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The Youngest Seeker

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Harry Potter, youngest Seeker, Malfoy Senior meeting with Drace... A runin with young Malfoy to remember as a friendship is made.

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AN 1: I started typing Chap 04 while I was deprived of most of my dang sleep, being that I hadn't slept since I started this story, so I am sorry for the errors. Hopefully some good comes from the way the story was heading. If I can remember what way I was going anyhow.

AN 2: You'll find alot of errors. I don't really trust people with my own stories, let alone any fan fiction I do. I don't own none of it, the name of the muggle coroner, 'Ducky', thats from NCIS, the cops I own, the dead man, the spy outside of the church, the little boy named Joseph & the auror with the tattoo along his left jugular vein... the rest is that of J.K.R.'s fine work and the world of which Harry Potter was born.

Chapter 04 The Youngest Seeker

Harry Potter, youngest Seeker, Malfoy Senior meeting with Drace... A runin with young Malfoy to remember as a friendship is made.

Hogwarts & near Pivet Drive
It was a cold and almost dark day, with the clouds covering most of the sky, making everything seem so fragil with the grey light. Not much stirred on this day, not even the creatures in the dark forest, but unfortunently, not all was quiet, well only if you were on the receiving end of the killing curse that was fired by a man in a black cloak, not all that far from Harry Potter's relitives house and the scream that echoed out a short while later, from the school children that came across the prone body of a man that they thought was wearing his bathrobe. The police in town, well those who were privy too the magical world and those in their respected opposite postions in the MDLE, were the ones responding to the call.

The first car to pull up, seated inside wer two muggle officers and two magical officers, ofcause, the magical officers were dressed to appear as muggles of the 'undercover' kind, so nobody of the public was any-the-wiser. A coroner was already at the scene and trying to assatain a reason for the man's death, but coming up short as the two muggle policemen, escorted a tall man, with a hopped gold earing in one ear and a bald head, as shinny as a polished stone, black jacket, white shirt and ripped blue jeans & a man of about 5ft11 with muggle gothic clothing, spiked boots, ripped cargo pants, black, chain from his wallet, to his pants... the works, as well as spiked hair, tattoo depicting a serpant, running from up behind his left ear, too down his jugular vein and stopping in a curl, around his left nipple, clearly seen because of his open vest.

The first muggle policeman greeted the coroner, "Hey Ducky, this is Danny and Bain" (Kingsley) "from the undercover unit over at Westcort, they have inteligents on this case and unfortunently, they over rule us, so the boss ordered us to escort them in and tell you and the others to evac back to headquaters."

Ducky looked up at the two undercovers and muttered something under his breath, before standing and saying in his deepish voice, "Look, you can call my boss and tell him he can goto hell. This is a crime scene and I am here to prepare this body to be moved, whether you like it or not, it will be taken to the police station and thats where you and this other undercover idiot can look at him there," turning his back on them he went back to work on the body, his assistent helping to lift the body up & onto a gurnie, ut before they could get the body out of there, the bald thug-like man started talking.

"Sorry sir, but thats what we have been told is that we have right of way, so kindly leave or I will have to ask this officers to escort you off the scene," said Bain, slowly getting annoied with this stupid muggle, but understanding why he is like this, after all, it is his job, to see to the dead. "Now if you like, we can always press chagres against you for disturbing our crimescene," at this, Ducky paled slightly, stopping his assistant and turning to Bain (Kingsley), as he continued speaking, "but if you don't value your job, go right ahead, take the body away and find out when you wakeup tomorrow, that the only job you can get is in the fast food service, as a mopboy."

Ducky nodded, telling his assitant to pack their things and then both headed back to their truck and drove away, leaving Danny, Bain (Kingsley) and the two muggle officers behind. The two muggle officers, waited until the coroner left, the crowd moving on soon after and they proceeded to shake hands with the aurors as they themselves, hopped back in the squad car and left. Bain looked worried at his partner, who returned the stare, when they found the dark mark on the arm of the victum.
No one heard the two small 'pops' as the officers and courner vanished around the corner & the undercover aurors never seen the little boy following them as they apperated away, popping away with them a short while after.

Malfoy Manor, 5 days before the full moon
The third floo on the second level of Malfoy Manor, roared to life, Lucius standing beside his wife, waiting on their guest and no sooner had the fire turned green, did Drace step through, in an almost esentric looking set of robes, inlaid with gold hairs of a black unicorns mane, along the cuffs, collar and around his family crest, showing how wealthy & powerful he is in the pureblood wizarding community. Bowing slightly, Lucius & Narcissa welcomed their guest, recieving a bow in return.

Lucius spoke first - as it was in most pureblood families, the women were nothing but show ponies in most aspects of life in pureblood lifestyles - mustering all the 'respect' a Malfoy can give when he really is talking to his better, "Welcome, Lord Hartner, I must say I was intregde when you offered to meet with me in person and I must say, that even though you are welcome here, with being as wealthy as you are sir, why would someone of your standing, wish to meet me?"

After returning the bow and listening to Lucius go on with the respect of 'blood,' he waited until he was finished, playing the 'formal' man as it was today. Changing his demenor from the friendly man he usauly is, to a cold hearted pureblood, he said, "Thankyou for your gracious welcome Mr. Malfoy, Mrs. Malfoy. The reason to why I made this little meeting is because I was looking to form an aliance between my great family and yours, maybe then we could bring some value back to the Malfoy line. Don't get me wrong, the Malfoy line is a very powerful & feared bloodline, but you can not live on fear & power alone. You must at one stage, be worth something more, be that a Baron, a Lord, a Duke or of Noble worth to be truely reconised in this, our pureblood world. Even with all the muggleborns, mudbloods and that other un-pure muck that lines our world, we can't rely on marrige into said families of higher rank alone. So that is why I am here, to offer your family a chance at something better then just being a regular pureblood family like the rest of the powerful and feared families, to be something better."

Lucius & his wife, stood in silence for a full forty seconds after Drace had finished speaking, their minds elsewhere, thinking about the posibilties of the Malfoy family being mingled with Lord Hartner and his long line. Even though the Hartner family was a Light family, they still pulled more wealth, power and respect, then any of the Dark families since wizarding Britian came into being. Getting himself back together, Lucius nodded slowly, saying, "That sounds like a reasonably offer my Lord, please follow my wife & I to the sitting room, so we can work through what you have said in a more, 'comftable' area." Bowing slightly, Drace followed the two Malfoys, out of the floo room, down an eligant hallway - snakes carved everywhere - showing full-well that the Malfoys are souly a Slytherin based family and have been for generations.

Stopping at a pair of beautifuly carved, red oak doors, opening to reveal an even more eligant room, painted in shades of green, with traces of silver inlaid into the finely crafted snakes, up along the celling, pointed to the chanderleer. Sitting down in the chair provided, Drace waits for Lucius to start asking the questions he knew were coming about his family being Light.

"So my Lord, may I ask you, why is it that such a Light based family as your own, would seek my family out, I mean surely you know that we Malfoys' are Dark?" Lucius peered at Drace over his hands, as he sat in a chair behind the only desk in the room, his wife, standing to his right, with an almost 'wishful' look she was trying to hide, upon her face.

"Yes you may ask that and whatever else you may wish to ask, I have no secerts to hide from you today, but know that having me swear too or using other magical vows spells and the like, do not work on me, because of my unique magic. Why I have gone about this is because I know that you and your family are not purely Dark," Drace & Lucius ignored the gasp from Narcissa, "... not like you were back when Tom first came into power and I know that you have been dreading the time when he comes back and yes, he will return. So I am here to offer you, not only protection by myself and my family, but being classed as a Lord above other Lords, almost of Noble quiality, that is if you take the offer. As for the rest, set your questions and please state your terms we can agree on, then we can, 'get this show on the road, as the muggles seem to say.'" Drace smirked, as Lucius gave a slight chuckle at the saying, before he heard the bit about the muggles and stiffened in his place.

Straightning himself up slightly, Lucius cleared his throat and called "Dobby."

The house elf appeared, his potato-sack clothing - almost as dirty as he was - asked, "Dids you calls on me Masters Malfoy sirs?"

Without even saying yes, Lucius barked off an order, "Dobby, bring us some tea & tarts." The elf, already looking over worked - reminding Drace of young Harry - vainished with a loud crack, only to appear ten seconds later, carrying a tray with a pot, 3 cups & a plate of tarts, then Lucius spoke to the poor creature again, "Go and clean yourself up you useless animal, then come back and wait by the wall, we shall need you again." Dobby nodded, apperating - elf style - away again. Coming back, silently, only Drace noticing he had returned and gave the small elf a nod at his stealth.

Taking a sip of his tea and placing the cup back down to rest on the saucer, Luicus said, "Okay my Lord, our terms are these. The Malfoy family is to keep our former home and the other 3 homes and in exchange for a melding of our families we can shall give you vault 87 for the fee of joining. The Malfoy family stays Dark, for now, until its needed to be said we are Light or for protection when the other familes find out," Lucius said the last part with an almost fearful quiver in his voice.

Looking slightly shocked, Drace couldn't believe his luck, not only were the Malfoy's agreeing to the melding, but they weren't setting anything in the way of the 'harsh terms' that Dora, Moony & Padfoot had warned him about. Taming his facial expressions - before his emotionless mask cracked into a wide smile - he said, "Its a deal, sir, just sign here, here and here," said Drace, holding out a small file, with the offical title, 'Melding, Family Wrights & Lordship of Underlying Familes', pointing to the lines under where Drace had already signed, with that of his adopted son Harry, to which Lucius' eyes lit up alittle, Lucius proceeded to sign his name, his wife signing also. "Good, now all we need is for your son, I believe he is named, Draco," recieving a nod, he continued, "... to sign, then you and your family, will become Lords over the other pureblood families who have neglected their own destinies to be more. I will also allow you to use one of my owls, Obilsec, who should already be in your owlery."

Standing to Lucius' side, Narcissa couldn't help but smile brightly, at the hopes of getting away from the dark wanker, his idiotic followers and actully start to feel something of 'value' come too the Malfoy line. Clearing her throat and speaking, for the first time, since before Drace arrived, Narcissa asked, "My Lord, would you like a tour of the grounds, with my husbands agreement ofcause?" she finished, noticing before she started to speak, the signs of her husband, wanting to be alone in his excitement. Recieving a nod from her husband, Narcissa looked to Drace and said, "Please my Lord, follow me."

Nodding, Drace stood, bowed slightly to Lucius, recieving the bow as well and turned to leave, then stopping - after a few steps - he turned back to Lucius and said in a calm voice, "Mr. Malfoy, I have one more form of business, it shant take long and I must say, you will get a far better deal out of this then you may think," nodding to Drace too continue, he then said, "Sir, if you would be willing to part with your house elf Dobby, I will be willing to give you one of mine, his name if Uck and he is better suited for a family like yours, who will be representing me in pureblood life, upon the time you chose to have those around you, know who your family ties are with."

Lucius was first shocked, then stunned and finally glad for taking the offer that Drace first gave. He stood, walking to Drace, taking a small silver bead off a small braclet-type cuff, with the name 'Dobby' carved into it, handing it to his new Lord, he watched in amazement, as the bead turned blue, to match Drace's eyes, as the bead Drace was handing him, turned silver. Not having known that to happen, it was a slight shock. Smiling slightly, Lucius called 'Uck' to him. A short while later, a taller then normal house elf, wearing a black robe, with the Malfoy & Hartner family crests, over its left breast appeared and bowed to his new Master.

Lucius was shocked, too see a house elf - even one to belong to the Hartner family - dressed in something so finely crafted and on a type of creature that he thought to not be worth such respect, he stood and stared at the elf, then remembering his duty and relising that Drace was waiting for Lucius to go first, he walked toward the house elf, placing his palm on elf's head, he intoned, "I, Lucius Draconus Malfoy, do hereby claim Uck the house elf, to be my propety, for now until I release him, so mote it be," a silver aura seeped from Lucius' hand and into his new house elf, changing the elf's clothing slightly, from robes, to a vest and tatered pants, the light fading after that. Stepping back, Lucius waited for Drace to do the same with his new house elf.

Motioning for Dobby to come towards him, Drace went down on one knee, shocking all that were in the room, not only by that gesture, but also talking so formally to such a lowly creature. "Dobby, my name is Drace Hartner and I am to be your new master, but before that is to become binding, I must tell you about what it is that will be expected of you and alittle about myself and my extended family, before you are minted into the rest of my house elf ranks.

Dobby nodded, starring with his mouth open in a gasp and wide eyes at his new Master, wondering where the cold look of the man he saw before, had gone too.

"Okay Dobby, here is the deal, you won't be a normal house elf, like Uck now is, you will be more of a vessel, meaning you will be a member of my family," the Malfoys gasped at this, "... and as you may get some orders from time to time, you will be representing myself, my family & those who I deem fit, to be mingled into my family from time to time. Do you think you can handle this?" Drace asked and recieved a slow, but sure enough nod. "Just one more thing Dobby, because you are to represent me, you will be given clothing of your own to wear, be that of the robes you seen Uck come here with or other clothing, because you will become my vessel, you should not take it as being freed, when you are freed, your bead, this right here," he showed Dobby the small blue bead with his name on it, "... will be smashed, therefore freeing you from my service. Do you agree on my terms?"

Dobby took a small time to think. Looking up at the two wizards, witch and the other house elf, standing around him - noticing that the elf was staring at him intently and nodding - Dobby looked upto Drace and said in a clear voice - for a house elf, thats quite an achievement - full of hope, "Yes, I agrees with you sir, I woulds be PROUD to be your new houze elf sirs."

Smiling down at the house elf, Drace placed his hand over Dobby's head and intoned, "I, Lord Drace Darrkus Hartner, do hereby accept Dobby, as my vessel into the family and by being a member of said family, you will recieve the key to your own vault at Gringots, for your pay will be 5g a month, to use for whatever you want for the family or just yourself, or to leave alone for the next elf to use... so mote it be." Finishing, a light blue aura ran down from Drace's hand and wrapped itself around the small elf, his potato-sack clothing, changing into an elegant robe, similar to that of what Uck wore - before becoming a Malfoy and wearing rags - except for the gold hairs of a black unicorns mane, along the cuffs, collar and around the family crest, sitting proudly on his left breast, like the robes that Drace, himself wore.

Dobby looked up at Drace, pride and thanking in his eyes and as the light faded, he pounced at Drace, nearly toppling him over, as he hugged his legs. Drace, laughing merrily as he did, then letting go of his new Master, Dobby stepped back and asked, "What is your orders, my Lord?"

Drace nodding, as if agreeing to someone else, the others couldn't see or hear, said in a calm voice, "Dobby, your orders for today are simple, just go to my home and into the elf housing area near the kitchens, there you will find my other house elves who will, no doubt, have planned a small welcoming party for you," said Drace, as he saw Dobby's smile, become even bigger, as he vanished with, not even a crack. Shaking his head, he turned to the still stunned Malfoy's and said, "Well Mrs. Malfoy, shall we have that tour now?"

Again recieving a nod from Lucius, Narcissa lead Drace from the room, down the hall, down a long set of marble stairs and into the backyard a short while later, the start of the tour or so Lucius thought, but Narcissa had other ideas. Taking Drace to a small area at the back of a large garden feature of about 7ft tall & 5 by 5ft in width, showing a giant snake, wrapped around what appeared to be fully grown centaur with a spear. Narcissa took her wand out, but not pointing it at Drace, but casting half a dozen silencing and notice-me-not spells around them. She looked to Drace, her eyes filled with need and unforfilled lust, she took hold of his robe, pulling him with her, as she walked back and sat on the base of the garden feature, wrapping her arms around him and kissing his lips so hard, that she managed to bite him and ignoring the taste of his blood, she almost tore his robes, trying to get at his skin beneath.

Drace, for all he was worth, was going with the flow at this moment, as it was more a need for Narcissa, then it was for him, even when she bit his lip, he did not flinch, only moving when she tried to almost rip his robes apart, did he move, taking his robes off and dropping them to the ground around them, showing off his toned chest and abs, too the lust hungry monster before him.

Mewing at the sight of Drace's toned body, Narcissa - with a wave of her wand - vanished her clothing, revealing her well keeped and also toned body, too Drace, before she lept at him, wrapping her arms and legs around him and pushing him back slightly, as she kiss him deeply and ground her hot, moist sex against his raging manhood.

As Drace stepped back when he was lept on and practicly strangled with her hug, he steadied himself, then turning around, he lent against the garden feature, as his legs almost giving out, with the almost insanly sexual creature, now trying to bite his neck off with the hiccie she was giving him, her hands romaing his body and fiddling with his belt.

Narcissa slid down Drace and pushed him back hard agaisnt the garden feature, as she said in a husky & teasing voice, "Awe I believe the young Lord is in need of a good letting out... tell me, do you think you can tame my bald feline or would I have to get some help with that?" she lent forward again, kissing Drace and recieving a hard smack on her left arse cheek, for her, well 'cheek' at asking if 'he' needs help. Smirking when she lent back from the kiss and the spank, she smiled and said, "I guess not... now how about I help you alittle, with releaving some pressure, don't want you blowing your top so damn early, now do we My Lord," not waiting for his reply, she sank to her knees before him, pulling down his pants to almost be hit in the face by a 9 inch cock. Looking up at Drace, she licked her lips and proceeded to run her tongue along his crown, before she took him into her mouth and down her throat, before he had time to relise it.

Drace, already hornier then a bull in spring, thought that for someone like Narcissa, a Malfoy no less, queen of pureblood bogots and Dora's aunt - Dora, already telling Drace before he came to malfoy Manor, to do whatever was needed to gain control of The Malfoy family, too keep them under thumb & out of the war - went down on him like he was as important to her as oxygen, making Drace grunt alittle at the sudden warmth, surrounding his cock. Looking down, he seen that Narcissa was starring up at him, her eyes smiling up at him, as she swallowed around his manhood, causing him to groan more.

Pulling back, until his tip was resting in her mouth, Narcissa smiled up at Drace, running her tongue around his crown, enjoying the sounds she caused him to make and happy for herself, that she still rememberes what to do. She took his cock in her hands, pulling her mouth off his manhood and moving it about, as if wainting to memorised it's every line & wrinkle. Looking up at Drace, she smiled and said, as he pointed his crown at her lips, "Its alright my Lord, don't hold back, cum for me, please," she said this while looking upat him with puppy eyes, as she engulfed his manhood, once more, making him groan and then grunt, as she reached up and fondled his balls, reciving a loud, throaty grunt from Drace and a quickly filling mouth of semen, which she found she had to swallow twice to get rid of. Removing his cock from her mouth, with a slight 'pop', she stood and walked over to a stone bench, where she bent over, placing her hands against the bench, spreading her legs slightly and looking back at Drace saying, "Now come my Lord, bury your stump within my hardly used womanhood and make me scream your name."

Drace, not having to be told again, moved up behind Narcissa, placing one of his large hands on her hip to steady her and the other, grabbing his member, as he teased the mewing woman before him alittle, by dragging his slick crown, up and down her slit, only until she started bucking back against the down drag a few times, did he stop and place his member against her entrance and hearing a gasp come from her.

Getting feedup with being teased, Narcissa starts bucking, then lets out a gasp, as he bucks a fourth time, being surprised as she inpails herself oh his member, for about 4 inchs in her frustration of being teased. Staying still, she lets herself get use to his girth, before she starts to slowly sink down another 2 inchs, then stops again, before she continued the rest of the way. Resting nicely against Drace's thighs, she turns her head and says, "Please my Lord, take me hard, I need it," her eyes begging him to understand.

Smirking, Drace grabbed hold of her hips, pulling back his own hips, until his head & an inch is within her and thrusted forward fast, setting the pace there, with slow out & fast in, rutting like animals as they test the siliencing charms to their fullest. Countinuing this for the next ten to fifthteen mins, until the woman under him shudders for the thrid time, coating her inner thighs with slick lady goo, Drace grunts, shoving in hard, he fills Narcissa's womb with his semen, his member still hardm as he pulls out of her, letting her calm down alittle, before spins her around and onto her knees before him, where she is happy too clean his member and recieves another gift, before the pair of them cast scorgify's and dressed, coming back upto the house, so Drace can head home.

Hogwarts, the same day
Draco, his friends - basicly 'henchman' - were standing by his side in Madam Hooch's class, on 'Learning to Fly Your Broom & Techniqics for Skyward Children'. Letting out a little snigger, as his broom is the second to come to his hand in the whole class, he smirked at Harry Potter, who his father told, if he could not win over, make his life a living hell, which he was going to do, even with not liking it.

Madam Hooch, satisfied when all her students managed to call their brooms to their hands, walked to the end of students, where they could both see her, said in a strong voice, "Right, I want to mount your broom, push off the ground, hover for a moment, then lean forward and touch back down, one two thr... Mr. Longbottom... MR. LONGBOTTOM" and it was too late, Neville Longbottom's broom had taken off at breakneck speed, making Neville drop his gift from his Gran in the process.

Most of the kids were laughing at Neville as he went on his little flying adventure around the school and when he fell and broke his arm, only the Slytherins - except for Draco - were the ones laughing. One in particular, a Theodore Nott, who had in his hand, Neville's gift, a small ball that if glowed red when you held it, ment you had forgotten something. Theo looked around at everyone and said in a nasty voice, "If the fat lump had given this a squease, maybe he would have remembered to land on his fat arse," getting more laughs from his house mates.

Harry Potter strode forward and said, "Give it here Nott or I'll push you off your broom."

Nott just laughed and said, "Nar Potter, I think I'll leave it somewhere for Lardbottom to find it," mounting his broom and soaring into the air, he yelled back at Harry, "Unless you are too chicken to stop me."

Harry - about to mount his broom - felt someone at his side, looking, he is shocked to see Malfoy, mounting his broom as well.

They both nodded and took off toward Nott. Nott, looking shocked for a small while before moving his broom and heading straight down - being followed by Potter and someone he called a friend - Nott, suddenly found himself dodging both students, as they tried to take hold of his arms, to get Neville's propety. Coming around and heading dead at the school, Nott stopped and threw the Remembril twards the Castle, grinning evily as he waited for the sickerning splat. Only to see Potter grabbing the Orb, his broom hitting the castle as he jumped off it, not able to turn intime and Malfoy catching Potter by the hand, helping him up onto his broom.

All this happening, just outside McGonagall's personal suite. She rushed from her room and down to the Castle grounds too see Harry & Draco, shaking hands. She clears her throat and said in a stern voice, "Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy, please follow me," the boys looked at her, nodding and following her, thinking they will be gone tomorrow, only to find Harry being made the Gryffindor Seeker & Draco being inline for the Slytherin Seeker postion as well.

Some time later, Draco & Harry were sitting down by the lake at lunchtime, still having stunned looks on their faces from what McGonagall did for them both. Even though they were in different houses, they had shown each other great trust this day and in one single moment - from that trust - a friendship was born, even with them becoming the youngest seekers in a century & in rival houses too boot. One for Gryffindor. One for Slytherin. Both ment to be enemies, but becoming friends and cementing something that others thought imposible. "Strike one up for house unity," a Gryffindor castle ghost said to a bunch of Slytherin thrid years, some nodding, but others, who just made their way into the castle.

End of Chapter 04

AN: Okay, I hope the smut is upto standards of all you fun loving, fappers out there.

- P.P.
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