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Furry Little Problems

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Vampires, Werewolfs, Animagus and a creature not seen in a thousand years... sounds like fun. Oh and alittle more about Harry & Draco, as well as the papers Draco has to sign, changing of House.

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AN 1: I don't own none of it except Drace & Uri... and maybe the spy near the church... that never made it into the last story, dag nag it.

AN 2: Yes... I know there are errors >.<

The air was cool and the night was almost silent, with just the slightest hint of a werewolf in pain... the moon, slowly rising over the cliffs at the back of The Dragons Head propety. A man dressed in only a cloak, looked down at the young were, as he walked back and forth, acting like a caged animal, feeling his own beast inside, wanting out... wanting to be free for so long it almost pushed the man over the edge as the moon rose higher.

Snarling up at the figure in the cloak, the were lashed out at him - his animal insticts already playing up as he smelt the scent of a human - barely missing his legs, but it wouldn't have made a differance, as the man was going to change himself and the were knew he would be out matched by the creature just under the surface of the cloaked man.

In a strained voice, the man in the claok, looked down at the were and said, "Stop holding back Remus, let it flow freely, let the wolf out, let it be free or you will stay in pain and shorten your life even more."

Remus nodded and as best he could, settled himself down and let the werewolf side of him, take control of his body, finding out alittle while after the change, that not only was there hardly any pain, but he also kept a large amount of control - when he just let the werewolf take his body without resistance - he had enough power to control the mind. Remus, standing on his hind legs, howled up at the moon, joined by Siruis in dog form as Padfoot... and Drace, loosing himself as he stood in his beast form, a huge black werewolf of about 6ft11, dark blue steaks from his eyes, down his back, stopping at his bushy tail, with a great many scars, cuts & welts on his beast form, wounds that hadn't had time to heal a thousand years ago, before the wolf changed back into Drace...

Padfoot & Moony, turned toward Drace, not expecting to see the beast, one of the king of beasts, an ancient were-beast from a time when not even humans were around. For Drace to be one of them was not only terrorfying, but intriuging. Forming a link, similar to what Drace can in his wolf form, the beast looked at the meek were and the animagus before him - well aware of Drace's newly minted Vampire, standing at his side - and said in a voice that comes out as a rumble across the link, "I, am Darrk and yes, I am from the ancient bloodline of the were-beasts, but no, I am not one, merely the son of my creator. Darrkus of Archon, the greats city of light, the one who bit Drace, thus, making me & becoming my father. He is the father of the werewolves of this age, as I am the last of his pure line, until I, myself, pass on the rite of beasthood to the next generation."

Remus, feeling the wolf agreeing with it and feeling it all to be true, bowed to Darrk, kneeling, placing his left front paw forward on the ground and bowing his head... Padfoot following suit as well as Uri, Drace's vampire. Darrk, nodding to the youngens around him, sent of the link, "The moon, our source of problems, can be turned into our time of play, so come my new friends... run, feel the earth beneath your feet, the grass rushing past your legs and the plessure of sinking your fangs, jaws or teeth," he said, looking from Uri, Remus and then too Padfoot, "... into the sheep and cattle Drace had his house evles hide around the grounds, earlier today for our fun."

No sooner had Darrk finished, did the young were, hear something moving off to the right of the group, something big, with hooves and atleast a full udder "... a cow," his inner wolf said, as he ran faster towards the animal, pouncing on the back of the cow, almost riding it, as it bucked from being scared and it only started to slow, as he looked too Uri the vampire for help and finding her infront of the cow in an instant, her blue eyes flashing to red and the cow standing still, under the young fledglings vampire power, as she looked to the were, recieving a nod, she moved to the cows neck, drinking deeply and leaving the animal alive enough, giving the were the chance to prove himself and not unhappy at all, when she sees and hears him, not only as he bit down and ripped out the throat of the cow, but as he lapped up the blood, like a greedy little child, before the pair went at eating the cow... the were, lapping merrily at the milk, when he slit open the udder.

Looking up at Darrk, Padfoot could feel something strange coming from this creature and as if sencing Padfoot's wondering eyes, Darrk looked down at him and smiled, showing a set of pearly white teeth, as he said over the link, "Come young one, let us find a kill for you as well shall we?" Padfoot nodded and as they moved off - Darrk moving onto four legs - and looking more like a huge grizzly bear, than were-beast, said, "what will it be..." he sniffed the air, "... boar..." again he sniffed in another direction, "... sheep..." sniffing the ground this time, by some scrub to their right, "... or the cow that way why if I'm not mistaken, is giving birth...?" Looking alittle green, even as his animagus form, Padfoot nodded in the direction of the sheep and they headed that way, Darrk muttering over the link, "Softy" and recieving a snort from Padfoot.

Hogwarts, The Great Hall, next day
Sitting with only the first years now and not up with Nott, Crabe & Goyle, where the fifth years had adopted them on the first day. Draco Malfoy, who was sat eating bacon & eggs, couldn't help feeling alittle down on his luck, but not able to stop himself feeling some form of pride at what he had done when he helped Harry. Thinking to himself, Draco kept having one thought pop up every so often, 'Even though Harry is just a Gryffindor, he is a good kid when one strips away the house that is'. Hearing a squaking hoot, he looked up as a great many owls and a few Gringots hawks came in, the former giving mail, the later, money for the rich little pureblood bigots - older students - who always seemed to like making other students feeling poor, as they threw around their gallons money ment nothing.

Going back to his food - because he hadn't seen his own owl - he heard somebody laughing at the Gryffindor table and looked up, seeing a boy with red hair laughing and pointing at Draco, which was nothing unusual, after all, he was just Weaselby, but what shocked him was when Harry thumped the red head on the shoulder. 'Is he defending me', Draco thought, 'wow, maybe we really are friends'. Just then a rather large owl - much like a Gringots hawk - landed before Draco, wearing a small bag around its breast with a letter sticking out the top, with a family crest Draco had never seen before, both on the bag and the letter itself. The owl stood tall, as if it was royalty and Draco - finding out as he broke the seal of the letter, reading his father's writting and finding the form within, relised that the owl, basicly is royalty - offered the bird water from his goblet and a piece of bacon.

Finding a bloodquill in with the file, he took it out and signed his name next to that of his mother's and father's signed names.
Rolling the form up neatly as possible, he pushed the letter back into the owls bag and watched as the owl took off, flying around the Great Hall - as if flying on air currents that were actuly there - as it waited for a similar owl to take to the air from infront of Harry. Not long after both Harry and Draco, watched the owls leave via the main doors of the Great Hall, scaring the heck out of Filch, as he was walking through and had to dive out of the way.

After the laughter had died down, Draco got up, as did Harry, both of them walking over to each other. The whole room whispering about a fight that will proberly breakout, only to be shocked into silence, as they both shake hands, with Draco saying, "Looks like we are now both brothers Harry."

Harry smiled and said, "Yes, Hartners through and through," they broke the handshake and had a manly pat on the back, than returned to their seats, ignoring the looks and questions of those around them and unable to remove the smiles off their faces.

Slytherin Common Room, that night
After taking as much abuse as he could stand - in the last 3 classes before dinner that night - Draco Malfoy was looking somewhat relieved when he found that no one was in the common room, but his relieved feeling vanished when he saw all his things from his dorm, spilled out across the room. Sighing, he took out his wand, and walked over to his luggage, shrinking them with a spell - that only the 5th years were taught - he took his propety and after placing it in his pocket, he headed out of the common room and out of the dungens.

Headmasters Office, Hogwarts
Saying the password to the gargoyle - starring down at him, as if he were a bug to be stepped on - he walked up the spiral staircase and - as normal - just before he was about to knock on the door, he heard a "Come in Draco" and walked in, his face saddened, but shocked as he seen that his head of house, Severus Snape - his godfather - was in the office as well.
"Well lets get to it shall we," said Dumbledore. "Draco, I know about what has happened in Slytherin house, as Severus has informed me that something may happen and my boy, I am truely sorry."

Draco nodded, muttering, "thankyou sir."

"Yes well there is something that can be done about it. You see it was Severus' idea." Draco looked too his godfather, his face as always, unreadable. "You see Draco, under a rule in the Hogwarts Charter, if a student feels that he or she is not worthy in one house or they have been shunned like you have, they can come to the current headmaster's office, state 'Freedom Of House' and be allowed to try on the Sorting Hat again, to be put in a house, more suited to them now. This can only be done once though."

Smiling alittle more, Draco said in a clear voice, "Freedom Of House," not three seconds after saying that, a white aura wrapped around Draco, reading his mind as to see if he was needing a change, then faded, when the Sorting Hat began speaking, "Ah young Malfoy, I was wondering when I'd see you again. Tell me, have you finally decided to be in Gryffindor?"

Severus stared, slack-jawed at Draco, making him alittle uneasy, as he said, "yy-Yes, yes I would like to be in Gryffindor now and I'd too be... be with my new brother."

Nodding the hat says, "Well, put me on and we shall make it offical." After being placed on Draco's head, the Sorting Hat yelled, "GRYFFINDOR," so loudly that Fawks screeched at the Sorting Hat, making Draco chuckle.

Shortly after, Prof. McGonagall was called to the office and escorted Draco to the Gryffindor common room, where she called all the students down to the comon room and told them in a stern voice, "Students, from a rule in the Hogwarts Charter, Mr. Malfoy had been asked to try on the Sorting Hat again and has been told he would be better suited in Gryffindor, I do hope that you all treat him like one of us and not a Slytherin, after all, he is now family within this house and Gryiffindors don't turn their backs on family," she said with pride, as Draco stared around at the common room, awed at how beautiful, bright and clean it was, not like in Slytherin, with how dark it was in the dungons.

A 7th year, standing up on the balcony, muttered to his friend alittle too loudly, "Great, now since He is Potter's brother, we get stuck with a filthy Slytherin." The friend gave the arogant speaker the filthiest look he could muster and moved away from him. "What, its true isn't it, we don't need no damn snake in our house," the speaker continued, as everyone moved away from him.

McGonagall said in an almost screeching voice, "From now on, anyone that says something like that or makes our newest member, feel any less then welcome, will meet with me every night for a week, to do lines and then help Mr. Filch clean the armor." With that, she then said, "While everyone has been down here, the house elves have added another bed in the room with, Harry, Neville, Ron, Dean & Seamus, so Mr. Malfoy can atleast sleep somewhere tonight." That said, she turned and left through the portrait hole.

Most of the students left, back to their rooms alittle while after the Proffessor left, leaving only 11 people in the room, not including Draco, as he stood, feeling extremely open for attack. Hearing footsteps coming towards him, he was alittle shocked to find the Weasley twins before him. Everybody there waiting for the prank, only to find none coming, as they each shook his hand and lead him upto the first years dorm, where Harry and Ron - who were asleep when McGonagall came, but awake now - were being told by Dean & Neville, what happened and then upon seeing Draco being escorted into the room by Fred & Gorge, Ron snorted and pinched himself, letting out a whimper and relising he was wide awake and it weren't no dream. Draco was a Gryffindor.

The Dragons Head, a month or so later, 9pm
"As you can see Lucius, my friend, my home is well protected, so you and your family can be well taken care of here, if you wish to have either your wife or your son Draco, who has became good friends with Harry, can stay here for the summer, if that would be better, given what you have to be doing this week with your D.E. work and my own less than normal activities coming up in Romania," said Drace, while they sat in one of the spare offices, on the thrid floor of Hartner (Potter) Manor.

Nodding, Lucius said, "I agree, it would be a good idea to allow Draco to be here over the summer and I may have to ask you to watch over Narcissa as well. The last meeting with the inner circle of Death Eaters didn't go to well, infact they were talking about calling forth the wives of the D.Es to take the mark, only leaving one male heir of each family, too keep up appreances and I can't loose my wife or my son." Lucius, for all his worth, his malice and his pureblood-straightfaced-emotionless exterior, was a deep man in some company and Drace, provided this sort of company, even with his advisors being that of Black, a known blood traitor, even to some light families and Lupin, a werewolf, but Lucius thought, 'if Drace trusts them, then so do I'.

"Yes, we heard about that," said Remus, looking in thought, at how low the Death Eaters were sinking. "Even with the dark wanker out of commision, the death nibblers seem to be moving as if he is still around, but as you yourself know Lucius, he isn't exactly here or you'd already have a twinge in that mark of yours."

Signing, Lucius took a gulp of his firewhiskey, enjoying the burning sensation on the way down. Resting his arm on the arm of the single seater couch he was parked on, he turned to Sirius, as he poured himself alittle more fire whiskey and asked, "So what about you Sirius, are you going with Drace to Romania or is it just he & Remus for this job?"

Sirius looked over his glass at Lucius, a smile playing on his lips - remembering the time back in Hogwarts, when he managed to levitate, use a sticking charm & disillusion a dungbomb, sticking it to Lucius' robes as he walked into the Slytherin common room - before he shook his head and said, "No, this time its just Drace, although I know that Remus & I wouldn't mind going, but intruth, all he is doing is trading for products to fill up the potions storeroom in the basement. After the last full moon when Remus' wolf form was met with the wrong end of a bore's tusk, we've needed to stock up on healing potion ingredients."

"Ah yes, I believe your niece the metarmorph, told me about that. Said it was one of the more horrid memories she would like to forget, but I don't blame her, even with the fact that you were in werewolf form Remus, it is hard to work on one's loved ones, more so if they aren't co-operating when you are trying to help them." Standing up, Lucius looked too the men still sitting and said, "Have a good night gents, I think its about time I head back home while I can still atleast, walk without help for a change. Goodluck with your trading Drace," bowing slightly, Lucius walked over to the floo, threw the powdering, said the destination & walked through.

After awhile, Sirius spoke up, "You know, I never thought Lucius was such a crybaby, I mean COME ON, he took the mark, knowing full well what would happen and what was expected of him, but he acts like it wasn't a choice. Funny how he still keeps that cloak & mask, if its so much of a burden, why keep them. He could just get rid of them, but I guess he is just keeping up appearances."

Drace looked to Sirius, listening to his drunken rant and as he opened his mouth to respond, Uri knocked at the door & escorted Emiline Vance, Hestia Jones & Dora Tonks into the room - the gentlmen starring at the young women - rose to their feet, as Uri - getting lessons from Drace since he re-sired her, in wandless magic - cast three sobering spells, with a small & descret, wave of her right hand and recieving a 'thankyou Uri' over the link, she smiled & blushed.

Standing tall, Drace looked to Dora & waited as she introduced her friends to Remus & Sirius, both acting like cocky teenages, egar to show off for their respected dates - and potential girlfiends in the makings - tonight. "This is Remus Lupin & Sirius Black, both Maraurders girls, so watch yourselves and Sirius is my Uncle, but please please please, don't give me nightmares and tell me what whichever of you pair get upto tonight with him, please." Begged Tonks, as she moved toward Drace, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply, then turning to her friends, she said, "Well, come on ladies, what are you waiting for, pick a man and get snogging."

Emiline made a bee-line to Remus, not that Hestia was worried, as she looked at Sirius, with deep hunger in her eyes and seeing the same look in Sirius', she toppled the couch behind him, when she threw herself at him and they both fell over with it, kissing hard and bucking against one another, making all manner of animal sounds. In between the snogging fest happening between all three couples, more 'personal' introductions were made between the new couples of Emiline & Remus, than Hestia & Sirius, the later of the pair stopping breathly, as they were currently nibbling or groping their dates.

Standing up, Drace had a wicked look upon his face, as he took out his wand - not paying attention to the part that just crumbled away, revealing the core - and cast two quick water jets, getting both Remus & Sirius, square in their faces. After shrieks, drying charms, a few choice words and alittle laughter, Drace said, "Well, if you took notice, it is almost time to get going for our dates, after all, don't you pair already have two rooms booked at the Leaky Cauldren?" he asked, looking knownly at Hestia & Emilne, who both blushed brightly, starring daggers at Dora, who for all she was worth, grinned - alittle bit too innocently - and tightened her grasp around Drace.

Heading to the floo on that level, Drace, Droa on his arm, followed by Remus, Emiline or Emi for thats what she liked and Sirius with Hestia, practicly sticking her tongue down his throat, all flooed to a new resturant in Hogsmead, called the 'Iron Crown,' something for the more 'rich familes', so mostly purebloods ventured into the resturant, with some muggleborns, depending on their gallons or who was on at the register booth. Surprisng enough though, even with all the purebloods & muggle-borns, there was hardly a fight, proberly because there was always someone from the DMLE, stationed at the resturant.

Being shown to their table, Drace, Remus & Sirius, helped their ladies into their seats, sitting beside their respected others and acting as gentlemen should with a fine lady like the three that were with them on this night. Hestia, seeing through Sirius' sharade, leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Don't think I don't know whats on your mind mister and don't you think for one moment that you & I won't be up in my room latter, rutting like animals... speaking of which, your animagus form is a dog, is it not?" nodding, Sirius' face went a deep shade of red, as he relised what she was getting at and even redder as he looked to Drace, who only smiled back, his mirth clear on his face, as he had - being the only other besides Sirius with higher than normal hearing at the table - heard what Hestia whispered... Remus having been in the mens room at the time.

As the food came, Drace was happily 'entertaining' Dora, under the table, his hand sliding slowly in and out of her slicked slot, his thumb teasing her clit. Hestia & Emi knew what was happening, knowing how 'open' and what 'public places' with the 'risk of being caught', did for Dora. The poor waitress however, was trying to ask the others what they would like to drink with their meals, could only say 'no ma'am, we don't have any omyfffmosthere', as Dora screamed it through clentched teeth, shuddering lightly and cumming on Drace's hand, her hair changing mulitiple colours and distracting the waitress long enough to forget what Dora said and thus, not figuring it out.

Later that night - after the bill was paid - the three left the resturant and headed towards the apparation point, popping into an almost, over crowded pub, Dora thinking how lucky she is that Tom agreed to going halves with Drace in running the Leaky Cauldren, thus reserving a room to always be avalible for Drace - and his, plus one or two or three, depending if Dora wanted to watch on that night or play as well - she headed to the bar and not being even 30 seconds there, already had one perv in an armlock, stunned another and using a sticking charm to lock them together, proceeded to make a portkey and sent them too a cell at Auror HQ. Coming back to Drace, along with Hestia & Emi, all holding the keys to their rooms.

Remus looked at Emi and upon seeing the look of lust in her eyes, gulped, rather loudly, as she took his hand and almost ripped his arm out of the socket, as she lead him upto her room. Looking too Drace, Sirius smirked, shook his head and said, "And there goes a brave man," laughing before he could finish speaking. Not long after, he noticed the same look in Hestia's eyes and gave a throatal growl, than gave chace after a giggling Hestia, up the stairs.

Drace looked to Dora, his arm around her shoulder - he smiled happily down at her - leaned in and kissed her lips softly and said, "How about you and I head up in alittle while, but first we should order a few snacks & drinks first, hmmm darlin?" Dora nodded and they both headed to the bar, saying their hello's to Tom and talking alittle business, before they ordered the food, drinks... and replenisher potions - which Dora desided to order 3 lots, sending the other two lots off to Hestia & Emi's rooms, just incase - and headed upto their room.

As they got to their room, Dora almost pushed Drace through the door, with the force of her kiss - as it was, she did dent the door with his head - leaving Drace alittle dazed and wondering if he had concussion, only too open the door and tackle him to the bed, after she shut the door and dis-robed, Drace doing the same thing. After a good 20 mintues later, where Dora managed to break the bed, a small lamp, chip the only window in the room & fully test the silencing charms placed around the room with her almost, wild bucking, they lay together in each others arms, panting and lightly snogging.

Dora - pulling away slightly - looked into Drace's eyes and said, "Drace, you know about how you are going to Romania and all," Drace nodded, having already figured something like this to be brought up, "... well I could use my paid days off and join you if you want. You know as well as I do about the trouble with the local vampires around the area there. I just don't want to loose you."

Leaning toward Dora, Drace kissed her deeply and said, "Dora, you won't loose me. I'm alot tougher than you think and besides, I have contacts there that will keep me safe. Look hun, don't use your days off yet, wait until I am back and we'll go somewhere nice... maybe to a resort in the tropics, how does that sound?"

Dora, knowing he was trying to soften her up, narrowed her eyes at him and said, "Okay, you have a deal, but if I hear you have gotten yourself into any form of trouble, be that your own doing or someone else's, I'm going to make you pay mister."

Laughing, Drace said, "And what would my w'ittle Nymphie do to me thats so bad, hmmm?" asked Drace in a mocking voice, a smile plastered across his face, only to stop smiling as Dora spoke in a calm voice.

"Maybe no sex for a month and given the cold shoulder, might make you see reason."

Looking crest-fallen, Drace nodded and said, "Okay, I'll try to stay out of harms way, but I can't make any solid promises. But hey, whats the worst that could happen?"

End of Chapter 05

AN: Okay, I hope that was alittle better, even if it came out stained in some places. Remember, I'm doing this when I haven't had much sleep, it seems to be when I don't get a mental block, so again, I am sorry if there are spelling errors, no spell check for me.

- P.P.
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