a painting of Drace & the founders and he hasn't aged much since then, so I think we were talking to someone, even the magical world, thought was a myth," she finished, finaly taking a breath.

Ron looked shocked, but Harry, he just nodded and wet back to eating, saying, "Yer I know he is old, I got that feeling when I met him when I was 8, but he was in his animagus form back then... he made my life a whole lot better after that." Smiling to himself, he missed the surprised looks from Hermione & Ron.

"Well I still think he is brillient, imagine having all the powers he had... I'd love to be an animagi, you know, to be... be... I don't know, but I'd be something fierce, like a dragon... you know, my brother Charlie works with dragons over in Romania, maybe I could change into my form and trick him into thinking his bad at his job..." Ron mused, an evil little laugh under his breath, 'then maybe he'd go back to Quidditch like he should have stayed in', he thought, as he still managed to stuff his face with steak & kidney pie, making a mess of the plate and table at large.

Sighing, Hermione took out her wand and scorgified the table of Ron's mess, getting a shriek from Ron, when his plate of crumbs suddenly vanished. Laughing she said, "But seriously guys, he could be one of The Great Five, a team of five people from ancient times, who had unique animagus abilities and were able to defend the Earth agaisnt the forces of darkness for 1200 years. Don't you know what that means?" she asked, getting puzzled looks from both boys. She continued in a hushed tone, "It means that bad times are coming again and he might be here to stop it." They all looked at each other, fear and hope in their eyes.

Later at The Dragons Head
"Did you see how much Harry has grown, Lils and Prongs would have been proud," said Sirius, tears in his eyes, as he sat on a chair in Remus' study... all provided by Drace, with a set of rooms for each of them, walk-in woredrobe, study, large bedroom, bathroom with large prefect size tub and small loungeroom.

"Yer I know, I wish I knew what happened sooner and again I am very sorry Padfoot, that I thought you were the traitor, I'm so very sorry my friend." Remus felt like such a prat for even disbelieving his friend and fellow marauder. "If there was anything I could have done... I... I... I would have broken you out had I known."

"Its okay Remus, you are forgiven and were 20 times ago," laughed Sirius, "Don't worry, all is fine my friend. So, what do you think of Drace? He does seem to be an angel, even if his wings are clipped."

"Heh yer, but I think he is trustworthy, I mean look at what he has done for us so far..." said Remus, then called out, "Harkus."

The elf popped into the room, "Dids you calls for mes Masters Remus & Sirius sirs?" the elf asked, shocking both gentlemen with its question.

"Um yes Harkus, could you bring us our dinner up here and remain here after that please?" the elf nodded, popping away, too return 15 mins later, with two trays of lamb cutlets, peas & mash. Standing by Remus and waiting for further orders, Remus asked, "Thankyou for the meals Harkus and why did you call Sirius & I Master just before?"

The house elf shifted on his feet, before answering, "Sirs, the Master of the houze told us Elvez to calls you Masters like him, becauze yous are now Lords under his name, mingling the great family of Hartner with yours Master Lupin and yours Master Black. The Master of the houze said that this way, you could both move freely anywheres in the magical world, with or without Ministry approval, becauze yous is covered by Hartner family crest." The elf finished, looking proud of being a Hartner elf.

Sirius smiled and stood up, almost knocking over his tray of food. "You know what this means Moony, we can vote in that damn wizendmont and get the werewolf registraion legistrations reversed..." Sirius was stopped in his musing, by a clapping from the doorway.

"Right you are Sirius, but unfortunently, Remus can't use his family, because they have no crest, so you sir, can use my family crest, after all, you are still my advisor, so you can legaly vote that way. Sirius, you can use your family crest if you'd like, or you, can use one of my other family crests. Yes, I said one of my other family crests. I am the head of a few lines and I am also the first Potter in the line."

This bit of news left his two 'advisors' shocked, so much so they looked like little Garfield dolls stuck on the inside of muggle cars. Chuckling a tad bit before he calmed, Drace said, turning to the elf, "Harkus, you can go about your business now, I don't think you will be needed for the rest of today." The elf bowed and poped away, leaving the still stunned gentlemen, sitting and watching Drace carefully.

Gryffindor Common Room, 2 months later
"I don't know about you guys, but Professor Snape just gets under my skin and did you see the looks he was giving Harry and all the points he kept taking from us, just leaving his Slytherins alone, talk about cheap," said Ron, rather peeved about their last class of the week, being that of Potions. "Atleast its the weekend tomorrow, maybe I can catchup on some stress-free sleep." Ron layed his head back against the chair he was on and shut his eyes.

"Oh honestly Ron, its not like you didn't get enough sleep in Prof. Binns History of Magic class already and besides, you can't sleep all weekend, you still have that three foot essay for Transfiguration and the three foot one for Charms that you should have done at the start of the week," Hermione said, sitting down on one of the couchs in the common room, with her copy of Hogwarts: A History, sat open on her lap.

Groaning, Ron opened his eyes and stared at Hermione, who was ignoring Ron, a smug smile upon her lips - as she read the page she was on, already able to remember it word for word without looking - waiting for Ron to ask her for help and playing it cool as he gathered his words. "You know Hermione, you're smart..."

"Yes Ron, I am smart, what is your point?" asked Hermione, the smug smile growing alittle.

"Could you help me with my eassays? I mean I could go and ask someone else, but you are just so... so... you are smart Moine." Ron relised that when he said the last part, maybe it wasn't such a good thing, for he watched the pleasent and happy smile on her face, turn to that of rage at being called 'Moine.' Getting up in a hurry, Ron ran to the only place he knew to be safe - his dorm room - but soon remembering that girls can follow, when he found himself being beating in the back by a large book-bag, a book inside - most likely Hogwarts: A History.

Sighing, Harry shook his head, still sitting down in the common room and laughing at the sounds of Ron's shrieks every so often, when Hermoine struck him hard. Opening again, a letter that Drace sent him before he came to Hogwarts, he re-read it, smiling fondly;
I know I should have been there more, us being family and all, but I couldn't be there, although I have started a family for you, we have a house already and a few house elves. I know you won't want them because of how your relitives treated you, but they are more family, then normal house elves. You see, I made them my vessels, which means they represent my or more like it, 'our' family, that is, if you will agree to live with me.
If you answer with yes, I will fix everything with the local wizarding family branch of the MoM and then fix everything up with the Durselys, so the muggle family people don't suspect anything bad to have happened, thus stopping an investigation and making us, that one step closer, too what a family should be.
I already have a room set aside for you, its rather large, almost as big as my room. You have a huge four poster, kingsize bed, similar to the one you sleep in at Hogwarts, it was already in the house, so I left it as is. A bed in the same room for a friend to sleep in, your own bathroom, complete with shower and tub, walk in woredrobe, which opens onto a hidden study on the otherside and the view from the windows is of the back garden, its a rather peaceful area. I do hope you say yes. Please say yes.
Yours truely,
Lord Drace Hartner, first of Clan Potter.

Standing up, Harry walked up the stairs and towards the dorm room, finding a red faced Ron, rubbling his back - with Hermoine, nowhere to be found - laying down on his bed, Harry went to sleep with a smile upon his face.

Ministry of Magic, Wizarding Family Branch
A rather prudish looking woman, with wrinkles - Drace thought were deep enough to hide the lost city of Atlantis - looked Drace up and down, as well as the gentleman & young lady next to him, wearing offical auror robes and not failing to notice that the male auror was Mad-Eye, she shuddered slightly, as he magical eye stopped on her, when she started to speak, "May I help you sirs, young miss?"

Drace starring at the woman for awhile, started to speak in a cool voice that radiated power, "Yes ma'am, please tell your boss, that Lord Hartner, Aurors Mad-Eye & Tonks are here for our 11am meeting."

Nodding, the woman turned to the stone on her desk, lightly touching it and waiting, hearing her boss snapping with a 'what is it', before she said, "Sorry to bother you sir, but your 11am meeting with Lord Hartner & the two Aurors, Mad-Eye & Tonks, are here to see you," hearing her boss gulp over the stone, she heard him mutter a weak, 'let them in' and the stone went dead. Rising to her feet, she said, "Please follow me" and showed them to the door, opening it and stepping out of the way.

Following her to the door, then walking in, Drace & the aurors, don't bother waiting to be shown to the seats, they just sat, getting straight into business, as soon as the door closed. Looking towards Mr. Magus, the one incharge of this area of the Ministry, his eyes twitching - as if waiting for the killing curse to come his way at any moment - jumped when Drace started to speak, almost knocking objects off his large oak desk, "Sir, you know what we are here for, so if you would please, take out the files, so I can sign them and we can get out of here as soon as possible."

Jack, sighed and tried his best to stay calm, removed the files for one, 'Harry J. Potter,' from his desk drawer, opening them up, he passed them to Drace, who, signed, with his Auror escorts as wittnesses... the file glowed blue, recording Drace's magic and fading away. Looking up from the file, Jack says in a calmer voice than he feels he is in at that moment, "Congradulations my Lord, you are the legal guardian of Harry J. Potter. Here is your copy and we will send you any further information on anything to come with Harry, over the next three days." Standing, he extending his hand, which Drace shook once, same as Mad-Eye, Dora just ignored it. Soon after they left the office and soon the Ministry all together, going their seperate ways at the surface. Dora and Moody, having duty in Diagon Alley and Drace having a meeting at Gringots, for followup business.

End Chapter 03

AN: I seriously want to add some smut, but everytime there is a door open for it, I get distracted, dag nag it. Perhaps another of you talented aurthors, could perhaps do the life of Uri, the new Fledgeling of Drace's or even how life is for Dora Tonks, living with Drace.

- P.P.
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