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Vampires... What Vampires

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Drace and his little adventure in Romainia, Vampire Covens, Vampire friends & feldlings.

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AN 1: Okay, this next one should have enough vampires in it to make some of my closer friends, (fang fans) atleast alittle more happy. Alot of stories out there that do have vampires, tend not to go into much detail, so I am trying to show the whole Vampire Coven family sort of thing.

AN 2: Again, I don't own none of that that J.K.R. made and if you know her stories, you won't need me to point out what they are.

Romainia, Dragon Ranch
Alittle after dawn, all the dragons in their large enclosures, started to become highly agitated and for dragons to react like this, was a means for prepreation for the worst. Unfortunently the only one awake at the dragon ranch didn't remember the first rule to the ranch, which was never leave the dragons in a state like they were now, because more often then not, they would get out, if the handlers / keepers, weren't around to stop them.

Running too the quarters of 8 resident handlers / keepers, he knocked on the door of one - Charlie Weasley - a fairly new recriut at the ranch, but already proving his worth, by bringing down one of the rouge bull Horntails that tried mussling in on bitch Horntail in heat. After a small talk of pleasentries, Charlies put on his gear and walked with the other handler, "I tell you Charlie, I've never seen them so riled up before," said a shortish dragon keeper by the name of Sammi, with short brown hair, wearing giant gloves - even for his size - and robes that looked as if he stood in a furnes all day, but being a dragon keeper, that was the normal thing to expect for that job. "I've been here for 3 years and yeah, I mean sure, I've seen the Hungarian Horntails getting alittle rough when their mates are laying, but I have never seen this before...just... just look at them," said the shortish dragon keeper.

Sure enough, as they appreached the enclosures, there was a deafinging roar from a large Green Welsh bull in the back and atleast all the other bulls were all screeching, roaring & barking (the Ashlin Furrback, 1 of 27 left in the world & fast dying from imbreding). This would be normal if it was mating time and even then, only the smaller bulls would be the loud ones - the larger bulls just size each other up mostly and fight outright if their size isn't enough - but to have every buck acting like this was worrying. Looking to the shortish man, Charlie tookout his wand and cast a silence dome over the pair and in a voice that radiated power, ordered, "Sammi, go and wake up the senior staff and tell them that the bucks are restless, more so than normal, even for them... ask Jones to floo-call that parseltongue from the Southport villiage, she was very helpful last time... and then contact Jude the owner of the Tark-Inn, he should still be in Sorthport, ask him to see what he has heard, maybe this isn't happening just here." Sammi nodded and headed off to do his job - not in the slightest mad, about being ordered around by someone that hadn't been there, even a year - starting the alarm as he walked towards the sleeping quarters.

Internatinal Portkey Terminal, Ministry of Magic, Britain - 3 days after
"I'll be fine Dora, I promise," said Drace, for the fifth time in 30mins, as Dora, once again, yanked him off the portkey pad, missing his window again... and watching as some more of his lugaged happened to be portkeyed away 'without' him. "Dora please, there is only so many times you can near hug me to death before I pass out." Letting him go, Dora looked at him, a half smile, half frown on her lips.

"You know, if I didn't have to go on duty, I'd be going with you, even if you didn't want me there," nodding, Drace wrapped his arms around her hips and pulled her close to him, kissing her deeply and pushing alittle of his magic into her as they stood there in the terminal.

Drace - smiling cheekily - stepped back, picked up the rest of his things - 2 bags & a staff, from about 7 bags all up - stepped onto the portkey pad, having enough time to see Dora come too from the excess of power pushed into her and hear a few rather 'un-lady-like' curses yelled at him, before he felt that nasty feeling of being pulled through a garden hose and found himself in the Romainian Portkey Terminal & a gentlmen with a kindly face - 'smells like a vampire' Drace thought, 'atleast this one knows how to actuly speak Romanian... must be a local' - standing next to him.

"Greetings to you sir, my name is Amond, I will be your tour guide today. I was surprised sir, when your luggage came through without you, I thought it was a hoax," said the man, smiling and looking Drace up & down, as if sizing him up, something that didn't go un-noticed. "But as it is not, let us get going shall we sir," said the man, not waiting for an answer and walking away, an evil grin upon his face, as he heard the footsteps of his latest prey, following him like a puppy.

'Yep, deffiently a vampire, no mistaking those teeth & a cocky vampire too, trying to use his allure on me, HA like they ever work on a Potter anyway... maybe I should play the dumb tourist, just to see how far this goes,' Drace thought, as he followed along behind the vampire, able to clearly smell the fresh blood in the creatures breath, as he followed the blood sucker along a rather poorly lit hallway - maybe with 7 or 8 doors leading off to who knows where - and out of the building. Already night, the vampire was in his element, even without the moon up in the sky, a vampire can see extremely well, from the 'bloodsight', seeing the blood pump through the veins of the living, almost 'night vision' like it was daytime for everyone else & the vision of a hawk, able too see over great distances, more so then any other form of magical life, except for centaur. Leadning Drace even further from the building, still hovering his luggage ahead of them, like it was even needed now, Drace knew the vampire was looking for somewhere to take him to bleed him dry. He may have been away from most wizarding life for along time, but he still knew a setup when he seen one... even one as poorly as this. His captor, obvously didn't have a place setup for his feeding.

Becoming alittle more frustrated as they went along - but who could blame him - because they'd been trudging through the snow, grit and other such filth on the side roads, down allies and through some of the more shady areas of town for the past 2 hours - sure, its not like Drace really had anything to do for the first 2 days he was there, but he still didn't want to be this bored before trading - he spoke for the first time, "Look bloodsucker," said 'bloodsucker', turned around & stared at Drace in shock, like the idea of his prey talking to him was imposible - to him it was - the vampre tried to regain control, using his alure again, "I know you have been looking for somewhere to take me so you could bleed me dry and I have gone along with it, just for the fun of it... stop using your damned allure, they don't work on me you stupid fool," said Drace, getting rather irratated at the moment. Sighing, Drace said, "Look, you want to feed, fine, come back to my place with me & I'll order in dinner from the local Blood Bar. Its not like they would refuse an old customer & friend."

Still in a slight shock, the vampire Amond, followed Drace down a small alley way - just across the street from where they currently stood - up a set of stairs and as Drace took his room keys from the front desk - the front desk girl was wearing with far to much perfume - in a booth by the front of the shady little hotel - Amond continued to follow Drace up even more stairs, a walkway and to his room, where as Drace promised, phoned the local bloodbar, who were sending around three donors, who would no doubt, become fledglings that night, but from who, the vampire Amond or from Drace, becoming part of his family, like Uri.

Placing his clothing away in the drawers, as he and the vampire - who in the past 2 hours & 17 minuntes, wanted to bleed him dry - waited for a knock at the door. Amond let out a long sigh and said, "Look, nothing personal, but I haven't had a good feed in over a week and even your tour guide didn't satisfy my need and to top that off his blood tasted awful, proberly another of those druggy filths that seem to be creeping into this town, more and more these days." Getting up and walking over to Drace, he stood to his side and asked, "How is it that you were able to block my alure, no one has done that before?"

Chuckling slightly at the vamp's wonderings, as he placed the last of his clothing into the top drawer, before he got onto his protection - large, sharp, dangerous pointy weapons, mostly towards vampires - for this trip, than turned to the vampire, saying truthfully, "Its in my blood. My family line has never been able to be taken by those of your kind, well not for long & even then, not if they don't willingly allow it." After a pause, Drace added, "Nothing personal, but you might think about trying something alittle more... shall we say, thought out. Leading someone you have hooked with your allure, all over town, looking for somewhere too feed thats out of the way, isn't the brightest plan. Get a room somewhere, like this place for instints and if you drain the body totally dry, there is a dog food, meat grinding plant just down the street, break in and dispose of the body there, no leads to you, means no worries, simple. Now if you don't want to be accidently poked by one of these," he pointed to the rods he was removing from one of the larger bags, joining 3 together to make something similar to a spear with silver blades at both ends. "... then I suggest you step back or even better, go wait in the loungeroom, I'm sure your food will be here in a..." just then there was a knock at the door, upon which Drace answered, directed the girls in and paid the nosy clerk from the booth outside - who escorted the girls up - enough cash so she 'wouldn't ask any questions' and headed back to his room, hearing the vampire's glee at playing 'eny meany miny moe' with the three girls before he chose the first to feed upon.

The next day, Drace found himself in bed - not remembering even laying down the night before - with one of the girls from the previous night, starring at him from the end of his bed - apperently the vampire had only turned one - and as Amond disposed of the bodies of the other two, he had gotten caught as the sun was rising - not that it really bothered vampires, but some of the older ones do burn at times - so had too seek the shadows. Looking wearily at the young fledgeling, Drace slowly sat up in bed, then heard a sweet voice, looking up, he asked, "Please repeat that darlin."

"I said, don't worry, my sire told me that you were not to be bitten and too do whatever it is you wanted for as long as he is away today and the next two nights. Something about having to goto a coven meeting," said the young fledgling, moving alittle closer along the bed. "When I was a living human, my mama use to tell me that whenever the dragons at the dragon ranch became restless, as they will be until the mass of vampires leave, they have their meetings in the old tunnels & caves that run completely under the full length of the ranch. No one knows it but my mama, my father & me, because my mama was turned a few years ago and before the towns people found her & stonded her, she told us all she could, to protect us as best she could."

Feeling sorry for the young fledgling, Drace moved alittle to the right on his bed, patting a space beside him and having alittle laugh at the happy expersion that crossed the young fledgling's face. Not even fazed by the fact that her fangs were fully extended and her eyes changing from that of her sire, to that of red crimson - the 'antisipanting a feeding' colour, Drace had seen Amond's eye colour without a glamour on, which the flegling recieved, as all do - he smiled back. Turning slightly to the fledgeling, he spoke, "So, young one, what is your name now, I mean surely, your sire gave you a name?"

The young fledgling looked alittle saddened and started pulling at non-existant threads on the blanket, as she lay back against the headboard & a large pillow. "He... hhe... he didn't give me one, he said I had to prove my worth by protecting you through the nights before he would return and name me then. Said I have to show that I can follow orders and not spill your blood, unless ordered to by you. Not to cause you harm, putting you in harms way and not bleeding anyone else, unless you allow it... boss," said the fledgling, looking down still and biting her lip.

"You shouldn't do that you know," the young fledgling looked up, as if to ask what and Drace continued, "... biting your lip, vampire blood, well the blood of the vampire themselves, its not worth feeding off your own blood, you'll only make yourself sick if you keep doing it." Stopping, she smiled slightly at Drace and watched in facination, as he took a small cup off a chair by his bed, drinking the water in a hurry, than cut his left palm, dripping blood into the cup, filling it to the top and handing it to her, with Drace knowing that Amond wasn't going to come back after today anyway. Not with the trackers from the meat grinding plant, that would no doubt, be after him since Drace gave a code-word during the phonecall when he ordered the three girls for Amomd's feeding the night before. Smiling, as the fledgling sipped merrily at the fresh blood, feeling her body warming, surprisinly, even from the small amount of blood.

Finishing the cup - she even extended her tongue, tracing out the rest of the sweet nectur - she looked to Drace and smiled, a bloody mostash along her lips, making Drace snigger, pointing to his top lip and watching as she seductivly licked away the blood she missed, making Drace blush brightly. Handing the cup back, she asked, "Sir, what is it that you wll be doing here and... and..." she felt the blood warming her body even more, she looked up at Drace, seeing a smile on his face, not a cruel or hateful smile, but an almost, loving smile, she asked in an unsteady voice, backing away slightly, "Wh... wha... what are you and... a... and what have you done to me?"

Drace, for all he was worth, just sat there, looking at the young fledgling, taking in her beauty, her almost 'royalilty' looking face, beautiful red hair, almost blood red, with streaks of black throughout it, like the one who turned her. He shook his head alittle, relising he had been staring too long and said, "I just gave you a taste of what my blood can do for one of your kind, young fledgling. You see, my blood can't be taken by way of fang or say... stabbing. If it is taken without my concent, if you will, it becomes poisen to the drinker. But if, like with you, it is given freely, the drinker in this case, recieves a small amount of my power, as short-lived as it is for someone of your... I'm guessing, maybe 18 years of living life, which for you, will last the day, in turn allowing you to walk in the sun, even at high-noon."

The fledgling looked puzzled and in thought for awhile, before she - in the blink of an eye - had tackled Drace, pinning him to the headboard, kissing him hard on the lips, then working her way down, gently kissing his neck teasingly, as she slid her tongue along his flesh, not biting, just 'tasting'... before she traced down his chest, teasing his nipples, her eyes closed, as she consentrated on the taste of his skin, before she moved lower, pulling the blanket back and being surprised by his trouser basilisk's size and the fact that he slept in the nude. She looked up at him, as she lent forward, taking his tip into her mouth, flicking her tongue around the bottom, as she teasinly - albiet very carefuly - ran her fangs along his crown's sensitive rim, exticing a deep moan from him.

As this was going on, Drace was being rather still & quiet, but intruth he was talking to Darrk - in a small corner of his mind, where the pair stood as equals - something alot of people throught was Drace just being deep in thought, only if they knew. "What do you mean by that Darrk, its not like we already have enough problems now, you want me to turn this one too?"

"Ofcause you should, I mean look at her, she is such a fox and she shows such patential, unlike that other one, all she did was follow you or I around, but this one... she makes even Misa your pure-blood vampire friend, look like a naggy little bitch," said Darrk, mirth coming through in his voice at the last thing he said.

Sighing, Drace said, "I don't know if I shou... OHMYGOD she is fast, even for a newly minted fledgling, makes me sorry to have tipped off the trackers at the plant, we could have hired Amond too turn more... well it almost makes me sorry," said Drace, snickering at the screen before he & Darrk - like a large movie screen in the little mind room - watched what went on as Drace's body was on autopilot.

"Atleast this one doesn't shudder whenever you look at her. I mean comeon, you can't tell me that, that doesn't get on your nerves. Uri is good looking & all, even for a vampire, but surely you could have picked another, like this one... turn her, let her feed from you and that way, we both get a new pet. Atleast one that won't turn into a trembling little blob of jelly when you speak or look in her direction... oh & see you later, shes going down south."

All Drace got out, before the connection was cut off was, "Wha," before he returned to his body - so to speak - and moaned, looking down at the fledgling, he felt her talanted tongue & hungry mouth, gobbling his morning wood. Knowing he wouldn't last much longer at all, he tried thinking of something else, to take his mind off what was happening, but as soon as he started reviewing famous quidditch stars, the fledgling started humming, pushing him over the edge and pumping her mouth full of semen, the young fledgling having to swallow twice to get it all down and like an obedient little pet, she didn't spill a drop, she sat back, looking at Drace and waiting for his orders for the day.

Looking at the young fledgling, he said in a husky voice, slowly becoming more stern, "Oh gawd I needed that, thankyou... but I am sorry dear, I have things to do today or more like it, 'we' have things to do today, that unfortunently, don't involve a romp in the sack." Getting to his feet, he walked to the drawer, removed some clothing and headed for the shower, only too stop and look back at the young vampire, clicking his tongue he said "I'm going to go dive under the shower, there are some cloths in the woredrobe that should atleast fit you, but please stay away from the black box, its full of charms & trinkets that are deadly to your kind, even with my blood protecting you for awhile, you won't be able to touch them yet..." then under his breath, he said, "... not until I turn" and turned, heading for the bathroom again, starting it and diving under the ice cold water, to try & calm his erges.

Smiling alittle more as Drace left the room, she replayed his last words to herself over & over in her mind for a few minutes, before looking up from her place on the bed and moved towards the woredrobe, twitching her nose alittle - much like a small innocent rabbit might do - but not being something so innocent, it just looked very funny. She slowly got off the bed and slinked towards the soft brown wooden doors, opening them both, she was surprised at the style of clothing Drace had brought with him, not that it would look outdated, because it didn't, its just that it looked so... so... so gothic! She shriek in happiness as she found a long black robe with a charm to resize itself, complete with hood, boots made from that of some soft of black dragon, again with a re-size charm as well and a chocker, with a crest on it she had only seen on Drace, what looked like a branding, dead center of his chest. Putting the chocker on, she found what looked like a mirror in the back with the clothing and was shocked when she could see herself completely... then noticed Drace, standing behind her & smiling.

Drace moved closer, placing his hands on her hips and said, "The mirror is charmed, as long as a vampire is wearying anything with my family crest on it, the mirrior will be able to show your reflection. One of my daughters was born a vampire because of my blood changing her into and one and this mirror became something of happiness for her," Drace turned the young fledgling to her right, so she was looking at the dresser on the wall nearby. "See, you & the clothing don't even show up in any other mirror in this room or anywhere else, except for here and the ones at my home."

Upon hearing this, the young fledgling turned around and looked Drace in the eyes. "What is to become of me? I know my sire is already dead, I felt it this morning before you woke... may... may I go with you?" she asked, looking hopeful.

Looking, as if in thought, Drace teased her slightly, as he took a looong while to think, maybe a few minutes at the most and when she had almost given up hoping, Drace - in a calm voice - asked, "Would you swear to protect me, those in my family, not of my kin, but family none the less and follow at my side, as 3rd protector of the Clan Hartner?"

The young fledgling almost purred her reply, "Yesss Master."

"Then knee young one," she did so and Drace, placing his right hand upon her head, intoned, "I, Lord Drace Darrkus Hartner, do hereby accept this young fledgling into the Hartner Clan, may you forever be known as Tora Hartner, Second Fledgling of the clan, but first amoung protectors... so mote it be." A crimson and blue aura wrapped around the fledgling and Drace, then slowly soaked in. "Arise, young one and prepare for your re-sireing," and with that, Drace made a small slit on his jugular - as he had done for Uri at the start of the year - and held the fledgling to his neck, happy to feel her suckle alittle, then move away, as her body started to react - unlike the sharp pains Uri recieved all over her body and her hair changing to jet black - all that changed on the exterior of her body was her skin, which turning her olive tanned skin white and her eyes, changing to crystal blue.

Turning to look in the mirror, she smiled at the look of her, then turned back to her sire and smiled, her fangs cominging out and her eyes changing to crimson red again, as she smirked and asked, "What are your orders Sire?"

Smiling and shaking his head at his newest family member, Drace just cuddled her, knowing she is 'riding the feeling' of the after effects of a painless joining that occours between those who feeds from Drace's blood - usauly when a vampire is ready for the change atleast - when he joins them to his family. "Nothing much at this time dear, but we do have some work to do today and you my dear will be going out with me... None of that shaking your head business hun, I told you what a cup of my blood can do and that was just from a cut. You drank from my jugular vein, do you know what that means dear?" Tora shook her head, so Drace continued, "It means that you are what those high up vampires, the ones that run the Vampire Clans & the Council of Elders, have been trying to become for as long as they have been in power. You my dear are what some would call pure, meaning that you can give birth and do many other things that you could as a human. Heck, not even most of the things that harm other vampires will harm you or your children... atleast the first generation, but I sould still stay away from the silver tipped spears in my woredrobe, atleast for the next 24 hours, so your body can become use to your new abilities. This is my gift to you my dear."

Tora couldn't believe it, she was able to give birth again... maybe even start her own family, even if it is with her new Sire, she would be happy with that. Smiling she tackle hugged him - or tried too, as Drace was able to stand his ground well - her new Sire, kissed him & near hugged the stuffing out of him, saying, "Oh thankyou, oh thankyou, oh thankyou."

Grinning like a madman, Drace kissed the top of her head and said, "I should get dressed before we go huh," He said looking down, as Tora stopped hugging him sooo tightly. After getting dressed in his own set of black robes, hood included & three wands on his person. Two in plan sight, while another hidden up his sleeve, from how he heard Harry carried his, he thought the idea was worth something and started doing it aswell. "Now come along dear, we have a long day ahead of us and I don't know about you, but I would much prefer to not be caught up in any trouble at the moment, not that either of us couldn't handle ourselves, its just that I have came for trading and I can't do that if I get kicked out for fighting, now can I," it wasn't a question.

They soon left and headed to the side of a local shady looking establishment, Drace pointed out that the doormen were werewolves, upon the strange way in which Tora was acting as they passed them. On the inside of the building, Tora was taken by surpise, there was atleast twenty vampires in there, all feeding and all standing in the light that came through the windows. Looking to her Sire she asked, over the music, "How?"

Smiling like a hiena, Drace said, leaning in close to her, "Welcome to The Blood Bar... well the club part of it anyhow & how to the average vamps are standing in the sunlight, the windows are charmed that way. Also, what I said last night to that filfth who turned you first, was a lie, I don't own this joint, but the owner is a good friend. Kinky as she is, she is a great friend & the strongest of your type I have come across. I've offered to re-sire her, but she says she likes being indapendence too much to be re-sired. You can learn much from her Tora, she is a Vampress of one of the larger Vampire Clans from this part of the world," said Drace, while walking Tora - her arm linked to his left - out towards the rear of the club and down, a small marketplace - or flea market - for magical people, creatures & the shady squibs from the area.

A scream and a sickerning thud was heard off to the side, no one took any notice of it, well not no one, as Tora suddenly found herself standing next to one of the Doormen who - unknown to the others around her - was watching her, as she was with a personal friend of the owner, ie; his employer and therefore, making her a v.i.p.

Rounding the corner, Drace came across a sickerning sight. Seven men, in what appeared to be Death Eater suits, were kicking around a badly beating and bloody man. 'Great' he thought, 'the one place I thought I'd get away from these D.E. wankers & they happen to be here as well,' he moved towards them, 'oh well, here goes,' "Whots all this 'ere than?" he said, putting on an accent and glad that his hood was up, covering his face in charmed shadow.

One of the masked D.E.s looked at Drace & said, "Nuttin' that concerns yo," but he didn't finish, as another in the group cut him off.

"This knob 'ere wouldn't pay up ya see, 'e thought it'd be funneh too poisen our eighth man n decided to do a runner, but we stopped 'im n now we're havin' alil fun... why ya wanna know, you wanna join in too mate?" the D.E. finished asking, a short two seconds before he got a reducto to the face, the one next to him ducked out of the way of an unknown curse of purple, green & black shot from over Drace's shoulder. Drace, unfazed from the spell just missing him & knowing it was from Tora, threw a spell at the third member, before making a wall between them, as their current enemy did the same thing.

Looking slightly peeved off as his cutting curse was only an inch too high and cut just the top half of one of the D.E.'s mask, his smile returned as he was joined by his new fledgling, Drace smiled at her, glad she wasn't a whimp, but also worried that she wouldn't be strong enough yet... if she happened to take a reducto or worse to the chest, she may die. His fears soon pushed a side, as Tora had a creative thought, as she transfigured a stack of old crates just behind the D.E.s into a swarm of fire ants, three of the fools jumped out from behind their wall and she stunned them, before diving back behind Drace's wall, to find Drace, grinning and trying not to laugh his arse off, as he fired a curse at one of the remaining three, only to have his wand sputter a puff of smoke, because he lost consentration halfway through the spell - laughing so much like that you would go blind too, it'd would do that to anyone - and had to duck behind the wall rather quickly, as the killing curse shot over his head, striking the wall behind them and melthing into it.

Joined by a third - the doorman that was looking after Tora - Drace smirked, when he found out that the doorman was just as creative as Tora, when he threw a large rock - large to Drace & Tora, but not the giant of a werewolf - up over the top of one of the death nibblers, only to transfigure it into a Cornish Pixie, with the orders to distract a death eater long enough for an attack, which it did by grabbing the wizards wand - and he, being as idiotic as most of the death nibblers - followed it, right into the path of stupify.

Sighing, Drace looked to Tora and said, "See, this is exactly what I didn't want happening, but in truth, I can't help but get involved, more so when the one who is being attacked, is someone I came here to see." Pointing to the body of a man, who had been crawling closer & closer to their wall, "Thats the owner of Arclite, an industry here & back in Britain. He & his daughter run the one here & his son runs the other one..." Drace moved to the side of Tora & the doorman - who was still firing curses at the other two D.E.s like he did this all the time - and said, "Accio Arclite," the injured man, sailed quickly towards Drace, who was prepared & caught him gently, then slit his palm, dripping his blood into the wounds of the man, who nooded his thanks, knowing that Drace's blood would help him heal alittle, before the healers could see to him.

The doorman took the injured shopman and moved away, just as Drace changed into his animagus form, the blue streaks from his eyes, already starting to sparkle, as he stepped from around the wall, Tora looking worried as Drace the wolf walked towards the enemy... pounced up into the air and than she had to look away as the brightest light she had ever seen in her life - as fledgling & human - poured out of the ground around Drace. When Tora was able to see, Drace was standing over lowlife scum death nibblers - who both were tied by their own robes, which had been transfigured into chains - in his human form again.

2 Hours Later, Arclite Home / Shop
"Cindy? Oh my gawd, that couldn't be you, could it?" Drace asked, fieghing shock for the 16 year old.

"Uncle Drace," Cindy screamed & almost knocked him off his feet, as she hugged him tightly.

"Last time I seen you, you were what, five years old, and now look at you, you really have beautiful hun, I bet you drive the fellas wild," whispered Drace.

Cindy laughed and nodded, whispering back she said, "I already have a boyfriend and he is like you Uncle, the wolfish side I mean."

Drace smiled warmly down at her, remembering just how fragil humans can be, but glad that Cindy found someone to love, he asked alittle louder, "So, does this boyfriend of yours have a name and more importantly, when do I get to meet him? After all, I have to make sure he is truely worthy of you, now don't I?" said Drace, his eyes narrowed slightly, as he smiled slyly at Cindy.

Tora sat back with Mr. Arclite, who was wondering who Drace would ask about his daughters boyfriend, couldn't help but smile, then turned to the young girl next to him & asked, "So how long have you been turned young one?"

Taken alittle by surprise, Tora had to stop & think, then getting her thoughts in order, she said, "About 17 hours ago. My Sire was confronted by the vampire scumbag who turned me, later in the night & left earlier for the great covens meeting, but he didn't get their, because Drace set him up & had him exicuted. I almost feel sorry for the scumbag, but was happy when Drace re-sired me."

Nodding, Mr. Arclite said in a calm voice, "I seen what you did with those crates, that was some pretty good transfiguration and if I had to guess, I would say that you are or should I say, were the daughter of Toby Ebson." He recieved a nod from Tora, then said in a voice full of sorrow, "I'm sorry to tell you this dear, but your father was killed by those who were beating me up and if you two & the doorman hadn't come by, my daughter & I would have been next. So thankyou."

Tora smiled, a single blood tear rolled down her face. Seeing the tear, Cindy came over and handed Tora a tissue, not even fazed by seeing blood - why would she anyway, her boyfriend is a werewolf, her dad works in a store out the back of a vampires club & her father's main customers are vampires - she only smiled and hugged Tora, having heard what was said between her and Tora father. Saying her thanks to the young girl, she looked towards her sire, seeing him smiling down at her.

The next day, Arclite Stall
Taking out a long list of about forty items, Drace got to work, gathering together most of what was on the list - except for a few things like Dragon teeth, which he'd get from the local Dragon Ranch anyhow - ranging from that of the animal kind, dragon heartstrings, unicorn mane hairs & ground horn - the later being alittle harder to come by and highly illeagal - too plants like mandrake root, coffinsweb root - a small black plant that, besides grew fast and about the size of a childs hand, gave off a scent that warned off feral animals when placed around a propety - too two blackmarket spell books & one for fun, 'Majiks Moste Dark', 'Dark Arts, The Light Side' & '101 Ways to Prank Your Friends & Get Away With It', which Drace was able too trade for, well all except for the books, which set him back a grand for each. After saying their goodbyes to Mr. Arclite & young Cindy, Drace & Tora headed back to the hotel room, if only to have somewhere to relax before tomorrows events. On the way back, Drace stopped off at The Blood Bar, picking up a few pints of blood, kept under a heating charm so they were 'atleast' warm for his newest fledgling and anyone else that stopped by, then continued on their way.

That Night
"Tora, be a dear and let our guests in will you, no doubt she & her friends will be hungry," said Drace - while Tora was alittle shocked, she hadn't even senced anyone at the door, let alone, heard a knock - while he was sitting in the small kitchen of the shady hotel, cleaning a set of 5 silver throwing daggers... his wand within easy reach, just incase.

The guests walked in, followed by Tora, who - Drace noted - looked rather happy for some unknown reason. The owner of The Blood Bar looked pleased to see a jug full of blood, already out on the table, with 4 cups for the guests - and Drace's young fledgling - sat at the table, pouring herself a cup. Taking a tentive little sip, she stopped, looked u in thought & smacked her lips, then said with a small chuckle, "You cheeky devil, you know what your blood does to me Drace," she said with a saucy smile.

Nodding and snickering Drace put a side his daggers, taking out a bottle of fire whisky & pouring himself a drop, said, "Well its only fair, after that stunt you pulled last time I was out here. Trying to get me all fired up and shag you rotten. You may be a Coveness, but you still have to follow the rules of Vampire Covens dear & if I had done that too you, you would have been inline for punishment by the other coven leaders."

The Lady - Nat - smiled, showing her brillient white fangs, as she did. Then turning to those who came with her, she said in a fomal voice, "My Lord, may I introduce, The Sisters of Norc, Di, Lynn & Jasmin. They will be your guards for tomorrow. Don't let their size fool you, Di & Lyn are able to take on a fully groan mountain troll in under 15 seconds," which is quite a feat for even 7 unbitten wizards.

Looking over the girls, as if looking at art, Drace stood up and walked around them, running an occasional hand over a shoulder or an arm, feeling the strong muscle beneath. Stepping back around to the front of them, he asked, "State your weapon of choice, Sire & Coven."

Di - tall, dark skinned lady with grey eyes - stepped forward, "Sir... My Lord, my weapon of choice is the bow, I'm mostly for long shots, but if beed be, I will get up close and personal. My Sire was Amond, but since he was killed, Nat took me in as her own, so I guess you could say I belong to her Coven Sir."

Nodding, Drace turned to the next girl, Lynn - 5ft8, short black hair, with deep ocean blue eyes - as she says, "My weapon of choice is the twin blades, but I know how to use most bladed weapons my Lord. My Sire is Alkon of the Tressus Coven, one of the 12 who will be at the Coven meetings."

Turning towards the last girl, Jasmin - maybe 5ft11, give an inch or so, with golden blonde hair, full red lips and a smile that would make a zombie stand to attention... basicly a bombshell of a babe for the vampire world - "My Lord Hartner, my weapon of choice is my magics. I, unlike my sisters, Di & Lynn, was a witch before my turning and was able to keep most of my magics, through the way I was turned, thus making hte search for my Sire impossible, no one can tell me who he is."

Taken back alittle, Drace stares at Lynn, than turns to Nat, waiting for her to explain and not having to wat long. "She was taken, Drace, taken many times by a group of vampires about 200 years prior, her sisters were taken a year later when their folks died. Lynn is one of the more, unquic of the vampire assassins in the allance with my clan."

Satisfied, Drace walks back to the table, pouring out the rest of the cups, handing them out and sitting back down. There was silence for about ten minutes, before another set of knocks came to the door; more like a pounding and in no time at all, the girls were moving into action, Jasmin put up a strong shield around the door and moved towards the bedroom, where the others were... - as this went on, Drace waved his wand, all his thinks, clothing, weapons, traded goods, flew into their bags and with another wave, the bags shrank and he placed them in his robes - the bedroom window, being at the back of the flat, was the easiest way to get out, without being seen or heard... if Jasmin hadn't made the whole bigger taht is, by using a reducto, weakened as it was for less noise, it still sounded like a cannon blast and shortly after, the front door came crashing in as well, but the charmed stopped them... for awhile.

Much later that night, Nat's place
Coming back from the floo, Nat said, "That was just one of my scounts I sent around the area of the flat. Looks like there were more Death Eaters then you thought, but it doesn't take an idiot to see sloppy work when one sees it."

Drace, looking puzzled, asked, "What do you mean?"

Chuckling slightly, Nat says, "Back in the day, they would have left the Dark Mark, floating in the sky... my scouts however, found a 'drawn' picture of the Dark Mark in pigs blood on the kitchen wall."

Shaking his head, Drace just muttered something about trainees and wannabes, as he headed back to his room with Tora and finding Jasmin & Tora, already playing on the bed. Blushing first, as he saw the sight, he than turned & walked out, giving the girls some space - hearing Tora mewing as Jasmin disapeared under the covers - and heading towards the loungeroom, taking up roost on the couch.

End of Chapter 06

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